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Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky By Chris Owen,

  • Title: Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky
  • Author: Chris Owen
  • ISBN: 9781603703147
  • Page: 263
  • Format: ebook
  • Hank is happy with his life in Shady Ridge, the small town he grew up in and now works as a police officer in And if he has to go to the Neon Sky, a gay bar a couple hours away in the middle of nowhere once every six months or so to get his jollies, well it s working for him.At least it is until Charlie joins the force A giant of a man, Charlie has left the big city afteHank is happy with his life in Shady Ridge, the small town he grew up in and now works as a police officer in And if he has to go to the Neon Sky, a gay bar a couple hours away in the middle of nowhere once every six months or so to get his jollies, well it s working for him.At least it is until Charlie joins the force A giant of a man, Charlie has left the big city after a nasty break up and come to Shady Ridge for a little peace Hank s immediately attracted, and when he runs into Charlie at the Neon Sky, finding out they re batting for the same team well it just might turn Hank s ordered world upside down.
    Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky Hank is happy with his life in Shady Ridge the small town he grew up in and now works as a police officer in And if he has to go to the Neon Sky a gay bar a couple hours away in the middle of nowher

    One thought on “Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky”

    1. A personal favorite, now re published This review is of my second read of Shady Ridge and the Neon Sky I read this book for the first time back in 2010.This is one of those lovely, slow to build, low angst, romantic stories that catches you a bit off guard in the end Told from the POV of MC police officer Hank, he has decided his life is as good as it is going to get, a gay man in the closet and traveling out of town twice a year for a group hookup with casual friends Along comes new officer MC [...]

    2. I m so glad I finally got down to reading this one I d bought Owens BDSM series, read part of the first title and gave up on it and never picked up another book by her.What a huge difference SRTNS is Just a sweet, simple yet oh so satisfying romance between two cops in a small town with none of the stereotypical small town angst thrown in I was hooked from the first page as Hank sits in his office focusing on the dust motes flitting by and in walks six foot five, Charlie I could feel Hank s conf [...]

    3. D AWWWW, YOU GUYS.Cute Really cute I think the one thing about this I liked most if that these two guys communicate Like, really well More than most people, probably They re really open and honest Kind of refreshing.I liked this a lot.

    4. i have read this It is sweet, sweet, sweet, and despite the fact that it m meant to be set in the U.S I cannot get past the fact that the author is Canadian Think Corner Gas with sex Lovely, very small town, but just not quite the good ole USA Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with that, but it reads like a Canadian small town rather than a U.S one And that sort of unexpected falling into love Shivers Beautifully written, perfectly paced, open eyed, gorgeous, but above the 49th parallel.

    5. Great comfort read A little underestimated, if you ask me I d love to read the stories of the other guys too.

    6. Hank is a small town cop, not in the closet, but not waving his preferences in anyone s face He has a job he enjoys, dealing with drunks and pot in the school lockers than car chases and gun play He has a casual friends with benefits arrangement that allows him a couple of days of hot play with three friends twice a year or so And things move along smoothly Until Charlie, the new hire, walks in the door, all six foot five, muscles and confidence, and just what Hank likes And it turns out Charli [...]

    7. 4 4.5 Wonderful story about two cops from completely different worlds, both strong and independent and stubborn as hell together they make a fabulous team in and out of the bedroom I love Chris writing and characters and this book was no exception Is there , please

    8. Hank is a cop in Shady Ridge, a small town where he works as a police officer He goes to the Neon Sky, a gay bar out of town every six months or so to meet three buddies who spend the weekend literally screwing their brains out Charlie is a new cop, a transfer from out of town who is assigned to Hank for his orientation After the first day together Hank confesses that he had plans to go out of town and Charlie, who had plans of his own, encourages Hank to go, while both plan to meet to work agai [...]

    9. This story was a surprise, it s about Hank, a small town single gay cop who is part of an open four some relationship with Josh, Bill and Corey The 4 guys meet twice a year just for a weekend, drinking ,watching movies, playing cards and having kinky sex.Josh and Billy, are partners and they live together, Corey is also in a stable relationship for many years, but his partner Hugh had an accident, and now he is paraplegic, Cory s partner Hugh is aware of this Relationship it was practically his [...]

    10. The hell When I started reading this I was pleasantly surprised and liked the authors writing style and humour in the book right from the start But man When the two main protagonist got together it was all bang him over here, over thered I was reading On Fire again xDDD Guess I wouldn tve found it so funny if it wasn t for the fact I read On Fire yesterdayxDJust to make it clear I m not against sex scenes in stories the hell, I m the one waiting for them to appear But when it reaches the stage w [...]

    11. It s probably not the best book ever but it made me feel happy It has the same easy quality between the guys that I loved in On The Clock Books that aren t based on miscommunication are my favorite and these guys really do the I don t assume part good So it s fun to read about two hot guys becoming a couple over the time without big drama between them but a lot of fun and hot sex I recommend.

    12. I read this story a while ago and by re reading it, I know this story is short and a novella, but nonetheless it s a gem Beautiful plotted story with great characters I liked Charlie and Hank as a characters and even as a couple Really recommend it to everyone

    13. This story was smooth and uncomplicated without any major conflicts I was entertained by the progression of these two cops relationship that started out as a convenience and ended up in love with tons of sex in between, as It s usually the case with Chris Owen.

    14. WowI am going to have to check out books by this author The characters were very well developed, and their chemistry together was HOT HOT HOT

    15. Really loved these guys First 30% made me happy then there was just too much sexing for my mood So I had to give this a 3.5 star rating

    16. 2.5 stars, which means smack dab in the middle of average A pleasant, lightweight romance, which is maybe another way of saying kind of bland Two cops small town native Hank and newcomer Charlie meet on the job and fall for each other in an angst free storyline I m totally on aboard with low no angst, in theory but because the characters were never challenged, they never changed over the course of the story They were damned likable at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end Not that there s [...]

    17. Charlie and Hank foreverVery easy sweet romance between 2 small town cops No drama, angst, or silly miscommunication was all about watching them fall in love There were some hot sex scenes that went along with their blossoming relationship No complaints about their story at all If I did have a niggle, it was that we never got a picture of Hank He s the narrator so I guess that makes sense but I m visual and wanted some kind of description The other thoughts are there are some weird formatsNew pa [...]

    18. 3.5 stars Very low angst, sweet colleagues to lovers story with a good steam level I took off one star because there just wasn t a whole lot of story here other than the meandering relationship development and another half for editing issues All in all, a nice read, and I recommend it for a laid back story.

    19. Sometimes it is just impossible to explain why a book works for me I give Shady Ridge five stars not just because I enjoyed it on first reading, but because I read it a second time unusual for me and even have, now and then, picked it up and read a few pages at a time Needless to say Chris Owen knows how to write this kind of easy going, not much going on type of story There isn t much conflict, but the characters are engaging, and there are some scenes that are just too sweet not to love I neve [...]

    20. 4 Stars Charlie s the new cop in town and Hank s been ordered to show him around Discovering that Charlie s also gay complicates their working together While Charlie s ready to jump right in, Hank slows things down, but soon their chemistry leads them into a relationship that proves much than just some fun time in the sack This is a lazy paced love story Hank is a loner who hadn t expected to find a life partner Charlie s 6 5 size makes him hard to miss and he has Hank s full attention I loved [...]

    21. Totally sweet I like that story, really Those guys were hot and, in my opinion, adorable Though, you should know, that it s not a children s candy Oh, maybe a candy for these older ones I can t give 5 stars, because this book could be longer and developed As I mentioned, I really like it, so I give it 4 stars.

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