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Just Another Girl By Melody Carlson,

  • Title: Just Another Girl
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9780800732578
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aster Flynn is stuck She has to spend all of her free time with her younger sister, Lily, who, though fifteen, is mentally handicapped At age seventeen, Aster should be hanging out with friends, dating boys, and working at a fun job But her dad s MIA, her mom is always at work, and her older sister Rose is too self centered to give her any help It s not that Aster doAster Flynn is stuck She has to spend all of her free time with her younger sister, Lily, who, though fifteen, is mentally handicapped At age seventeen, Aster should be hanging out with friends, dating boys, and working at a fun job But her dad s MIA, her mom is always at work, and her older sister Rose is too self centered to give her any help It s not that Aster doesn t love Lily it s just that for once she d like to be able to be a normal teenager So when a cute popular guy seems to take an interest in her, Aster hatches a plan Somehow she has to get her workaholic mom and deadbeat dad to be the parents Lily needs so that Aster can have a life of her own But can she ever get her parents to start acting like adults Is this new guy worth the trouble And, most importantly, will Lily get hurt in the process With its real life characters and struggles, Just Another Girl will immediately draw teen girls in Author Melody Carlson knows how to write to girls just where they are.
    Just Another Girl Aster Flynn is stuck She has to spend all of her free time with her younger sister Lily who though fifteen is mentally handicapped At age seventeen Aster should be hanging out with friends datin

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    1. 4.5 Just Another Girl is a GREAT book Now I don t absolutely postively love it, but it s pretty darn close I found so many similarities between me and Aster 1 She loves reading just like me ading has always been a handy escape for me I get to run away from my dreary little life for a few hours Of course, Rose thinks I m nuts She can t believe that I read because I want to 84.I love to read Nuf said.2 She says humph Only someone like Crystal or me would say humph I guess we really are nerds 79.My [...]

    2. Personal ResponseI liked Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson from the get go The book started out interesting It was so well written that I wanted to keep reading throughout the whole book While reading the book, I decided to look at my own life and analyze how I lived my everyday standards I looked up to Aster I admired how she concentrated on her demeanor and believed in herself Unlike other teens her age, Aster did not focus on what others thought of her She focused on what she thought of her [...]

    3. Aster Flynn is pretty much a modern day Cinderella except without the evil step mom and stepsisters Instead she has Rose, the older sister who only cares about herself, her mom, who is mostly absent, and Lily, her mentally challenged younger sister.Aster is basically Lily s caregiver Every day she helps her get dressed, drops her off at the rec center, picks her up later, and then fixes dinner and helps her get ready for bed With all this on her plate Aster has no time for a life of her own.Aste [...]

    4. A quick read that s a sort of Cinderella story Aster just wants a normal life, but it seems like everyone is always dumping their burdens on her, namely her younger mentally challenged sister Heartfelt and honest, I liked the story, I liked Aster, and kind of wished the story would continue on in another book so we could see where life goes from here I m giving this 3 stars because I felt that ending was a bit rushed and maybe the answers were a little bit too pat Still it was a book designed to [...]

    5. Great book True to life, on a topic that only people who ve walked in Aster s shoes would understand Melody Carlson s telling of the story really is both believable and makes you think Fast read with a note of spirituality wove in.

    6. Just another GirlBy Melody CarlsonPublished 2009FictionThe main character Aster is a middle child that has to do everything for her younger sister Lily Lily is 15 and was born with a brain problem so she is retarded as her older sister Rose would say Rose is 19 and doesn t want anything to do with her falling apart family Aster is turning seventeen soon and she wants to date guys and hang out with her friends Every day she has to take care of her sister and she s tired of doing it Her mom always [...]

    7. 3.5 out of 5 I was having my monthly book shopping in the mall when I came across this book What enthralled me into buying this book was its title, Just Another Girl, because I thought it was a romance novel Doesn t it sound like a romance novel What s was that the cover was pretty effortless and simple, yet captivating And the synopsis seemed pretty decent above, in italics , don t you think All of these factors seemed enough for me, so I bought it.So like the title, Just Another Girl, is this [...]

    8. I absolutely loved this story It s going down in history as my favorite Melody Carlson book ever I ll tell you why Because it is so realistic and believable I have worked for the past eight years with people who have developmental disabilities and I have clients of various ages and levels of disability I have never read a book before that so accurately demonstrated the challenges faced by family members who are dealing with a teenager who is mentally much younger than her actual age The author b [...]

    9. As far as teen fiction goes, even including other books and series from Melody Carlson herself, this is the absolute best book that I have ever had the experience to be exposed to It is just fabulous and if I could afford it, I would buy every single teenage girl I know a copy for keeps Aster is just another girl She is 17 years old, middle child of two sisters, and about to start her senior year Normal right Then throw in that her older sister is beyond materialistic, her dad is a no show, and [...]

    10. This book I really enjoyed It was very interesting and I loved how it had some romance, hate, and even dipair included in its pages In this book the girl faces problems most teenagers dont face Her parents are devorced, her dad has another family of his own, her mother works all the time, her older sister doent care, and she has a disabled younger sister She feels she is stuck in the middle She is constintly taking care of Lily I think that is her name and Lily is not easy to please After hard s [...]

    11. I am having a blast reading every published Melody Carlson book out there that I have not previously read I ve always said she is one of my favorite authors, and I don t even know why Her teen books are my favorite by far, though This book tells the story of 17 year old Aster, who is treated as a live in babysitter to her mentally challenged younger sister, Lily Aster s mom was a piece of work never wanting to be around Lily and getting mad at Aster for going out with friends instead of staying [...]

    12. 5.0 out of 5 stars An honest look at a girl with too much responsibility, July 16, 2009 By Novel Teen Book Reviews USA See all my reviewsAster Flynn s life is not her own She is responsible for caring for her fifteen year old handicapped sister, Lily From morning till night, Lily and Aster are together, and Aster is getting burned out When a cute boy asks Aster out, she does all she can to make the date happen But without Aster to take care of Lily, Aster s mom freaks Will Aster ever get a life [...]

    13. The author did an amazing job of portraying a teenager with special needs which was the very redeeming element of this book Lily, the MC s sister had a traumatic birth and brain damage because of that Aster, the MC, has almost full charge of Lily and hated it, although she loved her sister Every single person in the book was incredibly selfish and focused totally on themselves I m not sure if the author approved of Aster s selfishness I know that the rest of the characters weren t supposed to be [...]

    14. I have to admit, I am shocked Normally with Melody Carlson s books and think PTL, that is not a series, now I won t have to feel obligated to read or Oh, it s a seriesI should probably read them all You may ask why why does she read them if she doesn t like them I will tell you whye wrote Finding Aliced I know one day I will love another one of her books as much as I love that one But this book was really good I love aster, her struggles felt so real It was easy to relate to, because all teenag [...]

    15. My Mum was actually the first to read this book and after told me that it was really great and that I should read it Boy was my Mum right Aster seems like your typical teenager goes to high school, gets good grades, has friends, and a crush on a cute boy Seems average right Aster really spends most of her time taking care of her little sister, Lily, who has autism and seems like a pain in the butt The reason why Aster is the only one to take care of Lily is because her mum goes to work all day l [...]

    16. Sixteen year old Aster wishes she could have a life just any other girl However, as the main caretaker for her mentally disabled sister Lily, Aster s life is anything but normal Aster is desperate to get some freedom, but her older sister is no help, her mother works long hours, and her father hasn t been part of the picture for years When cool, good looking Owen comes along and actually doesn t seem too freaked out at Aster s situation Aster thinks he may be her ticked to normality However, Ast [...]

    17. I found this book surprisingly engaging I stayed up past my normal bedtime to finish it, even I enjoyed reading about how the main character learns to stand up for herself, how to become independent and share her emotions with her distant mother I am glad to read a book, especially a Christian book, where the mother and daughter don t have a perfect relationship It s something I can relate to.I think there were topics the book glossed over, such as co dependancy, friendship and even being a bel [...]

    18. Genre Fiction, older readerI really enjoyed this story It shows how a teenage girl is burdoned by responsibilty that she should t have to deal with at her age She longs to have a regular life and finally gets her first taste of She learns to be independent and seek out the things she wants to do This is a great book of teen girls I thisnk they will be able to relate to Aster in many ways and feel a sense of togetherness with her The story has themes of courage, responsibility, and doing the rig [...]

    19. This book made me grateful for my family I like the little bit of romance in it, and I also liked how the moral of the story was kind of be yourself and do what s right, even if it s not the popular thing to do Aster was a kind of role model, she was really strong She was able to deal with a mentally retarded sister, a father who didn t spend any time with his old family, and a mother who wishes she could just spend the rest of her life at her work and dump all of her responsibilities on Aster E [...]

    20. Just Another Girl by Melody Carlson is the story of Aster, the middle sister, trapped between selfish Rose and dependent Lily Her parents are divorced, her father doesn t pay child support and doesn t visit, and their mom works all the time So Aster is stuck caring for Lily At age 17, she wishes she could have her own life, hang out with friends, go to collegeAster struggles with how society views Lily and struggles with the family God has put her in the middle of I am a fan of most of Carlson s [...]

    21. This book is a truly great book and, i really loved reading it This book is about a girl named Aster and she has a sister named Lily who is disabeled Aster has to take Lily every where with her because, her mom always is working late because she says she needs to catch up on her work but she really is just trying to stay away from Lily Aster never gets to live her life when she has a pain in the butt of a sister Aster meets a new guy but will he stay for long I think the most funny charecter in [...]

    22. First, I don t really like the cover all that muchbut no one asked meSecond, I thought it was a really good book, but what s the theme I don t understand what was resolved here, other than Aster doesn t have to take care of Lily all the time.I love Melody Carlson s books especially Anything But Normal but I don t really get this one sure I get that she has problems in her life, and God helps her, but still Overasll a good book

    23. This was okay Not quite what i was hoping for from one of my favorite authors It was a quick read with nothing really unpredictable in the plot line, and I felt like some things weren t wrapped up well But the characters were nicely done, and the premise was a fresh take on family, stress, and life This was still a pretty good book, and has definitely given me some food for thought like most of her books do , but it isn t one of my favorites from Melody Carlson.

    24. Aster is a 16 year old girl who has to take care of her mentally challenged sister, giving her no social life or free time When a boy takes interest in her for the first time , Aster finally learns to stand up for herself, and take charge of her life I absolutely loved this riveting page turner for its ability to capture each event of the book and make it relatable Five Stars

    25. I read this in one night I really want all teeangers to read this and to think about their life The main character is in charge of her younger handicapped sister She does not get to do normal teen things and she finally takes a stand She has a good heart and always wants to help others I think she handles the whole thing well when she tells her mom it is all too much for her I really didnt like the mother and thought the dad was a wimp Great book.

    26. This book is about a girl named Aster She has always felt unwanted and unloved Aster spends everyday taking care of her autistic sister Her mother works all day and night Her other sister Rose is selfish and self centered And Aster s dad left them and got remarried He doesn t care at all Aster wanted her own life and wasn t going to let this so called life that she was living go on any.

    27. Surprisingly enjoyable and believable not the usual style of Carlson but rewarding none the less I wish this was part of a series there are so few books out there that deal with characters who have mentally challenged siblings Riding the Bus with my Sister comes to mind Aster is one of the most engaging characters I ve come across in a while and I was sorry to see the book end.

    28. This is an easy read and it s very real The story isn t fluffy, it s real life, and it s refreshing in that way However, it s also a little corny The dialog doesn t sound fun, just perfunctory It s kind of just a stiff story about summer time and teen family drama Like an episode of 7th Heaven.

    29. THIS BOOK WAS AWESOMEi liked how it told a story of a girl with an everyday life It envolved her boy problems, tennage problems, friends, her mentally challenged sister, older sis, mom, and seperATED DAD.

    30. i liked this book i felt sorry for her, having to look after her sister with a disapility it got you thinking alot about the people that do not have a perfect life and how she dealed with it.

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