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Hot Ticket - A Serving Love Story By K.A. Mitchell,

  • Title: Hot Ticket - A Serving Love Story
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781599988634
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
  • Elliot Graham doesn t make mistakes So when he ends up serving community service at a recycling plant for inadvertently buying stolen property, he s certain it s the worst thing that s ever happened to him That is, until he finds tickets to a sold out concert in the trash, tickets that immediately disappear into the pocket of the hottest and most exasperating guy he s evElliot Graham doesn t make mistakes So when he ends up serving community service at a recycling plant for inadvertently buying stolen property, he s certain it s the worst thing that s ever happened to him That is, until he finds tickets to a sold out concert in the trash, tickets that immediately disappear into the pocket of the hottest and most exasperating guy he s ever met.Cade McKuen has never been one to follow society s expectations That s why he s serving time sorting trash for destroying his cheating ex lover s car rather than apologize Finding those tickets is an unexpected bonus to an otherwise smelly sentence But when cute, sputtering Elliot claims a share, Cade decides community service might be the best thing that s happened to him all year.Cade is determined to keep Elliot off balance and tap into the passion he senses is hidden under that buttoned down exterior Elliot is fascinated by Cade s outrageous way of thumbing his nose at the world.Opposites attract, but can passion be the ticket to something lasting
    Hot Ticket A Serving Love Story Elliot Graham doesn t make mistakes So when he ends up serving community service at a recycling plant for inadvertently buying stolen property he s certain it s the worst thing that s ever happened t

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    1. Look this cover St Nacho sModeling recycle too Same blond young guy, two different book covers and authors Another 3 My friend Elena found another book cover with him And now 4 My Italian friend Emanuela find this one Fiveeeeeeee Thank you very much, Nikki Adding also your finding Six Flipped image, but is always the same Emanuela fond another one Seven Bubles found this oneEight Emanuela again nineHOLY COW WHYYYYY Change the DAMN PICTURE NO Using the same model I can accept, but always the SAM [...]

    2. 3.5 StarsMusic, mosh pits, chemistry, and sparks Hot Ticket by K.A Mitchell is pure sexy fun.Cade and Elliot meet and lock eyes over a pair of tickets in the trash to the hottest, sold out show in town But they find and grab onto much than just a lost pair of tickets With a pull and spark that cannot be ignored, this opposites attract couple set off on a very hot not in the plans relationship adventure thumping pumping with sex, sex, sex and just maybe something From past pains to age differen [...]

    3. This story was awesome, amazingly hot and beautiful There was quite a bit of gorgeously descripted sex, but the story holds is own It was actually amazing how much story there was, concidering it was just 98 pages I connected with both the characters Especially Elliot, adorable in his hotness.Two very different guys end up doing community service sorting garbage at a recycling plant.Cade, a pierced, ripped clothes, spontaneous type of guy got community service for smashing his cheating boyfriend [...]

    4. I thought I d put some of my books that I have re read and never mentioned before This was one of the first books I bought in my m m buying career and it holds a special place I think I was VERY lucky and had some great books right off the bat when I started reading but it s like your first kiss, always holds a special place.Cade has 16 facial piercings Elliott counted and is on recycling duty as part of community service for trashing his ex s car Elliott is there for possessing stolen property [...]

    5. What a sweet little story The virgin meets the wild child The sex was hot There s not a lot of emotional depth here but still a cute story with a lot of of sex,

    6. That was so much fun, and very sexy As a matter of fact, sex makes up a good portion of this story, so be warned if that isn t your thing It s damn hot, though DThe best parts of this story are Cade and Elliot, a pretty unlikely couple, but absolutely awesome together Loved that neither of them was too timid to speak up for themselves and both were witty and snarky when it was needed The age difference was actually a plus for me, it s a theme I generally like There s no real HEA, but the ending [...]

    7. A sizzling hot novella from an author who has become one of my absolute favourite m m writers The plot is mainly advanced via the sex scenes, which are plentiful and beautifully written, but Mitchell still manages to create two fully rounded heroes with enough contrasts to create believable conflict on their path to love I particularly enjoyed Cade s characterisation, as his rebellious exterior concealed a warm hearted strength, and I loved the way he tutored virginal Elliot with sensitivity and [...]

    8. it was typical and predictable, but I liked it although I don t think it deserve 4 stars it made me feel better and made me smile when i seriously couldn t stop crying so this is it.It was mostly sex and I am fine with this.It was still funny, sexy, sweet and adorables were just lovely and it was easy to believe in everything.I just like K.A Mitchell s style I guess PS what i HATE is that this story is much shorter than I expected and it s not the first time.

    9. I always want every story short or otherwise to be than just love making scene Because it will leave impression in me While this one is sweet and I adore Elliott Man, he is one determined young guy but I feel like their background have not been fully explored Would love to know about Cade and why he left MIT So there is something missing that I cannot quite grasped.

    10. To be so short this was a fantastic read Lots of I can only imagine how that would make my toes curl sex in it Both MC s were well written but Elliot was my favorite.

    11. Dulce, buenos personajes, aunque todo un poco superficial por el n mero de p ginas.Dulce, hot y entretenido.

    12. 4.5 starsThis was an awesome short story with a couple guys I absolutely loved.Elliot Graham and Cade McKuen meet while serving community service, Elliot for accidentally buying stolen items and Cade for damaging his ex s car Elliot and Cade argue when Elliot finds tickets to a sold out concert.Elliot and Cade are polar opposites Elliot are button down while Cade lives life a bit on the edge Despite that, there is an instant attraction between them This results in them going out in Cade s clun [...]

    13. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsCade is the type of guy that parents would cringe if you brought him home Sixteen piercings Elliot counted them spiked hair, tattoos, a car that is temperamental, and his place of residence is crashing on a friend s couch When he found out his boyfriend was cheating on him, he took a tire iron to his car.Elliot is a play by the rules type of guy, ending up with a criminal record and performing community service all because he accidentally bought stolen property When [...]

    14. About 3.5 stars This was a cute read, but it was under 100 pages and was of a novella There was nothing wrong with the story, it just didn t have the length to really develop a strong plot Elliot and Cade meet during community service Elliot was busted for buying a stolen designer purse and Cade smashed his ex s car with a golf club after finding out his life partner cheated Elliot and Cade both find tickets to a concert in the garbage that they re sorting, and in trying to work out who gets th [...]

    15. This was such a nice read I really enjoyed the way Elliot came off as a virgin top and Cade as the mischievous bottom The only thing that disappointed me was the length of the story The plot was good and detailed enough to allow for something serious than a novella Because the side characters were barely introduced or there to fill in the background scene and the story behind the story for both Elliot and Cade deserved detailing.The good points were, of course, the awesome sex scenes this auth [...]

    16. This has everything that a short story should I did not feel like the author left it unfinished I was quite happy with how it ended, it felt complete.This story stand out feature is the hot sex There is enough emotional characterization and plot to keep the story flowing but the thing I loved about this story was the hot sexy scenes Lets be honest Alot of m m books out there have similar sex scenes because there is only so many ways to write about guys doing the deed.K.A Mitchell has managed to [...]

    17. Everything I read lately seems to be in the novella vein Not complaining, just surprised that I m picking shorter ones This is another shorter story However, it packs a big punch in a smaller package It s K.A Mitchell folks, that is always a good sign in my book Can love blossom in a trash sorting community service scenario Yes,yes it can When shy Elliot Graham, who has never done anything wrong, and Cade McKuen who takes a bat to his ex lovers car, find themselves partners in community service, [...]

    18. This was a sweet romantic story about two guys who had to do community service for minor offenses They meet when they both spot an envelope with concert tickets at the same time There s really no intricate plot details surrounding adventures or mysteries It s a simple love story with lots of the hot sex scenes that K.A Mitchell does so well It left me with a warm and fuzzy happy feeling and plans to re read it in the future.

    19. I really liked this story, the mutual show of vulnerability, and the coming together to show love.A chance meeting, let alone the getting together like the boys did Wonderful set up and execution Hot Ticket is an easy read, one that ll hold your attention, giving you just enough friction and enough sweet to counteract the burn.

    20. For long I didn t like the blurb of the story and the title Hot ticket didn t really ring the bell for my liking, but I m glad I made a push in direction of reading it.The story is short but truly hot Characters pulls you into and you just have to love every part of the story Great read Only negative aspect is it s damn to short, he he.Recommended.

    21. I liked this Cade and Elliott in Vermont meet while doing community service in the recycling plant, see a luscious ticket they both want, and the action progresses apace Cade has to do community service because he vandalized his ex lover s car and he is not sorry about that Elliott a wonderful younger virgin top say no

    22. I enjoyed the story for what it was Cutesy and quick I didn t really like the ending as much as the rest of the story, but if you remember that s it s not supposed to be our reality then it s enjoyable enough for a afternoon of relaxation with a book.

    23. Cade was such an interesting character to me He was older, yet so much fun, he genuinely liked Elliot who was sort of prim and proper until he was unleashed Elliot evolved nicely and came into himself.The connection between them seems quite organic and fun I enjoyed it 4 stars

    24. Elliot and Cade STILL feel like they re figuring out who and what their relationship is made up of It s very fascinating and not as established as other stories that I ve read.A good read with hot, satisfying sex, but not the kind that left me panting though

    25. Cade and elliot end up in a community service one find a concert ticket for two One thing leads too one thing they spend time together and decide to go concerts together One thing they never thought finding love in the trash as the blurbs says.

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