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The Alexander Cipher By Will Adams,

  • Title: The Alexander Cipher
  • Author: Will Adams
  • ISBN: 9780446404686
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Workers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb, and all work crashes to a halt According to federal law in Egypt, all discoveries must be properly catalogued by archeologists and this tomb has unusual relics and representations, apparently contemporary with Alexander the Great Daniel Knox s first love is history and aWorkers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb, and all work crashes to a halt According to federal law in Egypt, all discoveries must be properly catalogued by archeologists and this tomb has unusual relics and representations, apparently contemporary with Alexander the Great Daniel Knox s first love is history and archeology, specifically on Alexander the Great When he pisses off a local mobster on the coast of Egypt, he heads to Alexandria to an archaeology colleague s apartment to hide out for a while He learns his friend is getting to participate on the dig for this newly discovered tomb Sneaking in with his friend, Daniel sees signs that the find is far bigger than anyone realizes and might hold clues to finally unravelling one of the world s greatest mysteries Where is Alexander the Great buried In his lifetime, Alexander was beloved as a god, and across the Mediterranean, everyone wanted to be close to him Upon his death, there was a mad scrabbling among his former allies to secure his empire for themselves Even now, nearly 2500 years later, Alexander is still being fought over With the discovery of this tomb and the revelation of its relics, the race is on to find Alexander Rival archeologists, Egyptian officials, and Macedonian nationalists all scurry and scramble, attacking each other along the way as they hunt for a glorious prize the body of Alexander the Great
    The Alexander Cipher Workers in Alexandria are excavating for a new building when they discover the ruins of an old tomb and all work crashes to a halt According to federal law in Egypt all discoveries must be properly

    One thought on “The Alexander Cipher”

    1. The treasure quest mystery novel has long been a favorite of mine and The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams did not disappoint I remember reading one of Adams later novels perhaps even a Daniel Knox main character in this series one but decided to start from the beginning just to be safe I added The Alexander Cipher to my reading list earlier this summer and decided it was time to switch off of my other favorite, the cozy serial.While I am a history buff and a bit of a language guy, I had to just a [...]

    2. Well The first thing that bothered me was the fact that the author did not write a plausible American male character FYI wanker is a typically British term Why did the guy have to be American anyway It didn t matter to the storyline The second thing was the female love interest, Gaille The term milquetoast could have been created just for her What a wimp And no moment of grace One of the things I remember most about my fiction writing class is that idea that the important characters should have [...]

    3. I see that the description of this book begins Non stop adventure and death defying chases Yes That s pretty much it.This is a fairly dumb adventure set in Egypt, focusing on the search for the tomb of Alexander the Great Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger and not just every chapter, but every scene As you can imagine, sometimes these cliffhangers are rather poor as a result My favourite is when the chief love interest meets the head baddie, and the scene ends with something like As she got clo [...]

    4. Thrillers like this one, by their very nature, are page turners I love stories of Robert Langdon and Indiana Jones The historical lessons are inspiring the archeological finds stir the imagination I have a new name to look for when I want a good thriller Daniel Knox.As usual, I cannot vouch for the historical information presented in this book But what I will say is that I found it to be plausible and possible The themes presented regarding Alexander, the historical period of Alexander s conques [...]

    5. Although the premise is interesting, this book had too many plot lines and characters for me to follow Maybe that s my fault, but I got tired of being confused and having to work so hard, and so I stopped reading.

    6. If it weren t for the very well written setting of this book, I don t think I would have finished it But I m a sucker for sense of place and Adams ability to put me in Egypt with the archeologists and thugs who populate this book held my interest until the very end Reading the plot and the characters, unfortunately, was not that enjoyable There are twists upon twists, crossed back stories galore, and characters who speak in multiple English dialects for no known reason The historical references [...]

    7. Written in an Indiana Jones genre, author Will Adams has created a character who uses his intellect, rather than physical force, to escape one predictament after another The main character Daniel Knox is a knock around archaeologist in Egypt with a special interest in Alexander the Great After having a run in with a well connected millionaire Egyptian and escaping to Alexandria to figure out where he can safely go to avoid being killed Knox becomes involved in a site that has been uncovered by a [...]

    8. When I read the first book in the Daniel Knox series by Will Adams, The Alexander Cipher is a total package of action adventure and historical fiction for this thriller Set in Egypt, this is reminiscent of the Indiana Jones movie trilogies Plenty of action, danger and suspense, when we re introduced to Daniel Knox and the characters in the novel My heart sank, when Gaille and Daniel revealed about loss in their family, the same for Elena on her husband, and my heart ache on Mohammed s sick daugh [...]

    9. I have a huge thing for mystery thrillers D And this one is no exception except wasn t as good as I expected it to be The beginning was way too boring and long It kinda mattered in the end, but there were way too many details which just were not important at all.The middle part and all the historical or not so historical parts whatever regarding Alexander were great though It really turned out to be a pageturner.But then, there was the ending siiiiigh I felt like the author had no fun writing an [...]

    10. In truth I never finished this book I got to the climactic ending scenes and to be honest I just didn t care enough I had so many better things to be doing And that alone has made me downgrade this from the steady three stars to a measly Two Stars, because if there is ever a sign of a bad book, it s when you are the final few pages and you just couldn t give a damn what happened But, having said that, it was all right for the most part It didn t totally bore me, but it was in essence just anothe [...]

    11. Note I listened to this as an audiobook.Also it is possible this review includes material that some sensitive souls may regard as spoilery If you are a sensitive soul, not only should you stay away from this review, but the actual book as well I think Had a love hate relationship with this one, and consequently find myself torn between the 2 star it was OK rating and the 3 star liked it Aspects of it were utterly fascinating, but all too often I found myself shouting in frustration at the author [...]

    12. My review is not going to bee to good even though I gave it three stars I think it is mostly because it was not the right time for me to read this book Everything seemed good about it but for some reason it just dragged on for me Characters I did not care about and his writing style was not very good for my taste HE kept trying to keep the suspense moving by having people in conversations about stuff that is not important and then when it comes to the last line of the conversation he moves on to [...]

    13. Because Alexandria is my home city I liked this novel very match Will Adams succeeded to build a full scene for my city as a background for his thriller about Alexander the great tomb.

    14. Adams weaves history, suspense and modern Balkan politics in his debut novel, which is centered around the various tombs of Alexander the Great The hero of our tale is Daniel Knox He was a well respected archaeologist before some controversial event happened a number of years previous Now, he lives in Egypt and makes a modest living as a dive instructor and leading tours in the waters around Alexandria His quiet life takes another turn after he helps rescue a woman from the clutches of one Hassa [...]

    15. Will Adams s The Alexander Cipher focuses on the rather infamous American archaeologist, Daniel Knox, on his quest to interfere with an excavation in the center of Alexandria His meddling inevitably pulls him into a race to find the long lost tomb of Alexander the Great before Philip Dragoumis, the patriarch of his family, uses the legend to fuel the fires of a revolution in Greece and give Macedonia a chance to become its own, independent nation again The suits have a head start though, and Kno [...]

    16. This book was a disappointment I got the audiobook version to listen to while I work I think the majority of problems were with the writing, but some were also with the narration I suspect I would have liked this book better had I physically read it, which is why I m giving it two stars instead of the one I m inclined to assign it.The narrator s emphasis made Knox, the main character, sound like a sarcastic meathead of a lump The women were weak, petty, and unsympathetic, and the Egyptian and Ma [...]

    17. A lot of this book reminded me of Indiana Jones and the Worst Movie Ever the 4th installment that we are pretending never happened While Daniel Knox is not faced with surviving a nuclear blast with only a refrigerator for protection Adams is probably saving that for the next book , he does manage to get knocked unconscious time and again, shot, and otherwise roughed up Following each incident, he not only comes out unscathed, but able to mentally and physically excel Perhaps Adams finished writi [...]

    18. The Alexander cipher is a mystery treasure hunter book about an American archeologist living in Alexandria named Daniel Knox He gets in trouble with the local warlord, Hassan, and he is being hunted down from the moment the book starts He meets up with a friend to hide from Hassan, but when he figures out that his friend is working on a archeological dig, he has to go check it out What he finds there gives him a clue to one of the biggest mysteries of all time, where Alexander the Great s body l [...]

    19. My parting thought with this book was that it was very Dan Brown esque Whether that is to be taken as a compliment or a critique, I will leave to the individual to decide It was an entertaining page turner and served it s purpose of providing a distraction while I was reading it everyday at lunch, but it certainly wasn t the best book I ve come across There were plot lines and characters that seemed superfluous and served only to confuse me, however the topic and the pacing were quite interestin [...]

    20. I loved this book It is exactly what I ve been looking for The plot was well put together and the way Will Adams weaved the storylines together reminded me somewhat of Jon Land in his Ben Kamal and Danielle Barnea series I liked the characters and look forward to reading the next book in this series I have only one criticism, speeded Now maybe this is just me being picky, but I m pretty sure that speeded isn t proper English adn that it should be sped If this had just come up once, I might have [...]

    21. Whew I now want to become an archaeologist and dig in the dirt and learn about Alexander the GreatThere was a lot of backstory that I hope will be covered in the future books of this series The explanations of Alexander and his demise were interspersed with a whole lot of action and people getting whacked and drugged and kidnapped while searching for the final resting place of Alexander A good mixture for me to get me back in the thriller mode that I ve been neglecting for, lo, these many month [...]

    22. Have I read worse books Yes Yes I have.Alexander Cipher was nothing to write home about The plot was pretty average It reads like a quickly written Dan Brown book All plot comes first and the characters are wedged into their boxes in order add the right amount of drama at each chapter of this hero s journey it was a little contrived and a little too soap opera y for my tastes, but it s not bad for beach reading And it does a good job of dropping a lot of Alexander the Great trivia into a narrati [...]

    23. This book wants to be a Dan Brown book The history was cool, but everything was dull Gaille was a wimp Knox was flat he did absolutely nothing, except run away from people For me this book had two paces chase chase chase, and history lesson I didn t care about the characters, and I didn t care enough about the plot to finish the book

    24. It is very Indiana Jones like Some history Lots and lots of chasing Some really unnecessary parts I hated that they constantly referred to Gaille as the girl She is like 25 years old and very highly educated Also it seems like the entire time they were going from one place to another in Egypt Should have enclosed a map.

    25. A good thriller, fast paced and interesting characters For an excellent and indepth review of this book, look up donald conrad on

    26. A rather nice but fluffy Indiana Jones type archealogical thriller with assorted baddies of the Macedonian and Egyptian variety.

    27. I m rounding up to a 3 because the subject matter saved it I really do love Egyptology and archaeology, and this was kind of a fun adventure But really it s like a 2 2.5 for me.Part of that may have been the narrator The accents were distractingly bad And I would have appreciated of a pause when skipping to different characters points of view.And speaker of the characters there were very one dimensional The good guys were brilliant, heroic ninjas The bad guys were utterly depraved, and mean to [...]

    28. I started reading The Alexander Cipher with a mixed anticipations This was my first Will Adams novel I don t know whether it would be the last or not.The story began with the determined oath taken by one of Alexander s Shield Bearers, Kalonymus It successfully created a very good initial impact on the reader to keep on reading The protagonist Daniel Knox is definitely not a super hero, but very human with general weaknesses The author has tried to give an life background of Knox, but I felt for [...]

    29. This book had a lot going for it, but I still found myself losing interest half way through There were good action sequences and the Egyptology aspects were well explained, but I just didn t care What were evidently meant to be shocking revelations didn t impress or enthrall me Also, it was written in short scenes, sometimes only a couple paragraphs long, which ended abruptly, in the way a TV show might The last sentence was generally about someone bring surprised But that means dun dun dun Next [...]

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