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Burn Marks By Sara Paretsky,

  • Title: Burn Marks
  • Author: Sara Paretsky
  • ISBN: 9781860496271
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • Someone knocking on the door at 3 A.M is never good news For V.I Warshawski, the bad news arrives in the form of her wacky, unwelcome aunt Elena The fire that has just burned down a sleazy SRO hotel has brought Elena to V.I s doorstep Uncovering an arsonist and the secrets hidden behind Elena s boozy smile will send V.I into the seedy world of Chicago s homeleSomeone knocking on the door at 3 A.M is never good news For V.I Warshawski, the bad news arrives in the form of her wacky, unwelcome aunt Elena The fire that has just burned down a sleazy SRO hotel has brought Elena to V.I s doorstep Uncovering an arsonist and the secrets hidden behind Elena s boozy smile will send V.I into the seedy world of Chicago s homeless into the Windy City s backroom deals and bedroom politics, where new schemers and old cronies team up to get V.I off the case by hook, by crook, or by homicide.
    Burn Marks Someone knocking on the door at A M is never good news For V I Warshawski the bad news arrives in the form of her wacky unwelcome aunt Elena The fire that has just burned down a sleazy SRO hotel h

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    1. I vividly recall seeing the cover for this book when I started reading the series I had asked for a bunch for Christmas after I read the first two, and this sat on my shelf for weeks as I had a few other books in front of it, plus we couldn t find book 4 for a long time And I refused to read this one, book 6, until I caught up Burn Marks by Sara Paretsky will not let you down.It is full of action, starting with the opening pages How would you react if the relative you really didn t want to deal [...]

    2. Number 6 in the V.I Warshawski series and as it was first published in 1990 it is showing its age I can identify with that although I was around quite a bit before 1990 This is a great series but not one to binge read as it would definitely feel repetitive if the books were read closely after each other Sara Paretsky had a real formula going at the time she wrote these books and they only differ in the case she is trying to solve Vic leads an identical life in each one with the same friends and [...]

    3. I have been told by many of my friends that once I got to Burn Marks I would love VI Warshawski Since these books have been hit or miss with me I thought my friends were full of it Happily, they were not Burn Marks delves once into Victoria s messed up family Her father s sister, Elena who we have not heard of until now is a barely functional alcoholic She pops up on Victoria s doorstep at 3 am looking for a place to stay since the room she had in a single room occupancy SRO building caught on [...]

    4. I ran across the word aeon in a book I just finished and then again in a book that I just started Both spelled in this British way rather than the common eon I considered that a sign Both books were published in 1990 and I thought that cinched it I should move into the current era and stop considering that 1990 represents current in any way.Learned an important bit of information from our heroine, Ms Warshawski , that expanded my horizons In 1990 in Chicago you could get 90 from a cash machine [...]

    5. Ok, the truth is I gave this an extra star because V.I Warshawski has a wacky aunt and this book is all about her I m an aunt, and I m getting wackier by the day, so I m supporting the troops VI s aunt, Elena, is a drunk now, but before, when she was a teenager, Elena could not settle down into the path mapped out for her high school graduation, marriage, kids and housework Instead she runs away from home at age 16 Unlike myself, so far, she is a rebel without a cause, living off of an inherited [...]

    6. I just couldn t connect with the main character It was dragging me down, took me days to finish this one The fact that I finished it is not because it was good but because I just can t keep a book unfinished.Thank God it s done The phrase that came to my mind for Victoria warshawski, the private detective is Bull in a china shop.She has no skill and while she goes around burned out and knocked out and everything she expectsto be treated with courtesy and patience, which is good, but she herself [...]

    7. The writing and the characters of this novel are decent, but I just couldn t get very excited over it I don t know who is imitating who, and it doesn t matter, because it just seems like the same old stuff.The plot is decent enough and offers some good suspense V.I s alcoholic aunt shows up in the middle of the night declaring that her building has burned down Soon, V.I is in the middle of an arson investigation and it seems everyone wants her to butt out However, what annoys me is the similarit [...]

    8. Much as I hate to do it I ve gotta give up on Sara Paretsky Just as with her last few novels, I ended up defeated by the confused beginning and had to put it down before the mystery even got rolling Paretsky spends too much time setting the scene before she gives the reader any clue what the book is about, a flaw I as a reader just can t get over Which is a shame, as V.I Warshawski is a compelling protagonist once the story finally gets rolling, at least in Hard Time The one Paretsky novel I ve [...]

    9. V.I Vic Warshawski s alcoholic aunt shows up on her doorstep after Her aunt s hotel has burned down Her aunt, a senior citizen who is not above turning a trick to buy a bottle and other legally questionable activities, wants to crash at Vic s apartment More problems pop up when her aunt brings a junkie who also lived at the burned hotel The junkie is soon found dead at a constructions site How is this related to the political fundraiser Vic was invited to A Paretsky book is always worth a read.

    10. This is an older V I Warshawski novel for reasons that I have yet to pin down, I tend to divide the V I books between pre and post Tunnel Vision The mystery is not complex V I is investigating whether a fire at an SRO hotel was arson, and she has to investigate and deal with very sleazy real estate speculators and developers.Complicating the case is her alcoholic aunt Elena, who lived in the hotel, now has to stay with someone, and makes V I the obvious choice.Much of the book is taken up with V [...]

    11. This book centers around political and police corruption in Chicago In that context, there is nothing particularly surprising or mysterious about the mystery Still a routine story can be good if the characters are interesting and you care about them I found I didn t much care about the detective, V I Warshawski She seemed like a flake repeatedly putting going into obviously dangerous places alone and not checking for her messages These lapses were need to move the plot along, but there were so m [...]

    12. As I ve previously read some of the series after viewing the movie with Kathleen Turner as Victoria V.I Warshawski, also known as Vic, reading another novel in the series is returning to spend time with a favorite character as created by Sara Paretsky In fact, after reading Blood Shot I was ready to read another and I picked up the next one in the series I haven t read them all in order and the novels can be read as stand alone titles but as with any series, it s interesting to read the characte [...]

    13. This is the 6th V.I Warshawski book and it is my favorite so far What I love about the series is that the mysteries are complex and intelligent A lot of modern mystery novels take short cuts relying on crimes of passion and drug lords and common tropes and archetypes to stitch together their stories which can still be very engaging and entertaining But in V.I s world, motives are often tied up in business kick backs and insurance fraud Sara Paretsky is a writer who does her research and understa [...]

    14. I completely forgot about writing this review lol ok ok first of all I don t know why I m writing in english when I read this book in spanish, lemme switch my language settings on my brain real quickOk, ya.A ver, este libro en realidad me gust bastante pero siento que algunas cositas se perdieron en la traducci n Es un libro claramente feminista, con una protagonista que no le teme ni a la muerte y mucho menos a unos machitos con uniforme Vic me ha parecido genial, aunque me hubiera gustado que [...]

    15. I ve read the first 6 of the Warshawski books, so I think I ve given them and the author a fair chance I guess I ve gotten a little tired of reading about VI making stupid decisions and running around like the Lone Ranger without Tonto for hundreds of pages only to come to the last 30 40 pages where things actually get going Her disregard for obvious risks seems to contradict the good sense she displays in finally figuring out and solving crimes Wonder Woman she s not It ll probably be quite a w [...]

    16. I like this author but this book was hard to finish Did not keep my interest, too many loose ends to follow Her Aunt was a jerk that almost got her killed and she treated her like the best of relatives I felt like this was an Eastern book and it would help my Calif brain if I were Eastern also

    17. My first Paretsky book, and I m looking forward to Warshawski is gritty and entertaining, and I love how she thumbs at the pervasive corruption of Chicago politics, police and businesses There eventually came a few too many notes tacked up on the wall and connected by strings to keep track of, but the ride was still fun.

    18. Private Eye Warshawski investigates arson and murder and deals with her alcoholic aunt and Chicago politicians and corrupt police This story has greatly grown the character.

    19. V.I s drunken aunt Elena shows up in the middle of the night looking for help Her SRO hotel has burned down and she is homeless V.I gives her a place to stay for the night and tells her she has to find other lodging ASAP.Instead, she finds herself devoting many hours of unavailable time to the search for low priced housing for her aunt She eventually finds something, calling in a favor for a friend, only to get back to her home and find Elena has flown the coop.In trying to help her aunt V.I get [...]

    20. My edition is paperback but with the same cover It s time for my periodic diversion into mystery land after the emotional murk of Joyce Carol Oates We ll see how this author compares with Sayers, Hillerman, Kellerman, Connelly, Parker and Wambaugh I ve read at least one of each of them within the past few years One category of my guilty pleasures This one s pretty good so far No big deal and not that much different from the same thing with a male protagonist The demands of the genre prevail In t [...]

    21. Victoria Iphigenia just can t seem to stop herself from digging deeper into questionable situations, a tendency which many find infuriating, even when they can t help admiring her determination and integrity Vic s stubborn relentlessness is well known in her hometown of Chicago, which seems to be why her old friend Roz is warning her off, apparently fearful that Vic will try and sabotage her rising political career Vic is baffled by Roz s mistrust, since she s always admired the savvy Latina act [...]

    22. V.I s dentist s kids will never go hungry, what with all the teeth grinding she does in this book.I struggle with this character She s supposed to be a tough P.I but she has a weakness for letting people, particularly relatives, walk all over her Not only does she take in her hapless alcoholic aunt but her friend, who is a complete stranger to V.I.Truth be told, after six books I m tired of being told V.I struggles to pay her bills, of the cutesy stuff with her downstairs neighbor, of her obliga [...]

    23. I enjoyed the book, and it was hard to put down There are a couple of problems I had with the book that kept met from giving it higher marks One, I found part of the solution to the mystery extremely obvious It was so obvious that I felt as though V.I was the worst detective on the planet for not putting the pieces together earlier Two, I realize that V.I is a strong feminist fighting to find a place in a role traditional occupied by a member of the all boys club, but at times, her rhetoric goes [...]

    24. It s best if you start this series with the first book I didn t, and it turned out ok because Paretsky gives you just enough information that you re not feeling lost, but not so much that you re bored if you ve read books prior to this one.Some Chicago officials are on the take, no news there , and the scam involves old buildings V I Warshawski, a tough female detective who insists on embracing the city, grittiness and all, gets involved when her booze saturated aunt shows up at her door one ear [...]

    25. I read the e book version of this novel, which had pretty clearly been scanned from the hard copy The editing is terrible It is so bad, that it frequently interferes with the reading Apparently, the publisher either doesn t know, or doesn t care, that the process of converting scanned images into text is an imperfect one, and that editing is almost always required Most troublesome was the italicization of words and phrases that clearly should not have been italicized This is the third V.I Warsha [...]

    26. I really do love V.I Warshawsky I read these books pretty close to the time they were written, the first time I cant remember if at that time I was so disturbed by the way, just about every male treats her I can tell,however, it really makes me crazy here in 2013 Just 23 years ago, and the sensibility was so different The plot of this one depends on the male population discounting every thing Victoria does or says just on the basis that she is a woman, and the closely knit fabric of the old boys [...]

    27. These really are fun to read I must find her other novels in the library.When a seedy old SRO I have no idea what that stands for it s what was once a fine old hotel but as the neighbourhood went down and down, so did the hotel until it has become a grotty low cost boarding house goes up in flames, V.I finds herself saddled with a new roommate her whacked out, boozed up Aunt Elena has no place to go V.I figures it s got to be arson, just another insurance scam until one of Aunt Elena s friends w [...]

    28. I like finding detectives that work for me, and Warshawski certainly does The thing is that I don t really find crime novels all that riveting, so while the ones I like are a step above OK, there s nothing to elevate them past that.And that s fine with me I don t need to have srs bsns reasons for everything or anything I read I do like being able to articulate what I like, though, and the most I can say for crime novels that work is that they re not especially gross where especially gross varies [...]

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