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Boudica: Dreaming the Hound By Manda Scott, Boudica Dreaming the Eagle Boudica Quadrilogy Paperback Dec , Boudica Dreaming the Eagle Boudica Quadrilogy Paperback Boudica Trilogy Manda Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Dreaming the Eagle is the first part of the gloriously imagined epic trilogy of the life of Boudica Boudica means Bringer of Victory from the early Celtic word boudeg She is the last defender of the Celtic culture in Britain the only woman Boudica Dreaming the Bull Manda Scott Jun , Boudica Dreaming the Bull Manda Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In AD , Boudica, war leader of the Eceni, led her people in a final bloody revolt against the occupying armies of Rome the culmination of nearly twenty years of resistance against an occupying force that sought to crush the vibrant native civilisation of our island homeDREAMING Boudica Dreaming the Serpent Spear Manda Scott Aug , Brilliant and Mind Blowing Wow what a journey Boudica goes through in raising a war host to fight against Rome Even with many of the sacrifices to the gods and the dedication from the tribe warriors to include some of the Roman Soldiers who turned to Boudica s side the war was a brutal ending with great loss on each side. Boudica Dreaming the Bull Boudica Quadrilogy Paperback Jun , Boudica Dreaming the Bull Boudica Quadrilogy Paperback Boudica Trilogy Manda Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The second part of the stunning fictionalization of the life of Britain s warrior queen, Boudica Boudica Dreaming the Serpent Spear Manda Scott Aug , Boudica Dreaming the Serpent Spear Manda Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Britannia, AD The tribes of Britannia are ready to seek bloody vengeance Twenty thousand warriors are poised to reclaim their land from their captors.Now is their chance the Roman governor has marched his legions west Dreaming the Hound Boudica Trilogy Manda Scott Jun , Dreaming the Hound Boudica Trilogy Manda Scott on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In a spellbinding novel of gods and men, myth and brutality, acclaimed author Manda Scott returns to her heralded saga of a world under siege For here is the epic tale of Boudica

  • Title: Boudica: Dreaming the Hound
  • Author: Manda Scott
  • ISBN: 9780553816
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • This story is set in AD 57 Much of Britannia has been under Roman occupation for over ten years, with key areas in the south and east administered as vassal states, where the tribes pay costly tithes to the Emperor in return for the right to continue living on their own lands On the sacred isle of Mona, the Boudica or Bringer of Victory as Breaca has long been hailed, noThis story is set in AD 57 Much of Britannia has been under Roman occupation for over ten years, with key areas in the south and east administered as vassal states, where the tribes pay costly tithes to the Emperor in return for the right to continue living on their own lands On the sacred isle of Mona, the Boudica or Bringer of Victory as Breaca has long been hailed, now knows for certain that her lover, Caradoc betrayed, captured and kept hostage in Rome will never return to her She decides to leave Mona where she and her warriors have been waging a guerilla war, and to take the fight to the Eceni heartland where it is needed most With her are her children, Cunomar and Grainne, and her best friend from childhood, ex lover and dreamer, Airmid But the once proud Eceni are a downtrodden and defeated people who are forbidden on pain of death to worship their old gods, and now scrape a living from the once fertile land Across the sea in Hibernia, Breaca s half brother Ban, is struggling to make peace with his fractured past Soon, provoked by Roman aggression, he will sail to Britain to protect Mona, and from there he will go to Camulodinum, unite with his sister he and Breaca will face down the might of Rome in the bloodiest revolt the western world has ever known.
    Boudica Dreaming the Hound This story is set in AD Much of Britannia has been under Roman occupation for over ten years with key areas in the south and east administered as vassal states where the tribes pay costly tithes

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    1. Dreaming the Hound by Manda Scott is the third book in a four book series about the Celtic warrior Boudica who led the tribes of Britannia against their Roman invaders.This is the most exciting book in the series so far It lacks the long, drawn out, complex battle maneuvers of Dreaming the Eagle 1 and the unconvincing transformation in Dreaming the Bull 2 of B n of the Eceni tribe into Julius Valerius of the Roman military.The novel is full of interesting twists and turns, allegiances and betray [...]

    2. Author Manda Scott does well with her interpretation of the sketchy historical facts around Britannia in the late 50s to 60 AD The author admits to fantasy and has a love for the dreamers And once again, as any reader of history knows, man knows no limits for his ability to inflict cruelty upon his fellow man Not for the faint of heart, given no love lost between the Roman invaders and the Celtic tribes.Onto book four,, Dreaming the Serpent Spear

    3. Amazing and Mind Boggling With this 3rd book in the 4 book series I can tell you each book gets into dept of Boudica s life The story is truly amazing with the sacrifices that Boudica takes to ensure her leadership role for her tribe the Eceni in order to raise an army to push back Rome The Romans see the Tribes as savages yet Rome s actions are brutally horrifying and worse than any savage actions Rome s greed knows no boundaries and becomes hungry with their taxation of the tribes goods and e [...]

    4. I loved this third installment of the Boudica series, the characters were again brilliantly written and the storyline believable and once again well researched Scott has continues to recreate the intricacies of Celtic Britain and the Roman Empire very well with a distinct attention to detail that continues to support the story Each character continues to be developed well and the situations that arise are again handled and written well and portrayed in a manner to make each as relevent to the re [...]

    5. Dreaming the hound is book 3 of the Boudica series, and this is definitely the best one so far The characters have been grown layer by layer over the last two books, so that by this book, the writing is extremely vivid and absorbing and the characters delightfully complex and believable I really loved reading this book, and am looking forward to the fourth and last installment which is on my birthday Christmas wishlist, so I ll have to wait a bit Five stars and a wholehearted recommendation for [...]

    6. In Dreaming the Hound, the third volume of Manda Scott s Boudica quartet, the focus of the narrative returns to Breaca and her brother Ban, also known as Julius Valerius Breaca has returned to her own people, the Eceni, with her children Cunomar and Graine, and her step daughter Cynfa Now married to the Eceni leader Prasutogas, a client king of Rome, she hides in plain sight from the Romans, who would gladly kill her if they ever connected the new queen of the Eceni with the war leader Boudica H [...]

    7. The first book in this quadrilogy was a little slow but still well written and never failed to grip the interest of the reader However, after reading the second book and now the third the saga really does pick up speed making both books into real page turners The figures all start to take on a real depth of character but only due to the good basis laid out in the first book It has been criticised that this quadrilogy is based on the classic model or metaphor of the greedy, profit driven, resourc [...]

    8. After a rather messy Book 2 Manda Scott is back in form with Dreaming the Hound I am in two minds about this series now as it s turning out to have a lot hippy new age Celtic neo paganism than I d bargained for I m sure this opened up a big new fan base for Scott s books and her Dreaming workshops , but this sort of wishy washy Celtic mist masquerading as history sets my teeth on edge.On the plus side, I really enjoy Scott s considered interpretations of Tacitus in light of recent archaeologica [...]

    9. A real page turner Obviously you have to suspend disbelief somewhat at the mythical side of things, but as we know so little about the ancient celts culture, who is to say she s wrong really I still feel conflicted about Ban Valarius Would he really have gone over to the Roman s side so readily as a young adult Surely as soon as he was an adult he would have tried to get back home to Eceni Even if his family were dead, he had a strong bond with the rest of the tribe I was never convinced he woul [...]

    10. This probably my fourth or fifth time re reading this book and I fall in love with it every time I find Graine s character slightly as she does feel overly perfect in this book but she s still a likeable character I have to admit I was slightly confused by the appearance of Gunovar as in the first book Gunovic s family was said to have been taken by slavers and there was no mention of a daughter among the tribes but I liked her as well Valerius just gets better with every book and his relations [...]

    11. This series has gotten better through each book I am enjoying the most the story of B n Valerius, the conflicted brother of Boudica, caught between two cultures Briton and Roman I appreciate each prologue, told by a narrator, which recounts the action in the previous volumes I m pretending that who the author means by dreamers we would call Druids.

    12. Now well invested in this series, I devoured Dreaming the Hound and was delighted to learn today that there is a fourth instalment Dreaming the Serpent Spear The characters are wonderfully developed and many became a part of my circle of friends while others became my arch enemies as I became totally immersed in this thrilling story.

    13. I really love this series I am a huge fan, I love the descriptions, the charcters, the plots They are so well created and usually in a book there are parts that flow and others that re rather heavy going but in this it all just creates a lovely image in my head Ban is one of my favourite characters of all time as he is just a wonderful character with a tortured soul that just appeals to me.

    14. Es un libro coral, al igual que los anteriores, en el cual se incorpora un nuevo personaje Graine que tambien es encantador De los tres es el que m s r pido termin y se narra los acontecimientos que despiertan la furia de Boudica.

    15. This was a much engaging and action packed novel than the 2nd of the series I enjoyed getting inside the mind of the Boudica and gaining an understanding of her motivations I value the detail which Manda endows this quadrilogy with bringing the reader an unknown depth and comprehension I look forward to the final instalment with glee.

    16. There is something in reading these that takes me mentally back to pre teen when, had they been available, I would likely have devoured them, over and over Nowadays I put the appeal down to Manda Scott s writing, it s clarity and ability to set scenes so vividly without recourse to over burdened description

    17. I ve always pondered what year I d like to time travel to I think this is it Fascinated by this culture Thoroughly enjoying this series I m surprised Boudica s story isn t adapted often into film Excited for the final book.

    18. How did I not know this was 3 in a series, dang it Probably because I got it from the library and they didn t have the rest I ll go back and see I think it was a great story, lovely writing, and neat world building It s definitely on the side of historical fantasy instead of historical fiction, what with all the dreaming and telepathy etc but it was great.

    19. So I enjoyed Dreaming the Hound even and even less than the rest of the Boudica books My main issue with the book was Boudica and her daughters after Prasutagus died Because Boudica is an amazing warrior along with her half daughter So I just don t understand how they were captured and then raped by the Roman guards A warrior of such immense power like Boudica wouldn t have let that happen, right But other than that fault the book was amazing I loved having Ban Valerius find his way throughout [...]

    20. Certainly Manda Scott must be applauded for her research into the era and subject matter, as her surrounding details are vibrant and for the most part credible Characters are larger than life Were this marketed as historical fantasy, certainly many of my criticisms would disappear However, the entire Boudica series is, alas, not marketed as historical fantasy, rather as historical fiction, and it is there I find fault Why There are several reasons, however foremost of these is the overarching ne [...]

    21. It s been so long since I read these that I can t remember what happens in which book, but I just had to leave a review saying that, as well as being generally ridonculously gritty and well written, these books had one of the greatest characters I ve ever read view spoiler I speak, of course, of B n That s or less the only time I forgave a writer for turning a character basically evil and back again Why Cos even when he was mumbleshangingvillages, he was just so damn cool And, like five years o [...]

    22. A great and tragic ending, or perhaps the great beginning of something This novel, and its historical note, made me see how hard can be write a historical novel with few facts and little information And of course, it changed my perception of the series, and of Manda s work But it is not just for it, that Dreaming the Hound was to me a great novel.The turnabouts presented in parts two and three of the series catches the reader, they create that impulse of continue reading, while, somehow the firs [...]

    23. Breaca is living on Mona, hunting Romans quietly and alone at night Ban Valerius is a smith in Hibernia, away from the Eceni and the Romans After the death of Veranius, the new governor of Britannia, Suetonius Paulinus, has been tasked with conquering the western tribes, a task he pursues with a vengeance as his tax collector tries to impoverish the tribes When Breaca moves back to the Eceni homeland in the east to be ready to attack Camulodunum when Suetonius moves west, her life becomes traini [...]

    24. The word Dreaming in the title of all four books in this series is important The dream like quality moves these books towards fantasy than would normally be expected of historical fiction Unlike Pauline Gedge s covering of the same ground, Scott occasionally delves into magic to advance her plot Scott s Boudica and Caradoc are both very different characters than Gedge s An absorbing read.

    25. The epic saga continues and the intersecting plots and relationships continue to be woven ever tightly together The horrific final few chapters see Breaca and her children in the hands of the Romans, and Ban Valerius must try to rescue them before they are crucified This sets us up for the final book in the seriesFantastic historical setting with action and mystery and characters that are as fully alive in our imagination when we read as they were in ages past.

    26. To my mind, this is picking up and up it s not the first time I have read this Probably my favourite series and, keeping in mind I have little use for fantasy well, this is fantasy So we all have some things that are just different I have to make use of my suspension of disbelief faculty but.tually, I need to suspend disbelief that it s not real.

    27. For the first time, the third book in a series stands up to the first two The story is heart breaking and you know it will only get worse in the fourth but there is also a sense of peace about the whole thing I know I will be sad at the end of the fourth novel and will miss the characters I have come to love and respect.

    28. So far, the best of the three I have read Still somewhat slow going, but the last 50 pages or so than make up for it in emotional impact Full review here shelfandstuff 200

    29. I have really enjoyed this series The characterisation, depth of knowledge and good guesses about a period that is very little known As they say, History is written by the victors , and even they haven t left us that much

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