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Mindscan By Robert J. Sawyer,

  • Title: Mindscan
  • Author: Robert J. Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780765311078
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Transplanting his consciousness into an android body in order to escape death, Jake Sullivan falls in love with the android Karen, a situation that is further complicated when Jake s biological body takes hostages and demands its mind back.
    Mindscan Transplanting his consciousness into an android body in order to escape death Jake Sullivan falls in love with the android Karen a situation that is further complicated when Jake s biological body t

    One thought on “Mindscan”

    1. Every time I read a Robert Sawyer book I always wonder the same thing what kind of amazing novel would come out of a collaboration between Sawyer, who has great ideas about theme and plot, and another writer, who can write good characters and dialogue Yes, Mindscan kept me reading the premise is compelling and thought provoking But like so many of Sawyer s novels, it s full of ham handed author intrusion The characters are so obviously loaded down with the pet peeves, knowledge and thoughts of t [...]

    2. Put yourself in the following situation You are a young person in the prime of your life when you are told that you are terminally ill You will be able to spend the rest of your life in peace and quiet provided you agree to live on the moon while your clone replaces you at work you are a productive person after all While on the moon colony for the terminally ill, you find out that the disease you have has been cured, but the clone refuses to give up what he has on Earth and the rules forbid your [...]

    3. What happened to Calculating God happened to this book as well Sawyer tried to build a story around some complex questions, and the only way he could was to have characters flat out ask them.The basic premise of the story is illogical Why the hell would anybody agree to copy their mind into a robotic body when they know it ll be the robot that gets to be immortal and not them Nothing will change for them they ll still be in their aging, frail bodies, so this procedure does nothing to help the bi [...]

    4. I ve read several of Sawyer s books, and I ve always enjoyed them Some reviewers here don t like his prose, but I find it perfectly serviceable Sawyer writes in a thriller, page turner style it s not fancy, it s not poetic, but it gets the job done I even like the corny jokes.Most of his books are basically novel length philosophical thought experiments, which is especially the case with Mindscan In this case, the thought experiment is this what if there were an exact copy of your mind in anothe [...]

    5. So, the first Sawyer I read, Flashforward, explored the concept of Destiny vs Free Will This explores the concept of Consciousness Not a whole lot of action, some depressing ideas about the direction we re headed in the near future, characters as role players and less as authentic people but still, a heck of a read, imo I will keep reading Sawyer, as Ideas is what I read SF for.

    6. A terminally ill man transfers his consciousness to an identical android who takes his place on earth to live forever It is, once again, a probing into the uncontrollable desire of humans to prolong lives, to approach infinity, and all that in a way that mirrors reality It is a conundrum whose ethical motives are questioned in Mindscan Sawyer stands neutrally in an argument about the existence of a soul, and pitches for an adapted consciousness by weighing it against faith But, that life is comp [...]

    7. The basic idea of the story about people who decide to have their minds uploaded into fabricated durable bodies is good The complications that happen were interesting The story was told in a rather dry fashion and I didn t care for that I felt that most of the book was pretty empty The other Sawyer books I ve read have been a bit heavy on philosophy, but this one seemed overly so I did read it all, so I can t say that it was bad, but to me it was not good either.

    8. I ve read several of Robert Sawyer s SF novels, and they have all been consistently entertaining and thought provoking This novel is set in 2045, at a time when it has become possible to scan and store one s brain into a new, virtually indestructable android body Sawyer thoroughly explores the social and scientific implications of this development, following two characters a novelist facing the physical frustrations of old age and a man in his late 30s who is genetically prone to strokes These t [...]

    9. I haven t read much of Sawyer s work, but what I have has always been very well written, and this is no exception I found myself giving up on it after only a few chapters though, because of what to me is fatal flaw in the central concept he actually raises himself but then proceeds to ignore.The protagonist, who has a congenital condition which leaves him vulnerable to aneurysm, decides to take advantage of new technology which will scan his brain and enable his personality and memories to be in [...]

    10. Jake Sullivan has a hereditary, potentially terminal disease He lives his life in a state of utmost care so as not to trigger it, and knows that he, like his father, will probably die a young man So when he hears about a new process, called mindscanning, he is intrigued Immortex claims to be able to make a scan of your brain and duplicate your mind in an artificial body The new body, the new you, will become the primary you, while the old you will live out the rest of your days in a luxury resor [...]

    11. This is the second Robert J Sawyer book I ve read and I have not figured out if I like his writing so much as I like the ideas he s writing about The main concept in this book, mindscanning, is really something to wrap my mind around especially as I am a firm believer in my soul but having what I consider to be true or real challenged certainly made this book entertaining I think I ll have a gander at some of his other novels that are available in my local library.

    12. What if you could exchange your faulty body for one that would never get sick, or age You could keep all your memories, thoughts, etc But you would have to send your old body to live out the rest of it s natural life in a nursing home on the dark side of the moon What if a cure was then found for the terminal disease you had, and the old body wanted to come back Lots of questions to think about.

    13. This is a great page turner, combining contemporary issues of civil rights and identity with some classic sci fi themes of immortality, moon bases and artificial intelligence Starts to veer into preachy territory a few times, but overall extremely enjoyable and thought provoking.

    14. Decent near future portrayal The pop culture references kind of rubbed me the wrong way, but I m not sure that isn t the point of their inclusion I m also a sucker for ethical discussions in scifi.

    15. You know, said Sugiyama, there used to be a lot of debate about this, but it s all evaporated in the last few years The simplest interpretation turned out to be the correct one the human mind is nothing but software running on the hardware we call the brain Well, when your old computer hardware wears out, you don t think twice about junking it, buying a new machine, and reloading all your old software What we at Immortex do is the same the software that is you starts running on a new, better har [...]

    16. I received this book in one of my Blue Spider s Attic boxes Now, I liked the concept when I read the back, but months went by and I kept putting it off in favor of others in my TBR pile I put up a little free library LFL in front of my house Several months passed and still this book sat in my TBR pile I finally decided enough was enough, and started a blind date with a book program for my LFL I decided that I was never going to get around to reading this one, and I started making the card to go [...]

    17. A new time, a time when anything seems to be possible but then not Jake Sullivan watched his father have a major medical catastrophe only to find that genetically he is predisposed to the same event, at any time he can and at some time will, become totally incapacitated Guaranteed Thankfully, medical science has moved on in some areas and though they can t fix his medical problem, they can move his consciousness into an android form It just takes money and luckily Jake has lots of it Life is str [...]

    18. It took me only two days to read this book, I enjoyed it very much Sawyer demonstrates that while getting an immortal android body is tranhumanist wet dream, it raises many questions and problems The novel was easy to read and the plot and the themes were very interesting I am intrigued by neurology and consciousness studies Usually I don t like law suit courtroom fiction, but here the subject was interesting enough The ending left me a bit ambivalent, though I didn t really except certain thing [...]

    19. The subject matter of personhood is one close to my heart, and I grabbed this from Kindle the first time I saw it mentioned in one of my other books Sawyer takes many of the philosophical thought experiments around the self and personhood, and writes them into a fairly cohesive plot, trying the case in a court of the mind I enjoyed the read, but was perhaps, spoiled for this book by the philosophy I had read before my encounter with it.I like the subtle characters who allow the reader to identif [...]

    20. Great book from beginning to end I love the ideas, I love the philosophical and religious questions raised, and I enjoyed the narrative style itself, though it was a bit jarring at times I am sad to see this end, and I think the Epilogue feels a bit tacked on, but other than that, the journey is great.

    21. Mindscan dealt with the ramifications of transferring your consciousness from your biological body into an artificial body Are you the same person Do copy right laws extend to the artificial body There were also pieces of Quantum nights Philosopher Zombies and Flash Forward Free Will contained within the book as far as those concepts go.

    22. This book had a really interesting concept of a person getting a mind scan made to have his consciousness added to a constructed body The idea is to continue living when is biological self dies Problems arise when there are two of him that want to be the real him Book moved nicely to the end but had a bit of a weak ending.

    23. This is not quite what I expected from the title I found the idea in the book of being able to put your consciousness into an artificial body compelling I appreciate the near future where we might actually have a moon base The social aspects of the artificial beings was something I didn t consider and the book really did a great job of conveying the issues.

    24. Nothing says mental stimulation like Robert J Sawyer name on the cover The psychological and moral inquests in the novel are magnificent, needless to mention, the thrill of it.

    25. A book that I both loved and hated at the same time, Mindscan nonetheless makes for a very interesting read in terms of the questions it proposes, but where it truly falls flap is the characters and the actual delivery of the plot, making it a good read and only that.It s rare for me to read a book and debate it at the same time, especially if there s an actual argument going on in the book However that s exactly what I was doing as the court case was put forth against Karen by her son, Tyler Bu [...]

    26. A good exploration of consciousness uploading Towards the end, it faltered a bit for me I guess I was expecting something epic , but still, an enjoyable read.

    27. Ten moment musia kiedy nadej oto trafi em na powie jednego z moich ulubionych pisarzy, kt ra w og le do mnie nie trafi a, co do kt rej mam ogromne w tpliwo ci, kt ra wydaje mi si zbyt prosta, naiwna i w og le obejmuj ca temat z zupe nie nie tej strony, co trzeba Punktem wyj cia w Mindscan jest praktycznie ten sam motyw, co w genialnym Eksperymencie terminalnym wydobycie ze s abego ludzkiego cia a wiadomo ci oraz przeniesienie jej do cia a zast pczego , kt re nie b dzie tak w t e, tak atwo poddaj [...]

    28. Mindscan is one of those books heavy on ideas, well plotted, but not written as well as it deserves to be here s this guy, with a potentially fatal disease there s no cure all he can do, if he wants to live, is get his mind uploaded into an android body and let his real one go live out its span on the moon where there s no legal jurisdiction so he doesplications ensuee problem with this book is not that the complications are not believable they are, Sawyer is quite good enough to be consistent i [...]

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