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The Greek Myths: Vol. 1 By Robert Graves,

  • Title: The Greek Myths: Vol. 1
  • Author: Robert Graves
  • ISBN: 9780140010268
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a work that has become a classic reference book for both the serious scholar and the casual inquirer, Graves retells the adventures of the important gods and heroes worshipped by the ancient Greeks Each entry provides a full commentary which examines problems of interpretation in both historical and anthropological terms, and in light of contemporary research.
    The Greek Myths Vol In a work that has become a classic reference book for both the serious scholar and the casual inquirer Graves retells the adventures of the important gods and heroes worshipped by the ancient Greeks

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    1. A myth is like a sponge for it soaks up centuries worth of material into it The kernel of the story would be transformed into only a faint resemblance of its original as the years pass it by If we were to imagine a character like Heracles to come alive today, he might listen to his own story in incredulity and saybut that was not how it happened The factors of social, economic, environmental and demographic changes seep into the tales and make them suited as moral fables with each succeeding so [...]

    2. Robert Graves is quite thorough in writing about the myths and at the end of each story, he provides foot notes that can be as long as the story itself.Some of the footnotes are speculative This god replaced an earlier pagan god etc It is difficult to know these things or the origins of any of these stories But Graves gives his educated guesses and they are worth pondering.In Graves version the myths are not child friendly and a lot graphic than I remember Edith Hamilton s version I have not re [...]

    3. Read with the kids My kids now think Greeks are all randy drinkers prone to murder in all its forms and incest, and the Gods are worse Now, onto The Greek Myths II I ll add a detailed review once we finish the second part.__________________ Robert Farwell Edward Jones library Mesa, AZ 2014

    4. I ve always been a big fan for want of another word of ancient mythology and I ve been looking for the perfect book that just has them all together for quite a while One that has it all neatly wrapped in a bow and I genuinely cannot believe it took me so long to find this I enjoyed the collection of these myths, some were familiar, some were really unfamiliar which was brilliant, because though I really love the familiar myths, it was really good to read those that were unfamiliar and new to me [...]

    5. update The I have thought about it the less I would recommend this book Its a real shame that it is called The Greek Myths , it would be accurate to call it Robert Graves reports the greek myths and then theorizes about their meanings.I really wouldn t even recommend this book as literature becuase it is a rather dense read and the re telling of the myths is dry.Don t mean to hate on Graves, but I just think his treatment of the myths will lead to their being further misunderstood old reviewTh [...]

    6. A brilliant compendium of Greek mythology, drawn from all the major Classical sources and rewritten with flair by Graves His erudite commentaries on each myth are illuminating, even if his interpretations are sometimes a bit forced Looking forward to vol 2.

    7. Un excelente libro de referencia , Robert Graves toma cada personaje mitol gico y cuenta la leyenda individual de cada uno, cada deidad, cada h roe , su historia y sus variaciones contadas seg n la poca y la tribu que le rindiera culto , adem s de una explicaci n detallada del por qu de la leyenda, como cada mito describ a no s lo el imaginario social si no tambi n pol tico e hist rico, la ca da de un h roe muchas veces representaba la ca da del pueblo que lo veneraba, la perdida de dones como e [...]

    8. When Robert Graves sat down to write his deconstruction of the Greek myths in the 1950s, he was a man on a mission He had a single great theme, first revealed in his book The White Goddess, which he was determined to highlight again and again out of every facet of the vast source material.According to Graves, virtually every story in Greek myth can trace its origins to when the pre Hellenic system of matriarchy was usurped by a subverting patriarchy, which re wrote all the accepted legends in or [...]

    9. This work remains the standard for most modern explanations of ancient myths, with sections devoted to each mythical legend followed by Graves explanations I find he takes the approach of a poet, rather than an academic, which makes it easier to digest He does seem to take certain stands, such as calling out the Greeks for preferring thunder and lightning Zeus over the sun Helius How dare they Graves is very thorough with notes upon notes, to the point that I lost track of Plato s Atlantis As a [...]

    10. I loved a lot of the moments in this, especially toward the beginning It was often hard, though, to wade through a lot of boring to get to the good parts My favorite toward the end was which is why Theseus s Athenian descendents are so absurdly small buttocked I think this book is worth having as a reference work, thanks to what seems like a thorough index and the very frequent occurence of references to these stories in other writings, rather than as something to read straight through I will r [...]

    11. The majority of myths presented here seem to focus on heroes rather than the gods themselves I do enjoy the variety of sources used to bring the differing stories together and particularly the listing of those sources after each section Robert Graves learned opinions after each section often left me amused He was definitely a die hard goddess cult person and every single thing would be tied back to this idea His interpretation of words left much to be desired, for it seemed very careless Beyond [...]

    12. but seriously, this book is good if you re looking for a strong supliment to someone like Jung, who assumes that his readers have a good grasp of greek mythology and its implications on archetypal theory.

    13. Given the extent to which Greek mythology has influenced Western culture, art, and literature, I had what in hindsight were excessively high expectations of it, most of my knowledge having previously been from reading on it as a lad in the condensed versions found in encyclopedias For a book with such salacious details and barbarities, you would think it would be at the very least, engaging, but, no, I found this to be a real plod to get through It tends to relate each tale in a meandering way, [...]

    14. An interesting collection describing the key figures of Greek myths, their natures and deeds.I liked how carefully researched it was and how it compared the different versions and tales related to particular figures There were many tales here I hadn t heard before.Graves adds an additional level by trying to depict the myths as analogies for historical events, e.g Zeus s rape marriage of Hera as the conquering of the Goddess worshiping island folk by the mainland.What struck me on this reading w [...]

    15. Robert Graves takes the myths very seriously True myth must be distinguished from philosophical allegory, as in Hesoid s cosmogony, aetiological explanation of myths no longer understood, as in Admetus s yoking of a lion and a boar to his chariot,satire or parody, as in Silenus s account of Atlantis,sentimental fable, as in the story of Narcissus and Echo,embroidered history, as in Arion s adventure with the dolphin,minstrel romance, as in the story of Cephalus and Procris,political propaganda, [...]

    16. Robert Graves may have done the most thorough job possible in collecting all the Greek Myths, all the variants and local legends pertaining to it As a source for raw information on the subject, this is an absolute treasure.Having said that, he had one flaw The Golden Bough was a highly influential book at the time he was writing Most of its premises have been largely disproven now and are mainly ignored in the academic community Graves explains all the myths, however, using the ideas laid out th [...]

    17. Great compilation in a condensed style of facts, family tree and life and miracles of the Greek Mythology s most important Characters Gods, Demi Gods, Wars, humans and monsters, with all their crude and raw killings sex incests treason It s a very good book to DISCOVER and FEEL INTEREST, for further investigation, but it doesn t have the epic feeling of a novelisation This is not the Odyssey It s like a mini dictionary, a consult book, or a book to grab from time to time and read a chapter or t [...]

    18. you would gain a lot of information regarding greek myths from this book, including the possible historical explanation of several mythological events invasion, invocation of gods, etc and also the author s interpretation of the myths however, do not think this is an easy feat, especially if you have absolutely no prior knowledge of the topic you might be overwhelmed by a flood of strange names and mythical nonsense, so prepare for a chalenging read you might want to read another, easier, materi [...]

    19. I love myths and legends and that is one of the reasons I started reading this book Unfortunally this book was not exactly what I thought would be so I didn t enjoyed so much Is rich in details I m not realy fond to care about and lacks completly in the legend itself I was looking for a deeper description of the gods but what was in this book it was so shallow that even my school books were better.

    20. The title of the book got me interested because I really like mythology especially Greek mythology This book is mostly about gods having sex with each other and cheating on each other There are also very interesting things I actually gain a lot of knowledge from this book For every myth the citations and references are very long some even longer than the myths themselves, but overall I still enjoyed the book.

    21. I enjoyed the collection of these myths, some familiar, some unfamiliar I also enjoyed the author s interpretation and comments after each myth, though I didn t always agree with the author s take on several of them Some of the interpretations of the imagery of these stories seemed strongly influenced by the author s own projection rather than based on historical sources Worth a read to familiarize yourself with Greek mythology.

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