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The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church By Carmen Renee Berry,

  • Title: The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church
  • Author: Carmen Renee Berry
  • ISBN: 9781587430367
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church
    The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church

    One thought on “The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church”

    1. My husband happened across this book in our local public library as I was searching for books to explore Christianity After now having read most of this book, I realize that at the time I wasn t completely ready to address my many issues with organized religion in addition to considering my questions about my Christian faith However, it was helpful to distinguish between these two related issues and begin to uncover where I stand with each I found this book useful in several ways.My favorite par [...]

    2. This is literally a breakdown of different churches and what they believe it s well done and unbiased, as well as containing history of the church and its many splits.

    3. This was quite informative, although I guess I must have intuited most of the stuff Her quiz and the descriptions of each mainstream and non denominational branch basically told me I fit best with either Presbyterian or Methodist creeds Hmm So I m in the right place, with the appropriate backup planAlthough it turns out the Nazarenes wouldn t be so bad either Oh, dear The Faith Survey included or quiz seems quite helpful in steering the reader in the right direction generally Lots of other good [...]

    4. One of the most fascinating assignments I had in college was to visit at least 3 different area places of worship and observe differences and similarities Since then I ve been very interested in all the different flavors of religion in the U.S This is an accessible, mostly nonjudgmental approach to the differences between the Christian denominations in America today but the book needed careful editing and fact checking, and for some reason she left out Quakers, Mormons, and Unitarians Even if t [...]

    5. Accessible and entertaining than I thought it would be Berry s approach has helped me gain a better understanding about which core beliefs matter most to me and what I can and cannot tolerate A good guide for the searching Christian.

    6. Informative and entertaining, this guide holds your attention and keeps you reading It is not to be used as a sole source of choice, but the baselines are good I d recommend it if you are a discerning reader.

    7. It s got great basic information on the different denominations and religions It s an interesting read even if you re not looking for a church but want to know about different religions.

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