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Home Child By Barbara Haworth-Attard,

  • Title: Home Child
  • Author: Barbara Haworth-Attard
  • ISBN: 9781896184180
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • The year is 1914 Thirteen year old Arthur is a home child, an English orphan forced to work on a Canadian farm Will he ever be truly accepted there
    Home Child The year is Thirteen year old Arthur is a home child an English orphan forced to work on a Canadian farm Will he ever be truly accepted there

    One thought on “Home Child”

    1. This is the fourth Haworth Attard I ve read I always enjoy her books The family in this story frustrates me Arthur is pretty much a slave they picked up for free He s a CHILD ugh The mother and oldest daughter make me the most mad Stupid old timey people I couldn t imagine treating a child so poorly And to know that in real life they were treated worse just blows my mind What the hell Canada

    2. This was a really interesting historical fiction, about an event in Canadian history most people seem to be unaware of It was a ridiculously quick read, and the MC acted really young, but it was sweet.

    3. This novel provides a heartfelt and realistic re telling of the experiences of Home Children in Canada While the plot and the characters are fairly predictable, the historical facts of Canadian life in 1914 are enough to have the reader finish the novel Overall, a suitable novel study for Grade 5 or 6.

    4. Sadie s family takes in Arthur, an orphan boy from England It is difficult for him to be accepted and Sadie is empathetic He is often blamed when things go wrong but eventually Sadie has the courage to stick up for him.

    5. I had a gift certificate to Vancouver Kidsbooks, so when we were there in February I bought three books from the Canadian Fiction section Home Child, The Greenies, and a Kit Pearson I chose these over the just released Before Green Gables, also in that section.

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