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MasterHarper of Pern By Anne McCaffrey,

  • Title: MasterHarper of Pern
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345388230
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pern a beautiful world ravaged by Thread, the deadly spores that fall like silver rain, devouring every single living thing in their path Pern where dragons flaming breath burns Thread out of the sky before it can drop on the helpless land below Pern where harper songs warn of Thread, record history, and prepare for the future The harpers are the glue that holds thePern a beautiful world ravaged by Thread, the deadly spores that fall like silver rain, devouring every single living thing in their path Pern where dragons flaming breath burns Thread out of the sky before it can drop on the helpless land below Pern where harper songs warn of Thread, record history, and prepare for the future The harpers are the glue that holds the people of Pern together and no man is influential than the Masterharper of Pern.In a time when no Thread has fallen for centuries when, indeed, many are beginning to dare hope that Thread will never fall again a boy is born to Harper Hall His name is Robinton, and he is destined to be one of the most famous and beloved leaders Pern has ever known.The son of Petiron, renowned composer, and Merelan, one of Pern s most gifted singers, Robinton is a prodigy from birth As a child, he is already composing music that the apprentice and journeyman harpers play with delight And he also discovers another gift he as the ability to speak with the dragons, who tend to reach out telepathically only to their riders.But not everyone appreciates his talents His own father, driven by jealousy, spurns the boy And far to the north, in the High Reaches, trouble is brewing in the form of a despotic holder, Fax, who hates harpers in general and Robinton in particular.It is a perilious time for harpers They sing of Thread, yet and people are beginning to doubt the return of that deadly scourge They teach reading, writing, and history, yet Fax is determined to keep his growing area of influence free of the learning that might sow unrest And they extol the dragonriders, whom many view increasingly as a drain on the resources of the Holds Now harpers are being turned away from holds and, worse yet, they are being derided, attacked, and even beaten It is in this climax of unrest that Robinton will come into his own For despite the tragedies that beset his own life, he continues to believe in music and in the dragons, and he is determined to save his beloved Pern from itself that the dragonriders can be ready to fly against the dreaded Threat when at last it returns as the teaching song sings Dragonmen must fly when Threads are in the sky
    MasterHarper of Pern Pern a beautiful world ravaged by Thread the deadly spores that fall like silver rain devouring every single living thing in their path Pern where dragons flaming breath burns Thread out of the sky

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    1. A book I wanted to love it s about Robinton but found incredibly frustrating instead Between the historical inconsistencies with books that came out both before and after how can he be teaching students about a document that was lost and forgotten for over 1500 years and the attempt to make things fit entirely too neatly, the parts I liked his childhood and relationship with his parents, which was very well done, and his marriage, which was as well were overshadowed by the parts that made me gri [...]

    2. I ve figured out why Anne McCaffrey frequently stated that the Pern novels should be read in publication order rather than by their internal chronology It s because she couldn t be arsed to keep accurate notes about the series and didn t want her readers to catch on to that fact by noticing the errors My favorite example of this is how the rapid progress of Piemur and Jancis relationship At the end of The Renegades of Pern they finally slept together for the first time Then the workers at Landin [...]

    3. I ve realized that Ms McCaffrey s books offend me in exactly the same way the Sex and the City movies offend me that the main characters and their dysfunctional relationships are supposed to be somehow sympathetic, if not outright aspirational In this book, Robinton himself is less obnoxious than her usual main character even if I thought the one scene where he compared holding his mom to holding his wife really Freudian and gross, but Merelan is excessively odious trying to hide his talents fro [...]

    4. MasterHarper of Pern showed improvement in plotting and characterization compared to the few books published prior I think this was largely helped by the fact that it s a prequel to Dragonflight, so all of the big plot elements have already been established.Robinton is a major character found in the first few Pern novels and any story that takes place in the Ninth Pass timeline of Pern He s the MasterHarper, in charge of Harper Hall, has a fondness for red wine and friendship, and is a talented [...]

    5. I like the Harpers of Pern and their role in keeping tradition alive and their role as educators It s hard to swallow Petiron as a character and the way everyone puts up with his annoying traits, but is too afraid to tell him how obnoxious he is How is he ever supposed to learn if he stays a cosseted prima donna I thought that was how a character like Halanna learned to become a better person, by being exposed to her own faults Weird Finally, the second half of the book was torture Suddenly bare [...]

    6. A basic premise of the Dragonsinger Trilogy is that women were not trained as harpers so Menolly is breaking down all kinds of gender barriers on Pern when she goes to Harper Hall Now in this book we re supposed to accept that Robinton s mother was a renowned harper I had a hard time getting over that MAJOR continuity issued the rest of the book wasn t very interesting either.

    7. Thirteenth in the chronological order for the Pern fantasy science fiction series and revolving around dragonriders and harpers The focus is on Robinton, a harper who goes on to greatness The stories are a mess in following a chronological order It s one reason I undertook a re read of the series Click this link if you want to explore my version.My TakeThis one is a biography which provides the background for the three primary stories of the Pern series Dragonflight, 14, Dragonquest, 15, and the [...]

    8. The Masterharper of Pern by science fiction queen Anne McCaffrey is one of her best works She tells the life story of the great Masterharper Robinton, from his troubled childhood to his musical genius He is a favourite character in the Pern series.Would it be wrong of me to hijack my own review and compare the way Anne writes about Robinton with the way her son writes about his own favourite character Kindan Anne has passed the storywriting baton to her son Todd McCaffrey who has imo mutilated P [...]

    9. McCaffrey offers a prelude to her original Dragonrider novels by revisiting a main character of those stories, Masterharper Robinton However this might be interesting if he was of a protagonist and less of an observer to events happening about Pern This sort of treatment cumulates at the end of the book when Robinton finds himself present to one of the most important scenes of the entire series, a Forest Gump like insertion into the storyline An ok story, but could have been so much .

    10. I m rereading the Pern books because I was nostalgic This book remained in my collection, but I still can t give it a great review As much as I love Robinton, this book is the ultimate retconn.As I ve been rereading Pern, the inconsistencies and typos and name issues really began to bother me I had to wonder who the heck was editing, because there was no cross checking, and things just don t fit together right.I liked this book, but I have to consider it a fanfic of Pern rather than direct canon [...]

    11. This book covers a lot of ground It s interesting to see what pieces of Robinton s life McCaffrey zeroes in on and what pieces she summarizes unfortunately because it starts so early with Robinton s birth, there is quite a lot of summary.I enjoyed this read, for sure, but there is a part of me that almost feels a little bit like Robinton might have been better served by the pre existing mystery Some characters, like Boba Fett and Darth Vader in Star Wars, lose some of their magic when we know to [...]

    12. I normally like the Pern books, but this one fell sort of flat for me The core drama revolves around the harpers and a particularly greedy man named Fax, who starts gobbling up Holds There s very little to do with the dragonriders, although they do appear occasionally, and much time is spent on the main character s poor relationship with his father Love interests also die surprisingly quickly, making it hard to care about them as characters or feel any involvement in the relationships.It s a ser [...]

    13. I ve read all the Pern books and think they re basically okay, though they do tend to have a YA feel about them Her characters are all interesting but don t have any depth to them What she s good at is world building The only books in this series that I ve ever re read are the two featuring Menolly, whose story is interesting than most Robinton is, of course, a beloved character by that time, so it was interesting to read of his early life, but if you ve read the other books, you already know m [...]

    14. I love Robinton, and I really, really wanted to love this book It was ok but only ok I wish she d get someone else to check for historical inconsistency as it bugs me immensely when it pops up.

    15. This should have been a wonderful book, it s about Robinton one of the most likeable characters in the Pern books But I am sorry to say Anne McCaffrey blew it big time Of course this was at the height of the publish anything with Dragon in the title mania It wouldn t be so bad if McCaffrey stayed true to her own plots and continuity With Masterharper she totally destroys plot and continuity Continuity glitch 1 Robinton s mother is a Harper Since when Remember Menolly She was a shameful thing, a [...]

    16. How can you go wrong with another installment of the original story line This is all about good old Robinton, and takes us forward from his birth until the confrontation between F lar and Lord Fax in Ruatha that took place in Dragonflight.The hook of this story is the events, largely centered around Fax, at the end of the long turn We start we meet many of the characters when they are young, including F lon, father of F lar and F nor Throughout the book we find out a few facts about other charac [...]

    17. In earlier books in this series, we meet Masterharper Robinton, but what do we know of his early life This is his story, from his birth up through the events at Ruatha Hold that lead off the first book Dragonflight Along the way we learn about his mother, Merelan, a Mastersinger, and his father, Petiron, a Mastercomposer, and their family dynamics From his earliest childhood Robinton is immensely musically talented but his father never notices In addition to the story of Robinton, this book also [...]

    18. Another quiet diversion This one gives the back story on a character from some of the early books Robington is seen from the time he is a child, growing up under a stern father and loving mother We see him try to persuade people that Thread is still a threat even though it has been many Turns since anyone has witnessed it In fact, those alive have never seen it and only know of its existence through legend Reading in the order of publication was a bit confusing, because things hinted at had alre [...]

    19. I though this book was okay The characters have a little depth than the usual McCaffrey cut out, but I don t think that the Robinton portrayed in this story is the Robinton that we see in the rest of the series I just ignored the fact that they were supposed to be the same person and just went along with the story There are some huge time jumps as well that I wish had been fleshed out a bit But overall I d say it s better than at least half of the other Pern books in the series so far.

    20. I have read and reread Masterharper of Pern many times It is one of my favorites in the series tracing the life of the renowned Robinton from birth to mastersinger Meralon and hyper critical composer Petiron through his nurturing and protecting the gifted boy by the entire craft hall from his father, jealous of anyone taking the time and energy of his wife from him Robinton moves from one place to another gaining experience and wisdom dealing with lords, dragonriders, common folk as he is groome [...]

    21. I so wanted to give this book four stars since Robinton is my favorite character in the Pern series But the inconsistencies between this book and the first trilogy were so annoying It s hasn t been so long since I read DF, DQ, and TWD and it bugged me throughout the entire book I feel like this book just confused everything If you re going to write a book about a character already a pretty major character in your other books, do your research first Don t just write it hoping that everything stay [...]

    22. It seems that the author s intent in this books is to mention every major and minor character that appears somewhere in either the original Dragonriders trilogy or the Harper Hall trilogy Unfortunately, this appears to drive the book rather than a story the author wants to tell It s like talking to an old relative whose telling you stories of your father and your grandfather There are lots of names you don t know and some stories you simply wonder why they chose to tell them There are also stori [...]

    23. This was my first Pern book, and it is now my favorite book to get lost in I found the first Lessa book, Dragonflight, difficult to keep reading, but this story had me hooked from the start It inspired me to read every other dragon book she wrote some great, others not so much I even managed to get through her co authorship with son, Todd McCaffrey if only the one book Robinton is a fun, whimsical character, and he fits in perfectly for this world, even though I know this volume is not one of th [...]

    24. Very good storyI enjoyed this story very much It explained a lot that I had previously wondered about This could be read as a stand alone novel or as part of the series Very engaging.

    25. I have mixed feelings about this one it follows a character who I love, in a fun setting, and I really enjoyed the exploration of craft and the role of music in Pern s education However It also got into the politics of Pern, which I don t enjoy nearly as much.

    26. This one is pretty slow, except for the ending, but I won t reveal that.However, I wasn t bored The story line was comfortable and features McCaffrey s superb style of storytelling What could I want

    27. Definitely not the quickest moving of her books, and there are some weird issues that seem like she didn t really reread her other books before she wrote this Kind of nice to discover one I hadn t read, though.

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