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Legend of the Jewel By N.C. Allen Nancy Campbell Allen,

  • Title: Legend of the Jewel
  • Author: N.C. Allen Nancy Campbell Allen
  • ISBN: 9781598116182
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Paperback
  • PFormer Pinkerton spy Isabelle Webb needs a vacation The broken leg she suffered while trying to warn President Lincoln of his impending assassination has mended a little, but her grief over his death has not She and her young charge, Sally Rhodes, have an open itinerary when they board a steamer ship to Bombay But upon meeting Utah blacksmith James Ashby, the two womenPFormer Pinkerton spy Isabelle Webb needs a vacation The broken leg she suffered while trying to warn President Lincoln of his impending assassination has mended a little, but her grief over his death has not She and her young charge, Sally Rhodes, have an open itinerary when they board a steamer ship to Bombay But upon meeting Utah blacksmith James Ashby, the two women opt to join the search for his younger brother Phillip, who s traveling abroad with the ill reputed Thaddeus Sparks in search of a mystical treasure Upon arrival in India, other passengers are also interested in taking up the search But the seeming good will of some soon turns dark on the streets of Bombay As murder and kidnapping tears the group apart, James and Isabelle race to uncover the hidden motives and harrowing connections that threaten not only Phillip s life, but also their own First in N.C Allen s new series, this tale s cunning characters and twisting plot will wrap you tightly in the action, intrigue, and romance surrounding the Jewel of Zeus.
    Legend of the Jewel PFormer Pinkerton spy Isabelle Webb needs a vacation The broken leg she suffered while trying to warn President Lincoln of his impending assassination has mended a little but her grief over his death

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    1. Second Read September 2011 This is my second time reading Legend of the Jewel and I ve enjoyed it as much as I did the first time around It is a fun adventure full of mystery, legends and romance I really like that the relationship between James and Isabelle grows at a normal pace, even though it all takes place in a relatively short amount of time, I could believe their feelings for each other I also liked Sally and Alice I liked the friendship that is growing between the two and the good influ [...]

    2. I picked this audio book up at the library to give us something to listen to while traveling I knew nothing about it before hand On the plus side it was clean And the female is strong and independent There is a bit of a mystery and adventure in the story but also romance The negative side was that romance Personally I think the mystery and adventure part was the better written aspect There was than one spot of romantic dialog that was just cheesy cringe worthy stuff So that was disappointing to [...]

    3. I liked this first book in the Isabelle Webb series Isabelle is a former Pinkerton detective who is recovering from wounds she incurred while trying to prevent Pres Lincoln s assassination She is traveling in India with a young woman she met in the South named Sally On the voyage she meets James, a blacksmith from Utah who is trying to find his brother who has taken up with a suspicious man in search of a mysterious treasure As Isabelle is drawn into the mystery, she insists on helping James wit [...]

    4. Former Pinkerton spy during Civil War heads to India for relaxation and recuperation Isabelle Webb in a delightful heroine.

    5. I ve read some of Allen s recent books I really liked My Fair Gentleman and Beauty and the Clockwork Beast remains one of my all time favorite books, so I thought I d give some of her older ones a try While I didn t love this one as much as the ones I ve mentioned, I did enjoy it.

    6. Really liked this one First book in a series about a former Pinkerton spy named Isabelle Webb Needing a change of scene from her failed attempt to warn President Lincoln of an assassination plot, Isabelle takes on the task of guardian and chaperon for Sally Rhodes who is a young woman who has been orphaned by the Civil War Both women need a vacation from the effects of their experiences during the war They embark on a journey with an open itinerary On a ship bound for Bombay, India they meet Jam [...]

    7. Genre LDS historical fiction mystery Entertaining read, but be warned s ending is very much a cliff hanger and no sequel has yet been published I found this book in the mystery section of the library and decided to give it a try It is the story of a female spy who is traveling on vacation with her young ward post Civil War They meet a fellow American who is also traveling to India, following the trail left by his younger brother This brother has hooked up with a man who is chasing a famed jewel [...]

    8. Isabelle Webb was a spy for the Union during the Civil War, but after being unable to warn President Lincoln and his advisors about the assassination attempt at Ford s Theater and recovering from her injuries , she sails to England and then to India, meeting a Mormon man who is searching for his brother.As you might surmise, murder and intrigue arise around a jewel that grants the bearer power and romance blossoms, as well.This was a pretty good story, but I wasn t very into it it was me, I thi [...]

    9. I enjoyed this book, although it was a bit slow for me Isabelle Webb is a great character, except I can t picture her doing some of the things in the book dressed in a corset and petticoats, but that might just be me As far as the mystery goes, it kept me intrigued and interested, and that part of the book was the high point I recommend it, for anyone who enjoyed a cozy suspense.Merged review I enjoyed this book It had great intrigue and wonderful character in it I guess I didn t understand the [...]

    10. Former spy, Isabelle, suffered a broken leg in a previous assignment and is now in need of a vacation She and a friend, Sally, board a ship to Bombay and meet a man from Utah, James They decide to help him search for his brother and a new adventure begins.I was kind of surprised that Isabelle Webb was such a strong female living in the 1860s She didn t need to rely on anyone but herself I typically think of women from that era as reliant on men I also really like how gradually the relationship [...]

    11. I give this a 4 because Isable cried way too much I remember her as a sturdy plucky lady who kept her emotions to a minimum This one she lets them all out Maybe it was the trajedy in her life prior but I am also one who rarely cries and you just dont go from not crying to crying all the time In any event it was a great story and I can t wait for the next one Hopefully it comes out soon as this one left on a big cliffhanger I almost wished I would have waited to read it until the second one is ou [...]

    12. Disclaimer I read 3 4ths of the book Nothing distasteful stopped me from reading though Overall this was a mild romance based in a mild suspense mystery I did not mind the characters, but the book did not keep me engaged The writing was okay, the plot good, but nothing great or exciting I recommend this if you like a strong female lead character which I do , and a clean romance, but are not in it entirely for the romance Mystery lovers might enjoy this read Again, not an exciting read, and I cho [...]

    13. Wow Ok, so I got this book from my friend 2 years ago for my birthday, and I finally picked it up to read I didn t think I would like it, because it s set in the 1800s and I lend toward modern books Well, I was wrongI was hooked by page 2 and I could not put it down The main character reminds me of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, and the story line had a Mrs Pollifax feel to it Best of all, the book ends right in the middle of a dangerous scene, and you re like, AHHHH

    14. Loved this book Campbell is one of my all time favorite LDS authors This is a mystery and love story Isabelle was a character in the Faith of our Fathers series but these are stand alone books I would suggest reading the Faith of our Father series because it is good but it is not essential to this book.Merged review AWESOME Can t wait for the next book Love the author and this book was one of her better ones Fast and fun to read I couldn t put it down.

    15. I agree with most of the other comments on this book it ended it a truly awful spot I hope the next book comes out soon I did not read her Faith of Our Fathers series, but that didn t diminish my ability to quickly figure out the characters A great stand alone story, and first book in a new series I like the characters and, as always, the author is excellent at weaving different plots and agendas for her characters.

    16. This book was a continuation of two of the characters, Isabelle and Sally who were N.C Allen s trilogy Faith of our Fathers I really enjoyed the Faith in the Fathers and so I was excited to see her make another series involving those characters This book was set in India were the two girls had vacationed to after the Civil War It was a good book however I did not find it as engaging as her previous books.

    17. I was pleasantly surprised by this novel, as well as intrigued by the premise of a female Pinkerton detective in India Although the book was published by Covenant, there is nothing overly LDS about it just a good, clean story with lots of mystery and a little romance I did feel like the end was lacking one scene from the main character s point of view, obviously a set up for book two in the series, a book that I will likely read when it is published.

    18. I have found another author of LDS fiction that I really like This is the first of the Isabelle Webb series In this one, Isabelle, a former Pinkerton Agency detective, meets a Mormon from Utah who is searching for his brother They team up and their search takes them to British colonial India The happenings in this novel set the stage for the next one I definitely want to read .

    19. Isabelle Webb is unlike any historical heroine I have ever read before Capable, strong, confident, and female in a time when women didn t do much outside of their own homes I found the education on place and culture to be fascinating, and the story was gripping and definitely held my attention I picked this book up on a day when I didn t have time to read, and I somehow made the time to finish this book in a day Very well done, one of my favorite LDS fiction novels.

    20. This book started out really SLOW for me, but just as I was about to give up on it I started to like it I was a little nervous because it started out talking that the main male character was mormon I usually am not a huge fan of lds books, but this book actually doesn t go into it than what he is I loved the main character Isabelle she s got guts that s for sure Moral content completely clean

    21. Very cute book I enjoyed the elements of suspense and mystery that lead you through the book Although it does leave you with some unresolved stories, I am hoping for a continued sequel.Thanks for the recommend Darla Ok.en awhile since I orginally read this one, but just heard back from Nancy Allen and she said she s planning on continuing Isabelle at the beginning of this next year and the third book in the later part of next year D Hooray Will have to re read it again

    22. I was definitely wary when starting this book since I m not really a fan of historical fiction but in the end this book did not disappoint I will admit that the first 50 75 pages were a little tough for me to get through but after that it was pretty smooth sailing I ll most likely read and finish the trilogy in the near future

    23. 4.5 stars I really enjoyed this audiobook it had an interesting story set in 1865 in India mostly I loved the main character and how she didn t quite fit the normal mold of a woman of that time period especially as she was a female former spy I ve already started listening to the next book

    24. I have loved every book I have read of Nancy Campbell Allen s I think I have read all of hers , and this one is great Set in England and India just after the Civil War late 1860 s A great suspense with some views of the country and culture of India and her relationship with the British at the time A fun read

    25. Do I really have to point out again my dislike of series This one leaves you hanging except it give the assurance that all will be well An ex spy in the mid to late 1800 s escorts a young friend, ward, to England and gets involved with the disappearance of a young man and his brother who is searching for him Magic jewels take them to India.

    26. I am glad that Allen brought back the Isabelle Webb character in this new series I liked her in Faith of our Fathers and liked her even in this book This was a fun read, but not something that I couldn t put down until I finished it I do look forward to the next book, but almost wish the story was already concluded.

    27. LOVED this book I love that Allen has pulled in Isabelle Webb from the Civil War series Faith of our Fathers and gave her her own story one that s not as deeply serious and thought provoking, but full of laughs, action and of course, some romance a super read Makes me really want to visit India

    28. I chose this book because of the heroine s profession as a Pinkerton spy, since I like mystery and intrigue But I didn t read the blurb carefully enough basically this is a sort of romance that is obvious and tries too hard I still might try the next book in the series, though, just to see By the way, I m not quite finished with this one, but am very close to the end.

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