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Bring Me Your Love By Charles Bukowski Robert Crumb,

  • Title: Bring Me Your Love
  • Author: Charles Bukowski Robert Crumb
  • ISBN: 9780876856062
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fifteen pages of story and illustrations.
    Bring Me Your Love Fifteen pages of story and illustrations

    One thought on “Bring Me Your Love”

    1. I m the patient, Fishhead I can make a better diagnostic than anybody This one of Charles Bukowski s short stories The story is also illustrated by Robert Crumb which is a plus Don t expect it to be something like a comic book.It s obviously not one of Bukowski s best works However, it was a fun quick read It incorporates a lot of Bukowski s recurring themes such as insanity, cheating and depravity All in all, a classic Bukowski story.

    2. Peanut butter and jelly, cigarettes and coffee, hot chocolate and marshmallows, tapatio and all things warm and edibleme combinations just work, ya know Much like yin and yang, they twirl the night away in blissful harmony, seamlessly connected at all points of contact Jalapenos in your spaghetti Perfection Edna s famous Lunch Box The pride of Oklahoma alcoholism R Crumb and Charles Bukowski Why in the hell didn t I think of that I came across this and one other Crumbukowski hybrid at the book s [...]

    3. I read this very short book while sitting on a small footstool at Shakespeare Books on Broadway in the summer of 2006 A cat scratched me in the bookstore that day, and they let me go downstairs to wash it off in the hidden employee restroom There was a very short under 5 feet tall, I d say girl working down in the basement there, and in a short conversation with her, I noticed she had a very dry wit that I was immediately drawn to I wanted to be her friend I didn t say anything to her, though I [...]

    4. Here we find three excellent Bukowski short tales with a few illustrations by Crumb, which are a fitting companion to Bukowski s prose A little expensive and quite short, but a very nice edition nevertheless that ll provide a good half hour of fun.

    5. I felt sorry for Gloria, she s just a woman looking for love and care, like any of us.At the beginning I thought she just called him whorefucker , but I got disappointed when I found out he was lying at her, and that he was truly fucking them XD The best sentence of this whole short story, is the one that figures as a title BRING ME YOUR LOVE Bring me your love then, why the hell don t you bring me your love it s just Yummy and real

    6. Gratamente satisfecha con estos tres relatos de Bukowski Aunque mucho hab a escuchado sobre su violencia y su desesperanza, no se compara con descubrirlo por mano propia Adem s, esta edici n cuenta con las ilustraciones de Crumb lo que, sin duda, le da un aire todav a m s tr gico a los relatos Muy recomendable.

    7. Kort verhaal over jaloezie en waanzin Knappe illustraties van de grote Crumb Uitgegeven bij het legendarische Ecco.

    8. Robert Crumb puts his illustrations to Bukowski s short story Bring me your love and the results are perfect This matchup makes you want Crumb to illustrate or atleast design the covers for every Bukowski offer.

    9. I ve been wanting this for years and I finally ordered it It came today and it was absolutely perfect Crumb and Bukowski, what could you ask for A great short and ironic read My 2011 story.

    10. Historias cortas y atrevidas que no creo volver a leerEso s , es una buena forma de conocer a Bukowski si nunca antes lo le ste.

    11. Edici n de lujo la que nos trae Libros del Zorro Rojo dos maestros cada uno en su genero, Charles Bukowski el poeta, la voz de los outsiders, de los perdedores, de los que sufren la vida, de el hombre com n y Robert Crumb dibujante y m sico, principal figura del movimiento comix, creador de de iconos como Fritz the Cat o Devil Girl, consumidor de LSD y tambi n creador de la portada mas importante en la discograf a de Janis Joplin Cheap Thrills gran parte de la critica y los medios lo califican c [...]

    12. I thought this thin volume was a manila file folder when I first spotted it on the shelf in the library It s really an illustrated short story by king curmudgeons of sixties counter culture Charles Bukowski and R Crumb Don t let the tags fool you, this is not a comic It looks a lot like a children s book with its large type and captioned illustrations Don t let that fool you either, because Bukowski and Crumb are as adult as expected.The story is classically Bukowski about a man visiting his ext [...]

    13. Ayn kad nla iki kez evlenerek hayat m mahvettim demi William Saroyan hayatlar m z mahvedecek bir eyler her zaman vard r, William, neyin veya kimin bizi nce buldu una bakar, mahvolmaya hep haz r zd r mahvolmu hayatlar ola and r bilgeler i in de ahmaklar i in de ancak o mahvolmu hayat bizimki oldu unda, i te o zaman fark na var r z intiharlar n,ayya lar n,hapisane ku lar n n,uyu turucu m ptelalar ve benzerlerinin varolu un menek eler kadar, g kku a kas rga ve tamtak r mutfak dolab kadar ola an bir [...]

    14. I was very intrigued by this short story When reading it, I didn t realize how short it was and we left slightly disappointed by its length I feel as if this was a fantastic beginning to a much longer Bukowski masterpiece Nonetheless, this is still a very fascinating story with beautiful artwork done by R Crumb Two of the most controversial artists of their time coming together on a story such as this is a great time in my book.

    15. Read during high school Not sure of the year but it was sometime before I met my husband Probably a little after my 18th birthday Everytime I see some hipster praise him I suggest they read Love for 17.50 Just to trollLove for 17.50 can be found in the South of No North collection I believe

    16. The doctor was a heavy man He reeked of weight and responsibility and authority His eyebrows looked thick and heavy, they were thick and heavy They wanted to slide down into his wet circular mouth and vanish but life wouldn t let them This paragraph embodies why I love Bukowski so much and why I love this book so much.

    17. It was ok That s it It s a tiny little short story I was expecting I don t care for illustrations I don t care that this book was illustrated by someone called Crumb I don t know who Crumb is This was a crumb of a book I love Bukowski His poetry is amazing and always moves me I love his novels Hell I even love his face But this, this was just ok.

    18. I m essentially giving this book four stars due to the illustration contributions from R Crumb While the story is palatable, and classic Bukowski, it s far too short for the asking price If you are interested in Buk s shorter verse I would recommend diving into one of his collections such as South of No North.

    19. 3 estrellasOh, Bukowski, creo que me quedo con su poes a Me gusto solo la ltima historia La primera tiene un sentido muy cido me agrada , la segunda la verdad no me gusto Es un libro muy corto pero con unas ilustraciones que van acorde al estilo de Bukowski, burdas y hoscas Vale la pena comprarlo en pasta dura, la edici n es hermosa.

    20. You know why this only got three stars Because it didn t have enough Buk and it didn t have enough Crumb It s really that simple You find yourself both excited and disappointed at the same time and that s one feeling I really don t like Therefore three stars I guess you really can t win them all.

    21. Bukowski nin kendi tarz nda yazd iirleri ve yk lerinden olu an bir kitapt Babas na olan nefretini ve ocuklu unu anlat yor genelde.Kendine has bir adam oldu u i in ba kalar taraf ndan nas l g r nd yle ilgili bir hikayesi var, Yazarlar , en ok bunu sevdim bir de u tramvaylara olan ilgisini d kt iirini.Tavsiye ederim.

    22. La crudeza de los relatos y la cotidianidad que te golpean en cada escena, tan t pica de Bukowski, me encanta En esta edici n adem s se suman los dibujos de Robert Crumb, cuyo estilo se ajusta perfectamente al del autor.

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