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'Til Death By Ed McBain,

  • Title: 'Til Death
  • Author: Ed McBain
  • ISBN: 9780140021646
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Paperback
  • Death stalked the groom and the groom was about to marry Steve Carella s sister Tommy and Angela s wedding party suddenly became a deadly game of hide and seek for Steve and the boys of the 87th Tommy was it and Steve had only a few precious hours to find a killer and prevent Tommy from being tagged out for good.
    Til Death Death stalked the groom and the groom was about to marry Steve Carella s sister Tommy and Angela s wedding party suddenly became a deadly game of hide and seek for Steve and the boys of the th Tommy

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    1. The dancing was frenetic now than it had been Drinking had begun in earnest once the last course of the meal had been served This was a wedding, a time for high celebration, and relatives from the far corners of the earth were out there on the floor whopping it up The whopping up was causing consternation among many of the wives at the reception, but the consternation was tempered by the knowledge that this was a once a year day and that hasty kisses stolen from very distant cousins would hardl [...]

    2. This is another early installment in the 87th Precinct series and the second in a row in which the action all occurs over the course of a single day.Steve Carella s little sister, Angela, is getting married in a big outdoor wedding in the backyard of the Carella family home Steve s day begins early with a call from the bridegroom, Tommy Giordano Tommy is alarmed about something and wants Steve to come over to his house Carella arrives to find that someone has left a present For the Groom on Tomm [...]

    3. Ed Mcbain s 9th in the ever entertaining 87th Precinct is a bit of a departure, lighter than usual with McBain in a playful mood throughout The plot is slight of stature with Steve Carella responding to an unsubstantiated threat to his soon to be brother in law s life on his wedding day A threat that comes with company, in the tiny but dangerous form of a black widow spider As plot devices goes, McBain might have to beg pardon for his cliches But never mind that Once the ball is rolling McBain g [...]

    4. Steve Carella s sister is being married and the groom is worried about a threat with a Korean War implication Shooting, blonde bombshells, spiders, poison and policemen with guns What can you want from a crime novel Detectives follow their noses and catch their man or woman All this with a happy ending.Fast pace, no loose ends, very little complication Easy reading.

    5. When your wedding day gets started with a very tangible death threat, one might wish to reconsider the public nuptials and elect for elopement But if everyone thought that way, this novel would never have been written This is book 9 in the 87th Precinct series and by far the one with the most unbelievable plot When you have as many near misses in one day as these newlyweds did, well, I m sorry, you just have to postpone the whole shindig for another day But not this crew Come rain, sleet, dark o [...]

    6. Similar to the last book, this one follows the events of just one day Steve Carrela s sister is getting married and the groom receives a threatening note He pulls in a couple of off duty members of the 87th squad room to attend the wedding and keep an eye on things.This is also a very linear story, no secondary cases being investigated at the same time although this one has a couple of minor twistsNot bad and as with most of the others it would make a good 1 hour TV episode.

    7. Steve Carella s little sister Angela is getting married to Tommy, who receives a death threat, and Steve dragoons his fellow detectives to attend the wedding to prevent a murder however, there is substantial mayhem, one death, as the squad closes in on the perp and saves the day.

    8. Another great entry in this series Steve Carella s daughter is getting married and if the groom s suspicions are correct, death might do them part on their wedding day As with the previous entry in this series, all of the action takes place in a single day That s where the similarities end, however, and I thoroughly enjoyed this book These books were definitely published in a different era though let s just say that the concerns which caused the bride and groom to have the jitters on the morning [...]

    9. I love the 87th Precinct series In this go around 9 in the series , Carella s wife is at the end of their first pregnancy and Carella s sister is getting married The future bridegroom receives a small box at his front door the morning of the wedding Inside is a black widow spider Carella and the other detectives have to determine if this is a real threat or just a poor joke, leading to a busty blonde, a crazed ex boyfriend, and someone intent on murder.

    10. This short and punchy crime novel is the first I ve read from McBain An interesting cast of characters sharply drawn, a somewhat tenuous plot albeit with logic in both the telling and the sleuthing, and a page turner towards the end It s instantly forgettable, of course, but the journey was worth the ride.

    11. Carroll s sister is getting married The groom re dives a tarantula in a box and calls Carella Carmella rounds up three of his cop colleagues to come to the wedding They find a man from the army said he would kill him was just re l eased from prison and is in NY.

    12. Yet another solid McBain novel The plot of this one flies Tense, fun, occasionally silly, but an enjoyable read What need be said

    13. Una fresca lettura estiva di un maestro del giallo L 87 distretto e i suoi componenti al meglio della forma.

    14. Steve Carella s younger sister is getting married, but there are deadly plans beyond the ceremony and reception, and his sister and future brother in law are at the center of the potentially fatal plot Til Death takes place in June, roughly nine months after Killer s Wedge.Another race against time story, this one succeeds to ramp the tension up a bit than Lady Killer did, although this might have less to do with the quality of the story than it does the personal connections the majority of the [...]

    15. Kindle unlimited outline to remind me of plotCarella s sister s wedding day And Teddy his wife is due in a week At the end of one the most eventful weddings especially for Steve Carella and his cop friends invited impromptually due to a major threat to the groom, future brother in law.Death stalked the groom and the groom was about to marry Steve Carella s sister Tommy and Angela s wedding party suddenly became a deadly game of hide and seek for Steve and the boys of the 87th Tommy was it and St [...]

    16. I don t see a listing for a Kindle version of this novel, so I ll go with this one.Ed McBain set the standard for police procedurals back in the 1950s with his first 87th Precinct novel and every author that followed in his footsteps either measures up or doesn t.This book, first published 35 years ago, is as fresh today as it was then Sure some of the things in it are dated a band at the wedding reception playing foxtrots but the story grabs you and holds you as does every book in the series.Ma [...]

    17. Another fine edition in the 87th Precinct series.Carella s sister is getting married The day of the wedding the groom gets a threatening note and a black widow spider Carella believes it s a joke but doesn t take any chances, asking Cotton Hawes and Bert Kling to come to the wedding.The joke ends when a crash of the limousine bringing the groom and Carella to the wedding almost runs off a cliff and it s discovered the steering linkage is cut through.Plenty of suspects as well The best man and th [...]

    18. Steve Carella s sister is getting married and his future brother in law received an anonymous threat that he fears dates back to his time fighting in Korea Carella enlists some of his detective buddies to spend their days off to ascertain whether the threats are real or imagined Meanwhile his wife, Teddy, sits at the wedding 9 months pregnant trying to figure out what is up This is one of the concluded stories of the series There are at least 3 people with motive and opportunity to hurt the bro [...]

    19. McBain is always entertaining Sparse writing rules, and authors should take note A whole storyline based on Carella s sister getting married actually works It s hard to believe that we as a people were ever this naive and innocent about sex and marriage As I read those passages, I was struck and a little saddened The story didn t have as much bite as McBain s usual until the lady in the red skirt arrives The battle between her and Cotton was masterful It was right out of a pulp novel McBain desc [...]

    20. I was a bit concerned at the start of this, that including members of Steve Carella s family in the story was just reaching for a way to bring emotions into it But actually, it did work and the story made sense It was nice, that some of the other cops sacrificed their day off to come in and help him out, and it was good to see how the relationships grew and changed across the course of the wedding.The I liked that there were several potential suspects and although not quite a whodunit, the story [...]

    21. Another good story from Ed McBain s 87th precinct series In this one, old grudges and unrequited love cause murder and mayhem threatening to disrupt Steve Carella s sister s wedding Carella, Hawes and Kling try to keep everyone safe and track down a killer, all behind the scenes so Angela can have the wedding of her dreams without ever knowing the violence and ugliness also going on on her special day Meyer and O Brien also end up playing a major role following up on leads getting them into the [...]

    22. GREAT READ I am relatively knew to the 87th Precinct Series by the late great Ed McBain I had read some of his stand alone novels and s few of the Matthew Hope series years ago I had wanted to begin the 87th Precint series a long time ago but was afraid I wouldn t be able to obtain all the books I like to read series novels in order Anyway, when I got my Kindle Fire I found the entire series was just a click away This particular episode in the series, Til Death, is just great I won t give away t [...]

    23. It s Angela Carella s wedding day It seems that someone is determined to kill the groom So it s up to her brother Steve Carella and the guys from the 87th Precinct to find out who and why as quickly as possible.Fast paced read with decent characterisation Also some decent action sequences, including a knock down fight between Cotton Hawes and a femme fatale McBain crams a lot of incident into this very slim volume Having said that, it does feel a bit over extended in places It s another excellen [...]

    24. I started off loving these books, set in the 50s with all that innocence and slow life style However, I m now starting to get fed up with the drawn out action Did you see anyone Yeah Who A man A man Yeah Not a woman No A man What was he wearing Who The man The man Yeah The man A tuxedo A tuxedo Was he that desperate to fill his page quota

    25. This entry in the 87th Precinct series starts well, and finishes well, but drags a little in the middle It features two of the most memorable villains of the series, and a crackerjack fight scene at the end.The plot is along the lines of Lady Killer, in that the cops have to stop a killing from happening and are running out of time as the book progresses Setting the scene as Carella s sister s wedding is a good touch.

    26. Always enjoy the 87th Precinct novels and this one is no different I read a stack of them 25 30 years ago and while they seem a touch dated now, it s great to read the old school police procedurals where mobile phones were just something in sci fi This one has a touch of the whodunnits about it, it s well written and a welcome trip into the past.

    27. Carella s sister s wedding is threatened by doom hanging over the bridegroom I give this one a 3.5 Enjoyable, but not top of his form This was my first book through Kindle Unlimited, and since audiobooks get attached on the HDX, I mostly listened to it While I do prefer the original reader for this series, I m finally used to Dick Hill s version.

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