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Abigale the Happy Whale By Peter Farrelly,

  • Title: Abigale the Happy Whale
  • Author: Peter Farrelly
  • ISBN: 9780316011907
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Abigale comes up with a whale of an idea to prevent Land People from polluting the sea.
    Abigale the Happy Whale Abigale comes up with a whale of an idea to prevent Land People from polluting the sea

    One thought on “Abigale the Happy Whale”

    1. Rather heavy handed but with nicely done illustrations There are much better picture books about keeping the world beautiful out there.

    2. A perfectly adorable kids book about a happy whale who sees the mess humans are making of the ocean floor and does something to clean it up.

    3. The book s theme is important and offers children a view of the ocean s pollution at a level they can understand The illustrations are quite expressive even without the words There is enough adult oriented wording and humor to help parents withstand multiple readings To read our full review complete with the kids opinions go to The Reading Tub.

    4. From Inara s mom Good message overall, but trying to explain the concept of beaching to a preschooler seemed a bit much I would think there would be a age appropriate way to teach the dangers of pollution without suicidally depressed whales threatening to beach themselves.

    5. The text is way too tiny for storytime The illustrations are absolutely darling though So charming It is no way realistic as Dolphins golf and the like, but it has an underlying environmental message to keep better care of our oceans.

    6. This is a fun, environmental tale and the narrative has a lot of tongue in cheek humor that is as much for the adults as it is for the kids It s a bit heavy handed on the drama, and the ending isn t realistic, but it s good propaganda for the environmentalist set.

    7. Camden and I read this one tonight for bedtime Written by Peter Farrelly so how could we not love it Great story about how humans pollute the ocean and don t care and how the animals in the ocean make them clean it up This would be a great book to use around Earth Day.

    8. If you like being preached to by an environmentalist agenda, read this book And if it really worked this way, wouldn t that be incredible Anyway, the illustrations are fun.

    9. I m pairing this book with One Plastic Bag by Miranda Paul because it discuses pollution and Abigale the Happy Whale is about a whale that has a plan to fight pollution The genre is fiction and children s literature The grade level for this book is Pre k and kindergarten.

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