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Hero, Second Class By Mitchell Bonds,

  • Title: Hero, Second Class
  • Author: Mitchell Bonds
  • ISBN: 9780982104910
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Have at You Cyrus Solburg is a young man who dreams of becoming a Hero in a fantasy world in which Heroes owe monthly dues and Villains are allowed only one eclipse per fiscal quarter Cyrus becomes the apprentice to Sir Reginald Ogleby, also known as the Crimson Slash, a towering swordsman with a titanic sword and a penchant for self narrating his own battles It s up toHave at You Cyrus Solburg is a young man who dreams of becoming a Hero in a fantasy world in which Heroes owe monthly dues and Villains are allowed only one eclipse per fiscal quarter Cyrus becomes the apprentice to Sir Reginald Ogleby, also known as the Crimson Slash, a towering swordsman with a titanic sword and a penchant for self narrating his own battles It s up to Reginald to train Cyrus in the essentials of Heroism so that one day, at the conclusion of his first Quest, Cyrus may become a Hero, Second Class More is afoot than the routine of training in the arts of Heroic Derring Do, however A bona fide Arch Villain is on the loose And this Villain is particularly interested in Cyrus, not least because of how Cyrus seems to have magic coming to him in spite of himself, resulting in tremendous disruption of the magical planes Entering into the fray come a wise cracking Dragon, a petulant gargoyle, the Heroes Guild, the Army of DarknessTM, and a horde of cursed invisible Centaurs Cyrus will have to call on his friends, a beautiful young cat girl, and all the power of the Capital Letters and Arbitrary Numbers if he is to live to become a full fledged Hero When Mitchell was 10 he and his friends created an adventure game called Quest Mitchell played all the supporting characters, quest givers, and his favorite the villains, while his friends played the brave heroes who thwarted them That game became the basis for Hero, Second Class Mitchell is a young man with theatrical inclinations, a wry sense of humor, and storytelling ability well beyond his years.
    Hero Second Class Have at You Cyrus Solburg is a young man who dreams of becoming a Hero in a fantasy world in which Heroes owe monthly dues and Villains are allowed only one eclipse per fiscal quarter Cyrus becomes th

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    1. In which the reviewer expounds upon the notion that this is a Whacking Good Story, featuring heroic derring do and perfidious villainy amid slaughter on a monumental scale, a Touching Love Story, and a good many puns.Cyrus Solburg is the squire of the noble hearted though dense hero Sir Reginald Ogleby, known as the Crimson Slash Endowed with superhuman powers and desire to express them, heroes like the Crimson Slash fight villains with similar inclinations in a medieval world populated with a n [...]

    2. Have at you read this book set in Mitchell Bonds wonderful, quirky world yet No Well, if you re a fan of fantasy, comedy, and adventure, this should be on your Must Read list From the second line, this book had me laughing, and it kept it up throughout This book makes fun of the fantasy genre, it has a lot of puns, and it s just flat out funny Some parts of this novel even reminded me of Monty Python, only cleaner, which is fantastic While the main goal of Hero, Second Class is to make you laugh [...]

    3. Review by Jill WilliamsonCyrus Solburg is an apprentice to Sir Reginald Ogleby, otherwise known as the Crimson Slash It is Crimson s duty to teach Cyrus in all matters pertaining to becoming a real Hero As Cyrus and Crimson travel the countryside, they meet up with some new friends a dragon named, Keeth, and two feline Katheni, brother and sister.As Cyrus nears Herohood, an Arch Villain is on the loose, plotting diabolical destruction and revenge Can Cyrus manage to reach the end of his training [...]

    4. I don t give five stars to an indie book lightly, but this one is worth it Very meta and fun story about a world where Heroes narrate their own battles and villains buy minions in quantities of 101 to beat those pesky Heroes with the strength of one hundred men.Cyrus is a squire to one such Hero, Reginald the Crimson Slash Reginald is the epitome of Heroing virtue he knows the Hero manual from back to front and always falls for a False Quest However an Arch Villain from his past has some serious [...]

    5. Bonds night be the heir to PratcettImagine a world where Heroes and Villains always properly capitalized belong to guilds, complete with rules A world where magic works and all of the stereotypes of sword and sorcery walk, flap, crawl, or stride Now put that world in the hands of an author who consistently breaks the fourth wall to mock the conventions of the genre Sprinkle liberally with snark and puns, pausing here and there for a dragon to observe that no dragon ever gave part of his hoard to [...]

    6. Mitchell Bonds has written a very creative book here Well, maybe creative is not the best word He seems to have collected every stereotype of the hero villain genre and worked them into his story line That, in itself, is quite a brilliant accomplishment Parody at it s most complete.The overall story is, well, stereotypical I personally found it to be on the corny side, but I don t read that much fiction I have a feeling people will either love this book or not find it very interesting.However, i [...]

    7. This is a story with several layers First, a superficial, poking fun at the clich s of fantasy layer, second, a type of coming of age story of the main character, Cyrus, and how his dreams of becoming a hero isn t what he thought it was, and third, a deeper spiritual layer that is alluded to and, I assume, continues in the subsequent books Some parts of the book had me laughing at the parodies, sometimes it took me out of the story Once I got used to the author s narrative style, the story flowe [...]

    8. A bit of a disappointment in that I could not get beyond the overly clever descriptions and plot devices and found my mind wandering and boredom setting in An interesting premise that took too long to get into the actual plot and action I love humor Robert Aspirin and a host of other writers send me into the heavens with cleverness This tale got too bogged down and it just made the plot meander than the tiny threads of water during the middle of a drought May give the author another chance down [...]

    9. Do you love fantasy Are you tired of all the same old fantasy tropes you find in every other fantasy novel Well, I don t know if you will like this book It has pretty much every fantasy trope you could possibly imagine, but it makes fun of it in a new way Full of puns and satire, you could easily imagine Mel Brooks wrote this story Similar to Pratchett, but lacking the British humour that draws the laughs out of you.

    10. Reminded me a bit of Terry PratchettThis was a great, silly read, and it was very enjoyable It was interesting learning about all the rules in this fantasy world and how it allowed the characters to move around it At times the tone was a bit heavy handed when making fun of the normal fantasy chivalry tropes, but overall it was well done.

    11. I borrowed this book from a friend a while back after we both heard about it at a local writer s conference I found it interesting the characters were original and each had their own unique way of endearing themselves to the reader I m still tracking down the second book and expect it to be as good a read as the first

    12. It s overly whimsical and sometimes fails in its humor, but it an insightful satire of fantasy, deliberately taking many fantasy stereotypes into account in ways that prove that the author must have been highly conscious and analytical of the epic fantasy genre in order to write this book.

    13. In the style of Piers Anthony and Terry Prachette this new raising starWell written characterization and story in the style of Piers Anthony and Terry Prachette Very interesting world that is very worth investigating Adult readers only

    14. This book had me laughing from page one, though it dragged a little in the middle I would recommend it to anyone who likes a dose of humor and some good fantasy action Read at my blog, thebookhoundchristianspecfic

    15. This book was pretty dang slow.I could hardly wait for the book to be over I kept asking myself, why finish it it is that bad I stayed with it until the end though, but it kinda felt like I was punishing myself.ok

    16. This was a satirical take on superhero tales Ranen read this book as well I think he would have rated it a bit higher I enjoyed the story, but he said there was a lot of superhero or video game references I wouldn t get.

    17. This book is fine, and has a funny quirky take on the hero villain dynamic, but the author tries too hard the language is often laborious when it s trying to be clever.

    18. Hilarious I was laughing so hard that I finally realized I had only made it to page 10 in 30 minutes Definitely a good book.

    19. A funny irreverent parody of all things fantasy If you don t read fantasy you won t get this book If you read and love fantasy, this book will make you laugh out loud.

    20. I didn t know that Christian Speculative writing was a thing This book is a great fantasy book for this genre Enjoyable for anyone that enjoys fantasy, puns, and a hopeful story.

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