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Into the Void By Peter David,

  • Title: Into the Void
  • Author: Peter David
  • ISBN: 9780671013967
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Roll Call The Crew of the U.S.S Excalibur Captain Mackenzie Calhoun An unorthodox, decisive young captain who loves his crew and his ship, and loves testing their limits even .Commander Shelby A woman of strong opinions and strong values, Shelby never hesitated to tell her captains when she thought they were wrong, and Mackenzie Calhoun won t be any exception.BurgoRoll Call The Crew of the U.S.S Excalibur Captain Mackenzie Calhoun An unorthodox, decisive young captain who loves his crew and his ship, and loves testing their limits even .Commander Shelby A woman of strong opinions and strong values, Shelby never hesitated to tell her captains when she thought they were wrong, and Mackenzie Calhoun won t be any exception.Burgoyne 172 The chief engineer of the Excalibur, with the decisiveness of Calhoun, the strength of Shelby, and the gender of both Burgoyne is a Hermat, and when s he sets his her sights on you, s he isn t an easy.on refuse.As the Thallonian Empire succumbs to violence and insurrection, the U.S.S Excalibur prepares to launch on her humanitarian mission of mercy But her departure is destined to be a memorable one, as Calhoun contends with an unexpected stowaway, a stormy relationship with his crew, and light years away frightened refugees aboard a dying ship.
    Into the Void Roll Call The Crew of the U S S Excalibur Captain Mackenzie Calhoun An unorthodox decisive young captain who loves his crew and his ship and loves testing their limits even Commander Shelby A woman

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    1. The USS Excalibur takes flight NEW FRONTIER, NEW CREWThe USS Excalibur begins its journey through a new frontier, the former Thallonian Empire, now known as Space Sector 221 G, in a mission of mercy, after the vast empire fell, leaving the whole sector in political instability.The new crew isCaptain Mackenzie Calhoun, the Commanding Officer.Commander Elizabeth Shelby, the First Officer.Doctor Selar, the Chief Medical Officer.Lt Cmdr Burgoyne 172, the Chief Engineering Officer.Lieutenant Zak Kebr [...]

    2. As much as I enjoyed the first book and couldn t wait to see how the cliffhanger would be resolved I was immediately struck with hesitation when I saw the cover of book 2 Shelby On my list of least favorite Star Trek characters Shelby is very close to the top I convinced myself there was some hope Firstly, I had no choice if I was going to find out what happened to one of my favorite characters in House of Cards who was caught in the cliffhanger Secondly, Peter David has previously turned a char [...]

    3. Second book in the series completed Again not much happened The crew were gathered Bickering occurred The ship was sent towards and then into the collapsing empire More bickering Some anti asexual words were causally tossed about Book again, like last, ends on cliffhanger.I rather suspect that this was something like a 1000 page book or 40 page less that got split into four parts At least I hope so, because it s kind of fractured as it is Kind of nothing happening vibe going on Though if you put [...]

    4. Better than the first one Calhoun is tolerable, thanks largely in part to the relationship between him and Commander Shelby, now that the cast is assembled we re getting to see some of our minor characters shine, and the mission is starting to become interesting I m torn on the subject of Burgoyne, though while the double gendered pronouns drive me up the wallI like the character well enough In fact, God help me, I can t seem to stop picturing John Barrowman in the role

    5. 3.5 Stars and I m just not rating it higher because it s just a quick, light read, exactly what it should be but not 4 stars I found the first one a bit intriguing However, it appears that the first four books make a whole so they should all be considered together The New Frontier series is a great ST read and should be picked up by any Trek lover missing the TV shows.

    6. I am starting to see what people mean when they write that these first four novels of the series all seem like parts of one bigger novel Into the Void does not stand alone as well as the first novel in the series did It is shorter, only 151 pages, at least ten of which are blank or just chapter headings The overall plot advances however it is clear at the end of the book there is a long way to go to wrap up loose threads The first third of the novel is about deciding who the first officer of the [...]

    7. This book was better than the last I probably would have even given the last one a higher rating if these books weren t in serial form I have a feeling that is going to be my biggest complaint, the books should have been combined into larger reads.I m starting to come around to the shorter length though by thinking of them as if they were weekly episodes from the TV series Helps a bit I ll get over it.I am starting to dig this Star Trek world though and its cast of new Trek characters The captai [...]

    8. In Very Short easy, breezy read new adventure, new crew, new problem and hence no entangling with existing story lines divers group of characters and aliens esp those not common to the occasional Star Trek viewer multiple perspectives from different crew members it s the length of a novella rather than a novel and thus only deals with individual parts of the overall story lineMy Opinion Just like the first book, House of Cards, this story is quite short and crisp Maybe even a little short for my [...]

    9. I see you re determined to make this about you Frankly, sir, since I m the only one here aside from you, I think it s a thing for me to do As humorous in the first instalment in its own right, this title lacked some of the pacing perhaps because it was simply an extension of the first story and showed our characters setting up Feel free to sit, Calhoun invited I wish to remain taller than you, replied Si Cwan.The fun is still there and so are some new characters, including Burgoyne 172, Zak Kebr [...]

    10. Upon seeing the character of Shelby on the cover, I nearly stopped reading the series I disliked every second of her presence on TNG But as soon as I started this book, I gobbled it up hungrily The new characters get and nuanced and compelling, and even Shelby is quite tolerable or, at times, exasperated enough by the other characters that it s worth watching her rage The political situation in sector 221 G grows ever complex, and Captain Calhoun grapples with the differences and similarities [...]

    11. To be continued I see what s going on here I am tempted to buy the next book in the series, but I m beginning to have a problem with this series there are a lot if people who want to Star Wars Star Trek They want Starfleet personnel breaking rules, making wisecracks, thumbing their noses at authority But that s not Star Trek that s not how 24th century Starfleet graduates act Even on DS9, the Starfleet crew lives the values of the Federation If its not for you, then don t stick with Star Trek I [...]

    12. Star Trek The Freak Show continues There are sci fi quickies that you can finish in a weekend, and then there are these things that you can finish in a sitting with a bowl a cereal It s pretty light reading because it s entirely constructed of predictable tropes Granted, these are tropes you never see in Trek, but tropes nonetheless Also, this is, at most, two chapters in the middle of a larger book, but for some reason, the publisher decided to package them individually, not unlike snack food A [...]

    13. This is a brilliant concept, introducing relatively new characters into a familiar franchise but in their own section of the universe It s a self contained entity so there is no disparity between the show and the books like with some of the other adaptions from TV shows and in this case you get internal perspectives of the characters In short well written and often times TV adaption books are not with fun characters I look forward to hearing from

    14. I m digging the redemption of Shelby She was an annoying character for five minutes on TNG, so I like that David has fleshed her out and given her real character here I also like that Soleta has been slightly toned down, is a little Vulcan than Romulan, and seems to be finding her groove I imagine an encounter with Ambassador Spock would have just that affect on an impressionable young half Vulcan So far, the story is progressing nicely and I m liking it.

    15. A great idea, but this mini book format makes for a choppy story, as it s basically a big book, the pilot episode for a brand new Trek series, chopped into four smaller books The two middle ones feel like mostly set up, so don t stand on their own very well.I do like the new crew, but the format bugged me.

    16. Although I enjoy reading about the Thallonians, the book still has issues with it s poorly developed characters Thankfully, it s a small book I read it through with the hope that there would be better plot in the larger books, and a toning down of the overly obnoxious crew members.

    17. Now that we re dealing only with the principle characters of the Excalibur, things take a better turn.I m enjoying where the series is going, but I also feel that there is too much going on for just four very short novellas to cover.These books are fun and I can t wait to keep reading them.

    18. The second of Peter David s New Frontier novels continues the story of Captain MacKenzie Calhoun, and does so with David s particular style of good characterization and action A lot of new and old characters are brought together and this reads like a proper Star Trek episode.

    19. I read it as part of the New Frontier 4 book collection Like the first book, I loved it, there is humour, drama and suspense This will appeal to star trek virgins and old school trekkies alike I can t wait to read book three.

    20. There are funny little moments, and there s the overall arching narrative, but I don t feel it s as good as the Destiny series by David Mack, and it s not super I m going to try some modern Stark Trek novels by Kirsten Beyer now.

    21. Ends with a pretty nice twist cliff hanger This series would be a great blueprint for a new Star Trek TV series.

    22. Continues to be setup, and not as strong as the first book because we re no longer getting flashbacks, but nonetheless, good writing.

    23. The rest of the cast is introduced, and the actual mission begins, and all the fun I mentioned in my review of the first volume continues Mr David, you have the conn.

    24. I was hesitant about accepting Shelby, but Peter David has done a good job with her character, and in crafting the other characters as well.

    25. The book is well written, nothing earth shattering, but it s NEW TREK A new ship in a new area, with new characters My love of Star Trek will carry me through this series quite handily.

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