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Bindlestiff By Bill Pronzini,

  • Title: Bindlestiff
  • Author: Bill Pronzini
  • ISBN: 9780312078645
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nameless is hired by Miss Arlene Bradford to find her father, Charles Bradford He has disappeared for good Nameless has to act fast, as bodies start piling up.
    Bindlestiff Nameless is hired by Miss Arlene Bradford to find her father Charles Bradford He has disappeared for good Nameless has to act fast as bodies start piling up

    One thought on “Bindlestiff”

    1. Synopsis blurb Miss Arlene Bradford hires Nameless to find her father Fired from his government job, Charles Bradford has become a freeloading hobo It turns out he s inherited a lot of money, and Arlene wants him to have it but her sister, Hannah, has some different feelings.When Nameless hits the tracks to investigate, he discovers something very serious has happened to Bradford, he has disappeared for good And when the gruesome facts of this mysterious case come to light, Nameless has got to a [...]

    2. The tenth Nameless book starts out with our hero in a fair bit of financial difficulty himself With no licence he has no income.His office is gone and worst of all he s had to fall back on his only way of making enough cash to feed himself, namely selling off some of his precious pulp collection starting with some of his less loved editions But things are about to change Ex cop best friend Eberhardt has had a hand in getting Nameless licence restored but not without asking for something in retur [...]

    3. One of the reasons I love these books is that I can get through one of them in about 6 hours reading time At most They re also usually fun and interesting Who the heck knows what a bindlestiff is I do, now.This one is about hobos and trains and sisterly love Very quaint, the portrayal of hoboing Could have lived without the quaint portrayal of librarians, however grr

    4. They can t all be home runs Right Nameless gets his license back and his first case is to find his clients missing father because of an inheritance The father was seen in a newspaper article about hobos Otherwise known as bindlestiffs It was a little predictable but now so much so that it was a hug detractor Nice little twist with the sister and her first husband The hobo jungle and the well scene were really well done.

    5. Here is a list of all the books in order Happy Reading.1971 The Snatch Random House 1973 The Vanished Random House 1973 Undercurrents Random House 1977 Blowback Ramdom House 1978 Twospot Putman 1980 Laybrinth St Martin s Press 1980 A Killing In Xanadu Waves Press 1981 Hoodwinked St Martin s Press 1982 Scattershot St Martin s Press 1982 Dragonfire St Martin s Press 1983 Bindlestiff St Martin s Press 1983 Casefile St Martin s Press 1984 Quicksilver St Martin s Press 1984 Nightshades St Martin s Pr [...]

    6. Bill Pronzini s nameless detective has a reason to celebrate He got his private investigator s license back and a new assignment on the same day Arleen Bradford wants him to locate her estranged father who s been a hobo riding the rails for some time The family s come into some money and Arleen thinks her father should have his share Her sister, Hannah, disagrees and tries to persuade Nameless not to look for him But Arleen s a paying client and her intentions appear to be honorable than her si [...]

    7. 10 in the Nameless Detective series Nameless gets his license restored and gets hired for a new case on the same day Finding a missing relative take him on an interesting trip to Oroville As usual,the case is not entirely as it seems and entails some danger Nameless is still not physically up to snuff since being shot in the shoulder Dragonfire 1982 and since he retired from the SFPD, Eberhardt is pestering him about a partnership But love interest Kerry Wade has returned An enjoyable series ent [...]

    8. Boy, has Nameless gotten beat up in the last 2 books I ve read in this series I realize that s usual for a PI series, but good grief In this book, the word bindlestiff refers to a hobo who rides the rails, and Nameless has a client whose father has become one, and she wants him found because he has an inheritance Our hero begins the search, and through several coincidences some detecting involved, but coincidences , figures out the big picture This one was a bit of stretch for me, and I think I [...]

    9. What the hell is a bindlestiff A weird title but an action packed story Nameless heads out to Oroville looking for a woman s father who has become a hobo He gets than he bargained for on this missing person case not once but twice I couldn t connect the dots as fast as Nameless on this one.

    10. A missing person s search leads Nameless to yet another murder, and this time he almost buys the farm himself Quick read developing of the back story which keeps me coming back for Most of these books are out of print so I m having to go through various resources to track them down.

    11. With his license restored, Nameless hunts down a latter day hobo to inform him of a large inheritance, only to be caught up in a family feud Solid entry in an outstanding private eye series would rate 5 stars if Pronzini hadn t made some gratuitous political comments.

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