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The Great Snape Debate By Amy Berner Orson Scott Card Joyce Millman,

  • Title: The Great Snape Debate
  • Author: Amy Berner Orson Scott Card Joyce Millman
  • ISBN: 9781933771359
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Paperback
  • Making the case for Severus Snape s guilt or innocence, this discussion takes a look at both sides of the most debated character in the Harry Potter series With sections on Snape s history, Slytherin House, and Snape actor Alan Rickman s past roles, as well as Snape as villain and as hero, the book scours the Harry Potter novels for hints about Snape s final loyalty and tMaking the case for Severus Snape s guilt or innocence, this discussion takes a look at both sides of the most debated character in the Harry Potter series With sections on Snape s history, Slytherin House, and Snape actor Alan Rickman s past roles, as well as Snape as villain and as hero, the book scours the Harry Potter novels for hints about Snape s final loyalty and the series end There s food for thought for any Snape fan, including those who like him, hate him, or just want to speculate about the contents of his iPod, the greasiness of his hair, or why his name is an anagram of A Perverseness For Soups.
    The Great Snape Debate Making the case for Severus Snape s guilt or innocence this discussion takes a look at both sides of the most debated character in the Harry Potter series With sections on Snape s history Slytherin

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    1. The books by J.K Rowling are all about Harry so why are we so fascinated by Severus Snape For fans of the series, that s easy Love him or hate him, he is one mercurial and fascinating character His actions at the end of Half Blood Prince have stirred up a raging debate, and this book follows the pros and cons of each side I found it interesting that there was space dedicated to the Snape is Good side than the Snape is Evil side Of course, now that the seventh book is out, maybe this was prescie [...]

    2. Reading this with the hindsight of what actually happens, and the circular arguments that took place between Snape s case for guilt or innocence before Deathly Hallows was released just goes to show how amazingly talented Rowling s writing is To set up a character and story with that many layers which makes people scrutinise every phrase and look they makewow

    3. Interesting little book that goes over one of the most complex characters in the Harry Potter franchise it kind of goes a little too far with its deep analysis but it was still worth reading and very well written.

    4. Prior to the release of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, I remember seeing at least a dozen books published all unauthorized, or course , all speculating on what might transpire in the final volume of J.K Rowling s magnum opus This book focuses on just one question among many left by the ending of Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince That question To whose side did Severus Snape s allegiance belong Was he an agent of Voldemort, or was he an agent of Dumbledore The Great Snape Debate is a [...]

    5. The book was written and published after HP and the Half blood Prince but before Deathly Hallows came out, when the debate about Snape good or evil or just out for himself was at its hottest I have recently finished reading the HP series and watching all the movies for the first time I know, I know, but after all HP was for kids So why read the book now, when we have the answer to the crucial question Well, for one thing, it s about my favorite character in the series It s a flip book, as has b [...]

    6. This book is a flipped book, one side representing the case for Snape s innocence, and the other the side for Snapes guilt Both sides aim at making a literary analysis of Snape s ambiguity, attempting to show readers that the text can be taken to mean completely different things The side that argues for Snape s guilt is not as well put together as the side that argues his innocence and redemption This may be because I am biased I m one of those who, even after being presented with Snape killing [...]

    7. I loved the idea of this book and not just because I am a Harry Potter junkie a systematic literary criticism of the Snape character to try to determine whether he s a good guy or a bad guy It was fun to see how various scenes and events in each of the first six books revealed aspects of Snape s character that became important later in the series The book was disappointing, though, because the authors weren t content to make their arguments pro and con and leave it at that They decided to includ [...]

    8. This flip book argued both sides of Severus Snape s story, was his good guy, or villain Logical arguments were presented on both sides, each analyzed Snape e behavior, personality, choices, words and actions Both cases were well made, but, and this could just be because I m biased and I love Snape as a character, the argument for him being a good guy was a lot stronger, and had a great deal depth Two points, this book was written before Deathly Hallows was released, so a lot was speculation, bu [...]

    9. Yes, I ve gone a bit nuts This is a double book one side gives evidence that Snape is bad evidence in the books as well as literary devices used and, strangely, why the casting of Alan Rickman proves it flip it over for the same kinds of evidence proving Snape is good A lot of the proof from the books is the same on both sides Rowling is really good at hiding Snape s true colors, and he really could go either way my vote is GOOD Remember Alan Rickman HAS been a good guy, too It does a good job o [...]

    10. Call me a complete and utter nerd, but yes, I read The Great Snape Debate This book perfectly deconstructs the character of Serverus Snape from the Harry Potter series As I was reading the Harry Potter s, I associated Snape with Voldemort, being just as hateful and cynical Then I found myself completely dumbfounded as I read the scene where Snape is dying and he divulges how he really feels in his last seconds This is what lead me to reading The Great Snape Debate , and I consider it a must read [...]

    11. I remember reading an article about four years ago just before the publication of DH by Orson Scott Card on the topic of Snape It wasn t extraordinary or as detailed as many of the brilliant essays Snape fandom has put out over the years, but it was good writing with some solid points, so I might just take a peek through this book as well Though it s years later, and the Is Snape Good Evil debate has been settled, reading and discussing Snape s role in the Harry Potter books will never get old F [...]

    12. This book was obviously meant to be read BEFORE Deathly Hallows came out, but I didn t get around to it And this year, one of my goals is to read all of the HP related books I have hanging around the house This book is like a series of essays written by a few different people, and it made me want to re read the series again to catch all of the things I ve missed on the first three or eleven readings And honestly, The Case for Snape s Innocence is really better than Guilt.

    13. I really enjoyed reading this after I finished Half Blood Prince I can agree that while the series focuses on Harry I was always a big Snape fan It also probably helped that I am a huge fan of Alan Rickman and thinks he deserves an Oscar for Severus Snape, just saying I enjoyed both sides of this book and it gave us very different views of whether Snape is a good guy or a bad guy It was a great thinking book before reading Deathly Hallows.

    14. I know that it seems kinda pointless to read a debate on whether or not Snape is good or evil now that the Deathly Hallows is published, but Severus has always been my favorite character and I was curious to read the Snape is evil side of the debate I was a bit disappointed that both sides used the same data for Snape is good and Snape is evil None the less a very quick read and entertaining to say the least.

    15. Going into this book, I was on the side that Snape is innocent Coming out of the book, I m still on that side though wavering Perhaps it was my original bias, but the case seemed much stronger on the innocence side of the book even though certain items were repeated again and again The guilty side seemed a bit light and even toward the end, the authors wrote just about Slytherin and not about Snape at all.

    16. I really only completely read the Snape Is Good side, because DUH During the time between the release of Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, this was a wonderfully comprehensive resource for The Debate I spent many many many hours thinking over Snape s allegiance, and this book helped me go from 95% sure to 100% sure that Snape was Dumbledore s man through and through.A tear for our fallen warrior cry

    17. So far I absolutely love this book It brought a lot of good points up and has some really interesting facts I am on to the second side of the book, the one saying that Snape is a bad guy, but that can not change my opinion I will always be on his side because he is a nice guy actually Lets test your knowledge Did you know that J.K Rowling intended that Voldermort to be pronounced Voldermor the t being silent so that it would rhyme with Dumbledore Pretty cool, huh

    18. A lot of these arguments were really weak I didn t like how the book was formatted, and the debates were very outdated and wrong on a lot of points Though, to be fair, the writer can t be blamed for the latter as the book was published before The Deathly Hallows was released but because of that, it s not really worth reading now Unless you want to go back in time and find out what people thought of Snape before the big reveal.

    19. This book is a great read, irrespective of if you ve already read the entire series and or seen the movies Both sides of arguments for and against Snape are solid, and in particular it was interesting to read some key differences that essentially amounted to clues about Snape s allegiance that Rowling okayed for the films that weren t in the book.

    20. a Borders Exclusive book that is fun to flip and read The Case for Snape s Innocence on one side and The Case for Snape s Guilt on the other It was well written and certainly made you think in depth about the previous 6 books I read it before 7 came out when it was fun to predict what was going to happen

    21. This came out before the Deathly Hallows that s the main thing you need to know about this book, other than the fact that it s very interesting and made some excellent point for both sides If Rowling had wanted, she could have worked out some very complicated fates for Severus if she hadn t chosen the rather perfect one she did.

    22. I d already read seven when I read this book, but I wanted to see what people where saying for each side until i read seven i was a great snape hater though that hasn t changed much this book was interesting though i liked to look at the different viewpionts.

    23. Amazing how accurate it was I had never even considered that Snape could be good I was so sucked in to Harry s opinions of him I read this in between HBP and DH so it was a good filler not sure why anyone would read it noweing as the debate is overbut hey, whatever floats your boat

    24. It s a great read and it really helps you understand both sides of the argument It is a perfect read before you read Deathly Hallows I read it 3 weeks before DH because I wanted to understand why people hated Snape so much I always believed he as a Friend not a Foe yeah for me I was right

    25. This book was just super fun to read It s a great change from just reading the Harry Potter book series for the 5th time It sheds some light on the series and how things could have turned out had J.K Rowling made Snape the opposite she did trying to keep spoilers out of it

    26. This book is divided in two, Snape as a friend versus Snape as a foee book is worth reading for the friend Snapes innocence side, which has me convinced that Snape may be a good guyI can t wait for next month to find out

    27. Gripping at the time There were a lot of Snape naysayers before Deathly Hallows came out While the essays are well written, there s not much cause to ever look at it again.

    28. This book really helped me look deeper into the harry potter series s symbolism and arguements about Snape I3 Snape

    29. Perhaps I might have found this book interesting if I hadn t read Harry Potter s 7th book It brings NO new information about snap Waste of time.

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