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The Dolphins of Pern By Anne McCaffrey,

  • Title: The Dolphins of Pern
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345368959
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the first humans came to settle the planet Pern, they did not come alone intelligence enhanced dolphins also crossed the stars, to colonize the oceans of the new planet while their human partners settled the vast continents But then disaster struck in the form of Thread, deadly silver spores that fell like rain from the sky, devouring everything and everyone inWhen the first humans came to settle the planet Pern, they did not come alone intelligence enhanced dolphins also crossed the stars, to colonize the oceans of the new planet while their human partners settled the vast continents But then disaster struck in the form of Thread, deadly silver spores that fell like rain from the sky, devouring everything and everyone in their path And as the human colonists dreams of a new, idyllic life shattered into a desperate struggle for survival, the dolphins were forgotten, left to make their own life in the seas of Pern As time went by, human memory of dolphins was lost to legend, and only the occasional tall tale of shipfish rescuing fishermen lost at sea kept the legend alive But the dolphins never forgot, and from generation to generation they preserved their oral history against the day when humans at last might remember their old friends, and once again the seas would resound with the ringing of the dolphins bells from docks and ships Now, centuries later, the dragonriders of Pern were on the verge of ridding their planet of Thread forever But T lion, a young bronze rider, was not old enough to participate in that great venture Instead, he and his dragon, Gadareth, were relegated to conveying people from place to place until he and Readis, son of the Lord Holder of Paradise River Hold, made contact with the legendary shipfish And as the dragonriders grappled with the ending of an era, T lion, Readis, and the dolphins faced the start of a new one reviving the bond between land and ocean dwellers and, in the process, resurrecting the dreams of the first colonists of Pern
    The Dolphins of Pern When the first humans came to settle the planet Pern they did not come alone intelligence enhanced dolphins also crossed the stars to colonize the oceans of the new planet while their human partners

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    1. I enjoyed this book very much I like the dolphins almost as much as I like the dragons and that is saying something I also enjoy Readis as a character I am beginning to wonder, however, what it is that Anne McCaffrey has against grown women, especially being one herself The young female characters of Pern, with a few exceptions, are good natured and charismatic However, her adult female characters are stubborn, self righteous, and often down right mean The three most noteworthy examples for me a [...]

    2. After all the exciting things happen after the settlers land on Pern, and are nearly destroyed by Thread, and discover dragons, and set up Weyrs and Holds and Halls, all the while devolving into a sexistrigidly hierarchal medieval society, and eventually Jaxom bonds with Ruth, and Menolly finds her firelizards and transforms Harpers, and they rediscover their computer and figure out how to end Thread fall once and for all, and all manner of social changes start being forced through after all tha [...]

    3. To borrow a TV phrase, I consider All the Weyrs of Pern the book immediately proceeding Dolphins of Pern chronologically to be where McCaffrey jumped the shark with the Dragonriders series I will refrain from including any spoilers here and only say that All the Weyrs has the natural feel of a conclusion about it Then McCaffrey had to go and write two Pern books to follow it To put it another way, all the books written before All the Weyrs of Pern have warrented multiple rereadings All the books [...]

    4. For many Turns the dolphins have been left to fend for themselves They remember the Second Crossing, the evacuation of the southern continent detailed in a novella in The Chronicles of Pern First Fall , but why have the humans abandoned them I understand why some people consider this one of the less enjoyable books in the series dragons hardly enter into it at all, the beloved characters featuring in the other books F lar, Lessa, Robinton, Menolly, Jaxom are all on the sidelines here, and too ma [...]

    5. I would have enjoyed this installment if Readis mother hadn t had such antipathy for her son s work with the dolphins It really didn t make any sense at all and just added unnecessary conflict The confrontation with Toric was also superfluous.

    6. I really enjoyed this one The dolphins add a new dimension to the Pern stories I wish they could have been reintroduced earlier However, I love what they bring to the series.

    7. In this latter book in the Pern series Anne McCaffrey explores the notion that dolphins came to Pern with the original human settlers as helpers for the ocean side of the new planet The book explores the re discovery of the dolphins which have sentience and language skills due to a process they were given back on Earth which apparently bred true.Published in the early 1990 s when dolphins and their intelligence were very much the talk of the decade, the book is a lot of fun in exploring Pern fro [...]

    8. This is such a sweet tale in the Pern series You can t not love the dolphins, they re so happy and clever and so loyal to their traditions and duties to mans.This book gives some nice depth to events after the victory over the Red Star and adds a good element of the dolphins which are mentioned now and then before and it s nice to see them finally embraced It gives a nice view on how things are shaping up, building toThe Skies Of Pernregarding Toric and the start of civil unrest.I really like th [...]

    9. I found this book laying around in my house and decided to give it a shot Maybe it wasn t the best idea to start a series from the thirteenth book, but I still did it.This novel tells a story about dolphins and their importance on the planet of Pern Thorough out the book humans learn how intelligent dolphins are and how helpful they can be for the whole community.The annoying thing about this book was that it didn t really have one main character, but instead it jumped from one person to another [...]

    10. A feel good story and not for people who want blasters and battling spaceships, but another enjoyable Pern book if you like that kind of story.

    11. delivreenlivres 20 Une bonne petite lecture dans le cycle On ne peux pas dire que a soit une lecture vraiment essentielle mais pour continuer dans le plaisir de cet univers avec des personnages tr s sympa et une petite intrigue tout fait dans l esprit de la s rie, c tait la lecture id ale.Pendant de nombreuses ann es, les dauphins ont t les compagnons maritime pr f r s des humains, ils les guidaient pour leur faire viter les temp tes et leur signaler les meilleurs zones de p che, le tout accompa [...]

    12. I read this long ago I recently picked up a large collection of McCaffrey hardback many first edition novels I felt somehow in Her presence as I was about halfway through this book when she passed to between This is not my favorite book of the Pern novels, but it ranks very high I am passionate about dolphins and swimming and dragons But at times I wished for of Readis s life than the life of the politicians of the planet I wished for science discovery There was a lot of that, but I wanted Bu [...]

    13. As I reread Pern, I m coming to the conclusion that McCaffrey would ve been better off quitting while she was ahead and that Todd McCaffrey should never have been let at the universe I wanted to like this because it featured characters I love really enjoyed seeing Alemi again and his relationship with Menolly , but there s no heart to this story, nothing cohesive that made me want to turn the page.There s a couple of anecdotes and characters I enjoyed I liked the dolphins and how they ve carried [...]

    14. This book is parallel to The All the Weyrs of Pern in that it takes place in the same time frame.Readis is a youngster who develops an interest in Ship Fish Dolphins when they rescue him from a sinking skiff during a storm He s the first person in hundreds of years turns to realize that they can talk The story revolves around around this link between Readis and the dolphins as the fact of talking and helping ship fish clashes with the hidebound culture of Pern that is already reeling from the di [...]

    15. Oh for crying out loudwhat the heck HAPPENED The book right before this one, All the Weyrs Of Pern was fantastic and startling and different and beautiful And then this one was AWFUL McCaffrey took one of my favorite characters from the last book, Aramina, and turned her into a shrewish, unsympathetic, two dimensional twit The storyline with her son going off to make his own hold was like something out of a nine year old s diary I m going to run away and make my own hold and live with dolphins a [...]

    16. After reading some of the reviews of this book on , i was afraid to read it I have been a fan of the Pern series for many years Although they are by no means great literature, they are an entertaining diversion The major complaint about this book was that it really had little to do with the dragons and familiar characters For me, this was a welcome change Instead of thread flying, we are treated to a lesson about Pern s past Dolphins were brought with the first settlers, and were an integral pa [...]

    17. Another chronicle of Pern If you ve enjoy your time on the planet before this will give you of the same This novel explores the oceans of Pern and the community of dolphins that have long been forgotten by the humans and dragons I didn t find it compelling or exciting or satisfying, but a healthy diversion.

    18. I really enjoy going back to Pern I figured I would read The Dolphins of Pern in order to keep the sequence and be able to read the book I have been keeping aside The Skies of Pern which I will break a rule and read next But back to Dolphins The story takes place at the same time as the events on All the Weys in Pern so AIVAS is still functional and guiding the Dragonriders towards its mission of diverting the Red Star With this backdrop we focus on the second part that is also history Aramina a [...]

    19. Je pensais que j allais m ennuyer un petit peu avec ce tome, qui a l air d tre davantage une annexe l histoire principale qu une r elle avanc e, mais en r alit , je me suis r gal e Ce tome fait une r trospective de la vie des dauphins sur Pern depuis leur arriv e sur la plan te, et du coup, on a un bel aper u de leurs aptitudes et de leur importance depuis des milliers d ann es J ai trouv ce tome tout mignon, les dauphins sont vraiment adorables et r pondent des r flexes grav s dans leur m moire [...]

    20. I THOROUGHLY enjoyed this book I m a huge Pern fanading the original series again for 3rd or 4th timeI thought I had read this one, but it didn t seem familiar at allI found the interactions between humans and dolphins and especially the charming childlike ness of the dolphins just what I needed to read right now Deep in depression lately, this book gave me a welcome respite, and brought me happy tears and many smiles I get what others say about it not adding to the overall plot of Pernbut I sti [...]

    21. My one big problem with the book is that it is not mainly about Readis and T Lion and the Dolphins It is a transition book between the traditional Pern books and the ones that will take place centuries in the future It is a Companion piece to All the Weyr s of Pern , instead of really a stand alone that deals with the Dolphins Which is really what I wanted or expected, a book about re finding the Dolphins of Pern This was part of the content, yes, but so much could have been done with the Dolph [...]

    22. What a mess this book is I adored the dragon books and had great hopes for this one, since she endowed dragons with such wonderful, distinct personalities But no luck Very lackluster and flat I know that much of the action that is referred to in this book is gone into much thoroughly in other books, but some things are so important that it is just odd to see them mentioned without much ado here Thread being conquered is merely mentioned in passing, as is Aivas dying when Robinton does Very much [...]

    23. I ve found myself mad at various dismissive people There is an annoying and all to human tendency to dismiss young or small The arrogance of experienced people has always been my pet peeve Drove me nuts when my parents kept insisting that they had all ready experienced something, and it was judged bad by them and therefor I should not do it Love the Dolphins, always have They are smart and beautiful

    24. I feel like this book was a little slow in the central plot and focused on several conccurent stories both political and coming of age I enjoyed all the stories although I feel that Toric should have been punished for his attempt I m glad Aramina got over her block, partially anyway Readis s adventure reminded me a bit of Menolly s story too and I enjoyed the call back there.

    25. I really enjoyed this book I didn t like the recording quality which was from old audio cassettes Anne McCaffrey is one of my favorite authors and her tales of Pern are well told and always interesting.

    26. I had to revisit an old friend Ann McCaffrey tells a story that is quite vivid I have in the past and will in the future always turn to her written pages for a great story

    27. Memories.Liked it the first time I read it, All those years agod I liked it this time, too Always the best.

    28. Rereading old favorites The Dolphins of Pern is one oh that s the last of Anne McCaffrey s magnificent pern series My al time favorites.

    29. There is a a personal story here the story should appeal to youth who can understand having parents who don t agree with your choices.

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