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Solving Zoe By Barbara Dee,

  • Title: Solving Zoe
  • Author: Barbara Dee
  • ISBN: 9781416961284
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Zoe Bennett feels lost at her fancy private school She s not the star drama queen like her sister, or a brainiac math genius like her brother Luckily her best friend, Dara, is just as content as Zoe is to stay in the shadows or is she When Dara gets a part in the school musical, Zoe feels abandoned What s worse, Zoe s practically being stalked by the weird new ki Zoe Bennett feels lost at her fancy private school She s not the star drama queen like her sister, or a brainiac math genius like her brother Luckily her best friend, Dara, is just as content as Zoe is to stay in the shadows or is she When Dara gets a part in the school musical, Zoe feels abandoned What s worse, Zoe s practically being stalked by the weird new kid, Lucas Then Lucas accidentally drops his notebook and Zoe finds it s written in symbols and numbers it s complete gibberish Yet she sees her name in there, plain as day Now Lucas is telling her she s a natural code reading genius or some kind of mental freak As Zoe s daydreaming lands her in trouble at school, anonymous notes start to appear in students lockers, and Zoe is the number one suspect Solving word puzzles may come easily to her, but now there s at stake will Zoe be able to solve her way out of this With plenty of wit and insight, Barbara Dee has created this fresh, funny story of a girl who discovers that fitting in sometimes means standing out.
    Solving Zoe Zoe Bennett feels lost at her fancy private school She s not the star drama queen like her sister or a brainiac math genius like her brother Luckily her best friend Dara is just as content as Zoe i

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    1. Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooZoe is eleven years old and has been going to the same school all of her life, Hubbard School This school isn t a regular school, but one for extraordinary students Zoe s older sister and brother both go there, as well Her sister is an amazing actress singer and her brother is a math champion Ever her little brother, Spencer, goes to pre school there Zoe is having problems figuring out how she fits into the scheme of things at the school Her grades are [...]

    2. I wipes tears have NEVER given a book 2 stars, but this this was needed I DNFed this book so hard it scared me I just got to the middle of it and knew I couldn t It seemed to drag on and on half of it didn t make sense.

    3. 2.5 Personally, I think this book was just kind of weird I would probably have been better if if was written in first person because I loved Barbara Dee s Just Another Day in My Insanely Real Life which is the only reason that I bought this book

    4. If you ve ever struggled to figure out where you belong, if you ve ever wondered why everyone else seemed to be talented than you, or if you ve ever felt ignored and betrayed by your friends and especially if all of this encapsulates your middle school experience , this might be the book for you.

    5. I am liking it, but I don t think it will appeal to your average student reader However private school, advanced readers and those who feel outcast will glom onto Zoe I enjoyed the bits about codes and ciphers, but was not crazy about the end which seemed a bit anticlimactic Odd little book

    6. Zoe Bennett s older sister and brother both have special talents and gifts In fact they all go to a private school for gifted or special students A new school year puts thirteen year old Zoe in the Middle Division of Hubbard School It s now expected that she find a direction in her schooling and life Her classmates are all starting to recognize their individual talents Even her best friend, Dara, has discovered her talent and desires for her future and is drifting away from Zoe.The sad thing is, [...]

    7. Zoe Bennett attends Hubbard School, an incredibly forward thinking institution for extremely gifted students Problem is Zoe hasn t found her incredible gift yet, much to her chagrin You see, her theatrically talented older sister, Isadore, and mathematical genius of a brother, Malcolm always seem to shine in the family Even Zoe s best friend and kindred spirit is slipping away now that she s found her gift Along comes Lucas Joplin, loner and oddity He deciphers codes and cyphersd not just for fu [...]

    8. Solving Zoe was really cute The plot and the characters made the book really fun What I liked best about Solving Zoe was Zoe, the main character She had a ton of character and I thought it was interesting that she was extremely good at ciphers I tried looking at them and solving them such luck Haha Anyway, I thought Zoe was pretty in depth person She is really creative and I really liked that color code where 4 blue and so on 4 is the only one I remember And Lucas, he is a genius Omg There were [...]

    9. I loved this book a lot Zoe was a character that I could easily grow to love because she is both believable and ease to connect to Zoe also had troubles that are common today, growing apart with friends Almost everyone experiences it, some often than others But Zoe also learns a lot about herself in this book My friend Lizzy is actually Barbara Dee s daughter and so after I read this we talked on and on about it We both compared our separate color number systems and laughed when other of our fr [...]

    10. Pages 1, 27, 112, 120 and 156 contain a character s exclamation of either, Oh, God or ohmygod or God In the USA there are over 247 million Christians, over 6 million Jews and over 2.6 million Muslims Christians and Jews are admonished in Exodus 20 7 to not take the Lord s name in vain , in fact, Exodus 20 7 also states the Lord will not leave unpunished the man who misuses His name Muslims, likewise, honor the name of God The author s decision to take the Lord s name in vain will influence young [...]

    11. I started this book thinking it would be a realistic fiction chick lit type book for middle schoolers I guess if I had read the summary on the back, I would have known Even though it didn t start off as I expected, I still ended up enjoying the book, although the ending wasn t what it could have been It just kind of ended I think Dee could have elaborated a bit on the whole cracking the Mayan code thing, but I guess it leaves it open for another book It would be fun to have Lucas come back.

    12. Think it might be a little mature for 4th graders maybe end of the year just in terms of relating to the main character, but I would love this for 5th graders as it s about 6th It handles social issues and popularity in a realistic, not over the top stereotypical way I thought was nicely done, as well as self identification and confidence Plus the use of ciphers and codes would definitely lure some kids me in I know one of my kids last year started using one of them occasionally for fun.

    13. Solving Zoe is an amazing book and I loved how Zoe is like a pride kid, eccentric, quirky don t know if they mean the same thing and sees things in a different way She has a different sort of talents and interests all together than her perfect family and doesn t fit in at her arts school, often bringing shame to her family but through mysterious guys, teachers, and babysitters, Zoe can help unwravel codes from the beginning of time using her unique colour theory.

    14. Zoe, a sixth grader, is suddenly feeling a bit lost at the excusive private school she has attended her whole life Her best friend, Dara, is in the school play and making friends with the popular crowd, while Zoe feels left behind Zoe meets up with a strange new boy and discovers she has a natural talent for cryptography It seems this school is glad to encourage any talent and they all live happily ever after The ending is nearly that abrupt.

    15. I enjoyed the codes and ciphers and thought that the main character was well drawn However, I had one issue with the book that I feel the need to point out Zoe has an after school job tending lizards for an owner who, supposedly, knows what a lizard is The book mentions salamanders and newts, which are amphibians, not reptiles and certainly not lizards.This may sound picky, but it s the type of error that bothers me and one that kids are likely to notice.

    16. This has a theme similar to so many I have recently read Zoe starts middle school and realizes things change Boys become interested in girls What made this book so different from my other recent reads is that Zoe loves breaking codes This was an okay book for me but not something I would re read It was well written but not a topic I could really sink my teeth into I will recommend this to my ESOL class because we just finished a couple of stories that involved codes.

    17. Zoe, whose brother is a mathematical genius and whose sister sings and acts, is having trouble finding her passion at her school for gifted students Lucas, a strange new student, takes an interest in Zoe and her interaction with her best friend He soon tries to convince Zoe that they re not really her friends any .

    18. I loved this book It was funny, touching and unusual The main character, Zoe, was very likeable Her family was funny and realistic,I thought the school she went to was cool, and I also loved all the secret code stuff Fun to read and different.

    19. Zoe is an eleven year old girl who is trying to find herself in a family of really smart and talented brothers and sisters To make matters even worst, her school is full of smart and talented students Life gets really interesting for Zoe finds Lucus s notebook, and her name is in it JC

    20. This book was really good It was very well written, and I was captivated from the beginning This book was full of fun facts about codes and cyphers, and it really described social scenes well

    21. I liked the story, and the quirky school was an enjoyable setting however, the book felt unresolved, as though a few chapters were missing At times Zoe frustrated me by not sharing her thoughts with anyone.

    22. Zoe just wants to be normal but just like in every day life no one is really normal This is a great book for intermediate students simply because of the fact that they need to know that normal does not really exist.

    23. This is a odd book for kids 9 13 It is very educational but the plot is original The whole idea of a girl baby sitting a lizard, who soon befriends a brainiac who solves ancient writings, is not the average everyday read.

    24. Love this book Once I read Just another Day in My Insanely Real Life, I was hooked on Dee She s amazing and I love her creative deciphering problems You should really read this book if you like puzzles.

    25. Mmmmm this is such a good book Solve this code Hint a 11, g 18, s 30 12112912112911 151616 2030 30321419 11 18262615 113231192629 Read the book if you re stumped

    26. Cute coming of age story about how a girl figures out what s special about herself I especially like the descriptions and settingst so realistic sometimes, but isn t that why we read

    27. I liked it a lot It was a very fascinating story But, I thought there could have been to the story I liked most of the characters especially Lucas and Zoe Loved it.

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