[E-Book] ☆ Murder at the Nightwood Bar | by ✓ Katherine V. Forrest

Murder at the Nightwood Bar By Katherine V. Forrest,

  • Title: Murder at the Nightwood Bar
  • Author: Katherine V. Forrest
  • ISBN: 9780930044923
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Delafield investigates the murder of a homeless 19 year old addict prostitute, whose battered body is found outside a popular lesbian bar.
    Murder at the Nightwood Bar Kate Delafield investigates the murder of a homeless year old addict prostitute whose battered body is found outside a popular lesbian bar

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    1. This book was simply amazing I read it under 24 hours and lost track of the number of times it made me cry Forget Rizzoli and Isles this is a proper lesbian detective This book was part murder mystery and also part social commentary I bought a recent edition, 2003 and thought it was a modern book set in the 80s, but then I went back and saw that it was actually first published in 1985 It is such an interesting snapshot of the lesbian community at that time Issues of women being out at work, gay [...]

    2. I really enjoyed this book, definitely than I did Amateur City the first in the series I guess the murder was a interesting one to read about 19 year old girl outside a gay nightbar, instead of a middle aged business man, with its supporting cast of characters being mostly all the other lesbians who frequent said bar rather than boring old business men P It also reminded me a LOT of an episode of SVU, which I guess added to the interest I could get into it because of that, and there seemed t [...]

    3. Quick note only I read Forrest s Daughters of a Coral Dawn a few years back and was sort of ho hum about it take away its lesbian agenda and you were left with a pretty poor sf novel This is the first of her mysteries I ve tried, and I was very pleasantly surprised.Lesbian LAPD homicide cop Kate Delafield investigates the murder of a young, innocent seeming woman outside a well known lesbian bar, and encounters dark secrets, wise and foolish lesbians, a brief romance, and eventually a solution t [...]

    4. This is a period piece sort of a quintessential lesbian murder mystery The protagonist is a closeted police detective thrust into the investigation of a lesbian at a lesbian bar Though some of the supporting characters at the bar are cough a little broadly drawn, they do seem to reflect the culture of the era though I wasn t exactly hanging out in lesbian bars in the mid 1980s, being in elementary school at the time Though I don t want to give away the plot, I will warn you that the initial murd [...]

    5. just re read this for the umpteenth time and still a great story Kate knows who she is a female cop who is a lesbian This is not a coming out story, but a mystery with a lesbian lead.

    6. Although I much prefer the Brits for murder mysteries, this was quite servicable Much less broadly drawn and overwrought than some lesbian fiction tends to be.

    7. very entertaining, sometimes a little flat in terms of foreseeable turns in the storyline, a good holiday read.

    8. Kate Delafield is a lesbian detective as skillfully drawn as Grafton s Kinsey Millhone and other biggies in female led mystery fiction.

    9. Most books I rate five stars I know right away that it s possible Oh, something might happen that lowers it, sometimes all the way to 1 star, or even no stars, but I tend to know This one Sneaked up on me I figured for the longest time, while I was reading it, that it would likely end up being somewhere between a three and four star work There wasn t really anything to put it there, just nothing that leapt out at me grabbed me by the neck and screamed this will be a five star book At least not t [...]

    10. An intriguing read, that s well plotted, and that definitely improves towards its end Its character scenes are definitely worthy of stars Unfortunately, it perhaps only improves towards the end because I got used to the style of writing, which is, most of the time, pretty basic and obvious Any subtlety and symbolism is painfully pointed out and explained, and any connections are made clear through an excessive use of italics and ellipsis which, to be fair, as the book progresses, do actually be [...]

    11. Murder at the Nightwood Bar a Kate Delafield Mystery, by Catherine V Forrest, a minus, Borrowed from National Library Services for the Blind This is one of the earliest Kate Delafield mysteries Kate is a detective in the Los Angeles Police Department starting in the 1980 s Kate is also a lesbian, not very out at work But she and her partner are called to the scene of a murder at the Nightwood Bar, a lesbian bar A woman has been living in a van on the property, and she is murdered right next to h [...]

    12. Like many of the mysteries I ve unpacked and raced through when too tired to continue reading academic books or novels that I want to pay close attention to, this doesn t read quite as well today as it did twenty years ago It wasn t bad, and in the 1980s it had the virtue of being one of not all that many lesbian mystery novels, but overall its main interest lies in its being now somewhat of a period piece The psychology of the various characters, especially the victim s parents, is pretty progr [...]

    13. I usually read a book I think I won t like after I read a book that I absolutely loved Perhaps this is a strange process, but I m always afraid something moderately good will suffer by comparison After all, don t we date bad people so that we ll know exceptional when we see it This book was actually not as bad as I expected, it was at least entertaining I m not really sure how all these mystery books get in my house, but perhaps it has something to do with the number of houseguests I have in a y [...]

    14. Forrest injects too much of her own lesbian emotions into the book instead of staying objective And one thing that really irritates me is that, in her efforts to make men look as repulsive as possible, she makes sure to point out that certain men have thick, darkly matted hairy forearms I m a true blue dyed in the wool lesbian, but even I m not as much of a man hater as she is.Very disappointed to read this again after 15ish years.

    15. mystery Solid LA noir detective story with a 1980s post Stonewall, pre Ellen lesbian theme This was one of three books taught by my Tampere colleague Maarit in a course on detectives with a difference, and bought at the campus bookshop by me to read on the train It was good then and good now I would read others by the same author.

    16. Katherine Forrest is my all time favorite writer of lesbian mysteries This is the second book in her LAPD homicide detective Kate Delafield series As I worked my way through this series I grew in my knowledge of social justice.

    17. The writing isoh, let me not criticize It s a fun little murder mystery with a good twist at the end The epilogue made me tear up a little.

    18. Very well written Kate is a wonderful character and her cop skills are on point She is flawed in very human ways and the story line is intriguing.

    19. Another good read and murder mystery.Merged review Not usually into murder mysteriesbut this would be an intersting opening to the genre.

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