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The Forgotten Warrior By Kathi Oram Peterson,

  • Title: The Forgotten Warrior
  • Author: Kathi Oram Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781598115512
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sydney Morgan is no wimp A black belt in karate, her defensive moves help keep her tough even when her mom is diagnosed with cancer and her long lost dad shows up to play nice guy But when an unexpected gift transports her through space and time to the land of Zarahemla, Syd just might be in over her head Accused of being a spy, she has to prove she s no threat to the lSydney Morgan is no wimp A black belt in karate, her defensive moves help keep her tough even when her mom is diagnosed with cancer and her long lost dad shows up to play nice guy But when an unexpected gift transports her through space and time to the land of Zarahemla, Syd just might be in over her head Accused of being a spy, she has to prove she s no threat to the locals, including Captain Helaman himself As war quickly approaches, Heleman calls upon Syd to help his stripling warriors prepare to fight Torn between concern for her family and for her new friends, Syd musters her wits, strength, and faith to face the coming battle, but her feelings for the chief warrior Tarik put her heart on the line Who will survive the Lamanites fierce onslaught And will Syd ever make it home again
    The Forgotten Warrior Sydney Morgan is no wimp A black belt in karate her defensive moves help keep her tough even when her mom is diagnosed with cancer and her long lost dad shows up to play nice guy But when an unexpect

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    1. Okay, there are many things I liked about this book And especially keeping a YA audience in mind, I thought it was a fun plot There was quite a bit of repetitiveness When I reached the last 20 pages or so, I thought how the heck is the author going to tie everything up There are only a couple of dozen pages left Sure enough Nothing was tied up So that s why I gave it 3 stars even though the writing was decent In a series, you have to end the book so that there is satisfaction to the reader Now [...]

    2. 16 year old Sydney Morgan has a black belt in karate and a tough attitude She is devoted to her single mother and disabled sister When her mother is diagnosed with breast cancer, Syd finds herself facing an uncertain future When her absent father shows up, she is even confused A seeming chance encounter with a hospital custodian results in Syd s being transported back in time to the land of Zarahemla Syd is accused of being a lamanite spy, but proves to the stripling warriors and Captain Helama [...]

    3. teenage girl gets sent back to Book of Mormon times and meets the 2000 stripling warriors every young Mormon girl s fantasy, right pretty good story, some things don t make sense and aren t explained.Most frustrating of all, it s to be continued, and there s no guarantee that the 2nd book will be published kind of like the 10th book of the Nephites in Tennis Shoes series.

    4. This book is AWESOME It s kind of like Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites, but it s really cool It s about a girl named Syd short for Sydney who is transported back to the time of Helaman and the Stripling Warriors Her Mom was just diagnosed with cancer, her Dad left their family when she was a kid, and her sister has some mental problems Any way, she s transported back to those times, where she falls for this Nephite warrior guy, Tarik She teaches black belt karate to the Nephite warriors and then [...]

    5. Transported back in time to the days of Captain Helaman and his 2,000 stripling warriors, black belt Sydney Morgan finds herself training the faithful worriors for battle all while battling her growing feelings for one warrior in particular With her mother suffering from cancer, her sister with a learning disability and confronting a father who walked out on her family years ago, can she find the strength to overcome her own battles Another skipper Sorry, just could not get past the inane idea o [...]

    6. this is another one of those books based on BOM stories and characters I m not always sure I like people making of BOM stories, but I did enjoy this book I did not, however, enjoy the ending that she left hanging I always like some closure at the end of a book Happily ever after and all that.

    7. A young woman, father deserted then when she was young, handicapped younger sister, karate black belt, is transported back in time to the Stripling Warrior days She teaches them what she can and falls in love while trying to return to her own time Interesting but leaves you hanging Not my favorite ending.

    8. Sure wish I d known this book wasn t going to actually end The story was ok, although it felt like a wanna be Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites If I remember to care, I ll probably read the sequel when it comes out.

    9. Ummm.just too much of a bad version of Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites There are some new twists since the protagonist is a girl with a black belt in karate.I skimmed a lot of itI wouldn t bother.

    10. I cannot wait until the next one comes out This gave me an interesting perspective on the Book of Mormon.

    11. BEST BOOK EVER i loved the suspense of not knowing what would come next and i would DEFINITELY recommend it

    12. I believe this book could be better written The story idea and story line are great I love thinking how it would be in Book of Mormon times.

    13. It was ok didn t like the ending at all There was no conclusion and it is clearly meant to have a sequel.

    14. The Forgotten Warrior, by Kathi Orem Peterson is a great fiction novel for teens of any religion I say of any religion because the main character in this book, Syd, time travels back to a time in the Book of Mormon It s not really teaching you Mormon Principles or trying to convert you to the Mormon church, but it s teaching to you the importance of family and to have faith Sydney Morgan is a sixteen year old girl with a black belt in karate She lives with her mom, who teaches karate classes, an [...]

    15. Our main character is Syd, a girl who has really struggled in her life Her father left the family years before, and her mother has had to support Syd and her mentally challenged sister Gracie by herself She opened a karate dojo and Syd helps her out by teaching in the afternoons and also keeping an eye on Gracie, who has a kind and tender heart but isn t able to watch over herself Syd feels the pressure of supporting her family and holding herself together, but at times, her resolve weakens.Grac [...]

    16. Life has been a little crazy lately Two full time jobs, working on a major project, rehearsal for my Mama Mia debut, reading the finalists for the Whitney Awards, preparing for the class I m teaching and the panel I ll be on for the 6th Annual LDS Storymakers Writers Conference The Success Within You, life all of it In the midst of all that I forgot that I d promised to review The Forgotten Warrior by Kathi Oram Peterson, published by Covenant Communications Color me exceedingly sheepish.So when [...]

    17. I am very appreciative to Kathi and also to Tristi Pinkston organizer of this Virtual Blog Tour for letting me get my hands on a crisp copy so I could participate as a reviewer.No matter how hard I tried to resist it was an almost conscious resistance , I was pulled into story right away on account of great characters But I resisted I resisted because I was waiting for the time travel moment with bated breath How will Kathi pull this off I asked myself.Will it be a re hash of the old get lost in [...]

    18. THE FORGOTTEN WARRIORbyKathi Oram Petersonthe Title of LibertyIn memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace,our wives, and our children.Nearly 10 years after Captain Moroni raised the Title of Liberty the Lamanites and Nephites were once again at war The people of Ammon desired to help the Nephites But they had made a vow to never to take up arms again Their sons had not made this vow These young men entered into a covenant to fight for the liberty of the Nephites.They were men [...]

    19. For my entire review, info about the author, and where to purchase this book go to afuturefortomorrow From the beginning of the novel I was immediately attached to the characters that this new author created She has a way of adding her humor into her writing making her characters charming and entertaining The story line is unique and cleaver I enjoyed visiting the 2000 Stripling Warriors through her eyes Kathi depicted clear images of the surroundings and life of the Book of Mormon times I was t [...]

    20. This was a pretty good book about a modern teenage girl who is transported back to Book of Mormon times with Helaman and the Stripling Warriors It was a good story and I learned a lot about Helaman and his warriors However, I was perturbed that it had no ending If you are going to write a series of books, at least have each book in the series have a satisfying ending Nowhere in the book does it give any indication that this is the first book in a series I did read on Kathi s website that she is [...]

    21. Overall, it was a fun read There were parts excluding the time travel thing which is entirely excusable for the story s sake that were rather implausible It wasn t as researched as it could have been, faithful Nephites, for example would never consider dog as edible, since according to the Mosaic Law, dog is unclean to eat and the plot was easy to predict with few surprises And like Heather Moore said, a book in a series needs to have major questions answered to satisfy the reader with a few str [...]

    22. This book was a lot like The Stone Traveler except with a girl and a different story I love the story of The Stripling Warriors so this was fun to read When i got towards the end of the book, i started to wonder how the author could possibly sum up the book in such a little amount of pages It left me hanging and i hope there will be a second book soon

    23. My absoultely, most loved, would read it again, favorite, favorite book I ve ever read I like it almost even than the Twilight series as it kept my very short attention span glued to the book, increased my faith, even though it is fiction, and increased my longing to read the Book of Mormon by far The only part I don t like about this book is that there is no sequel.

    24. GSB I reread this book because I could not remember what happended The end truly leaves you hanging It is about Sydney Morgan whos mother has cancer, has a handicap sister, black belt in Karate and goes back into the BOM times and trains the 2 thousans stribling warrios I cannot see another book from the library to continue the story.

    25. Who hasn t ever wondered what the characters in the Book of Mormon were really like Sydney Morgan will be transported not by choice in time and become one of the stripling warriors under the command of the prophet and captain Helaman Talk about adventure

    26. I like this book This is the second time that I have read it It is interesting to read about things that might have happened to the Stripling Warriors from the Book of Mormon I hope that there will be a sequel to this book, since there are still questions to be answered.

    27. This was a very easy read and a great book I can t wait for the next book to come out I really need to stop reading books like this that aren t a part of a complete series I just don t have the patience or memory to wait O

    28. I m going to do a blog interview with this author in the next few days, so I will come back and update my post I enjoyed the book, and I thought she did a great job of mixing the modern with the historical elements.

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