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Rock This! By Chris Rock,

  • Title: Rock This!
  • Author: Chris Rock
  • ISBN: 9780786885602
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • The National Bestseller now in trade paperback From today s hottest stand up comic heir to Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and known for his Emmy Award winning HBO Specials and The Chris Rock Show comes this edgy, no holds barred humor book about race, relationships, and politics.
    Rock This The National Bestseller now in trade paperback From today s hottest stand up comic heir to Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy and known for his Emmy Award winning HBO Specials and The Chris Rock Show come

    One thought on “Rock This!”

    1. Chris answers many questions that are afraid to be answered by most in Rock This by Chris Rock He makes a lot of connections with people s opinions, and gives his own throughout the book, such as Why white people can t say the N word , crack heads , many other subjects that have become controversy s This book is filled with jokes, and things that will literally make you laugh out loud My opinion on Rock This is that I really enjoyed it Sitting in class being forced to read is no fun, so this boo [...]

    2. I am still deciding whether to go with 3 or 2 stars I love all Chris Rock s stand up specials and I think he is a really funny guy but this book felt like a stale piece of bread It would have been awesome to turn it into a an hour long HBO special but the book jokes seemed like they lacked a punchline Yes, there were quite a few jokes in this book that would have been deemed offensive and racist but Rock is a comedian Their job is to poke fun of controversial or taboo topics Some of the jokes in [...]

    3. When I first bought this book, I didn t really give it a chance and ended up giving it away.However, once I did read it, I felt like a moron for letting such a funny and insightful book go to waste.In Rock This, Chris Rock leaves no stone unturned as he examines various topics from race relations to dating The reason why I like this book so much is because Chris Rock doesn t just make fun of certain things but instead, he jokes about everything Also,I agree with a lot of topics that he brings up [...]

    4. Rock ThisChris Rock242pgsHyperion0 7868 8941 1This is a hilarious and extreme book created by Chris Rock, a well known comedian Chris Rock explores all the usual issues and taboo issues of America such as our prison system, racism, government, economy, drrug problem,e.t.c While he s talking about these issues, he cracks jokes that would make even the most serious person laugh He takes a lot of shots at O.J and the possibility of a black leader, but most of his jokes are varied.Even thought Chris [...]

    5. It s very hard for me to put in words what I feel for this bookupon reading it I read it s review s and they were harsh and unflattering to say the least Which, of course made me want to read it even I think its really interesting to have seen and heard Chris comedic stand up and then to read the book, to me it seems one in the same Yet reading the reviews people seemed to take his words to seriously and literally Let me remind you, Chris is a comedian, what he says is meant to shock and make o [...]

    6. Usually I don t ask for autographs, but my wife was or is a major fan of his To study English, she s Japanese, and read this book Odd woman my wife She studied English by watching Beevis and Buthead, Green Acres, Absolutely Fab, and reading this book So yes her English is all the above.Anyway I was at the bookstore and asked Rock to sign all his books that we had in stock He signed each one Love, Chris Rock When I asked him to sign a book for my wife he wrote Smoke Crack, Chris Rock The thing is [...]

    7. I think Chris Rock is very funny, insightful, and talented That said, this book is rather repetitive and not super interesting to read if you ve heard as I have even a decent amount of his stand up There s just no point in my opinion in having it in book form, when it s like 200xs funnier to hear it delivered by Rock himself For example, the infamous Black people vs Niggers skit which was hilariously dealt with on the first season of The Office It s good, it just didn t exactly need to be writte [...]

    8. Okay, so I realize that 5 stars might seem a little excessive when it comes to a book like this but honestly, I loved it I would recommend it to anyone though I realize that this might not be the type of comedy that everyone enjoys I, however, found myself laughing aloud both at home and at work I think is comedy is both hysterical and honest and I agree with the quote on the front of the book that says he is one of the best comics Kudos to you, Chris Rock, for writing a great book.

    9. I read this the summer before my freshman year of college began I was in a new city and far from home I remember it being a hilarious read and held on to this book like a kind of security blanket I would carry it around with me and occasionally read often hide behind it in lieu of talking to strangers I m such an odd duck.So, lots of laughs here If you love his stand up, then you ll love this The two are very similar.

    10. What I love about this book is the honesty Which is also funny with the way Chris Rock delivers it Racism is a tough subject to broach but here it came and went without being insulting It s just plain funny I would love to read it again and again just to view both sides of racism and understand why society has those stereotypes All in all a great read.

    11. This was my beach read a few years ago As I read it, I had Rock s voice in my head It was funny and I had a smile on my face while reading it He makes a lot of good points and says a lot of things people are a little hesitant to talk about.

    12. proof that 99% of chris rock s hilarity is his performance delivery on paper, his comedy just comes off as bigoted i only laughed out loud once, which normally would be fine, but chris rock is my favorite comedian so i was truly disappointed.

    13. This is by far the funniest autobiagraphy that i have ever read Chris Rock takes an approach that I have never seen in a biagraphy, and makes a joke of the different situations he has ecountered throughout his life This book keeps you laughing from the first page all the way to the last page.

    14. I read this book on a quiet Greyhound bus ride from Wisconsin to Texas That was 13 years ago so I don t remember it What I DO remember and will never forget, is my constant embarrassment at cracking up laughing out loud on a quiet bus Therefore, 5 stars

    15. One of the funniest book I ve read in a while His description of how drug war s laughably flawed strategy is hysterical How many drug dealers complain about their inability to move product, and become vacuum cleaner salespeople as a result

    16. This book talks about Chris Rock s history and he became famous, and his life as a Comedian I chose to read this book, because i used to watch Everybody Hates Chris I also learned a lot about Comedians it is very difficult being one and it takes talent.

    17. Frikkin HEEEEEEEEEEEE Larious I read the entire book standing in a barnes and noble LoL Could nt put it down.

    18. This book was funny in parts but that was overruled by all the GROSS descriptions of things and all the cussing

    19. the thing is, rock is just way funnier to hear than in print i wish the book was funnier, but it his stuff just doesn t translate to the page as well.

    20. Basically his standup act circa mid late nineties but considering he was one of THE towering, uproariously funny stand ups it s the shit.

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