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Pissing in the Gene Pool By Henry Rollins,

  • Title: Pissing in the Gene Pool
  • Author: Henry Rollins
  • ISBN: 9781880985007
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Paperback
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    Pissing in the Gene Pool None

    One thought on “Pissing in the Gene Pool”

    1. I asked my mom to pick up a copy of this from Olsen s for my birthday when I was a dumb punk kid When she gave it to me she said, I got that for you since you asked for it, but the guy is an idiot Fortunately she also got me a copy of My Life and Hard Times Mother knows best.

    2. Like his first book, this diffuse collection of stories, poems, and rants covers a lot of ground much of which is pretty dark and twisted While a few stories were a bit disturbing, there are at least a dozen that contained some beautifully written phrases This is a brooding, cathartic read with some slight glimmers of hope if you look hard enough.

    3. This is one of Henrys better works My favorite being Get in the Van Henrys thoughts are a bit coherent and organized than his earlier stuff but that is progression for you Some may still not understand his thinking or intent I don t claim to know either , but I do believe that the you read the insight you will get into his cathartic effort At times regardless of the location or the merit it is important to put your thoughts down on paper and perhaps not read them again for some time You may n [...]

    4. A bullet shot at this man would steer clear, knowing that nothing would happen to its target This immediately reminded me of this line from Chuck Palahniuk s Survivor Me getting killed right now would be redundant Another good one Sometimes it gets so cold in here I want to build a roaring fire using my body for kindling.

    5. Not the most uplifting book but raw nonetheless Lonely, erotic, crass and brutally to the point of his thoughts and experiences A lot depressing and a lot of violence Kinda made we want to die a little I appreciate most of Henry s views and I continue to read his books and watch his show.

    6. First of all how could you not like the title of this book Henry has a way of telling things that really makes you think.

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