UNLIMITED BOOK ☆ Fire in the Blood - by P.N. Elrod

Fire in the Blood By P.N. Elrod,

  • Title: Fire in the Blood
  • Author: P.N. Elrod
  • ISBN: 9780441859467
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • When vampire detective Jack Fleming is hired by the wealthy Sebastian Pierce to recover a priceless heirloom bracelet, he eyes his reward in Pierce s daughter, an enticing girl with a hot headed boyfriend.
    Fire in the Blood When vampire detective Jack Fleming is hired by the wealthy Sebastian Pierce to recover a priceless heirloom bracelet he eyes his reward in Pierce s daughter an enticing girl with a hot headed boyfr

    One thought on “Fire in the Blood”

    1. The worst book in the series yet Not only was the plot kinda boring, Jack s sudden bad reaction to hypnosis, his woe is me whining, his reluctance to come clean to Escott and the way everybody and their uncle suddenly managed to get the drop on him made me actually dislike him a bit and that has never happened before Jack is quite a likable, sweet guy so this this was a real shock The most interesting part was the introduction of Kyler I m curious where that storyline s headed.Overall, quite a d [...]

    2. Starting to lose interest in this series, I have the next one on hold at the library so I ll probably read it, but unless it s great I don t know if I ll read any .

    3. Startlingly disappointing book fifth in a series starring Jack Fleming, a writer recently turned into a vampire who helps his friend Escott with cases Enjoyed the first four in the series but struggled through this one Escott and Jack are hired by a rich man Pierce to find a valuable bracelet stolen from his daughter, probably by her friend s boyfriend Their investigation brings some bad people into their world Jack seemed much whinier this go around and the writing just did not draw me in to th [...]

    4. The book was easy to read and I did like how it seemed that Jack had grown toward a little maturity, but that quickly diminishes He ends up getting hurt way too easy and ends up being kind of whiny It also seemed that the case really had nothing to do with the bracelet, it was just a regular murder investigation through most of the book and seemed kind of hellbent on revenge than anything.

    5. Honestly, I just skimmed through after the first third of the book I almost never do this, and if this had been my introduction to the series, I probably would have stopped entirely Luckily, I enjoyed the first arc Books 1 3 quite a bit, and there s enough of a nostalgic vibe to give the series another shot Skip this one though It s recapped well enough in the next book.

    6. One of the best vampire stories I ve read There s a little romance it s really hard to find a vampire story that doesn t , but it is 90% very entertaining story line If you like this genre, I would not pass these novels up.

    7. 1930s noir and a vampire with a heart who interacts with the mob.P N Elrod is amazing in her depiction of the time period You can see, smell, feel, and hear it as you read.

    8. If I can get one person, who reads urban fantasy, to go back and read this series, I ll have done my job as a reader, reviewer and librarian.

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