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House of Dark Shadows/Watcher in the Woods By Robert Liparulo,

  • Title: House of Dark Shadows/Watcher in the Woods
  • Author: Robert Liparulo
  • ISBN: 9781595547125
  • Page: 446
  • Format: None
  • House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods Two Complete Novels in One Volume by Robert Liparulo.
    House of Dark Shadows Watcher in the Woods House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods Two Complete Novels in One Volume by Robert Liparulo

    One thought on “House of Dark Shadows/Watcher in the Woods”

    1. I ll try to split this between the two stories, but they flow together so seamlessly that I didn t realize I d started the second book until I noticed I was reading another chapter 5.In the first book, House of Dark Shadows , we are introduced to the King family, mom, dad, little sister Toria, middle son David, and oldest son Xander Alexander They are on the way to Pinedale, where dad has just gotten a new job as principle in a school there None of the kids are overly thrilled about the movebut [...]

    2. I honestly really enjoyed this book I especially loved how supenseful all the fights are It really catches you on edge At almost every part of the book I got goosebumps It s almost as if you are in the King family It s extremely hard too put down the book, and when you do you regret it every minute you that you aren t reading it I recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense and mystery.

    3. This book was an easy read The fight action scenes are very well written After the first book, I was hesitant to even start the 2nd I d say this series is a mix between Chronicles of Narnia and Jamanji.

    4. it was pretty boring at first some parts were okay but the boys acted scared i would not recommend this book to a friend at all People said some good stuff about this book and so i was like it sounds good so i will read it i did not like this book at all.

    5. I got this book from the library because in the blurb it sounded interesting It turned out to be not so interesting once I started reading.I love the concept, that there s a weird old house out there that can do things that aren t normal, like have portals to different places and times, but it didn t work as well in execution as I thought it would I m not even really sure why but I think it was the characters I had a hard time connecting with them, so I had a hard time caring what happened to th [...]

    6. If you like a creepy tale that is so real you think it might actually be able to happen, this one s for you When a family moves across country to live in a house filled with strange sounds and mysterious portals to other places in the local school, two boys can t help but be drawn into exploring the possibilities But then, the impossible begins to happen and they are in a race for their lives Good, creepy fare for anytime, but especially the Halloween season.

    7. I really enjoyed both of these books Actually, I had a hard time putting the Watcher In The Woods down It was a surprise when I hit the last page and had to start the next book in the series Gatekeepers Great family story, strong sibling support, and a downright good little thriller.

    8. These books were very odd to begin with because of the fact that it starts of boring but they are great books and well wrote

    9. I love this entire series It is a fun adventure through doors that take you to unknown time and place and you must find your way home Great read for Jr High on up.

    10. I love these books It is so engaging and interesting to read I at first was skeptical, but now I wish there were books to it even though there is 6 books

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