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Against Medical Advice By Hal Friedman,

  • Title: Against Medical Advice
  • Author: Hal Friedman
  • ISBN: 9781415954218
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Against Medical Advice is both harrowing and heartbreaking, but is also a story of astonishing courage This book stands as a testament to the amazing power of one family s unconditional love for one another Tess Gerritsen, author of The Bone Garden One morning when he was almost five years old, Cory Friedman woke up with the uncontrollable urge to shake his head Fr Against Medical Advice is both harrowing and heartbreaking, but is also a story of astonishing courage This book stands as a testament to the amazing power of one family s unconditional love for one another Tess Gerritsen, author of The Bone Garden One morning when he was almost five years old, Cory Friedman woke up with the uncontrollable urge to shake his head From that day forward his life became an agony of irrepressible tics and involuntary utterances Cory embarked on a thirteen year odyssey of medication upon medication, treatment upon treatment a constantly changing regimen that left him and his family feeling like guinea pigs in an out of control experiment It soon became unclear which tics were symptoms of his condition and which were side effects of the countless combinations of drugs The only certainty was that it kept getting worse Simply put Cory Friedman s life was a living hell Subjected to debilitating treatments and continuous ridicule, Cory became devastatingly aware of how he appeared to others With the love of his family and the support of a few steadfast teachers and medical professionals, he fought for his very life, and you will cheer his amazing successes Against Medical Advice is the true story of Cory s battle for survival in the face of extraordinary difficulties and a sometimes maddening medical establishment Written by James Patterson and Cory s father, Hal, with the relentless pace of a Patterson thriller, this is a heartrending story of one family s courage, determination, and ultimate triumph.
    Against Medical Advice Against Medical Advice is both harrowing and heartbreaking but is also a story of astonishing courage This book stands as a testament to the amazing power of one family s unconditional love for one a

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    1. This is James Patterson s first foray into non fiction, slapping his name on Hal Friedman s true story about his son Right on the cover it says One family s struggle with an agonizing medical mystery so imagine my surprise when I figured out what he had on the first page of the preface to the book and my diagnosis was confirmed on the very next page I guess the mystery is supposed to be why nothing was able to help this patient with OCD and Tourette s for 13 years Instead, I found several other [...]

    2. I was in the middle of reading another book when I saw this in the store I m a big fan of James Patterson and it looked interesting so I picked it up and started reading In no time I had read the first four chapters and decided that I had to buy the book and read it now I know that Patterson s books read really fast and I knew this would also I finished this in just a couple of days, which is pretty quick for me now because I have so little time to read.This is the story of a teenage boy Cory su [...]

    3. Hmm well, I had this on my list for a while and then my husband read it and was impressed by it so I finally downloaded it and listened BTW not sure if it makes a difference but it was an mp3 version not a cd version I listened to However, it seems to be the same reader, length, etc.I was not impressed with this families story I was a social worker for several years, so in a lot of ways this book took me back to the days when I lived in their drama every day, just as a helper though, not as the [...]

    4. I enjoyed inhaling this book in only two days I m usually a slow reader, and this is truly a quick read an interesting real life story about a boy with Tourette s and OCD I recently met someone with Tourette s for the first time A woman was in the hallway next to a computer lab where I was working with a group of students She was making very odd trilling noises very loudly, so it was quite distracting I went out in the hall to ask her to keep it down, and while blinking and contorting her face, [...]

    5. I listened to this on CD since my professions find me in my car most of the time Having a son with sever ADHD, and upon the recommendation of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, I bought this on CD A fascinating book many of the struggles this young man faced with Tourette s, anxiety disorder and OCD modeled many of the symptoms my son faces on a daily basis And, now that he is of age, we re finding a whole new set of problems as he has total exercise of his free will in his life My heart is still ver [...]

    6. My rating of this book is mostly due to my opinion as someone with Tourette s of its depiction of someone with Tourette Syndrome, and is an effort to address what seems to be the public opinion of this story as representative of a typical case of Tourette s which I feel it largely is NOT I ll leave my gripes with the relatively awful writing and style of this book out of the discussion but wow, I could write pages on my opinion of that alone Just quickly though the writing really is pretty terri [...]

    7. There s always something kind of weird in the tone of a book written by an adult, for adults, but in the voice of a child adolescent It just kind of struck me as odd throughout the book The story was interesting but I felt that there could have been information detail on the actual condition and how outside factors and behavioral issues contributed to the overall Tourette s symptoms.

    8. What an amazing read I couldn t put this book down James Patterson and Hal Friedman did an amazing job of portraying illness through a child s eyes Cory became a strong survivor as the story progressed He is an example to all that no matter what hurdles are put before us, they can be overcome.Our daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with streptococcal infections in January of this year This caused sudden, overnight onset of OCD due to the [...]

    9. This is written from the point of view of Cory Friedman And also in short, easy context sentencing you can see the James Patterson pattern of words Brief clipping And not at all a favorite writing style, but in this sense of capturing the entire Cory condition and his own cognition beyond the emotive it works But the message IS wrapped within the mood of Cory beyond his disease And in the myriads of family dynamics for his condition s care and RX outcomes All from 5 years of age on through than [...]

    10. 6 5 J essais d crire ce que je pense de ce livre mais les mots m chappent Une histoire tr s touchante racontant les 16 ans de combat d un enfant atteint du syndrome de Gilles de la Tourette, et les differentes preuves qu il a pu surmonter pour retrouver son tat normal.Avec le soutien de ses parents en premier lieu, et grace aux sacrifices qu il a fait, son courage et sa perseverence, Cory a pu faire face a touts les obstacles qui l empechaient aller en avant PS vous allez pleurer, pr parez vos m [...]

    11. The brain is a marvelous, incredible joy to behold when it is functioning properly When the signals are crossed, chaos results, leaving frustration, fear, anger, pain, sorrow and helplessness.At the age of five, Hal Friedman s son Cory began to twitch frantically Over the years, Tourette s Syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder, alcohol, and an exceedingly high level of anxiety took over Cory s life and made it and those around him a living hell.An entire spectrum of anti psychotic, anti depres [...]

    12. Interesing story, poor approach to the material.Despite the fact that AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE is an autobiographical account written from the perspective of a teenage boy named Cory, the primary author was actually the boy s father, leading to the obvious question what father can really claim to understand the innerworkings of his teenage son s mind, especially someone as troubled as Cory Parents who think they know their children inside and out tend to be self deluded to some degree Sure, the au [...]

    13. This was a book club book for March Truly, I would have NEVER read this without having been asked to for a book club I m not such a fan of the way Patterson writes Even having been asked to read it, I had a hard time reading it at times Both Tourette s OCD are near and dear to my heart, and reading this book literally hurt at times At the end of the book, I was glad that I d finished it I m incredibly grateful for people who share their stories or adversity, and this is a story or adversity like [...]

    14. This is a fascinating true story about a boy named Corey who at the age of five was suddenly stricken with Tourettes and OCD From the age of five on he was extremely ill for all of his childhood and his teenager years, suffering from painful and embarrassing tics like lurching forward at the waste, spitting on people, and flipping the bird It s a sad coming of age story but ultimately hopeful I have an immediate family member with bipolar one, and the nightmare of working with a string of specia [...]

    15. This is the true story of Cory Friedmand s 13 year hellish battle with and hard fought effort to overcome Tourette s Syndrome, OCD and Anxiety Disorder, was written by James Patterson and Hal Friedman, Cory s father Way too often people look at behavior they observe and judge as if they have all the info and answers when in fact, they know NOTHING of what this person or this family are battling and enduring I found it very difficult to think bout putting myself in the shoes of Cory or his parent [...]

    16. This story, told from the boy s point of view, was an eye opener He suffers from severe OCD,anxiety and Tourette s Some of side effects of the medication were heartbreaking The family did the best they could Medical community wasn t really that helpful It would be very hard to deal with as a family His tics were sad too I was alittle discouraged near the end of the book, but in the end it is a story of love, patience, courage and hope.

    17. Dear James Patterson,It s okay for chapters to be longer than eight paragraphs Really MeI am confused Hal Friedman is the author, but the book is written from the first person point of view of his son, Cory Why not call Cory an author as well Was Hal taking dictation He says he wasn t So did he make up everything about how Cory felt and what he thought This is unclear.

    18. This is basically a memoir of a boy with extreme OCD and Tourette s written from his notes by his father and James Patterson I found what he had to deal with both fascinating and horrifying, and there s quite a bit of suspense in the mystery of what will happen next.

    19. I was disappointed in this book and would not read it again I was expecting information on the illness and history about the son The voice of the book was simple, as it was written by the son This made the book less detailed and one sided.

    20. Look The reviews from know it all counselors and pseudo professionals do not take into account that this was a family in extreme crisis Live through this and see what it s like That first vignette of Cody being forbidden to leave the mental hospital brings back horrible memories of our son when he was suffering from debilitating depression The five to eight hours in an environment that no loving parent would ever leave their child in, and being told your child cannot leave s horrifying Cory s pa [...]

    21. This is a real life story, not the normal Patterson story line More stories like this one need to be told about people, especially kids, in a battle with their own body Maybe some lives would change for the better if people were aware.I can t imagine the childhood Cory had Cory s parents had their hands full with Cory and they fought hard for him, never giving up on him A hard thing to do I don t know if it is the way the book was written, choice of words, or if it was really the case, but abou [...]

    22. This harrowing tale of Cory Friedman s life is one that I recommend all to read The story, told from Cory s perspective, deals with his life with Tourette s and OCD I cannot imagine how this life must have been for this young man Knowing at a young age that he was different, it s not long before Cory starts ticing and doing abnormal things that cause him and his family embarrassment This should be a must read for ALL teachers and parents The Friedman s have really demonstrated the true unconditi [...]

    23. Overall, this true life story reinforces what I have seen in Tourette s sufferers, although I feel that the boy in the story suffers not only from his medical issues but from overprotective parenting The main problem is that the child is not properly diagnosed, and is given bad medical advice and lack of followup, which can be frustrating The true worth of this story is in that it allows those who don t have first hand experience of someone with OCD or Tourettes or one of the other disorders whi [...]

    24. I did not READ this book Instead, I got it from the library in an AUDIO version This is a true story as the title notes The introduction is the actual two authors of the story father and long time ago work associate of James Patterson The perspective of the book itself is so engaging It is written in the First person sigular the I AM point of view of Cory Friedman His story is read aloud by Kevin Collins who did a truly magnificent job Hearing this unique perspective as the boy goes through twel [...]

    25. Cory Friedman was a typical five year old boy That is, until he wakes up one morning with an urgent need to shake his head This need is just the beginning of years of uncontrollable ticks, verbal utterances, and other unmanageable behavior Cory is ultimately diagnosed with Tourette s Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE is a story told by Cory Friedman and his father, Hal The reader gets an inside look at the living hell that this family went through in the thirteen [...]

    26. An outstanding heart wrenching and heart warming biography about a boy named Cory Friedman and his search for peace within his own body At age 5 Cory started to display Tourette s Syndrome tics and this is his and his family s harrowing account of trying to find medical answers Their struggle went on for 13 painstaking years, in which Corey was fed massive doses of medicines, many anti psychotics, in an attempt to control his tics, his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder rituals and his extreme Social [...]

    27. Touching, heartbreaking story about a family s struggle with their child s agonizing medical condition Tourette s While the story is told from the point of view of the child, it is the father who wrote the story along with James Patterson I am not sure why it was decided to use the child s voice as the storyteller, I think it would have been just as powerful and believable if told by the parents In some ways I think using the child s voice made it seem a bit contrived since by the time the book [...]

    28. 4.5 stars Cory Friedman was only 5 years old when he began having ticks and was diagnosed with Tourette s syndrome He had a tough life as a kid with all his weird gestures and no friends He went from doctor to doctor and tried medication after medication School was tough, but with the unwavering support of his parents, he persevered Cory was later also diagnosed with OCD and anxiety disorder The book is in his own voice and follows him until he is 17 or 18 His father wrote a preface and epilogue [...]

    29. I received this book as a Christmas present from my husband He knows I love reading anything by James Patterson He is by far my favorite author I was surprised to find that this book is a true story about a young man who is afflicted with Tourette s and OCD I loved that this was written from the boys point of view verses the dads, who is the co author Such a well written book I could feel the emotions of this boy and his family and found myself cheering for him, wanting to defend him and having [...]

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