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October Skies By Alex Scarrow,

  • Title: October Skies
  • Author: Alex Scarrow
  • ISBN: 9780752892023
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • 2008 Deep in the mountain forests of Wyoming, Julian Cooke stumbles across the rotting remains of a wooden wagon He s discovered what s left of the Preston Group, a convoy of settlers that vanished in the winter of 1856 It s clear that something horrific happened here all those years ago, but Cooke can only find a few tantalising clues 1856 as early snows descend, the2008 Deep in the mountain forests of Wyoming, Julian Cooke stumbles across the rotting remains of a wooden wagon He s discovered what s left of the Preston Group, a convoy of settlers that vanished in the winter of 1856 It s clear that something horrific happened here all those years ago, but Cooke can only find a few tantalising clues 1856 as early snows descend, the eclectic group of settlers that form the Preston wagon train are forced to dig in Miles from any kind of civilisation, they see the group of Native Americans also trapped nearby as their greatest threat But they soon realise what true danger is When a woman is found murdered, appallingly mutilated, one of the Indian party struggles wounded back to camp, whispering of unspeakable evil as he dies United by fear, the settlers and the Indians must protect themselves against whatever is lurking in the woods But as suspicion and panic grow, perhaps their own terror will be just as dangerous Or maybe, whatever s out there is worse than anything they can imagine Back in the present day, as Cooke unravels the mystery, he must question if the horror he is uncovering was in fact only the start of something much worse A gruesome thriller of suspense and a chilling look at the breeding grounds of evil, Alex Scarrow s new novel will fascainte and terrify you in equal measure.
    October Skies Deep in the mountain forests of Wyoming Julian Cooke stumbles across the rotting remains of a wooden wagon He s discovered what s left of the Preston Group a convoy of settlers that vanished in

    One thought on “October Skies”

    1. Book pickins can be slim when you are in a foreign country I give this book two stars for being written in English I deducted three stars for it being stupid.

    2. I really enjoyed this book, great storyline switching between two time periods, some grisly moments, twists and turns and a fab ending Highly recommended.

    3. this book is one of my very favourites, it was the first Alex Scarrow I read and it is so well written, your are hooked from the very start I picked it up in an airport while waiting for a delayed flight and it was brilliant Unfortunately loaned it to someone and never got it back D

    4. Definitely an engaging read from start to finish The very end was a bit corny, just like the end of a horror movie, the author left the door open to a sequel.

    5. Ehhh Started out really strong and then just sort of veered off into wuh territory I felt the ending was a bit of a cheat.

    6. It was a good book but it was really confusing to understand what was going on It was also very boring in the first half of the book but became better as the suspense began to build up slowly Overall, a good book to read if you have the interest and the time.

    7. I really enjoyed this story Jumping between past and present it kept me enthralled and guessing the outcome Plenty of action and suspense and not a hint of how it ends until you get to the end.

    8. This novel is about a couple of very flat media types her personality is worries she s fat , his isI ll get back to you when I find one who discover the site of a lost wagon train in California, complete with a mysterious journal The modern day story is told alongside flashbacks from the doomed pioneers journey.October Skies reads like Alex Scarrow has no source but South Park for all his worldviews The wagon train gets caught in the snow, rather like in Cannibal The Musical without any entertai [...]

    9. This story is set in the present, 2008, and in the Winter of 1856 In the present time Julian Cooke and his assistant Rose are in small town Blue Valley, California working on a low budget documentary about local folklore While camping in the woods Julian finds the discovery of a lifetime The remains of what appears to be makeshift shelters scattered around the clearing Further digging uncovers a journal that may hold the secrets of what happened to the people Tired of hearing the same old storie [...]

    10. This is a God damn crap of a book Alex Scarrow seriously, I should have known better not to read this as soon I saw that cheesy name did his best to imitate Stephen King and Dan Simmons, but somehow he only managed to pick up some of the worst traits of the two writers The result is this novel which should be about freezing and isolation, but it radiates no cold, makes no sense, stirs no response, and offers absolutely nothing new to the genre.I love winter, and I can go with the story of lost s [...]

    11. I ll admit that October Skies had potential The story line itself was intriguing with the idea that a modern day politician had a dark connection to a crazed religious extremist I found the story behind Julian and Rose to be dull, though It started off slow then jumped into action abruptly with Shepard Characters were quickly turning crazy without any notice because of a bag of bones I was left with a handful of questions as to why things were happening and why they were happening to certain cha [...]

    12. This book is written in both the past and the present, following the plight of two groups of emigrants in 1856 as they head west across the American Plains in an effort to find better lives for themselves and their families and the discovery of their camp by a couple of media types in the present day What follows are two intertwined stories as the emigrants struggle for survival against the wilderness and each other and as their story and its repercussions are felt in present day America Both st [...]

    13. This is the second novel by Alex Scarrow that I ve read, and it s a thoroughly rivetting and fascinating read Just like A Thousand Suns , it s set over two timelines, and centres around a group of settlers whose wagon train vanished in the winter of 1856 Fast forward to 2008, where two English documentary makers discover a settler s diary in the remains of the convoy deep in the mountain forests of Wyoming Throw into this mix, Indians, Mormon history, Ben Lambert s diary entries, a Presidential [...]

    14. October Skies is another exceptional thriller from Alex Scarrow, he is book by book establishing himself as one of the best thriller writers around.Check out his other titles Last Light A Thousand SunsHis use of the time slip style is second to none, each chapter building the story and tension until the amazing conclusion The mark of a good thriller writer is to keep you guessing, and October Skies does just that all the way to the end The characters are as usual Alex s strong point, he develops [...]

    15. This book has two story lines that initially run parallel and later merge into one One story is the world of today, the other story finds itself in the time of the settlers A group of colonists that travel from the east of the new world to the west to build up a life Of course the group is run by a religious nut to spice things up This is the part of the story I found most enjoying The storyline during the modern day consists of a journalist trying to unravel the story of these settlers and bump [...]

    16. I have come to appreciate Alex Scarrow, loved the apocalyptic Last Light series Although this story seemed to me a bit far out of the way, I finally decided to try this one as wel Smooth, entertaining, easy reading story, that keeps you intrigued and you want to keep the pages turning Smooth writer, talented It s an entertaining horror type story, that keeps you guessing about the who and what and whodunnit and the mysterious factor, with a bit of history too I really liked the time setting goin [...]

    17. An enjoyable book based on the story of the Donner party, a group of pioneers who got stuck in the Sierra Nevada mountains over winter nearly half the original party died, and some resorted to cannibalism to survive October Skies switches between the pioneer group and present day documentary makers discovering and researching their story, and throws in a thriller component to jazz up the modern day stuff I found the story of the tensions in the pioneer camp and their growing desperation at their [...]

    18. I loved this book and was a little sad when I finished it Not all authors can do the past and present stories well, but this one is seamless I loved the past story As the book progresses the author does an amazing job of creating a terrifying atmosphere in the camp He manages to tie the timeline from the past story into the developments if the present story in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

    19. This book had everything in it e atmosphere of the High Sierras, in winter history, politics, religion psychiatry, etc A well thought out suspense storySome readers may not like the obvious politics and social commentary if you read thru the lines I though, loved itRead it around the same time of year it happened one hundred and sixty years ago Not a true story, but based loosely on the Donner Party of 1846

    20. I really enjoyed this book i felt the author did a great job of keeping my interest and loved the back and forth of padt and present If though this was fiction I liked the relationship to the Morman church and the Quakers The book gave good detail as life may have been heading west and having to pack dow for the winter and the fears of the unknown in the mountains especially when people start being murdered

    21. Some books have great plots, poorly executed Some books have poor plots, adequately executed I am afraid this is the latter This felt like a made for tv movie script made for a low budget cable network I failed to connect with any of the main characters I felt that the book shifted viewpoint too frequently for me to identify with anyone I m glad I finished it while traveling, and didn t have to lug it back home with me My edition was BIG.

    22. Alex Scarrow s explicit tale of a journey through the harsh winter of America uncovers a graphic story or murder Most of the people travelling are pilgrims, in their way to find new purpose and opportunity in the West, inspired by the leader of the group, Preston All that remains from the pilgrimage is discovered by Julian Cooke in 2008, and what dramas were uncovered soon causes trouble to Julian herself I recommend this book to ages 14.

    23. Boy about a quarter way through this and I am sitting here writing this and the book is next to me on the arm of my chair, and it is a toss up whether to read or write this IT IS GETTING GOODFinished now seems to me that it ended a wee bit of a damp sqwib if you know what I mean Read it and tell me what you think

    24. FOUR DIFFERENT CHARACTERS hear voices, and it s never explained whether there s something supernatural at work, or if it s all in their heads Also, the bad guy appears to be homicidal due to mental illness And there are a couple of throw away lines by the protagonist disparaging the mentally ill, like, as a whole Way to demonize people with a disability, author DUMB DUMB DUMB.

    25. This book was my first by Alex Scarrow and I came across it by accident at a garage sale At first to me it felt like it took forever to develop a story However by the end of it I found that I couldn t put it down and I was defiantly not going to bed reading this book I have since given it out to several of my friends who all enjoy the horror genre and they have all come back with high praise

    26. Totally scared me to death Are you the person that cant watch horror movies at the cinema and still need a pillow at home I DO Read this book during the day with cartoons after like the simpsons.Immense but terrifying

    27. This was a good story Although I did get a bit confused in places about who was in which camp It was better than the Last Light series Still, I enjoyed the book and will go on to read the only other Scarrow book I have, A Thousand Suns.

    28. Surprisingly good book by an author I have heard of but never read anything by him I was hooked pretty early on, and I even took a week long break from it, didn t diminish the story at all and took just a few paragraphs to catch up again and remember everything Definitely worth the read.

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