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The City Of Trembling Leaves By Walter Van Tilburg Clark,

  • Title: The City Of Trembling Leaves
  • Author: Walter Van Tilburg Clark
  • ISBN: 9780874171808
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • Walter Van Tilburg Clark ranks as one of Nevada s most distinguished literary figures of the 20th century His classic coming of age tale is situated in Reno.
    The City Of Trembling Leaves Walter Van Tilburg Clark ranks as one of Nevada s most distinguished literary figures of the th century His classic coming of age tale is situated in Reno

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    1. The author, born in 1909, was in his mid 30s when this novel was published in 1945, and he writes about being young with remarkable maturity There is a melancholy and nostalgia, as if the story were told by someone twice his age In its leisurely and intense unfolding of time, place, mood and character, it brings to mind Thomas Wolfe s Look Homeward, Angel and Tennessee Williams The Glass Menagerie Modern day readers will find themselves making a big adjustment to the pace of this long novel Its [...]

    2. This book is a traditional autumn read for me It is absolutely my favorite book by an American author Clark nails the mundane spirituality inherent in the western landscape His characters resonate with psychological truth.What I know about music was taught to me in the 4th grade on a plastic whistle and still Clark is able to convey that the literal meaning of universe is one song.My review could go on and on, but what it would stack up to is a fan letter.Still, I am mystified that each person I [...]

    3. A brief recommendation I read this book a few years ago, and it took me months to finish fortunately the church library is forgiving about overdue books It was a collection of reminiscing and impressions filled in with minute detail to the point of tedium at times It didn t seem to have much of a plot at all, but then things would proceed at the furious pace of a life being lived Sometimes the plot elements just didn t make sense, and I don t feel the story was supposed to neatly tie together in [...]

    4. Pacing is very, very patient, which is typical of Clark, but even so here Lots of poetry in the prose Lovely and deep.Update three years after finishing the book it still really sticks with me especially whenever I think of Reno for whatever reason Upping rating from 4 to 4.7

    5. It reads like an F Scott Fitsgerald book, only it s set in Reno in the 30 s and is really true to place and time I enjoyed reading it I have been going to read Clark, ever since I moved to Nevada He was THE famous Nevada writer for a long time His novel An Ox Bow Incident was made into a movie, it s famous because it is the only major motion picture which has absolutly no female actors in it OK back to trembling leaves It is a LONG coming of age story The characters are believable You could take [...]

    6. Fantastic book All set in our geographical area Sorry to come to the end of the book.It a a must read I will re read this book for sure.

    7. The first half of the book I would rate as a 4 star Then the main character moved to Carmel, CA and I was forced to skim those parts Blech Why didn t his editor tell him that this section doesn t fit in with the rest of the book By the end, I was glad to have this book behind me Almost 700 pages is a long time to spend with one character, but still a worthwhile read.

    8. The author s use of Reno, Nevada, as a major character in the lives and loves of the main character who is followed from young boy through maturation as a composer, along with a number of close friends who contribute to his maturation Clarke s major writing seems to have been The Oxbow Incident, which did nothing for me

    9. The reviews on are better than any I could write I guess I like these big fat books that a person lives in for awhile.

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