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ヴァンパイア騎士 8 By Matsuri Hino,

  • Title: ヴァンパイア騎士 8
  • Author: Matsuri Hino
  • ISBN: 9784592183082
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “ヴァンパイア騎士 8”

    1. W W WHAT JUST HAPPENED I m not referring to Kaname and Yuki supposedly being view spoiler siblings hide spoiler , because I m 99.999 sure they aren t I ll explain I m referring to that fact that Yuki totally view spoiler makes out hide spoiler with him even though she knows he s view spoiler her brother hide spoiler Two reasons why Kaname ISN T Yuki s view spoiler brother hide spoiler 1 Kaname says to Zero view spoiler If I truly were born her older brother, I d have been much happier hide spoi [...]

    2. It was interesting to see Yuki with her memories returned and view spoiler how her demeanour has changed now that she has her memories back and she s revealed to be a vampire hide spoiler The passion between Yuki and Kaname, and Kaname s dearest love for Yuki is so breathtaking But my heart goes out to view spoiler Zero he must be so heartbroken and distraught over what s happened and what s been revealed hide spoiler As always amidst the chaos and drama and impending doom, there s Hanabusa Aido [...]

    3. Okay, much is revealed in this book and the story takes a turn in a direction I didn t anticipate I was on edge the entire time Yuki s past and her true self is finally revealed, which could lead her to lose Zero forever Commitments were made over 10 years ago that could lead Yuki away from Zero and into a life she never knew she was a part of A war breaks out and the night students ban together to keep the day students safe.I can t put this manga down, so on to VK9 I love it

    4. 5 starsInteresting that Yuki was revealed to be a vampire and member of the Kuran line Hope they will be able to stop Riding Kuran Wonder what will happen with Zero and Yuki now that Yuki is a vampire.Can t wait to read Vampire Knight volume 9

    5. Okay, I loved notice the past tense this series It was dark and brilliant, and the artwork was amazing I was especially interested in what was going to happen to Zero oh my God, he just plain kicks ass, I loooove him since he clearly loves Yuki, yet won t so anything because he thinks he s a monster I mean, seriously, I love that kind of stuff.I was soooo excited for this volume But then, I read it, and I was very, very, VERY tempted to shoot Matsuri dearest.Spoiler Alert What in God s name was [...]

    6. Well, that was controversial.Some readers are inevitably not going to get much enjoyment out of this volume and for others it s going to kill the series stone dead For me, vampire stories ought to be about exploring the dangerous, edgier side of human eroticism and so it s hard to deny that Hino has come up with the goods Not only does this volume drop multiple bombshells about the main characters in the series, it s also by far the most explicit in terms of its eroticism not actually displayin [...]

    7. With such intriguing characters and such potential in the story, it s really really frustrating for me to read the last couple of volumes and continually get the impression that the mangaka has no idea what she is doing We re taken one direction and then another, and the result is confusion I suppose the question is whether or not the confusion is intended I like the revelations thus far in the story, and the plot is certainly unique I just hope that it can be sustained and not dwindle into a ma [...]

    8. Whoa Incest EWWW But amazing twists and loved the story 3 I love Zero and Kaname both right now I don t mind Yuuki choosing either of them.

    9. This is where knowing how to plot and keep the tension and pace up comes into play and Matsuri doesn t really do it justice Then again some of the revelations in this are so unpalatable that I m not even sure I ll read the last volume that I got out of the library.Yuki is suddenly and inexplicably hallucinating the she tries to remember Kaname steps in and unseals her memory revealing that she is in fact his younger sister and his betrothed because that s how pure bloods do it just like animals [...]

    10. Whoa Just before I started this volume I ve been spoiled while looking for pictures smart mcsmartypants me about Yuki being a pureblood I already suspected she was gonna be a vampire by Kaname s bite but this I didn t know but thanks to that spoiler did see coming Thankfully it was just in the beginning of the volume so I didn t have toponder on the subject for long What I did not see coming was Yuki and Kaname being siblings And the fact that it was ok for siblings to marry in pureblood lineage [...]

    11. Ah, what a soap opera this series is Yuki s backstory is revealed, but within the reveal is another hidden twist about Kaname s backstory which I think some reviewers completely and utterly missed, given how upset they were by the surface aspect Also, this whole series heavily draws on Japanese mythology if you re familiar with the story of Izanagi and Izanami, the taboos brought up in VK 8 will be a lot less shocking But still, there are so many twists, turns, conspiracies, betrayals, and outri [...]

    12. 4.2 I know Yuki still cares about Zero or she wouldn t have gone to visit him, but it was an awful thing of her to say when she must have known how he would react to the change in her That was low, regardless of why I suspect she said it And put on your darn shoes, Yuki My grandpa would ve been all over her for going outside without shoes LOL Reread

    13. I REALLY can t wait to read this one SPOILER I WANT TO SEE YUKI AS HER REAL SELF I think it will be interesting to see her as a vampire btw I know what happens so let me just add another spoiler I CAN T BELIEVE THEY RE RELATED BUT NOT REALLY SO CONFUSING XD

    14. Pasan tantas cosas a la vez que me pierdo constantemente xdddPor otro lado Kaname sigue siendo un pesado de mierda ugh.

    15. Ehmrch SPOILEROra.iamo anche che non siano davvero fratelli spero perch alcune cose dette da Kaname lo fanno pensare, ma lo stesso creepy al massimo.Tanto pi che Yuki pensa sia suo fratello e comunqe lo baciar me NO Poi il resto del volume l ho trovato molto confusionariospero si riprenda con i prossimi

    16. 23 March 2013WHAT THE FUUUUUU view spoiler Woah Back up a doggone second Weren t they justWhole new meaning to brotherly love Ick hide spoiler That certainly is an unexpected, and icky twist The story is intriguing enough that this wrench in the plot feels unnecessary I noticed in the last volume that the storytelling felt muddled I thought my confusion might be due to a sluggish, tired brain, but I noticed that this volume also left me feeling puzzled It seems the devices used to create mystery [...]

    17. Whoa Whiplash, slow down I did NOT see that coming So many crucial plot twists in this book A lot of questions are answered, but the entire dynamic of the book changes Yuki has suddenly, subtly shifted loyalties well maybe not so subtly and is now one basically on Kaname s team rather than Zero s I was still trying to wrap my head around the idea that Yuki is a pureblood vampire who s vampire genetics were sealed away, as well as Kaname s younger sister, but not only his younger sister of course [...]

    18. Quite a surprising revelation about Yuki s past It will have a big impact on her relationships with both Zero and Kaname Overall I really enjoyed this issue, but it did get a bit confusing at times.

    19. Well, the truth about Yuki comes out It seems a little far fetched to me, but I m mostly reading the series for Zero anyhow the sexy beast.

    20. Severek okudu um mangan n bu geldi i vaziyet beni ok z yor Yani, Kaname ile Yuuki nin karde olu unu bir yere kadar kald rabilirim ama Kaname nin tav rlar beni dellendiriyor Ayr ca,Benim e im olmak i in do du NE DEMEK SAFKANLARDA KARDE LER N EVLENMES NORMAL Ne demek annemle babamda zaten karde ti nsan olmaman z bile size b yle i ren bir hakk vermez Niye bu kadar a rd n z Safkan ailelerde karde lerin evlenmesi s k rastlanan bir ey de il mi Kaname yi zaten sevmemi tim bu ciltte iyice k l oldum Zero [...]

    21. What a twist I wanna scream but I ll leave it to you to read what happens Great installment by Matsuri Hino I love seeing of Yuri s history and seeing the characters develop their relationships Great story It keeps me on the edge of my seat

    22. In this volume of Vampire Knight, Yuki and Kaname have started a relationship They are students in a school he is a vampire and she is human There is political intrigue among the vampires in and out of the school The story continues.

    23. so many plot twists I didn t expect and so many information with so little time ro process it I don t know where this is going but I got spoiled with who Yuuki ends up with so no problem.And Yuuki now magically having long hair What is she a Winx with the enchantix

    24. WHOA SHOCKING REVELATION I did not expect that I m still pretty confused, but I think I get most of what is going on.

    25. Again another great book by Matsuri Hino I can t wait for things to get crazy in the following books The only down side that was kind of odd and made me uncomfortable.

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