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V: The Second Generation By Kenneth C. Johnson,

  • Title: V: The Second Generation
  • Author: Kenneth C. Johnson
  • ISBN: 9780765319074
  • Page: 266
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Millions thrilled to Kenneth Johnson s hugely popular mini series V, an action filled drama of alien invasion, a TV event that was also a number one bestselling novel Now, in a new novel based on the sequel miniseries currently being developed for TV, the tension between The Visitors and Earth s human inhabitants has reached a boiling point.The reptilian Visitors, who cMillions thrilled to Kenneth Johnson s hugely popular mini series V, an action filled drama of alien invasion, a TV event that was also a number one bestselling novel Now, in a new novel based on the sequel miniseries currently being developed for TV, the tension between The Visitors and Earth s human inhabitants has reached a boiling point.The reptilian Visitors, who cleverly portray themselves as Earth s protectors, are anything but Our oceans are being drained in order to fuel the aliens motherships, and our scientists are treated like wanted criminals And they have pods of preserved humans destined for even sinister purposes.But hope is not lost A small, yet resourceful Resistance risks everything to undermine the Visitors stranglehold on Earth s people Despite their heroic efforts, without help they will be crushed by the Visitors and their human militia Just when Earth s doom seems inevitable, agents of an alien civilization from another planet arrive in answer to humanity s desperate call for help But can these other aliens be trusted Or might we defeat one alien overlord, only to be delivered into the hands of another, equally as oppressive Time is running out for the Resistance, for when the Visitors Leader arrives, the aliens will complete their mission on Earth, with devastating consequences for all life on the planet.
    V The Second Generation Millions thrilled to Kenneth Johnson s hugely popular mini series V an action filled drama of alien invasion a TV event that was also a number one bestselling novel Now in a new novel based on the

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    1. Cool to read but with its deficienciesTHAT PHENOMENON KNOWN AS V I was really excited when I knew about this book back then, in 2008.I was and still am a huge fan of the original TV miniseries and following TV series of V I have on DVD, the 2 parts of the TV miniseries and the brief following TV series.When the TV miniseries and the following TV series were aired in my country, Costa Rica, it was something huge There are people who may not remember well the story but all of them remember Diana e [...]

    2. Entertaining story, but a lot of things from the first book were never mentioned If I had never read the first one written by A.C Crispin this story would have still kept me captivated The only real problem I had was with Johnson s writing A lot of times he used words that were too big for the context When I have to stop and say, why would you use a 50 cent word when a nickel word would have been better to the flow of the text Despite that, I really did enjoy this book, but wish he hadn t Lucase [...]

    3. I felt like Rip Van Winkle waking up from his twenty year nap when I read Kenneth Johnson s sequel to his original V The world around me had changed dramatically, and I had become reunited with some familiar faces, but nobody bothered to explain to me what had happened in the intervening years I remember when the Ann Crispin s novelization of V came out I felt disappointed by it and still do I felt she spent too much time on details to the original miniseries that weren t very relevant, and the [...]

    4. As a huge, I mean freaking HUGE, fan of the V miniseries from the 1980s, I can t tell you how awesome it was when I found this little gem for sale at the local library Written by the creator of the miniseries, Kenneth Johnson, V The Second Generation picks up twenty years after the original novel based on the miniseries.One of the first things that caught my attention and sent me to is the timeline While I read the first book that matched the original two part miniseries, I forgot about Kenneth [...]

    5. V The Second GenerationHardcover 448 pagesPublisher Tor Books First Edition edition February 5, 2008 As A kid there was only one show that came close to Star Wars in my love That show was V I had every hour of both mini series and even the horrible weekly show all on Beta max I had a V pulse rifle that I could take apart, a visitor punching bag I even had a mothership technical manual that I sent away for after I saw a classified ad in the back of Starlog I was a V Geek.Sure I loved the story, t [...]

    6. If you, too, can recall that sublime television moment in the spring of 1983, when Diana, archetypal alien commandant of V, unhooked her jaw and shoved a live furry rodent down her throat then, no doubt, you will understand the necessity of consuming this book If not, there s no point in watching it now, a quarter century after the fact It will require a massive suspension of disbelief, most powerfully in the areas of special effects and science But to those who were, like me, much too young and [...]

    7. I loved V as a child We had VHS copies of V the Final Battle and the TV series that my brothers and I watched dozens of times The problem is that The Second Generations ignores those series Only the original miniseries is canon Also, I hate retcons This book takes only eight characters from the show Three are mentioned The rest are new people, but they really serve as stand ins for the characters I wanted to read about Street C is Elias Shawn is Stephen What happened to John, Josh, Christine, S [...]

    8. V was an amazing science fiction television miniseries in the 80 s, about aliens who come to Earth, simply calling themselves the Visitors They looked a lot like us, and they promised new technologies It s soon discovered they have a malevolent agenda To protect themselves against discovery, the Visitors install a fascist police state around the globe, take over the media, and round up Earth scientists and put them into concentration camps It was also a fascinating twist on the Holocaust It was [...]

    9. When I was a kid, I loved the two V miniseries and the subsequent television series Actually, I was obsessed with them I ended up reading every single book in the series and the comic books So when I heard there was a new book, I was incredibly excited The new book was fun to read, but it took me awhile to get over the many changes the book had taken with V history Kenneth Johnson completely ignores any events that happened in both V The Final Battle and the tv series, which is really strange It [...]

    10. As a fan of the V series since the first miniseries aired on NBC in 1983, I was really excited when I saw this book on the shelf V has always been one of my, if not my absolute favorite sci fi series of all time V The Second Generation picks up where the first miniseries left off, completely omitting The Final Battle, and the television series For the last 20 years, The visitors have pretty much taken control of the planet, and have all but wiped out the planets oceans They are able to use polit [...]

    11. Okay, if you re a fan of the original V you might know that creator Kenneth Johnson left the project after V The Miniseries due to a disagreement with NBC over the direction the sequel should take The original ended with the Resistance discovering a second alien race existed one that was an enemy to the Visitors and calling this second race for help Johnson wanted the sequel to have that second alien race show up and help liberate the Earth NBC didn t.NBC won and we got V The Final Battle, with [...]

    12. I can t help wishing that some producer will revamp the V series from my 80s childhood and give the project a renewed life in the same vein as Battlestar Galactica I mean the idea of those giant saucers hovering over an entire city, the special effects of a Visitor getting his skin torn off to reveal the reptilian glory beneath, but alas V the Second Generation does provide a wonderful flashback to the past Yes the resistance is still fighting on, and not very well For old fans, there are many c [...]

    13. This is an interesting read A direct sequel to V the Mini Series, this story picks up 20 years after the events of the first book A lot has changed on Earth under the Visitors control, and the planet s only hope is an alien race that is the enemy of the Visitors.The book itself is a bit tough to get into at first, especially if all you know is the two NBC mini series and subsequent TV show But, once some of the original faces start to show up, you start to get your grounding It is interesting to [...]

    14. Wow That was a lot of fun I liked that it completely ignored everything after the first mini series, though this did mean no Ham Tyler It was a fast read, broken up almost like a fleshed out script for a teleplaywhich makes sense Good story and it felt like things that were set up in the original mini series and ignored in the Final Battle finally paid off I liked the new characters and species, KJ took some license with the half breed concept, which I am totally fine with In fact, there was a g [...]

    15. Look, I loved the original V miniseries The Sci Fi Channel re aired the thing in its entirety when I was in middle school and I can clearly remember being completely into the first few nights of it and I can also remember being gradually let down by the subsequent sequel and short lived TV series.So I have no problem with Kenneth Johnson retconning The Final Battle out of existence and I enjoyed The Second Generation I did It s just I m a FAN of V and I couldn t remember all the stuff that I see [...]

    16. I was a teenager when I saw V on television, and loved every minute of it However, I never was a fan of the second miniseries, mostly with the way it all ended you know, the whole hot air balloon thing blech Well, when I spotted this on the shelf, it was a must read So, forget the hot air balloons, the red dust, and the entire TV series All that stuff didn t really happen according to Kenneth Johnson anyways Here we have the real sequel to V.Remember that message that Julie sent out at the end o [...]

    17. I picked up the V books after watching the TV series from 2010, so I already had some semblance of an idea of what the plot surrounded.V The Second Generation was very good, in my opinion It contained many elements of sci fi that I thoroughly enjoy The technology, for one thing, was beautifully described and presented in the novel Given the time period it was written, it was very futuristic The suspense kind of sneaks up on you You delve so deeply into the book without realizing that you re too [...]

    18. From a casual fan of the original V mini seriesSo, I m reading V The Second Generation based on hazy twenty five year old memories I thought the book held up pretty well and it was a fun, last blast of summer read for me Nothing fancy, nothing I d brag about and say, Yes I read that but also a good bit of sci fi action That being said, it s not like this book is not without it s problems There are continuity issues, too much happens with too few people The secret weapon of the resistance is crea [...]

    19. Being a fan of the Original miniseries and the beginning of The Final Battle but not so much liking how the final battle ended or that awful tv series, I welcome a book that carries on from the original mini series and ignores a lot of the rubbish from what came after.For fans of the original, this book is fantastic and written in the same style as the original all those years ago The characters are written well and the book moves at a very fast and eciting pace.The only reason it lost a star fo [...]

    20. I rarely do this, but I had to put this book down It was written so poorly that I could not get into the story at all Besides the technical flaws in technology, even alien technology, the flaws in story construction fouled this before it really had a chance to go anywhere By page seventy five there were still characters being introduced who were in no way relevent to the story except to say that a character knew them A single character from any of the television episodes appeared within the firs [...]

    21. Where do I beginKen REALLY needed to read the original V book by AC Crispin before writing this He resurrected characters that DIED in the original, neglected to acknowledge the Red Dust that killed half the visitor population in the TV series V the Final Battle, certainly had NOTHING to do with the the one season TV series which, because it only ran for a season many may not have seen and placed the flagship in San Fransisco rather than LA The characters are weak compared to their counterparts [...]

    22. As the previous V continuity goes, I was really only ever truly offended by the deus ex machina ending of The Final Battle I didn t get to see a lot of the series, so I don t know what may have come of that.This book, though, tells us the second miniseries and the series didn t happen, and gives us a darker alternate future, and remembers that hey, didn t the Resistance call for help from supposed enemies of the Visitors Twenty years later, they arrive.It s a neat enough book, although it reads [...]

    23. Wow was I disappointed I love the original mini series and I was really looking forward to this book It picks up 20 years after the events of the original mini series and I won t really say anything else about the plot in case you want to read it It does tell you what happened to several of the main characters from the mini series such as Juliet Parrish, Mike Donovan, Robert Maxwell, Willy and Diana but sadly leaves out some of the side characters that I liked much better like Elias and Caleb I [...]

    24. Reading V The Second Generation was like renewing acquaintances with old friends and enemies I vividly remember the original presentation of V in 1983, and the characters Mike Donovan, the newsman who went inside the Mothership and revealed the Visitors reptilian nature Juliet Parish, petite, shy college student, who became the de facto leader of the Los Angeles Resistance Willy, the sweet, bumbling Visitor who always mixed his words up Harmony, who fell in love with Willy and married him Martin [...]

    25. Despite the fact that Johnson disregarded all of the events from the second miniseries V The Final Battle , this is a very gripping and entertaining book I really enjoyed how he introduced new characters, brought back old characters and built their relationships I was disappointed that he didn t even acknowledge the existence of some of the major characters from the original miniseries It would ve been nice to read a where are they now segment somewhere, even if it said they were killed in battl [...]

    26. Definitely need to be a fan of the Original Series, but if you are this is fantastic I agree that it reads like a teleplay probably is adapted from Johnson s idea for a miniseries that was in the works as far back as 2003 Did I miss characters not elaborated on yes Did I miss aspects of the Final Battle yes That said, this is Johnson s creation, and he has every right to release his vision Probably created his characters based on what actors would be available and willing to participate in a min [...]

    27. If you liked the V mini series, then you should read this book add an extra star as I did The prose in far from poetic, the concepts are broad and sometimes ill defined However, this is a testament to the legacy of the characters from that series and it is very enjoyable The reading equivalent of a popcorn movie with old favorites fun The serious side of the book draws a parallel between the alien invastion of Earth with the Nazi takeover in Europe during World War II It does create a compelling [...]

    28. Highly flawed and rather disappointing when compared to the mini series and even to the series K Johnson lost the magic touch of the original and uses cheap parables the recent Iraq War and second hand Sci Fi themes borrowed from various sources He s not a writer and you can tell Various aspects of the story development 20 years later are very poor and most of the book is predictable It was very fortunate that it never made it to the screen However I am a big fan of V and really enjoyed meeting [...]

    29. Some of the story concepts are interesting but it is obvious that Johnson is used to writing television and not novels The editing is poor as well I loved seeing the extension of the story, though it is odd that he completely ignores V The Final Battle and the TV series I know that he was hugely unhappy with both of them but ignoring them is odd Especially since fans of the show are the ones who are going to read this book It s blatantly a pitch for a new show movie mini series It couldn t be an [...]

    30. Entertaining but not intelligently presented It has too much of a Hollywood intelligence to it that simply ignores a lot of issues brought up by 20 years of draining the planet of water It was also simplistic in plot and it repeated a lot of themes and actions from the first book Being a huge fan of the original book, mini series and its sequel, this was about as good as the short lived series that followed the mini series.

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