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Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children By James R. Delisle,

  • Title: Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children
  • Author: James R. Delisle
  • ISBN: 9781593631796
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Delisle puts forward 10 tips to parents of gifted children ideas that reflect attitude and approach and allow for introspection and change, rather than quick, do it tonight solutions Topics of interest include understanding a child s giftedness, working with the school system, dealing with perfectionism, and being role models for kids.
    Parenting Gifted Kids Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children Delisle puts forward tips to parents of gifted children ideas that reflect attitude and approach and allow for introspection and change rather than quick do it tonight solutions Topics of interes

    One thought on “Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children”

    1. This is the third book about parenting gifted kids that I ve read Or maybe fourth I try not to be too specific, because I don t want to be THAT MOM But I am relatively certain that I have a gifted kid, OK I hate the label gifted I hated it as a kid and I hate it as a parent I hate that because I have a bright gifted kid, I will have to fight, fight, fight to get her resources in public school classrooms that are concerned with kids who are performing grade level This book gives the usual advice [...]

    2. This is the first parenting a gifted child book I have read, simply because it s the first one I found Since I have a teaching background, I m familiar with gifted education and differentiation, but am looking for information on handling the quirks that come along with the daily life of my gifted son I d like to learn about how to handle some of the emotional intensity that my son deals with when his extreme perception collides with his 4 year old world And also, how to encourage his creativit [...]

    3. So much but I can t quote the whole book here And I learned as much about myself as about my child I think which is great I m always concerned about how much or how little I m doing as a parent is it enough And I love his answer get over it Move on Many other aspects of this book were terrific about advocating for your child, about feelings of elitism, etc Enjoyable and helpful.

    4. This is an amazing book After I read each chapter, I have to spend hours thinking about what he said, about my children and about my life Why do we pay so much attention to kids 30 points below the mean, but almost none to kids 30 points above

    5. Some recent test scores confirmed my suspicions about one of my children being gifted Gifted kids are smart academically, but sometimes they can be hard to handle so I turned to this book for answers I really liked how I felt like I was reading a conversation instead of a dry research paper Also, the chapters and quotes from gifted kids helped make this an easy read This book taught me to embrace my gifted kid, because you can t change them You don t need to rush a gifted a kid through adolescen [...]

    6. I love Delisle I ve seen him speak multiple times He s so genuine and has a great set of priorities about life, and all of that comes through in the book.

    7. James Delisle is a reassuring and knowledgeable voice in the sea of advice for parents of gifted children This short, readable book is by far the most sensible thing I ve read so far in how to be a decent parent to children who are and need You ll find common sense strategies for different ages, how to tailor a learning program to fit the needs of various types of gifted children, and what to do when the abilities don t match up with the motivation.I ve never been disappointed by Delisle s wor [...]

    8. Parenting Gifted Kids focuses less on teaching and on the day to day aspects of living with and raising a gifted kid In addition to learning differently, gifted kids just think differently, and so sometimes the parenting tactics you read about don t work as advertised at least that has been my experience Delisle offers a lot of help in that area, both in unpacking common tendencies and characteristics of gifted kids, and in giving practical advice for how to handle things Read my full review he [...]

    9. Five stars because of its sense of humor and relevance to my current life parenting a spacey smart, highly gifted kid and pondering strategies and schooling we can all embrace , and for the author s expansive and thoughtful definition of the characteristics of giftedness, success, and what constitutes a good life His habit of starting sentences with Too, annoyed that mess out of me, and I was a bit put off by the preciousness of some of the gifted children speak segments I just don t know any ki [...]

    10. Whether you think your child is gifted or not, you will appreciate the fact that James Delisle is level headed in his approach to understanding kids I love his approach to giftedness, and appreciate his laid back view of helping each person find happiness in who they are as an individual I would love to have had him as a teacher, and I would love to emulate him as a teacher I feel better equipped to parent my own children after reading this book.

    11. I read this book in less than an hour at Barnes and Noble on my Nook It has fantastic information for parents just starting to navigate public schools with their gifted kids It also provides insight into behaviors and traits that some of us have carried into adulthood, not realizing that we are still gifted.

    12. Delisle writes with great logic, common sense, humor, and insight I recommend this for gifted adults, with or without kids I would have liked to give it 5 starsbut I was disappointed that the author completely ignored the topic of homeschooling, focusing rather on the needs of gifted kids within the schools.

    13. Let me start with this disclaimer I take all parenting books with a grain of salt, hoping to gain some insight into my children or myself, but not prescribing to any as the Bible This book served to provide insight into my child and myself in many ways There were many enlightening moments for me in this book I definitely recommend it to anyone with a gifted child.

    14. An excellent book on what gifted means and how to help them through their daily challenges with school officials or just with how they feel each day There are so many great messages in this book no matter if your child is gifted or not I highly recommend this read.

    15. Good insights and helpful information Most of the second half deals with how to handle the public school system I was suprised that homeschooling was not even mentioned since often that is the best option for gifted kids.

    16. I loved this book The amazing thing about it is how much I learned about my children and their school experiences, myself and my school experiences, and even about several of my sons in law I would love to know what any of you think of this book.

    17. If my kids were younger and I was just starting out school with them, I would definitely buy this book As it is, I borrowed it, but am glad I read it, both as a parent of gifted boys and a gifted adult yes, I learned, it s okay to say that.

    18. James Delisle wants to help parents be positively minded about their kids Nothing wrong with that, but I think I ve read this message in a few other parenting books already I don t think I learned much here.

    19. It was good, semi helpful, not exactly what I was looking for Made me reconsider some educational plans testing, advocacy, etc

    20. Thank you Jim Delisle Got to meet you on this book tour you completely changed my ideas about parenting our smart kiddos.

    21. Take charge of your child s educationHow to grow up creatively giftedOverexcitabilitiesTeaching Kids to CareThese are some of the topics I found interesting in this book.

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