[E-Book] ò Moose is Loose | By ↠ Kana Riley

Moose is Loose By Kana Riley,

  • Title: Moose is Loose
  • Author: Kana Riley
  • ISBN: 0395902894
  • Page: 171
  • Format: None
  • None
    Moose is Loose None

    One thought on “Moose is Loose”

    1. Maribelle keeps trying to tell various members of her family that a moose is loose outside, and is getting closer to the house, but no one pays attention to her until she rides away on it

    2. First, it crossed the street Then she tells her mom to look, but she still didn t pay attention Then she said, Look dad The Moose is right next door Then she said, Look Grandma, the moose is on the walk Next the moose is looking in thru the window and the dog sees it Then he barks and makes a lot of noise Then she brought the moose inside and took it out Then everyone paid attention when she took off riding the moose.By Joseph

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