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Curtain By Agatha Christie,

  • Title: Curtain
  • Author: Agatha Christie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The house guests at Styles seemed perfectly pleasant to Captain Hastings there was his own daughter Judith, an inoffensive ornithologist called Norton, dashing Mr Allerton, brittle Miss Cole, Doctor Franklin and his fragile wife Barbara , Nurse Craven, Colonel Luttrell and his charming wife, Daisy, and the charismatic Boyd Carrington So Hastings was shocked to learn fromThe house guests at Styles seemed perfectly pleasant to Captain Hastings there was his own daughter Judith, an inoffensive ornithologist called Norton, dashing Mr Allerton, brittle Miss Cole, Doctor Franklin and his fragile wife Barbara , Nurse Craven, Colonel Luttrell and his charming wife, Daisy, and the charismatic Boyd Carrington So Hastings was shocked to learn from Hercule Poirot s declaration that one of them was a five times murderer True, the ageing detective was crippled with arthritis, but had his deductive instincts finally deserted him The novel features Hercule Poirot and Arthur Hastings in their final appearances in Christie s works It is a country house novel, with all the characters and the murder set in one house Not only does the novel return the characters to the setting of her first, The Mysterious Affair at Styles, but it reunites Poirot and Hastings, who last appeared together in Dumb Witness in 1937 It was adapted for television in 2013.
    Curtain The house guests at Styles seemed perfectly pleasant to Captain Hastings there was his own daughter Judith an inoffensive ornithologist called Norton dashing Mr Allerton brittle Miss Cole Doctor F

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    1. Rating The Full FiveWhen this novel came out in 1975, my older sister was a bookshop owner and gave me and our mother a copy to savor None of the three of us were particular Christie nuts My sister felt that Dame Ags played gawd with the clues a bit too much mother found Poirot insufferably smug I read the book without discrimination or comprehension, and moved on to other things I liked better I believe that was the year I read Stand on Zanzibar, but am not positive.Now that I m the age my moth [...]

    2. You Chose Your Own Adventure You are the killer you kill yourself You deserve it Or do you Are you the hero or the villain But what does it matter in the end, death comes to us all Your adventure is over.If you decide to reject your notorious life and start anew, choose review show

    3. Curtain Hercule Poirot 39 , Agatha ChristieCurtain Hercule Poirot 39 , Written about 1940, published 1975, Agatha Christie 1891 1976 Characters Hercule Poirot, John Franklin, Barbara Franklin, Judith Hastings, Stephen Norton.Abstract The crime fighting careers of Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings have come full circle they are back once again in the rambling country house in which they solved their first murder together Both Poirot and Great Styles have seen better days but, despite being crip [...]

    4. Agatha Christie s swan song for her most famous character, Hercule Poirot, fittingly returns him and and his friend Arthur Hastings to the setting of her very first novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles Aside from the fact that it s Poirot s final case, a rather unusual twist and the recurring Othello theme make this one of Christie s memorable works, if rather melancholy It was interesting to find out that Christie originally wrote this novel during World War II, possibly fearing that she mig [...]

    5. For a murderer, my friend, is conceited than any creature on this earth A murderer is always clever than anyone else no one will ever suspect him or her the police will be utterly baffled The above quote is a perfect way to describe this mystery.I have been wanting to read this for some time now and what better day than Christie s birthday.I have now read numerous mysteries by Christie but there is no pattern apart from a cozy setting Each and every mystery, murder suspects, the end is unique [...]

    6. Curtain Poirot s Last Case Nothing is so sad, in my opinion, as the devastation wrought by age Hastings, on PoirotI m done, whew, having read all of 38 Christie Poirot novels and a couple shor stpry collections in order of publication, over the past 2 3 years Thank you I am tired, but feeling a small sense of accomplishment I ll listen again to And Then There Were None and will not read Christie again for awhile, I am sure.Christie, fearing for her life during WWII, wrote the last Poirot and Mar [...]

    7. Spoilers ahoy I admit it, I teared up at the end I don t want Poirot ever to die However, two things comforted me one is that this was not actually the last novel Dame Agatha wrote about Poirot, not by a long shot Since Elephants Can Remember is largely regarded as a weak later effort, I think of Hallowe en Party as the last excellent novel written about Poirot Curtain was written somewhere around WWII most likely, and put away to be released decades later as Agatha neared the end of her long ca [...]

    8. Retko kojom kljigom sam toliko odu evljena da pamtim ve inu detalja bez obzira na to to je pro itana pre vi e godina Jednostavno, pri a je toliko genijalna i fantasti na.Herkul Poaro i kapetan Artur Hejstings se vra aju u Stajls kako bi uhvatili ubicu kojeg je Poaro opisao kao savr enog Hejstings biva upoznat sa nizom dokumenata o slu ajevima u kojima je razja njeno ko je po inilac jer su se oni sami predali policiji i suo ili se sa su enjem, poput devojke koja je ubila nasilnog oca koji je godi [...]

    9. It would be wrong to say I loved this book despite the 5 stars I hated it I love Poirot so much that I couldn t bear to see him pass beyond the veil.That said, I consider this one a fantastic mystery and one which could be resolved only this way, with the death of the detective read the book, and you ll get what I mean Many people have complained that the premise is far fetched, but IMO, that is its main charm And let me tell you, it s not all that impossible view spoiler There was a person in o [...]

    10. Dear Agatha, whatever possessed you to write this piece of nonsense I ll give you that it s built on an interesting concept but so much of it is so transparently obvious and the endingwhatever possessed you My favourite phrase in the book is It behooved us to forestall that happening not a phrase much in use these days, if ever Frankly, Mrs Christie, you should have behooved yourself not to write this book It s criminal My first borrow from Open Library A few pages missing from the ends of chapt [...]

    11. In his last case Poirot returns to where it all began for the reader, Styles Here an old and physically ailing Poirot tries to track down his greatest challenge adversary a murder who appears completely unconnected with a string of murders A villain so devious his very existence is unknown to all but Poirot s little grey cells As with The Mysterious Affair at Styles Poirot enlists the help of Hastings in tracking down the villain and it is from Hastings point of view we get the story.As per usua [...]

    12. With apologies to all the Agatha Christie fans of the world, I simply could not get myself interested enough in this book to finish it I tried, I really did, because my mother gave me her paperback copy after she heard that I had read the first Poirot novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles She said that since I had read the first one featuring the Belgian detective, I should also read the final one Although I had decided not to read any other Christie titles, I gave in and took the book How coul [...]

    13. Meh It s all gestures, nostalgia, obvious red herrings and filler until the BIG TWIST at the end You may as well read the first 20 pages and the last 20 and call it a day I ll stick with Miss Marple for the time being.

    14. The first time we meet Poirot, he is at Styles St Mary during World War 1 That is where Hastings first pairs up with Poirot Many years later, they meet again at the same location This latter meeting is the where Curtain takes place Poirot is old physically, but still sharp mentally Hastings is mourning the death of his wife and worrying about his daughter, Judith, who is also visiting at the same house as her father.Poirot has discovered that a series of deaths seem to be connected One person kn [...]

    15. Author Agatha ChristiePublished 01 09 2000 first published 1973 Another great book by Agatha Christie Poirot is my favourite out of the Agatha Christie books, it is sad that the Hercule Poirot series came to an end but this was a really brilliant ending I think that this book was brilliantly and expertly written, it gripped my attention and refused to let it go, even after I finished the book my head was still rushing through how Agatha Christie can write such an amazing book Once again while re [...]

    16. Poirot is my favorite Agatha Christie sleuth I also love the corresponding AE Poirot series with David Suchet playing the famous Belgian detective those moustaches I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on the Poirot character He s so smart, so wonderfully pompous but gentlemanly, a wee bit delicate, slightly neurotic, a loyal friend, and dedicated protector of the innocent I always enjoy Poirot and Hastings working together and Poirot s gentle chiding of Hastings deductions.I consider Christi [...]

    17. An unforgettable end to the best detective in fiction, I would recommend reading this book AFTER you ve read ALL the Poirot books.Reminding very much of The Crooked House, however much better Christie was a genius.

    18. I had to present a class tutorial on this book, so I read it three times in a row once to understand what happens, once to analyse the crap out of it, and once to try to enjoy it again.I really did enjoy the book I love Agatha Christie s writing She never fails to force on me a deep desire to go back to that golden era and live like one of the wealthy characters in her books I also find myself for a few days after reading any of her books narrating my life as if I were actually living in that t [...]

    19. No one, to my knowledge, has written a sonnet about Poirot, a la Vincent Starret s 221B Perhaps that s because Poirot put so much of an emphasis on life that, in the end, he did everything possible to protect it.So maybe Poirot doesn t have the pipe, or the deerstalker, or a Mrs Hudson or even a Watson, in the end He was, and is, alone, in the end, regardless of the warmth and good intentions of Arthur Hastings, the friendliness and respect of Inspector Japp, or even the vague assistance offered [...]

    20. Captain Arthur Hastings had been asked to join is very old friend, Hercules Poirot, at the site of the first murder Hastings saw Poirot solve In addition, Hastings favourite daughter, Julia, will be there Poirot mystifies Hastings by telling him that someone he will only refer to as X is there, and that he has murdered five times before Hastings is to try and find out who the intended victim is to try and stop the murder before it happens, but Hastings is flummoxed at the task.This novel has my [...]

    21. I will not look through keyholes, I interrupted hotly Poirot closed his eyes Very well, then You will not look through keyholes You will remain the English gentleman and someone will be killed This was the second time I read this book, and the pain did not decrease in the slightest.

    22. Curtain is the last novel starring Agatha Christie s Hercule Poirot This was a whirlwind year for me to actually read all of the Poirot books this year There were definitely some books that were my favorites, and some that I ended up just outright disliking This particular book felt like classic Christie I think it was because Curtain was written by Agatha Christie thirty years before it was published in 1975 Because of this, though we have allusions to the second World War, Christie did not inc [...]

    23. Gosh, I am bawling my eyes out Poirot is dead, and it is the end of an era Christie wrote this book during World War II and hid it away in a safe vault since she was not sure she would survive the war But she wanted to be sure that Poirot had his finale the way she wanted and she did not want anyone else to appropriate her character are you listening, Sophie Hannah The book was later published in the 70s.Poirot is back at Styles and so is Hastings, back to the place where they first met and solv [...]

    24. This is Poirot s last novel, which, like Miss Marple s Sleeping Murder, was written during World War II just in case long before it was published in the late 1970 s as her second to last published novel , and unlike the Marple book, it is a real last book One reason for this is that it takes place at Styles the setting of the first Poirot novel It is no longer a private home, but now a guest home Poirot has invited Hastings whose wife has recently died to come to stay there with him and relive o [...]

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