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Swimming Without a Net By MaryJanice Davidson,

  • Title: Swimming Without a Net
  • Author: MaryJanice Davidson
  • ISBN: 9780515143812
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • As Fred the Mermaid tries to fit in with her own kind, she finds herself hooked on both Artur, the High Prince of the undersea realm, and Thomas, a hunky marine biologist She s also caught between two factions of merfolk those happy with swimming under the radar and those who want to bring their existence to the surface.
    Swimming Without a Net As Fred the Mermaid tries to fit in with her own kind she finds herself hooked on both Artur the High Prince of the undersea realm and Thomas a hunky marine biologist She s also caught between two

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    1. This second book in the Fred the Mermaid Trilogy is possibly even fun than the first I really enjoy it because we get to meet mer people than just Artur, including the King And King Mekkam, a huge fan of the HBO show Deadwood, is definitely a king worth getting to know All of our main players from the first book return in this one, including Dr Thomas Pearson who s now known as Priscilla D Jacqueline, romance novelist, an annoying continuity issue if ever there was one To my everlasting joy an [...]

    2. I really enjoy Mary Janice Davidson s books I know her style puts some people off, but I like a lighthearted fun read The Fred the Mermaid series is just that Fun and lighthearted With so many books about vampires and werewolves it was refreshing to read about a mermaid I will definetly pick up the third book in this series when it comes out.

    3. Have you ever eaten a chicken nugget that is all batter and no chicken That s what it s like to read this book Lots of lightweight, tasty, stuff but no meat to the story I would love to live in Fred s world No one disagrees, there are never any major conflicts to overcome, and life always works out perfectly just in the nick of time That said, however, these books are impossible to put down Also like chicken nuggets And, no, the fact that I haven t eaten lunch yet is not affecting my review Not [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book, but not as much as the first I was a little disappointed with who Fred fell in love with I was rooting for the other guy, but after all this is only book 2 and there is still book 3, so the possibility is still there for the GUY I like.

    5. MaryJanice Davidson has hit it out the park again with the second installment in the Fred the mermaid series Fred will forever be one of my favorite female lead characters of all time She will probably put most people off but her brash and no non sense personality is just the kind of person that I would love to have in my life Davidson gave us another fun and lighthearted read with all the craziness of the first one.Davidson picks up about a year after the ending of the first installment in the [...]

    6. This is the second book in Davidson s series about Fred the mermaid I d read the first in the series ages ago so it took me a bit of time to feel back in tune with the character and the references to things that had happened in the first book Over time I did, though, and found Fred s first encounter with multiple Undersea Folk quite enjoyable and amusing I m sure Fred wouldn t appreciate the amusing part, but then again I m not Fred There s only one book in the series and I m looking forward to [...]

    7. The ocean is vast MJD does it again witty, sexy, charming, funny, all rolled into one More mer people to add to the fun, sexy men, snark and sass Perfect

    8. First read 2 Jun 2010 Fun to watch Fred stumble through life not quite knowing how to respond to romantic overtures while fiercely protecting herself.Second in the Fred the Mermaid comic paranormal romance series revolving around a half human, half Undersea Folks woman named Fred.My TakeDavidson is definitely creative with all her tie ins and cultural collisions I enjoy this series in spite of the extremely anti social, crass, rude, emotionally immature Fred It s like watching a train derailment [...]

    9. Book two of Fred the Mermaid.Like the first one, this one seems to promise than it can give, but was actually slightly better than the first one.A year has passed and Fred is back and is called upon to join Artur and the Royal Family, as well as hundreds of other merfolk, as they debate whether to keep their existence a secret or finally let the world know they are real As a child of both worlds, Fred has the unique view that was missing from the group.In addition to Artur, Fred is also reunite [...]

    10. 3.5 maybe 4 5 I am really enjoying this series I like Davidson s writing, which makes it really easy to get through each book And I like the characters, which also helps And now I really want the next one, since it s the last and I want to know how it ends.In this one, Fred goes to the Cayman Islands for a mermaid meet up thing because some mermaid want the world to know about them while others do not, bringing Jonas with her She doesn t want to, but is kind of forced into it While there, she ge [...]

    11. Swimming without a net review.3 out of 5 stars.I would like to thank myself for this book as I bought it years ago, in paper form, for my own entertainment and enjoyment and don t regret that at all So, no one paid me for this review and it s all my opinion and therefore my fault if you don t like it As I just read the first in this three book series OF COURSE I would then have to read the following two books.And, as they go, Swimming without a net is okay not amazingly brilliant sorry Ms Davids [...]

    12. Swimming Without A Net is the second novel in the Fred the Mermaid series by MaryJanice Davidson Fred is called upon to attend a meeting of the mer people but what she isn t told is why she has been invited and why no one has bothered to talk to her since she got there Finally another mermaid, lets her in on the secret and this just causes Fred to be furious In the end its Fred s life experiences and advice that help the mer people come to a decision about an on going debate that has been hangin [...]

    13. Swimming Without a Net by Mary Janice Davidson is without a doubt cute, light, fluffy and humorous By far better than the Undead series.Fred is a half breed mermaid with green hair and a foul, whiny personality Working for the New England Aquarium as a marine biologist, she is extremely good at what she does Socializing with fish instead of humans could create a few slight problems though Very slim and pretty but insecure because of her heritage, she s not really sure where she fits into society [...]

    14. The previous book in this series was fun if not particularly thought provoking, but this one just feels halfhearted As Davidson explained in her author s note, she ran out of material long before she reached the necessary page count, and her editors had to throw in a lot of input to stretch the book to its present length Sadly, it shows.There isn t much plot to speak of, which would be forgivable if we had character interaction, but unfortunately the focus is on Fred to the exclusion of most of [...]

    15. I almost literally couldn t put this down reading by nightlight at 4am With the previous book I was still getting to understand the storyline situation With this, I plunged right in pun intended It helped that there were forty eight very short chapters scenes of fast paced action and witty dialogue Fred has been invited as a special guest at a convention of the Undersea Folk in the Caymans to decide if the should come out to the humans The final decision is both surprisingly simple and hilarious [...]

    16. Swimming Without A Net is the second book about Fred The Mermaid who we met in Sleeping with the Fishes Fred is a half biped, half mermaid who has just recently found out that she has to attend something called The Pelagic which is a meeting of the whole UnderSea Folk that s going to be in the Cayman Islands In the island, she sees cutie marine biologist Thomas along with the the High Price Artur who we also met in Sleeping with the Fishes Fred soon finds out that she s been invited because the [...]

    17. This second Mermaid Fred novel is a bit disappointing Fred is summoned to a mermaid assembly in the Camen Islands to decide whether or not undersea folk should reveal themselves to land dwellers She is once again in the company of Merman Prince Artur and marine biologist Thomas but with hundreds of other mermaids, how will Fred compare and which should she choose This one feels a bit light the story isn t that interesting and doesn t resolve anything very much suffers from middle book syndrome Y [...]

    18. I enjoyed this second book in Mary Janice Davidson s trilogy about Fred the Mermaid Dr Fredrika Bimm is a marine biologist and just happens to be half mermaid When the Undersea Folk decide to have a meeting to decide whether to show themselves to the world or stay hidden, Fred is invited down to the Caymans to attend and give her opinion As a mermaid who has experienced both worlds, she has a unique perspective on the situation and the King of the Undersea Folk is eager to hear it Her two suitor [...]

    19. MaryJanice Davidson Swimming Without a Net271 pagesAs much as I loved Fred in the first book, I love her in this one even I am still convinced I am the human version of her I like seeing how Fred adapts begrudgingly to what is happening around her Everything that happens in this book is incredibly well done While the concept of a supernatural being wanting to come forward and be known to the world has been done before, the way this book handles it is pretty great Listening to the Pelagic was in [...]

    20. I couldn t in good conscience give this book than two stars, but it was still fun to read I read the whole thing in a few hours, which was nice Books like this are easy to pick up and easy to put down.This book is about Fred going to her first mermaid meeting, basically The Undersea Folks are trying to decide whether or not to come out of the water closet , so to speak Some of them want to let the rest of the world know that they exist, but others think it is too dangerous The ending is prettyh [...]

    21. Personally, I think MJD is a fairly poor writer her heroines are cliched and one dimensional, fashionistas and spunky divas Her books, be they peopled with vampires or other paranormal creatures, are beach reads This one I piked up a USO for free, and used for entertainment on the ride home The story is very light but I give it two stars because at least the characters are a unusual race merpeople The lead character is Frederika, a mermaid that is a marine biologist who hides her true identity f [...]

    22. Okay, so this book was okay It was entertaining but I really was not happy with the outcome of the Pelagic spelling I am anxious to read the next book Fish out of Water One issue I have, is this 3 part book series REALLY could have been all in one book The story has SO many chapters,and the type is really spaced out as have all the books been SO I think I d get into the characters if it was all in one Now, I m not too unhappy with her choice so far but I think she ll end up with the one I want [...]

    23. I m not quite done with this yet, just cause I haven t been able to sqeeze in time to read the last couple of days But I just ran across the best line of dialogue ever And I think it explains why I like these books The plots are ok, the characters are ok, the mermaid deal is unique, but really it s that the main character, Fred, is such a rag And I love that totally opposite of the Shopaholic books, which I also adore But she s faaaaar too optimistic Anyway, so here s the line.Be myself That s y [...]

    24. Fred the mermaid is one quirky and always aggravated girl She has a bit of an attitude problem and she uses humor as a defense She has two men fighting over her, Dr Thomas Pearson an oceanographer and Prince Artur a royal of the Merfolk The Merfolk are having a huge gathering to decide if they should reveal themselves to the humans Fred is invited for two reasons 1 the Prince is in love with her and trying to convince her to be his princess and 2 Fred lives on land and has a unique perspective o [...]

    25. Fred is just that kind of lucky girl Thomas knows she s a mermaid and tells her he loves her Artur High Prince of the Black Sea wants to make her she who will be queen Problem Fred just wants to be Fred And now she s being summoned by his Highness the king down to Florida because there is to be a gathering of the merfolk Some want to reveal their existance to the humans Some want to stay hidden And the king wants Fred s opinion since her lady mother is human and her father was UnderSea Folk spea [...]

    26. The first book seemed to be much better, BUT it was still a really easy read, and still really enjoyable Fred is having to deal with Jonas her BFF since 2nd grade dating her boss Dr Barb and both of them trying to hook her up with different friends of theirs After coming home from another disaster of a blind date, Fred walks into her apartment to find not just the 2 lovebirds, but some fellow Underwater Folk who won t take no for an answer when they invited her to a huge gathering of other folks [...]

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