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Final Word By O. Palmer Robertson,

  • Title: Final Word
  • Author: O. Palmer Robertson
  • ISBN: 9780851516592
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dr O Palmer Robertson shows from Scripture that the call today for such gifts as prophecy, instead of showing the way forward to a biblical Christianity, represents a failure to grasp the fullness of New Testament privileges.
    Final Word Dr O Palmer Robertson shows from Scripture that the call today for such gifts as prophecy instead of showing the way forward to a biblical Christianity represents a failure to grasp the fullness of

    One thought on “Final Word”

    1. This small and dense book is not the easiest read, but it s definitely worth reading if you ve ever had questions about the gifts of tongues and prophecy Robertson argues well for a cessationist position, interacting not only with Scripture, but also in particular with Wayne Grudem and his formulation of ordinary, congregational prophecy as it exists in the church today Even if you are not a cessationist, Robertson s views are certainly worth considering.I highly recommend this book.

    2. Excellent book Robertson traces the foundation and development of prophecy from the Old Testament Scriptures, demonstrating the prophecy of the New Testament to be the same gift He focuses on the purpose of the revelatory gifts, shows that purpose fulfilled, and thus demonstrates those gifts are no longer operative nor needed Robertson also gives a careful response to specific objections and arguments from a continuist perspective Well worth the read to sort this knotty subject.

    3. The most honest look at the gifts of tongues and prophecy in light of Scripture and the present confusion Agree 100% with this very scholarly work.

    4. In the Final Word, O Palmer Robertson does an excellent job refuting the popular idea of continuing revelation in the New Covenant Church In the first half of the book, Robertson establishes the cessationist position explaining the original purpose of prophecy and tongues He then moves to successfully dismantling the continuationist position by refuting the arguments of Wayne Grudem in the second half of the book Although a relatively short read, it is packed with careful exegesis and clear argu [...]

    5. A considered response to the issue of tongues and prophesy and one which successfully places these topics in the context of the whole of divine revelation in scripture Robertson Palmer contends that with the attempts to merge Sola Scriptura with lively experience can only lead to the conclusion that one is inadequate without the othert a good direction to head An essential read for those with questions, doubts or a general interest on the topic.

    6. The Final Word aims to answer from the Bible questions regarding the charismatic beliefs It is a biblical approach to understanding what the Bible says regarding tongues prophecy from both the Old Testament and the New Testament Robertson O Palmer shows how why there is a cessation of the gifts and answers why the Bible is sufficient source of revelation for today.

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