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All Passion Spent By Vita Sackville-West Victoria Glendinning,

  • Title: All Passion Spent
  • Author: Vita Sackville-West Victoria Glendinning
  • ISBN: 9780860683582
  • Page: 195
  • Format: Paperback
  • In 1860, as a young girl of 17, Lady Slane nurtures a secret, burning ambition to become an artist She becomes, instead, the wife of a great statesman and the mother of six children Seventy years later, released by widowhood, and to the dismay of her pompous children, she abandons the family home for a tiny house in Hampstead Here she recollects the dreams of youth, andIn 1860, as a young girl of 17, Lady Slane nurtures a secret, burning ambition to become an artist She becomes, instead, the wife of a great statesman and the mother of six children Seventy years later, released by widowhood, and to the dismay of her pompous children, she abandons the family home for a tiny house in Hampstead Here she recollects the dreams of youth, and revels in her newfound freedom with her odd assortment of companions Genoux, her French maid Mr Bucktrout, her house agent and a coffin maker who pictures people dead in order to reveal their true characters And then there s Mr FitzGeorge, an eccentric millionaire who met and loved her in India when she was young and very lovely It is here in this world of her own that she finds a passion that comes only with the freedom to choose, and it is this, her greatest gift, that she passes on to the only one who can understand its value First published in 1931, Vita Sackville West s masterpiece is the fictional companion to her great friend Virginia Woolf s A Room of One s Own.
    All Passion Spent In as a young girl of Lady Slane nurtures a secret burning ambition to become an artist She becomes instead the wife of a great statesman and the mother of six children Seventy years late

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    1. Little old lady tries, at last, to make her own life after a lifetime of looking after other people s interests and especially her children One wonders exactly how much looking after does the Vicereine of India do when she doesn t even hang up her own clothes or make a cup of tea She is once described as arranging flowers though onerous duties indeed So here we have a deluded, very wealthy old bat who buys a house in Hampstead and has only one servant in order that she may fulfil her childhood a [...]

    2. She wondered which wounds went deeper the jagged wounds of reality, or the profound invisible bruises of the imagination Vita Sackville West, All Passion SpentI loved this book, one of the best novels I ve read so far this year Former Vicereine, Lady Deborah Slane, is not your typical protagonist She is 88 years old and is recently widowed after a marriage of 70 years Lady Slane decides to live the independent life she had always dreamed of, much to the chagrin of her snobby children She moves t [...]

    3. Geoffrey Scott, one of the many people who fell in love with Vita Sackville West over the course of her life, said that there was an indefinable something about her writing that raised above what it otherwise might have been Although he turned out to be a little crazy that s a whole other story , I can t help but think that he was right about that I certainly felt that way about All Passion Spent.Many people are not able to resist the powerful temptation to compare this work to Mrs Dalloway It i [...]

    4. Nothing matters to an artist except the fulfilment of his gift Without it All meaning goes out of life, and life becomes existence a makeshift All Passion Spent by Vita Sackville West is a novel on reflecting back on life Sackville West, was an English poet, novelist, and garden designer A successful and prolific novelist, poet, and journalist during her lifetime she was twice awarded the Hawthornden Prize for Imaginative Literature in 1927 for her pastoral epic, The Land, and in 1933 for her Co [...]

    5. I was so taken with this book that I found it quite impossible to write a review on it.But all I can say is that it is wonderful and so evocative of the time Vita Sackville West has always fascinated me Ever since I read The Letters of Vita Sackville West to Virginia Woolf, I have been intrigued by her personality She was indeed quite unusual for the period in which she lived Plus Virginia Woolf s own Letters comprising six volumes cover her friendship with Vita Sackville West.I went to her gard [...]

    6. She could go on, for a little, secretly continuing to be herself.Lady Slane, born to elderly children and their too unsafe from death s hand, dying a little girl, a fawn lovingly caught in its own spotlights standstill, the spawn, the question to do you love me yes My overwhelming feeling about Mrs Henry Holland was that when the voice of the novel describes her as sweet and stupid it was she herself that breathed this as the sweet and stupid air in her lungs I had looked forward to tonight all [...]

    7. Le prime 45 sono pagine di ingresso Vicenda narrata e indispensabile costruzione di atmosfera, avrei capito dopo Appena pi lunghe di quanto la mia attesa fosse disposta a sostenere, in questo periodo Stavo per lasciare, e riprendere in futuro, archiviando tuttavia nella mente una traduzione gradevole, lineare, in un italiano molto elegante e sobrio, vario e scorrevole Ma l incontro con i libri, si sa, non casuale o, sovente, non d l impressione di esserlo In un pomeriggio di pioggia nordica, ho [...]

    8. Eppure qualcosa la offendeva quell insopportabile alterigia maschile, quella gretta remissivit femminile.Dov era la verit allora Tiranno d a, Henry l aveva defraudata della vita che si era scelta, ma gliene aveva data un altra, grandiosa, certo,splendida di mondanit se le fosse venuta voglia di queste cose o una vita, alternativamente, che la relegava nella stanza dei bambini Alla vita di lei, lui aveva sostituito la sua con i suoi interessi o quelle dei loro figli con le loro potenzialit Second [...]

    9. Scriveva Nick Hornby A volte un libro non pu proprio fare a meno di essere alta letteratura impotente contro le proprie complicazioni, perch le idee che contiene mettono alle corde la semplicit espressiva.Prendiamo questo libro ad esempio, 167 pagine dedicate ad una donna di ottantotto anni e ai suoi ricordi Si pu pensare ad una storia ricca di eventi la protagonista era stata vice regina delle Indie, invece gran parte del libro dedicato ai piccoli piaceri della vita quotidiana ai quali la donna [...]

    10. Fair Spouse says I am not allowed to while away any time writing reviews on until I tell you about this wise, gentle, funny feminist classic written in 1931 by Vita Sackville West Yes, I said Sackville West and feminist in the same sentence The audiobook performance by Wendy Hiller is my favorite of all time I listened to it again about a year ago, on a trip across the country, and I resented having to get out of my car The book reads like music Hiller reads like she s singing an aria.Born in t [...]

    11. Prior to reading this novel, all I really knew about Vita Sackville West was that she inspired Woolf s Orlando For that reason, I was expecting something rather dashing and romantic So you can imagine my initial disappointment when this turned out to be an uneventful book about old people This is a quiet, if assertively feminist, work It isn t quite my own brand of feminism I kept thinking, Yes, I see your point, but I can t quite relate to it It seems to me, there are worse things than a wealth [...]

    12. La sombra de Virginia Woolf es alargada, su influencia en Vita es notable pero esto no quita ni un pice al talento narrativo de esta mujer l cida, n tida y profunda que construye una novela sobre la vida, el amor y la construcci n de la identidad propia con una marcada huella feminista Cuando Lady Slane se queda viuda toma una decisi n que desconcierta a sus hijos irse a vivir sola con la nica compa a de su leal Genoux a una casa alejada del centro de Londres All comenzar a reflexionar sobre c m [...]

    13. 3.5 stars After her husband s death, Lady Slane escapes from her controlling children to end her days with her faithful servant Genoux in a rented house in Hampstead Here she finds peace and friendship with her philosophical landlord Her children seem only concerned with what other people will think and what is the done thing Lady Slane wanted to be an artist, this idea was abandoned upon marriage, I was sad that her new found freedom didn t enable her to find an outlet for her artistic expressi [...]

    14. This is such a beautiful book The emotions and feelings within it are so real The story is wonderful I m so glad my mom recommended it to me, but I m sorry it took me so long to finally read I wish I could read this for the first time again.

    15. The words that came to mind while listening to this audiobook were wonderful and beautiful Why wonderful Why beautiful I ve learned when making broad, one or two word statements, the writer announcing their view must not let their reader down, they must follow their statement with an explanation, particularly if the writer is a book blogger The reader will need to know the why of the blogger s reading experience.So, why wonderful.The book tells the fictional story of an elderly woman, of eighty [...]

    16. I found this to be a thoughtful novel about a woman who finally gets to live as she pleases following the death of her husband upsetting the plans of her pompous and calculating children.The middle part of the book focuses on her contemplation of the past her life always in the background as the wife of a prominent and charming politician I found this section to be quite sad as she reflects upon how her spirit was subsumed by the role of wife and mother for the majority of her life Some of the m [...]

    17. Lady Slane non disdegnava i gigli di campo, signor Gosheron Eleganza.Fragilit Rimpianto E passivit O contemplazione Il turbinare delle farfalle Lady Slane mi ricorda madame Adelaide degli Aristogatti.Deborah.Buona delicata bellissima Pura.Qualcosa di intenso, aspro, crudele, quasi Una specie di pietra dell onest.

    18. Published in 1931, a unique story of a lady and her independence, which is cultivated at a very unlikely time in her life She empowers her life by choosing to retreat from public life to her own quiet chosen place in Hampstead and fosters her own priorities and her own friendships A story so simple it is almost a parable, created by the admirable Vita Sackville West

    19. It s a quiet, beautifully told vignette of a woman s last year of life She had dreamt of being a painter, and retains an artist s eye, but subsumed hers I was disappointed with the outcome, I wanted this woman to pick up her brushes and create something, or at least accept the love an old flame had given her.

    20. a faccia a faccia con la vitaSapevo, grazie ad aNobii, di dover considerare le prime pagine semplicemente di introduzione senza farmi scoraggiare ma avevo superato abbondantemente la fatidica pag.45 senza tuttavia riuscire ad entrare nella storia anzi, mi crescevano strane sensazioni alternanti rabbia nei confronti di Lady Slane per la sua decisione troppo improvvisa quanto imprevedibile e tardiva incomprensione per la scelta dell Autrice di datare la sua protagonista a un et cos troppo poco pla [...]

    21. Cos in un batter d occhio, si era trasformata dalla ragazza che era in un altra, completamente diversa Lady Slane ha speso tutta la sua vita a seguire il marito, Henry Holland vicer delle Indie e uomo politico influente nella Londra dei primi del novecento Ma ora, alla veneranda et di ottantotto anni, rimasta vedova, pu finalmente liberarsi dalle convenzioni, dagli obblighi richiesti dall etichetta, da ogni compromesso, anche nei confronti dei numerosi figli che l hanno sempre considerata una do [...]

    22. This was a great read I bought it in a pack of 10 from Book People All good reads I would think.This is the story of an 88 year old woman who, when her husband dies, decides she can finally live her own life as she wants Much to the horror of her children, who are 60 or 70 years old The characters are very strong She has most affection for her son Kay.I didnt completely agree with the review that was written inside the book, unfortunately at the start so I read it first I would say it is not onl [...]

    23. OK, I read this years ago when I was reading loads of British women who flourished in that era And liked it OK I m only reviewing it now because it came up as a recommendation here on GR, and I get annoyed when it recommends books that I ve read Haha.One thing that seems to have stuck with me about this book is that I was annoyed by the general feeling of everything being in the protagonist s past and she has no real oomph left to put into things I hope when I m an old lady I m kicking up my he [...]

    24. The Lady Slane s husband dies at the ripe age of 92, leaving her a widow with a small pension, six children all over the age of 60 , and innumerable grandchildren and great grandchildren Imagine her family s surprise when this venerable and venerated old woman takes up a small house in London and asks her relatives not to visit her It s a quiet, beautifully told vignette of a woman s last year of life She had dreamt of being a painter, and retains an artist s eye, but subsumed herself in her hus [...]

    25. Where do I start I loved this book I love the eccentric characters and the way in which Sackville West uses only a few words to elicit clear, three dimensional pictures of them I am sure many people who enjoy this book like it because of its critique of the woman s lot in life i.e men get to work, travel, and have all the fun, while women are stuck being wives and mothers but I think this book has so much to offer It s unexpectedly funny, thought provoking, and sweet If only both Merchant and I [...]

    26. I watched the DVD with the divine Wendy Hiller and decided I needed to read the book again What would Vita s life have been like if she could have inherited Knole No books, no poems, no Sissinghurst A home of one s own is so central to her work and it all comes from losing the one that meant the most to her The subtext is always the real story with her.

    27. Fant stico libro para acabar el a o Me ha gustado mucho.Narra la historia de Lady Slane, octogeniaria, que se acaba de quedar viuda y por fin decide tomar las riendas de su vida, a pesar del qu dir n y de las recriminaciones de sus hijos.El libro tiene un ritmo pausado, siendo la mayor a un mon logo interior de la protagonista Pero est lleno de melancol a, nostalgia y un gran sentido del humor Mientras que las partes de Lady Holland tienen un lenguaje m s po tico, las partes de los hijos son muc [...]

    28. Nel mio immaginario Vita Sackville West non ha mai avuto una vita propria, ma ha sempre vissuto in funzione di qualcun altro L altro, o altra in questo caso, era Virginia Woolf Vita per me era la donna con cui la Woolf si scambiava lettere piene d a, la donna su cui Virginia aveva modellato il suo Orlando, ma niente di pi Un po come il marito Leonard, Vita era una prolungamento di Virginia, e non poteva vivere di vita propria Ma come mi sbagliavo.Vita era piena di quell energia che la portava a [...]

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