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Changeling By Delia Sherman,

  • Title: Changeling
  • Author: Delia Sherman
  • ISBN: 9780670059676
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Neef is a changeling, a human baby stolen by fairies and replaced with one of their own She lives in New York Between, a Manhattan alongside our own, home to creatures of folklore Protected by her fairy godmother until she breaks a Fairy Law, now she must face the challenge of the Green Lady of Central Park or be sacrificed Neef is determined, but time is running out.
    Changeling Neef is a changeling a human baby stolen by fairies and replaced with one of their own She lives in New York Between a Manhattan alongside our own home to creatures of folklore Protected by her fai

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    1. While I never really warmed up to Neef, the protagonist, I thought her changeling counterpart totally, utterly rocked I loved Changeling from the start, and she made perfect sense to me as what a fairy changeling raised in our world might be like, too.Also, the time spent in the Metropolitan Museum of Art was worth the price of admission so to speak by itself.

    2. This book was really good, so the parts of it which were frustrating were really frustrating than they would have been in a mediocre book, sadly Fantastic world building and a smart, self aware protagonist yay But that protagonist couldn t manage a believable interaction with any of the other people in the book boo Neef had pretty much no empathy for anyone, no sense that she should be concerned in anything but a mechanical how does this affect me way with other people s feelings There could ha [...]

    3. Changeling is funny and fresh and fine, another in the short list of fabulous books set in New York City published in the past year It is takes place in New York Between, and Sherman balances the Between of Faerie with a terrific young heroine named Neef, ringing changes on every single New York and Faerie trope you can imagine, and a few you can t.

    4. Altamente entretenido, me mantuvo enganchada a la historia de principio a fin, lo que m s me gust fue la cantidad de mitolog a que manejaron Lo nico que no me gust fue el final, que me dej con ganas de m s.

    5. I absoulutley loved this book It was fantasy so there were mermaids,demons and the main character boy was she a handful so if your done with your book pick this one up i garuntee you will love it.

    6. A well handled quest I m glad to hear it went so smoothly A lot of people get sick or even die on quests It was comforting to know she had a fairy godmother looking out for her.

    7. smiles all around this book was amazingly fun kind of exactly what children s literature should be plenty of amazing characters, lots of mythological beasties, and loads of funny dialogue kinda perfect that the important characters were girls, and not all about their appearance and where are the cute boys just a joy to read

    8. Changeling tells the story of Neef, a little girl who lives in New York Between Neef, born a mortal, is a girl different from everyone else Neef is curious, bold, but most of all, she is stubborn Neef eventually was punished by the Green Lady and exiled from New York Between On her journey, she is accompanied by her overly, sensitive, mortal friend Changeling Neef and Changeling are on a journey to recover three things in order to get Neef accepted back into New York Between or the Hunt will con [...]

    9. I am, personally, not very fond of urban fantasy as such, especially in this particular kind of setting The stories of an Other City in this case, New York , created in the likeness of the human one and populated by fairy versions of the actual inhabitants here artistic types in the Village, vampiric fairy entertainers in Broadway and gold hungry dragons, the magical Bear Bull and a woman named DowJones in the Wall Street, to name only a few very, very rarely seem convincing to me, because they [...]

    10. Neef is a changeling, a human baby stolen by fairies who lives in the Central Park of New York Between, an Otherworld Manhattan that co exists with our own, inhabited by all sorts of Fairy Folk Neef whose real name she doesn t care to disclose to just anybody since as you know real names have power has been brought up by her fairy godmother the white rat Astris and lives under the protection of The Green Lady, the Genius of the Central Park Neef s days are spent in relative tranquillity, learnin [...]

    11. Charming That s the first and most obvious thing I can say about this book If you love Folklore at all, you probably won t be able to resist this book s overall charm, despite the fact that it takes a bit I found personally to get into I loved the modern New York fairy tale alternate universe the author creates It s a world I d love to spend time in, so I d probably follow this series just for that alone It s enchanting and does make one really want to visit the real New York just to see if it [...]

    12. I will say that this book started off a bit slow and confusing for me, but I always find that with a new fantasy book I just had to get used to the new world It did help that it kind of took place in New York City, which I am familiar with, so I think that made it easier to grasp the new world And once I had a handle, boy was the ride fun Neef and Changeling are such fun characters and meeting all the fairy tale folk throughout the book was fabulous Mostly I am excited about this book as a teach [...]

    13. Neef is a human changeling living in New York Between She has an amazing fairy godmother, Astris, who happens to also be a white rat Neef has lots of rules to abide by, but that s mainly to keep her safe She knows that she s a changeling and that there is a fairy living in her place but it really makes no difference to her She pretty much loves her life.Except she s DYING to attend the Solstice Dance Astris manages to use magic to keep her asleep during this bi yearly event but this time around [...]

    14. Neef is a changeling, a human child taken and raised by fairy folk in Central Park Her fairy godmother, who raised her and teaches her, is a white rat named Astris Neef has begun to feel hemmed in by the rules she has followed all her life, and so, when she discovers there is a Solstice dance that she has never heard of, she is determined to attend The disaster that follows sends her on a quest out into New York Between This is a fun book The fairy folk, as you would expect in New York City, com [...]

    15. Fairy tales are than true not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten Neil Gaiman This is probably the best quote from a completely different author that I could put with this book One, because Changeling is a story about a girl raised by fairies Two, because there is also a dragon in this story Neef is a changeling She was taken as a young child and a fairy that looked exactly like her was put in her place She was then taken to Central Park [...]

    16. Neef is a changeling, a mortal child switched at birth with a fairy and raised among the Folk There are many changelings in the world, but Neef is the only changeling of Central Park She lives with her fairy godmother Astris, a giant white rat, and spends her time with the assorted Folk of Central Park All this changes, however, when she accidentally breaks the geas that was set upon her when she was brought into Central Park Now, exiled from Central Park and a fugitive from the terrifying Wild [...]

    17. Neef is human who was switched at birth with a fairy and brought into New York between to become the Changeling of Central Park She s is an overly curious child and soon becomes aware of a Solstice dance that occurs every year that she somehow always misses Neef loves to dance and wants very badly to go She realizes that she has been given a sleeping potion on the previous nights of the dance She quickly finds a way around that and on the night of the dance, she sneaks down to it There she cause [...]

    18. Highly recommended for New York City parents looking for a good book to read aloud to their young children as bedtime stories.For everyone else wellHaving read some of Delia Sherman s other books, I wasn t expecting this to be quite so juvenile It is definitely a kids book aimed at 8 10 years old, I d say, though younger kids would definitely enjoy it as well However, a lot of the cleverness is probably going to zip right past a lot of kids, who might not have the background to get all the refer [...]

    19. Changeling is both a well researched look at the folk beliefs of the world as well as a love letter to New York City And while both elements come together nicely to create an exciting story, readers unfamiliar with New York s neighborhoods and museums may not fully understand or appreciate the nuanced levels of Sherman s New York Between, the land where the folk dwell The main character Neef is a human living among the folk in Central Park When she breaks a taboo, the Park s ruler, the Green Lad [...]

    20. Neef is a human changeling living in Central Park in New York Between with her fairy godmother, a giant rat At twelve years old she is starting to itch for some independence and, taking the fairy tales she s been told all her life as her guide, she starts breaking some well known rules don t stray from the path, don t talk to strangers in order to embark on an adventure Along the way she meets her fairy double left in her place with her human parents and with her help tries to fulfill a quest fo [...]

    21. I liked this but I m not comfortable with the idea of Autistic children or by the author s note, those with Asperger s as changelings because that s saying they re not human It redeemed that a bit I think by not treating the changeling character as lesser, and while we never saw her perspective she was developed as a character and crucial to her counterpart s success But although, or perhaps because I m likely Autistic myself, with different symptoms, I justI dunno I am far too hesitant to give [...]

    22. Having loved Sherman s story CATNYP in Datlow and Windling s The Faery Reel, I was very pleased to find out that she was writing a book about the heroine, Neef, a human changeling who lives with the fairy folk in New York Between Neef s curiosity leads her to break a faerie law and sends her on a quest for three magical items, which she must find if she s to continue her life in New York Between Any faerie world which includes not only the standard traditional fairies, from brownies to pookas, b [...]

    23. Book 8 Changeling, by Delia Sherman.This is a story about a human girl raised in New York Between by the magical creatures that live there She is a changeling, replaced with a fairy creature in the world outside She is, as most humans are, a curious and bit foolhardy girl and one innocent mistake throws her whole future into disarray Only a daunting quest in three parts can restore the only life she knows as home.This was a fast, fun, easy read Full of puns and twisted meanings and the misconcep [...]

    24. Delia Sherman takes readers on a wild romp throuhg the New York that we know and the unseen faerie New York as we tag along on protagonist Neef s quest to regain her home in CEntral Park Neef is a changeling, so she has access to much of the faerie world, but there s still a lot for her to learn By teaming up wih the half faerie girl who she was swapped for at birth, Neefs gets to make new friends supernatural and Changeling alike , travel to places outside her normal stomping ground Wall Street [...]

    25. I finished Changeling in a few days because it is one of the best books I have ever read If you enjoy a different kind of fantasy, then you will love Changeling.This book is mainly about a changeling named Neef who breaks a fairy law, and then her protection of the Green Lady is removed As she has no protection, her fairy godmother is also taken away.Now Neef and Changeling are on a quest to retrieve 3 diffrent items from the other Geniuses of New York Between If she does not complete this task, [...]

    26. CHANGELING is the kind of fairy tale I love D Set in the modern day, with a bold young girl names Neff who is trying to survive the fairy realm s elaborate rules Neef is a Changeling, stolen to be raised by fairies, with a fairy left in her place Living in Central Park and closely watched by her fairy family, all Neef wants like any smart kid is freedom, but in the fairy world, freedom can be deadly Neef has to use her wits when she breaks the Rules If she doesn t succeed on a small quest, the W [...]

    27. Changeling is about Neef who was taken at birth to live with the supernaturals and was replaced by a fairy who doesn t believe in supernaturals any Now, because of a fickle Lady Genius, Neef is a target of the Wild Hunt because she broke a spell promise she didn t even know she had She runs to the Curator of the Metropolitan Museum to help her with her problems and she gains back access to the park, is under the Green Lady s protection again, and the Wild Hunt aren t after her any in exchange fo [...]

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