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Punk Farm on Tour By Jarrett J. Krosoczka,

  • Title: Punk Farm on Tour
  • Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
  • ISBN: 9780375833434
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • FARMER JOE IS heading off to a Tractor Society Conference in Reno But meanwhile, back at the farm Cow, Sheep, Pig, Goat, and Chicken are getting ready to rock across the U.S.A as they set out on a Punk Farm tour Only, their beat up old tour van is threatening to ruin their plans Can the wheels on the van go round and round all the way from Maine to Colorado FARMER JOE IS heading off to a Tractor Society Conference in Reno But meanwhile, back at the farm Cow, Sheep, Pig, Goat, and Chicken are getting ready to rock across the U.S.A as they set out on a Punk Farm tour Only, their beat up old tour van is threatening to ruin their plans Can the wheels on the van go round and round all the way from Maine to Colorado This rollicking sequel to Punk Farm will have kids cheering along as their favorite rock star farm animals take the nation by storm
    Punk Farm on Tour FARMER JOE IS heading off to a Tractor Society Conference in Reno But meanwhile back at the farm Cow Sheep Pig Goat and Chicken are getting ready to rock across the U S A as they set out on a Pun

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    1. Krosoczka, Jarret J 2007 Punk Farm On Tour Knopf.For those that can t get enough Punk Farm, let me introduce you to Punk Farm On Tour Sure, the book has been out a while And plenty of you may already be good friends with Sheep and his fellow band members Goat, Chicken, Cow, and Pig This band is looking to take advantage of Farmer Joe s absence to go on a tour of their own Once the broken down van looks eerily familiar to me gets a makeover inside and out the band is on their way But what song wi [...]

    2. Farmer Joe is going away for a few days to a tractor conference While he is away the animals on his farm go on tour as a punk farm band Chicken is a worrier, cow is optimistic, sheep is a leader, goat is laid back, and pig is all about appearances and status They load into an old van and head off to perform what they hope will be their hit song Problems arise.Children will enjoy the funny illustrations that complement the words.

    3. This is a fun spin on summer road trips It s high energy fun with a healthy dose of imagination that young kids will dig When Farmer Joe packs up for the National Tractor Society Conference in Reno, the animals know it s time for their band Punk Farm to gear up for a road trip First, they need to get their ride ready the Rock Van So Cow, Chicken, Goat, Pig and Sheep head to Maine for their first gig and hope that inspiration will hit for their new killer song.Punk Farm s travels take them from M [...]

    4. Well, this book was not what I expected and certainly caught my children and I off guard But in a totally good way I picked the book up at the library because it looked like a change of pace from our normal reads and had fun artwork As we settled down to read it tonight, the first few pages my 4 year old was looking at me bewildered She just didn t get it But once we got to the song and she realized what they were singing, she loved and it and sang along with me Definitely some clich s and some [...]

    5. Punk Farm is back, and this time their taking a rusty old van on tour The revisited children s song this time around is The Wheels on the Bus, now sung as The Wheels on the Van documenting the problems with road tripping in a real clunker Lyrics like, The engine in the van goes clunk, clank, clunk are sure to resonate with both rocker parents and happy to make noises kids Excellent as a read aloud, particularly with air guitar solos added.

    6. Ugh What kind of band only plays one verse of one song at each stop Craziness Moira loves it because the animals are playing music and the song they sing is a version of The Wheels On the Bus which is still a favorite song I hate it because the story isn t well told It s like the author was trying to use as few words as possible to get the story across, but he kind of failed Sika appears to agree with me about this book.

    7. I liked finding this sequel The book part inside the covers has paintings of the characters laid out on maps all friendish like Hail TC Hail Emily The van is painted with lightning stripes so it is stylish Pig is always caught smooching after the shows i don t know how these animals keep the farmer in the dark I mean, punk is loud.

    8. A great follow up to Punk Farm He added new details like the horse security guards which made me laugh, Pig s expressions and hilarity, and the right animals for each location they visit on tour like flamingos in Florida and moose in Maine and lynx in Colorado I also like the lettering of Punk Farm and the text in the book.

    9. This is a fabulous follow up to _Punk Farm_ In _Punk Farm_, the farm animals sing a punk version of Old MacDonald and in this book they sing a punk version of The Wheels on the Bus Clever I like how Jarrett spoofs what real rock bands are like such as the autographs, the groupies, the shades, etc.

    10. I found this to be poorly written, as well as a book that tries too hard to be cool It s mostly the writing, however, that puts me off Read something like Harlod and the Purple Crayon and then read this just makes me shudder I often tolerate bad writing in children s books provided my daughter enjoys the books, but she didn t seem too impressed with this one.

    11. Inflated egos, groupies, drinking it s all there in the background of the drawings for the adults to enjoy and snicker at while the tots will be moshing to On the bus go Another solid entry from the punk farm crew.

    12. A busy story that is told well, interspersed with lyrics from performances by an animal rock band A good read aloud when you have an active group or want listeners to participate in some noisy fun.

    13. This book is the sequel to Punk Farm , and it features the song Wheels on the Bus I like this book better because there is definitely a stronger plot than the first, and there is character development between the farm animals.

    14. When I took this book home I thought to myself there is no way that I will like this book Boy was I wrong I thought it was creative and sweet and overall just a fun read I like that it shows musicians that today s parents may have enjoyed Ages 4

    15. This was part 2 to another book, Punk Farm I read it to my 11 month old nephew and he absolutely loved both of them, maybe it was the cool tunes Personally I liked the original book the best, but this was nice.

    16. So much fun I love that it takes a well known children s song and puts a twist on it The kids can guess what might come next in the song The pictures are fun and it s great to see who the kids think will get back to the farm first.

    17. it s alright, but there are some better books mom says I was slow to warm up to this one I thought it was pointless and not particularly well written, but by the end, I did have a lot of fun singing a punk version of The Wheels on the Bus.

    18. usually don t like sequels but this one is awesome I want my copy signed I can t wait for a third hopefully There seems to be a lot of drama going on with these animals I want behind the scenes

    19. Acrylic paint illustrations with details that enhance the story i.e Pig s escapades with his fans The story song performed by band is a twist on The Wheels on the Bus and makes for a fun read aloud and audience participation A fun book Themes music, concerts, farms, farm animals.

    20. I thought this was a funny story, and a creative way to show what a band tour would be like I liked the funny spin on The Wheels on the Bus, and singing animals is always a good idea, especially funny ones like goat, and his laid back attitude.

    21. The Punk Farm animals are on tour This is a fun read aloud, with singing The wheels on the van and a bit of geography The kids spotted the regional animals at each stop These are farm animals with attitude A hit with kindergarten.

    22. Not as good as the first book, but it was still a great book to read during storytimes or for kindergarten classrooms.

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