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Set Sail for Murder By Carolyn G. Hart,

  • Title: Set Sail for Murder
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780060724030
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O Dwyer Collins, Henrie O to her friends, receives a call for help, she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes Although she refused Jimmy Lennox s marriage proposal, there is still a special place for him in her heart She wished him well when he found happiness with Sophia Montgomery, world famous documentary filmmWhen retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O Dwyer Collins, Henrie O to her friends, receives a call for help, she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes Although she refused Jimmy Lennox s marriage proposal, there is still a special place for him in her heart She wished him well when he found happiness with Sophia Montgomery, world famous documentary filmmaker and stepmother to the now grown heirs of a great fortune Sophia is at odds with the heirs, and Jimmy fears for her safety He asks Henrie O to come along with the family on a Baltic cruise Henrie O can t turn down her old friend, though old passions are stirred when he calls.On the voyage she soon realizes this dysfunctional family is plunging toward destruction and one of the travelers has murder in mind As the ports of call pass Copenhagen, Gdynia, Tallinn, St Petersburg death inexorably approaches Henrie O works desperately to save Jimmy and to bring hope to lives blighted by anger, resentment, and heartbreak.
    Set Sail for Murder When retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O Dwyer Collins Henrie O to her friends receives a call for help she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes Although she refused Jimmy Lenno

    One thought on “Set Sail for Murder”

    1. 3.5 stars A good ending to the series with Henri O going on a cruise on the Baltic Sea at the request of her old friend Jimmy to try and prevent a murder That doesn t work and she ends up solving it I liked this story and it was well written.

    2. My first mystery genre read and it was basically a flop Oddly enough, this light mystery was the right concentration I could muster at the moment I m just happy to finally get through a book I ve been trying to tackle my back of the burner list things I ve put on hold because I d rather be reading so I didn t have much time for reading This book seemed to be the best choice to read inbetween chores from the books I had lined up to read and apparently I was right I felt the others just needed co [...]

    3. Pretty good mystery it was the perfect book to read during my cruise vacation I swear the picture of the deck on the cover was shot on my ship I tend to like the Death on Demand series better than Henrie O but this is the second one I ve read with her and she is starting to grow on me I was not surprised to find out who the murderer was but I thought the characterization was well done and this story had a little depth to it than a lot of cozy mysteries.

    4. Henrie O agrees to go on a cruise to help an old friend convince his wife she is in danger from one of her step kids But who might it be The drama in this book was so gripping I had a hard time putting it down.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    5. a fun murder mystery i enjoy these wholesome books a good plotmeone in the family trying to murder someone for the inheritencebutwho is itd will they succeed all happening aboard a cruise.ghtful

    6. Henrie O has been asked by her friend,Jimmy Lennox, to go a cruise with his wife and her step children Jimmy believes won of the children who are adults is trying to kill his wife but she doesn t see the danger.Jimmy has asked for Henrie s help because of her background as a reporter and because he trusts her The cruise is in the Baltic and most of the action occurs on the ship The book was a quick easy read.

    7. A fun little who dunnit on a cruise ship Very descriptive and picturesque, you feel the waves beneath your feet The ending wasn t a total shock but I had not figured it out just yet A good summer read for teens or adults.

    8. A good mystery, just complex enough In addition, it made me want to take a Baltic cruise Readable, without some of the annoying conventions that this genre sometimes entails I d read another by this author.

    9. This was an enjoyable read This series is not as riveting as the Death on Demand series, but still worth reading.

    10. When I picked this one up, I didn t realize it was 7th in a series That didn t seem to matter too much My biggest issue with this book is that the characters weren t all that likable I didn t care that the victim died because she wasn t a nice person If you don t care that they died, then you probably don t care if their murderer gets caught I sure didn t.

    11. Set Sail for Murder is the 7th book of the modern day Henrie O series by Carolyn Hart Henrietta O Dwyer Collins is a retired journalist and amateur sleuth When her long time friend and former lover Jimmy Lennox calls after many years and begs for her help, she cannot refuse He needs her to come on a luxury cruise in the Baltic with his family, to find out which family member is trying to kill his wife Sophie When Henrie O meets the family, she learns there were reasons for the Riordans to hate S [...]

    12. Carolyn Hart s long awaited seventh installment in the highly popular Henri O series after six years takes you on a exotic and opulent cruise The book kicks off with spunky retired journalist Henri O receiving a phone call from dear friend and one time lover, Jimmy Lennox Jimmy s wife glamorous world famous documentary film maker, Sophia, has been barely escaping some weird accidents that she just shrugs and shakes off as coincidence Jimmy fears for his wife s safety and pleads with Henri O to j [...]

    13. Set Sail for Murder by Carolyn Hart is seventh in her Henrie O series Henrie O is a former reporter, now in her 70s but still full of curiosity and affection and life She is not a sweet old lady although she can be genuinely kind and affectionate She is a smart, investigative reporter, who has lost her beloved husband to a murderer and in time honored fashion at least cozy time continues to solve the murders that keep coming her way.Hart has a real talent for making her locations so real you can [...]

    14. This was a nice little mystery, though I do marvel at the whole idea of helping an ex lover protect his wife something doesn t ring true to me on this.From the PublisherWhen retired newspaper reporter Henrietta O Dwyer Collins, Henrie O to her friends, receives a call for help, she discovers that love once kindled never burns to ashes Although she refused Jimmy Lennox s marriage proposal, there is still a special place for him in her heart She wished him well when he found happiness with Sophia [...]

    15. So I think out of all these Henrie O books, this may have been my favorite Henrie gets asked to take a cruise by her former lover Jimmy to help weed out the culprit in a botched attempt to kill Jimmy s current wife Sophia Sophia, who has 5 step children from a previous marriage, holds the trusts to each of them left by their father, Sophia s second husband Of course, Sophia is somewhat of a bitch and plays the part of a nasty stepmother well All the kids are over 20, but she believes that in her [...]

    16. A Henrie O mystery Henrie is invited by an ex lover to go on a cruise with his new wife and various children An unusual request but Henrie O is always going to be there for Jimmy He is frightened somebody in the family is trying to kill his wife because of a Trust due to be changed and the decision is all in the hands of the wife Once aboard Henrie O soon discovers how things are between family members disintegrating She comes aboard and fakes surprise at seeing Jimmy and his wife and family but [...]

    17. The best Henrie O book turns out to be the last Carolyn Hart never disappoints, except in this situation I am so disappointed she stopped writing this series Smart, sharp and well written, I think these books are the best and I would love to read of this character.Henrie O s former lover asks her to help him figure out who s trying to kill his wife He pays her way to accompany him, his wife, and her late husband s children on a cruise Subterfuge and lying and beautiful descriptions of scenery a [...]

    18. 3 stars Like most of Carolyn Hart s mysteries this one is predictable, and any avid mystery fan will have solved the mystery long before the denouement Still, there are new characters who are well described and portrayed, and Henri O is a master of observation and conversation There are also interesting travel notes as the cruise ship calls at various classical and historically significant ports It was an enjoyable read, and Hart will continue to be on the list of authors I read.

    19. I loved this book I couldn t put it down I loved the visuals I got from reading about the places the characters visited I enjoyed the details in which characters were described as well as the surroundings The only thing was that I guessed the murderer early on I kept rethinking my guess as the story progressed, but in the end it was who I thought That didn t not take away from the enjoyment of the book though Looking forward to from Carolyn Hart

    20. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes murder mystery books It is a little slow at times, too much detail that does not tie into the plot, but this does not get in the way of the book It has nice twists at the end This is the first book I think of the Henrie O series that I have read, so maybe the detail would tie in better if I started at the beginning.

    21. Henrie O is an amazing character I admire her values and her determination to do her duty no matter the cost to herself It s rather like being surrounded by the women I grew up around I always feel good when I ve finished one of her books and I know that my outlook is alterer for at least a while.

    22. It s a good book, of sorts I ve read better, but I ve also read much much worse However, my opinions of characters kept swinging wildly between exasperation at their idiocy, and sympathy Woman, Hart , find a character that we can form a solid opinion on AT LEAST ONE THEY DON T ALL NEED TO BE ENIGMAS

    23. This murder mystery takes place on a cruise ship sailing the Baltic Sea It visits many ports that I visited on my 2003 Baltic cruise so it was an enjoyable read The only problem is that I figured out who the murderer was long before the book ended Still, it was interesting and I would like to read another book by this author.

    24. Lovely murder mystery You always hear that people write in the style of famous authors and it usually isn t true, but in this case it is very like Agatha Christie You have the party of people who all have a motive for murder and by conversation and research and a little observation the crime is solved and the innocent set free to live their lives by a gentle lady Definitely worth reading.

    25. An old fashioned but in a good way to me cozy ish mystery that is a very quick, entertaining read I figured out whodunnit, but that didn t matter On reread, it s a bit too long, and Hart overuses the mother stepmother vs children plot in this series, but I didn t mind I m sad to be done with my reread of the entire Henrie O series, which is top notch cozy territory.

    26. Another good Henrie O mystery even though I was correct about whodunnit I guess Carolyn Hart s books have become predictable to me but I had this figured out almost from the beginning of the book.The good thing is that Ms Hart manages to write in a whimsical and descriptive manner to keep my interest and attention All in all, another rousing successful story.

    27. A good mystery It kept me guessing but in the end my suspicions proved valid She s a little on the poetic side and that messes up the feeling of the rest of the book A little too much time pontificating on life.

    28. The book was okay A little slow reading and I figured out who had done it at about the midway point So the ending was not so much of a surprise Not sure if I would buy of this series but would read if they were free.

    29. Light reading for a mystery This is the first Carolyn Hart Henri O book that I have read and I don t know, based on this one, whether I will read any I expected a little beef and not so much fluff.

    30. I like mysteries It probably started when I was a girl and read every Nancy Drew book written I still like a light mystery that is a quick read These Carolyn Hart books fit that bill Light, enjoyable a quick weekend read She has two different series and their are 24 in all.

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