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Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop By Lee Goldberg,

  • Title: Mr. Monk and the Dirty Cop
  • Author: Lee Goldberg
  • ISBN: 9780451226983
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Captain Leland Stottlemeyer relies on Adrian Monk to solve his most baffling cases, but when the captain is faced with budget cuts, Monk s fees are one of the expenses he trims Monk is too compulsive to stop investigating he resorts to calling in tips under assumed names, infuriating the captain But when Stottlemeyer is arrested for murder, he turns to the only detectivCaptain Leland Stottlemeyer relies on Adrian Monk to solve his most baffling cases, but when the captain is faced with budget cuts, Monk s fees are one of the expenses he trims Monk is too compulsive to stop investigating he resorts to calling in tips under assumed names, infuriating the captain But when Stottlemeyer is arrested for murder, he turns to the only detective who can prove his innocence That is, if Monk can overcome some potentially crippling obstacles along the way
    Mr Monk and the Dirty Cop Captain Leland Stottlemeyer relies on Adrian Monk to solve his most baffling cases but when the captain is faced with budget cuts Monk s fees are one of the expenses he trims Monk is too compulsive

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    1. Lee Goldberg was the perfect author to do the Monk tie ins, because he just plain gets it By using Natalie as his viewpoint character, he gives us a perspective that s different enough from the show to make his books compelling, not jarring, and yet retains a genuine affection and respect for the source material.In Mr Monk and the Dirty Cop, murder s in the air as always , and this time, Mr Monk s entire world is on the line The book is longer than a normal episode, and able to get deeper, silli [...]

    2. Mr Monk and the Dirty Cop was a fun read I was a fan of the show, so I loved getting to see these characters again Mr Monk, as always, was eccentric and funny I found several things humorous in this book and recommend it if you liked the show

    3. One of the best Monk novels I ve read so far Natalie is center stage in this one, including helping to solve the case Just one question wasn t answered Where can I get a Diaper Genie

    4. I really enjoyed this story I m doing a swap on Swap Bot where we have to read a book recommended by a librarian So I went to my branch Nanini Public Library of the Pima County system and asked the first available librarian what her favorite genre was I also asked her to recommend a book to me.Cameron, the librarian, said she loves mysteries and took me over to the paperback mystery displays After browsing a bit because I mentioned that I would prefer a book one, if possible , she pulled this on [...]

    5. Although I like all of the books in this series so far, this one has an additional dimension which added to my enjoyment, Stottlemeyer in need of Monk s help after he has to fire him Goldberg captures the essence of the show so completely that you can t help seeing the excellent actors who created these roles starring in these books He also broadens and deepens Natalie s character so much by having her do the narration, that you almost wish she had done so on the show a well Keep giving us these [...]

    6. I really liked the mysteries and all the characters here especially Danielle I had hope she will stay but things did not went my way Nevertheless, she was an amazing character, if only minor She had degree in psychology so that made her understanding of Monk s OCD She was an efficient assistant to him and frankly, Natalie always chosen to believe the worst of her annoyed me There was pattern in this series that I had noticed for quite a while now and it rather spoiled the whole plot if you know [...]

    7. The main murder doesn t happen until halfway through And though the title promises a dirty cop, you don t know who it is and the story doesn t even tell you there is one until the last 3 chapters.With each book in the series, I hope the writing style will improve, but it never does I don t know if he s just trying to take up 300 pages of story, but there s always so much unnecessary fluff No one s impressed that Natalie can narrate the history of every neighborhood they visit, or describe the ar [...]

    8. Mr Monk and the Dirty Cop is another entry into Lee Goldberg s delightful Monk series I loved the TV series and also the book series one can not help but mentally picture Tony Shalhoub s Monk as you read this well written series They are certainly not Nobel works of literature However, these are entertaining stories light reading and simply enjoyable.Due to budget cuts, Captain Stottlemeyer is forced to let Monk go as a consultant to the department Monk is too compulsive of course to stop invest [...]

    9. Mr Monk and Natalie end up working in the private sector when police budget cutbacks forces Stottlemeyer to release Monk from his police contract.Likes Monk s case closure rate Captain Leland Stottlemeyer supporting and employing Monk Natalie being the greatest assistant Well dressed, smooth Nick Slade view spoiler Monk discovers a Diaper Genie Monk gifting Diaper Genie s to friends and neighbors Perks at Intertect but I think too good to be true Intertect liason assistant, Danielle Resources of [...]

    10. Another great and enjoyable piece of work from Lee Goldberg The only fact which makes Monk stories apart from other mystery novels is that there are lot of stories and incidents happening at the same time, which makes the story livelier because they are not only focused on their work but living their usual lives too.Can t wait to read the next one.

    11. Though it was better than I expected, as a fan of the show, it seemed like a bunch of previous episodes mashed together.

    12. When the mayor of San Francisco slashes the police department s budget, Captain Leland Stottlemeyer is forced to terminate his consulting contract with former partner turned private detective Adrian Monk.Nevertheless, the obsessive compulsive detective continues to show up at crime scenes despite discouragement from his lovely and forthright assistant, Natalie Teeger In an attempt to outwit her, Monk begins calling in anonymous tips on crimes he reads about in the newspaper until he is caught in [...]

    13. For Monk fans Pretty good Not the funniest one, but an interesting take on what it would be like for other detectives if someone like Monk existed.

    14. Excellent book As a fan of the show, I am glad that there are Monk murder mysteries to experience This is one is particularly good because there are several murders solved leaving me with feeling extremely satisfied.

    15. He skipped a lot of commas Seriously, it s not hard If you have two complete sentences and want to combine them into one, it s comma FANBOYS because if you just have a FANBOYS conjunction with no comma, it s a run on.Which makes it weird that when he had a complex sentence that started with the independent clause he put a comma in front of the subordinate conjunction, which is totally unnecessary Seriously, why put a comma in front of a subordinate conjunction that you aren t supposed to, and no [...]

    16. Avendo visto anni fa alcuni episodi della serie Detective Monk o come si chiamava , quando ho trovato questo libro alla stazione di Francoforte l ho comprato immediatamente.Peccato che per leggerlo ci abbia messo un mese Sar che americano tendo a leggere libri scritti da autori inglesi , sar che un giallo pu comunque risultare complicato, sar che la terminologia a volte specifica, ma non ci ho capito niente L ho finito per disperazione.Alla fine qualche cosa l ho capita, ma che fatica Per lo men [...]

    17. Even if you have never seen the brilliant show Monk , you can still enjoy the exploits of the world s greatest neurotic, obsessive compulsive and phobic detective Told in the voice of Natalie Teeger, Adrian Monk s long suffering and underpaid assistant, this installment in the series finds Monk dismissed from his consulting gig with the San Francisco Police Department, victim to budget cuts He and Natalie are immediately hired by a wealthy firm of private investigators who provide them with heft [...]

    18. In this delightful addition to the Monk series of books, Monk is laid off from his consulting gig due to budget cuts He and Natalie take jobs with a private detective firm that offers a much better salary and benefits including a company car But this good offer seems too good to be true Captain Stottlemeyer is framed for the murder of a fellow cop, and it s up to Randy Disher to make the arrest All the supporting characters get some great moments in this Disher taking over as acting captain is h [...]

    19. I listened to this book on my MP3 player, while I worked in the yard I enjoyed it very much I love Mr Monk and his OCD s, which are much greater in the books, than on the TV series The actress, who played Natalie on the TV series, narrated the book, and did a great job Monk cannot be paid by the police department as a consultant, because of cuts to the budget The captain asks Monk to go to a meeting of policemen, to be interviewed about their impressive work together A private detective agency h [...]

    20. It was a good book The premise of the book was that Monk s contract with the San Francisco Police Department is terminated amid budget cuts But when it looks like Monk s former partner and current Captain of Detectives is the number one suspect in a murder of cop, Monk is asked to help him out, even though it was Sotttlemeyer that made it look like the only detective that could solve the case, Monk, was already cut from the case.The book moved along nicely with a new surprise in the plot around [...]

    21. Once again Lee Goldberg delivers an outstanding outing for our favorite defective detective Goldberg gets the phobias and mood right and even manages some character development along the way As always Monk is annoying to those around him and entertaining to the reader His attention to details that others miss and his deductive genius is just plain fun to read There is nothing Heavy in his story, nothing that strains the intellect, but stimulating, entertaining reading Goldberg sees Monk s world [...]

    22. I already fell in love with the Monk tv series, and this simply resounded my love for it Lee Goldberg does an excellent job of capturing the character Monk I was never bored with this book, it was a great mystery and I loved that it s not just dark, it s actually humorous I loved the twists of it, but I doubt if I didn t know who the characters were that I would have liked it so much The plot is excellent and mysterious, while being amusing I love all the Monk books I ve read, but this has to be [...]

    23. I received as a gift five books of this series The TV show is my favorite program, so I m skeptical of the quality of writing We ll seeI just finished reading this one and I got good news for Monk fans I read the bio on the author Lee Goldberg and he just happens to be the screenwriter for the Monk TV show, so the creative genius and cleverness is in the books as well.This story is funny and fun to read The author chose Monk s assistant, Natalie, to do the narration, and it worked Monk fans rejo [...]

    24. I listened to this as an audio book which works quite well since it is written in first person from the perspective of Mr Monk s assistant, Natalie Teeger Due to budget cuts and perhaps some politics Adrian Monk is fired from his consulting position for the San Francisco police department and goes to work for a private investgator firm He still continues to solve murders, among other crimes, but the body count continues to rise His friend Captain Stotelmier is arrested for the most recent murder [...]

    25. I love Monk I have always been a fan of the showen saw the Monk books and was afraid they would be cheesy I was wrong I am really enjoying this one so far, and if it turns out to be as enjoyable as I expect I plan to read them all Update I just finished the book just took a few days to read It was really entertaining and I really liked it I look forward to reading the rest of the Monk books Just imagine being able to read an episode of Monk that s what you get with this book Hope to see many Mo [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this book Maybe not the same as his others but still goodIt was regarding clearing Stottlemyers name In Monks normally attitude of not seeing or understanding how others are feeling he doesn t see how difficult things maybe for the captain for him to slve all crimes and then to have it thrown in your face at the conferenceThe bad guy is clever in trying distraction and nearly succeeds and for the first time it looks like Natalie may have had an inkling of what was going on befor [...]

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