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Engaged to Die By Carolyn G. Hart,

  • Title: Engaged to Die
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9780060004705
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Barnes Noble ReviewAward winning author Carolyn Hart opens an exciting new chapter in the story of insatiably curious Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore Love is in the air on the Low Country island of Broward s Rock Annie is passionately devoted to her charming husband, Max her young holiday helper, Chloe, is entranced by the sexy stThe Barnes Noble ReviewAward winning author Carolyn Hart opens an exciting new chapter in the story of insatiably curious Annie Darling, owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore Love is in the air on the Low Country island of Broward s Rock Annie is passionately devoted to her charming husband, Max her young holiday helper, Chloe, is entranced by the sexy stranger she s been meeting late at night on the pier and widow Virginia Neville is about to mix business with pleasure by announcing her engagement at the opening of her gallery s exciting new exhibit But while Virginia is clearly head over heels for her talented portraitist, not everyone is ready to wish her well Her late husband s family, in particular, is in an uproar, believing she ll squander what should have been their inheritance on the handsome young man And when Virginia s fiance and Chloe s heartthrob turn out to be one and the same, than hearts get broken The charming rogue is bludgeoned to death one fogbound night, and an alarming amount of evidence points to Chloe as the murderer especially after she flees the scene and evades the police To make matters worse, Max is aiding the authorities, while Annie is fighting to clear Chloe s name As fans of the series fans know, it will take than marital discord, blackmail, and threats to deter Annie Darling s amateur detecting Sue Stone
    Engaged to Die The Barnes Noble ReviewAward winning author Carolyn Hart opens an exciting new chapter in the story of insatiably curious Annie Darling owner of the Death on Demand mystery bookstore Love is in the a

    One thought on “Engaged to Die”

    1. This series has some obvious cozy appeal mystery book store owner solves mysteries on charming storybook island that kept me interested enough to read several of its titles But I think I m done with this series for now, or at least going to take a break from it There are few things that have disappointed me in several Death on Demand books, and which seemed especially to be the case in this book The plots feel formulaic and, in this case, disjointed there was a whole subplot that felt like it be [...]

    2. Surprised her books receiving such high ratings In this, only one I ve read, characters not well developed at all Just a very shallow, skim writing style OK, to while away time and relax, but never grabs you by seat of pants.

    3. Will not finish Won t read in this series Here s why.1 death on demand is a mystery bookstore The author throws in references to other mysteries at least once per chapter Specific books the bookstore customers bought title and author and a friend that challenges the protagonist with mystery trivia, to which she knows all the answers This is distracting and doesn t add to the plot at all.2 The protagonist makes decisions that are impossible to swallow as realistic It s difficult to imagine any r [...]

    4. This story was a bore While the Death on Demand series was initially very good, the stories now seem like a re hash In this one, it was fairly obvious who the muderer was very early on Also, the constant references to Annie and Max s romantics liaisons became tiresome We get it, Annie Max is a hottie We get it, Max, you want to get into bed with Annie at least 3x a day Each of these books also feature a contest, where Annie hires a painter EACH month, to create several paintings of book covers T [...]

    5. In Engaged to Die , the 14th book in the Death on Demand series by Carolyn G Hart, the January night is perfect for the party to celebrate the engagement between Virginia Neville and Jake O Neill, but when the time arrives for the big announcement, Jake is nowhere to be found That is, until someone finds his body with his head bashed in on the beach And Chloe Martin, Annie s holiday assistant at her store, who has thought that Jake was dating her exclusively until she learns otherwise at the par [...]

    6. I love Carolyn Harts Death on Demand series.e central character is Annie, who runs a mystery book store called Death on Demand There are secondary characters that you love, love to hate and laugh with Each story takes place with a new character, but it doesn t take away from the existing ones It all just works The only downsideere are numerous mystery titles that come up those listed on the coffee mugs to the monthly contest in the store the titles mentioned when a new shipment comes in, or some [...]

    7. Virginia Neville is a former nurse She is quite happy to be a wealthy widow Even with her step children A reason she s especially happy is her much younger fiance Too bad the man is murdered the night of their engagement party Too bad the man wast he type to sleep around and had than one bad relationship in his past One of whom works for Annie when she becomes the chief suspect, it s Annie to the rescue There wasn t a lot of Laurel in this book which is nice but this was overall just an okay my [...]

    8. Love is in the air but, alas, so is murder When wealthy, widowed art patron Virginia Neville officially announces her engagement to Jake O Neill her handsome, charm, and much younger fiance at a gala gallery opening, not all the gathered friends and stepfamily are pleased And before the last champagne bubble pops, murder disrupts the grand celebration Bookstore owner Annie Darling has a vested interest in the investigation, and she s determined to untangle an unholy marriage of jealousy, blackma [...]

    9. This is the first mystery by Carolyn Hart that I ve read full disclosure I didn t read it I listened to the book on CD narrated by Kate Reading It was a satisfying mystery in that I could keep the plot and characters straight, even when some time had elapsed between listening sessions the principal characters were pretty engaging and I didn t figure out who the murderer was before the book revealed it.Annie Darling, the adored wife of Max Darling, runs a book shop specializing in mysteries and, [...]

    10. Awake all night on pins and needles, October 22, 2012 By Ellen Rappaport Florida This review is from Engaged to Die Death on Demand Mysteries, No 14 Mass Market Paperback I have enjoyed this author, Carolyn Hart, and this series for several years The Death on Demand with Annie Max Darling is a great mystery series I ve also read many Henrie O and Bailey Ruth books by the same author.I started listening to this wonderful story on CD and couldn t turn it off In this story Jake is engaged to a weal [...]

    11. this is not a typical book from this series It s focused on characters who aren t fully developed she spends most of the book on these characters It doesn t really contain the series regulars that have depth and textureat many readers have grown to love.It s almost a little detour, this book It s entertaining enough, but there is something unsatisfying about it as a mystery to me as an intellectual exercise, it s entertaining, but I just didn t really care what happens to the characters Caroly [...]

    12. Wealthy Virginia Neville is throwing a party to announce her engagement to the much younger artist Jake O Neill A murder mars their engagement party and Annie Darling becomes involved when the assistant in her store, Chloe Martin, becomes a prime suspect There is a sub plot involving a bad night manager at a retirement home This subplot seems to only be there to add about fifty pages to the book and to add some drama to the ending The ending seemed rushed and a good explanation of all the murder [...]

    13. 14 in the death on demand mystery series featuring Max and Annie Darling set on the small island of Broward s Rock off the South Carolina coast Story involves a wealthy art gallery owning island family with the widow about to announce her engagement to a younger man who is found murdered during the celebration Annie and Max attend the gathering are on scene shortly after the murder whose main suspect is a young girl who works for Annie in her bookstore Annie firmly believes that she is innocent [...]

    14. It s been such a long time since I read this book Now that I think, of it, why don t I read by this author It s part of a successful series, and I need to get busy and find some .This one is about a step family and an art gallery But the sleuths are Darling or at least that s their surname I ll let you know if I find of these.

    15. I m quite fond of this particular series Usually I don t guess the murderer until shortly before the reveal The ending and motives are always well presented and plausible The books always include the titles and authors of other mystery books this introduces the reader to other good mystery titles.

    16. Fun setting for a mystery series an island off the Carolina coast Our heroine owns a mystery book shop There are many references to classic and contemporary mysteries, and that was fun As far as mysteries go, it was mildly entertaining in spite of some real improbabilities.

    17. I enjoyed this Death on Demand series mystery even than the first one I read This is my second I listen to these and I like the narrator Mitzi Friedlander This book kept my interest going from the start

    18. I generally like the Death on Demand series, but this one just fell very flat and could not keep my interest.

    19. I listened to this book Although I was surprised at the murderer, I can t say that I thoroughly enjoyed this one I will still continue my adventures with Annie Darling.

    20. I love Carolyn Hart s mysteries especially the Death on Demand series Henry O is not my favorite It makes for a fun, easy read with just enough tension to make it interesting.

    21. Liked this one Still wonder why anyone would be a friend of Annie She is always mad, glaring, etc Not the best of the series and I thought easily solvable But a nice, easy read.

    22. I read this series, but sometimes find myself annoyed with the heroine If Annie is so gungho with work why is she constantly out of her store, leaving others to watch it

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