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Against Christianity By Peter J. Leithart,

  • Title: Against Christianity
  • Author: Peter J. Leithart
  • ISBN: 9781591280064
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • How could a conservative Christian an ordained minister with a beard, no less be against not only Christianity, but theology, sacraments, and ethics as well Yet that is the stance Peter Leithart takes in this provocative theological bricolage Seeking to rethink evangelical notions of culture, church, and state, Leithart offers a series of short essays, aphorisms, andHow could a conservative Christian an ordained minister with a beard, no less be against not only Christianity, but theology, sacraments, and ethics as well Yet that is the stance Peter Leithart takes in this provocative theological bricolage Seeking to rethink evangelical notions of culture, church, and state, Leithart offers a series of short essays, aphorisms, and parables that challenge the current dichotomies that govern both Christian and non Christian thinking about church and state, the secular and the religious But his argument isn t limited to being merely against Leithart reveals a much larger vision of Christian society, defined by the stories, symbols, rituals, and rules of a renewed community the city of God.
    Against Christianity How could a conservative Christian an ordained minister with a beard no less be against not only Christianity but theology sacraments and ethics as well Yet that is the stance Peter Leithart takes

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    1. I found this book through Goodread s recommendations feature When I first saw it, I took one look at the title and rolled my eyes It seemed like it was going to be yet another we hate religion book similar to John Eldredge s latest disappointment and a certain vastly overrated youtube video that s been making the rounds lately The problem with thhose books is that the word religion is poorly defined and basically becomes a blank canvas for the author to project onto everything he dislikes about [...]

    2. Christianity has become the label for the church marginalized by the modern secular state So Leithart is against Christianity Leithart calls the church to repent of its retreat and reassert its culture, language, and influence in the world at large, which includes the state Haven t we tried this before you ask What about the evils of medieval Christendom Leithart convincingly argues that the evils of Christendom were inconsistencies, and not a problem intrinsic to the social order The church and [...]

    3. First let me say Leithart is NOT against Christianity He is against treating the biblical faith as one among many valid, individualistic, personal views of the world, to be privately held with no direct public influence He is FOR Christendom He is only against Christianity as he defines it for the sake of argument Unfortunately he never directly gives that definition, and it must be deduced from various statements throughout the book Such as Such a procedure is compatible with the heresy of Chri [...]

    4. A fascinating, insightful, and provocative read This book is less about arguing for his views as it is painting a picture of his views When you read Against Christianity, do not think of the Jesus vs religion sort of things you see on the Internet If you go into it expecting that, you are in for a surprise By setting himself against Christianity and theology, sacraments, and ethics , Leithart primarily has in mind Christianity as a privatized set of beliefs, to be compartmentalized away and plac [...]

    5. This is a short book with four against chapters Christianity, Theology, Sacraments, and Ethics and one for chapter Constantine More accurate chapter titles would be Against Secular Modernism or the sacred secular dichotomoy , Against the Academy, Against the Sign Signified Dichotomoy, Against the Privatization of the Gospel, and For Christendom It is a little hokey at times Leithart describes the book as theological haiku and certainly lacks the nuance that is expected in the academy Leithart so [...]

    6. 4.5 stars Essentially, Leithart sets out to answer the question What is the place of the Church in this world In the preface, Leithart says it s a fragmented book, and it is, which makes it somewhat difficult to review, but that said, the advantage is that it offers arguments from many directions, achieving with grapeshot what a cannonball can t.Leithart s argument is that the modern Church has privatised religion by intellectualising and abstracting doctrine, reducing the sacraments to nothing [...]

    7. Peter Leithart has written a book calling the church to manifest the life of the kingdom of God, the kingship of Jesus Christ, in all the world through all we are and do Part of this task is identifying some of the many ways the church today has adopted the values and traits and assumptions of the surrounding culture This is essentially a call to the church to abandon Christianism what Leithart is calling Christianity and become the kingdom of God under the Lordship of Jesus Christ manifest in a [...]

    8. The Church as a Counter City This might easily be the best book that I have read in the past 3 years I have re read this book several times By Christianity Leithart means the privatized religion dominated by the Enlightenment It can be conservative or liberal, but the end result is the same whatever external truth claims may be presented by such adherents, they seperate reality into sacred and secular.Leithart makes a number of stunning observations I simply cannot do a review of this book It wo [...]

    9. Kirja vastustaa moderniin maailman ideologioihin sopeutunutta kristinuskoa , joka ei n e itse n omana radikaalisti maailmasta erillisen valtakuntanaan Leithartilla oli monia hyvi ajatuksia siit , kuinka kristinuskon tulisi nyky n ilmaista itse n Tykk sin erityisesti siit kuinka h n puhui rituaalien t rkeydest kulttuurin keskuksena ja my s kristinuskon keskuksena, jos se aikoo olla kulttuurinen voima Pienen miinuksena kirjoittajalta puuttui luterilainen ajatus kahdesta regimentist ja sen vuoksi e [...]

    10. Leithart is against Christian ism See Doug Wilson s comments here.In the final chapter, a foul mouthed prophet named Stanley preaches to a king, and lo and behold, the king listens to him The king then wants to know what to do, and Hauerwas er, I mean, Stanley has nothing to say.Sometimes cultural leaders do listen, and here is a fine example of what to be saying when the ungodly do listen.

    11. Lots of Presbyterians in my circles hate this book, but that s just because they didn t read past the title It s really really fantastic It is an exposition of the concept of the Kingdom of God and how the church needs to get with the Biblical program of world conquest The church isn t just there to give people a spiritual side of life It is life, and ought to govern all aspects of life he finishes with a section on Constantine, which I think was a preliminary investigation for what turned into [...]

    12. Leithart hates Modernity and all its sparkly gadgets The most penetrating question, for me, from Leithart s chapter Against Theology Do theologians talk about the world the same way the bible does Do theologians talk about the same world the bible does pg 51Worth reading It may switch your vision of things from modern to pre modern Be warned.

    13. Just Incredible I ll be reading this several times to really make sure everything has been chewed for sake of digestion It s gotten better each time.Read again in July of 2013, February of 2014, November of 2014, and September of 2015 My skins to thick to get it all at once.

    14. Not quite Alexander Schmemann s For the Life of the World although with many similarities , but Leithart outdoes himself with his stream of conscious approach to presenting a view of the Church that has been lost to modern evangelicalism s Christianity.

    15. A good book that does a demolition job of a lot of assumptions commonly made by modern American Christians One problem is that I found the book a bit of a challenge to follow, written as it is in a choppy style.

    16. Don t let the title scare you away I d say this is one of the most important books I ve read in the last decade.

    17. Great book Challenged my thinking 2006 Re read this book in 2015 and definitely was still impressed with its ability to provoke thought that I believe is much needed

    18. This is my second negative review of Leithart and I hope to end this trilogy of reviews of Leithart s work on a positive note when I get to Delivered from the Elements When I first read this book, I was bored to death by all his talk about modernity It is only really after reading a lot history from a modern perspective that I can really now see the genius of what Leithart did in challenging the narrative of modernity, a narrative that has made men do some very, very bad things and which proba [...]

    19. At first I was going to give it 2 stars, but then, like how I go through the book, I had to up my review The book is not bad, though at times it feels like the author is trying too hard to be pithy in his writing style Most chapters start off by an argument based on semanticsen he will spend the rest of the chapter dismantling the argument he set up The reason I went to a higher star is that at times his dismantling has some brilliant and salient points Every time I got to the place where I want [...]

    20. Found this small book, very insightful and packed full of information and direction on how the church as a polis should and should not manifest itself today It was difficult to follow some of the terminology as defined by the author throughout the text, primarily because of differences in traditional understanding of those terms Am looking forward to a second read through to clear up some of the fog Found the discussion on the rituals and sacraments especially informative.

    21. If I understand what Dr Leithart is saying, we should chuck the modernist project of Christianity, which turns our faith into a therapeutic path to spiritual wholeness, and strive to build what could most conveniently be called Christendom, albeit without the mistakes made by Constantine and other early Christians who built Christendom 1.0 The book has many penetrating insights.Chesterton once had the alarming sensation of a key fitting a lock when a new thought about the Christian faith dawned [...]

    22. Leithart, like Chesterton, is really good when he s aphoristic and really dreadful when he s systematic This book gets huge points for being readable and beautifully written Leithart shows a poetic talent always good in a theologian , and a knack for both wit and depth.Unfortunately, he doesn t really argue effectively with specific theologies he sets his sights on Stanley Hauerwas, in particular, gets zingers from Leithart, but they don t really lower the shields to nine percent as intended, si [...]

    23. Great book, a bit mind bending for those someone who is still relatively new to what is being presented.The point of the book, at least as I understood it, was to divorce ourselves from this thinking that the church is a functioning unit within existing society, and instead see it as a new society of grace, forgiveness, and service that is altogether that is breaking into this world.It is clear that Leithart sets forth this volume to stir the pot a bit and get people to really think through thei [...]

    24. Leithart argues against not Christ or the Church, but against an intellectualized, privatized understanding of the Christian faith For Leithart, Christianity offers a philosophy or an ideology when the point of the gospel is that the Church is a new society of redeemed people, the City of God, in Augustine s words This means that theology ought to express the language and stories of the people of God, sacraments baptism and the Lord s Supper mark out the members of the city, and that the ethos o [...]

    25. Fantastic book This book does for the Church what his The Baptized Body does for baptism See my review of that book.I jotted the following summaries down as I read the book to help me clarify my understanding of his main points The Gospel can and will influence Kings and governments It must Either emperors and empires will be converted by the preaching of the Gospel, or the men and women martyred by the emperor s antagonism to Christ will be vindicated, and the city will be judged.The sacraments [...]

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