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Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War By Christopher Bellamy,

  • Title: Absolute War: Soviet Russia in the Second World War
  • Author: Christopher Bellamy
  • ISBN: 9780375410864
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The battle on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945 was arguably the single most decisive factor of World War II, fixing the course of world history over the next half century Now, drawing on sources newly available since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, historian and journalist Chris Bellamy presents the first full account of this deadThe battle on the Eastern Front between 1941 and 1945 was arguably the single most decisive factor of World War II, fixing the course of world history over the next half century Now, drawing on sources newly available since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany, historian and journalist Chris Bellamy presents the first full account of this deadly conflict.Bellamy outlines the lead up to the war in which the fragile alliance between Hitler and Stalin was unceremoniously broken and takes us headlong into the hostilities He presents a shocking picture of battle in which the traditional restraints of civilized warfare were shed He makes clear how the Soviets quickly rallied against Hitler, choosing homegrown despotism over foreign domination in a struggle that the Russian people call the Great Patriotic War.Bellamy charts the early gains of the German army, whose advances into Soviet territory were brought to a halt in Moscow in the winter of 1941, and whose defeat was sealed in the Battle of Stalingrad, the most merciless campaign of the bloodiest front He shows how Soviet men and women joined to fight a war whose casualties were later steeply underestimated by their government, and how even the true death toll, at 27 million, does not take into account the millions of lives on both sides that lay shattered in the aftermath.Finally, Bellamy examines the far reaching consequences of the battle s outcome the reverberations of which are still felt today and argues that the cost of victory was ultimately too much for the Soviet Union to bear.A magisterial study, and an essential addition to our understanding of contemporary world history.
    Absolute War Soviet Russia in the Second World War The battle on the Eastern Front between and was arguably the single most decisive factor of World War II fixing the course of world history over the next half century Now drawing on source

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    1. I admit than a fascination with the Eastern Front the largest land front in military history.This book takes the long view starts before the Second World War, and ends with the Japanese surrender in September 1945 Massive amounts of original research, sweeps away many of the past myths on the war Staggering amounts of detail and still very readable Good portraits of many of the dominant figures as well how their relations affected the lives of thousands Stalin, in particular, is given a good de [...]

    2. My four start review reflects an A first two thirds of the book and a C finale The beginning of the book covering from the Molotov Ribbentrop pact through the assault on Moscow is amazing It describes in fascinating detail why the Soviets and Nazis made peace against all seeming sense, how Stalin reacted to Hitler s treachery, and how the Soviet Union as a whole pulled together in its darkest hours of 1941 But the author himself admits that after the battles of Stalingrad and Kursk the outcome i [...]

    3. Informative and exhaustive I bought this book two years ago in London and finally finished it on the second try Germany lost.

    4. Would it be wrong of me to compare the prospect and execution of reading this 687 page not including the notes, bibliography and index behemoth to that of the war in the east itself Best not, I suppose.Maybe it would suffice to say that having bought Absolute War for the 40s esque price of a mere 1, it took me two years to pick it up in anger, and even then I expected to just read the intro and then shelve it again for perhaps another 2 20 years However, instead I ploughed on through to the othe [...]

    5. If you want to understand the war in the East, this book is a must read Written from the meta level of troop numbers, supply tonnage, and corps movements, the reader gets the perspective of a truly massive onslaught of men and material It is NOT a gripping acount of individual soldiers or smaller units Instead, it focuses on the overall struggle, which makes it a staggering portrayal of the lows men are capable of in their desires to rule each other It is particularly harrowing in comparison wit [...]

    6. A good book that contains a lot of details army, division, brigade numbers for each side and their activity if you are looking for this good, otherwise it seems a little overwhelming at times There were many reference maps which is good but the print is sometimes too small It explains the strategies of the various sides well and the book is well organized A good detailed read.

    7. la determinaci n, el sacrificio y el coraje del ejercito ruso para sobrevivir en la Segunda Guerra Mundial, al enfrentarse no s lo a Alemania como enemigo territorial, tambi n a la posible extinci n como sistema pol tico Una investigaci n b sica para entender el frente oriental desde Barbarroja en 1941 hasta Berlin en 1945.

    8. Excellent account of the prelude and first phase 1941 1943 of the Russo German war of 1941 1945, the greatest and most terrible war in history so far no question about it.The 1944 1945 phase is less emphasized, of an overview than a true analysis for reasons the author explains clearly, but the first part is extraordinarily well done.The book would have needed two volumes for the same detail in the latter part, but that one is much better known since it was extensively publicized in Soviet time [...]

    9. This is an interesting book looking at the war from the Eastern European view Most books are written with a western European or American outlook, this looks at the brutality on the Eastern Front.As a historian who is currently writing some overviews on some of the Eastern fronts for a museum this is a handy reference point when I need to prod in the right direction.This is no light read and it doesnt pull any punches you read and experience the full brutality of war, taking in Stalingrad, Warsaw [...]

    10. Misses 5 stars because of the many grammatical errors Either the book wasn t proofed at all, or the proofreaders did a terrible job That s a shame, considering the voluminous research Bellamy engaged in The maps are nothing special, either.Bellamy makes the point early on that this tome is not exhaustive, particularly post 1942 Given that limitation, he has done a masterful job, with the caveat that readers with some background on the Soviet Union s relationship with Nazi Germany will likely get [...]

    11. This book blew me away A harrowing account of the Russian army at war with the Nazis Bellamy goes deep into the stories behind mere statistics, delving into newly released documents about Stalin This book changed my understanding of the world, profoundly.

    12. Lots of maps, lots of memo excerpts This is a kind of top down history of the Soviet Union s Great Patriotic War Missing the kind of personal testimony found in Svetlana Alexievich s oral histories or the novelistic stylings of historians like Antony Beevor Some books, while competent and even expert, just make history a dry and dusty thing That said, for those wanting to add another volume to their bookshelf on Soviet victory in WW II, this is probably a worthy addition.

    13. This was a good one Definitely learned a lot about this aspect of the war, a good introduction to the Eastern Front, which I have long sought.

    14. A British professor of military history and onetime newspaper defense correspondent, who is fluent in Russian, took advantage of Yeltsin s opening of the Russian archives in order to write a one volume history of the Soviet Union in World War II The postwar Soviet Union had a slogan, None are forgotten, nothing is forgotten, but in fact a great many things about World War II were deliberately forgotten The Battle of Rzhev involved men and tanks than the Battle of Stalingrad, but it is far less [...]

    15. Two reasons why I m reading this I won it from Pan Macmillan but also it s the subject area,Russia and the Eastern Front, falls in a gap in my knowledge A lot of WW2 history is picked up, accurately or not, through films from Battle of the River Plate and the Dam Busters to Saving Private Ryan and Memphis Belle, via the Great Escape and the Dirty Dozen but from the Allied point of view.Presumably the Russians made their versions of heroic war movies but they ve not reached our TV screens So what [...]

    16. Bought this based on a recommendation that it was the best general history on probably the most important conflict in human history isn t For some reason the author kept drawing comparisons to Gulf War 1 and Gulf War 2, throughout the book Further, the meticulous Soviet arrangements for state building and establishing security in the immediate wake of military conquest or reconquest for example, in Poland, the Baltic States and post war Germany compare quite favorably, in terms of their organiza [...]

    17. Normally I don t read military history Such historians seem compulsive list makers than anything else, and I can t see the significants of all those squiggles and squirms they draw on maps BUT this is one book that, albeit painfully tedious, one should read It relates the story of the most gargantuan land air war in the history of mankind, the eastern front of WWII in Europe Just think of it 26 27 million dead in that engagement And on the heals of the revolution, the Civil War in the USSR, the [...]

    18. Un libro realmente excelente Si el tema de la segunda guerra mundial te interesa, este libro es imprescindible Guerra Absoluta presenta la historia del frente ruso en el conflicto y lo hace de modo muy completo y con una visi n integral Sin ser el libro m s detallado sobre el tema intenci n que adem s no creo que haya estado en lo que autor buscaba el autor realmente analiza en forma muy comprensiva lo que signific el choque entre la alemania nazi y la uni n sovi tica Se plantea la confragraci n [...]

    19. I ve always had a horrific fascination with the war on the Eastern Front The scale of the conflict and the casualties is so horrendous that it is almost beyond imagination 34 million Soviet men and women were mobilised to the armed forces and than 10 million of them died Compare this to the combined British and US military deaths of about 800,000 Add to this the civilian losses and the total reaches than 25 million Soviet dead This is a very good account of the conflict which focuses mainly on [...]

    20. A dense and mazy account of Russia s role in World War II, illuminated only briefly at the start by its general premise Most World War II histories that I ve read have cast Russia as a bit player in the grander drama of the conflict, a loyal but undistinguished ally to the British and Americans Bellamy s history thrusts us into the world of Russia in the war, viewing history from their perspective This was a new experience for me, and one that promised to be revelatory However, the logistics and [...]

    21. Titansk kniha o titansk v lce 660 stran textu bez pozn mek a rejst ku Autor m objektivn p stup, ale neskr v sv j obdiv k rus m a pota mo jejich v dc m Stalin, Berija Zaujalo mne zejm na vyvr cen fikce o nejv t tankov bitv v d jin ch Prochorovka Tank nebylo 1300, ale pouze 850, z toho 600 sov tsk ch a 250 n meck ch Bitva tak ve skute nosti neskon ila jako u Ozerova drtiv m sov tsk m v t zstv m, ale minim ln plichtou D le m zaujala v ta Stalin prohl sil, e Rotmistrov rusk tankov velitel nebyl moc [...]

    22. Una obra reciente a la altura de cl sicos m s antiguos sobre el tema del Frente Oriental pero que se queda a un pasito de esa categor a G nero Historia Lo que nos cuenta Ensayo sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial en el Frente Oriental, que analiza la situaci n en los tiempos previos al conflicto, las implicaciones del pacto Molotov Ribbentrop, la concepci n de Barbarroja, un an lisis de sus posibles razones t cticas y el relato del posterior desarrollo de los acontecimientos hasta la rendici n alema [...]

    23. Unfortunately this book didn t do it for me It had promise, the title, cover and blurb hooking me into a subject I find fascinating It just wasn t written in a style I found easy to follow Perhaps it was a bit too technical or academic for my layman tastes Then again, I might try to read it again in a few years and have a different perspective Personally, I wouldn t recommend it for someone getting started on delving into this area of history.No Simple Victory World War II in Europe, 1939 1945 b [...]

    24. Such a gigantic conflict The scale of the numbers, the geography It tends to mean that books on this decisive aspect of WW2 just drown you in detail and the scope is lost Bellamy shrewdly learns from his mentor Erickson, and instead makes sure the broader sweep is clearly articulated Thus, you won t learn anything new about Stalingrad for example but everything makes sense The context is present A surprisingly readable account with very good supporting maps, it shows just how little the Germans [...]

    25. Good book It was a piece of history I didn t know much about, and this book filled this gap in my knowledge admirably I do wish the author would have provided background and analysis of the major players, but it probably would have significantly lengthened an already long book I liked the diagrams and descriptions of battle as the author does build suspense on how the Russians were going to pull it out Recommended for those who want a good overview of the eastern front.

    26. This book has really opened my eyes to the efficiency, resilience, and determination of the Soviet Union during WWII It also firmly places our current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in perspective as relatively small operations in terms of number of troops involved It also opened my eyes to how close Nazi Germany came, and yet how far they were from their objective of knocking the Soviet Union out of the war Definitely a good read.

    27. This is the best one volume history of the war between Germany and the Soviet Union in World War Two It has great maps and lots of them and the writer is far above average in both his style and content The book is long, over 600 pages, but it is really short when compared to its subject matter I highly recommend this book and consider it one of the ten best history books I ve read and I ve read hundreds Check it out.

    28. Un libro denso, pero al tiempo entretenido La dimensi n de la destrucci n, la barbarie, la estupidez y la grandeza son picas recomendaci n absoluta para todo aquel que quiera saber m s de la segunda guerra mundial en el frente oriental, pero sobre todo para entender por qu sucedi y cu les fueron las consecuencias.

    29. Contains quite a few typos The maps are informative but also packed with so much information that it is difficult to really understand what is taking place.I gave it two stars because it contained a lot of information about Russia and the eastern front of World War Two, however, it was not organized well and I don t think an editor was allowed to look at it before it was published.

    30. A through and interesting account of the war on the Eastern front I enjoyed reading this book altough I didn t like the hasty pace of everything after the Kursk offensive If you have read a lot of books about the different campaigns and battles Bellamy s is a good choice to link them together and paint the bigger picture.

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