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Missing Susan By Sharyn McCrumb,

  • Title: Missing Susan
  • Author: Sharyn McCrumb
  • ISBN: 9780345483591
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Edgar Award winner Sharyn McCrumb brings you her sixth Elizabeh MacPherson mystery novel.The unsinkable Elizabeth is on tour of England s most famous murder sites, when Rowan Rover, the group leader, is quietly asked to commit murder He does, of course, but not without misgivings not the least of which is having Elizabeth MacPherson, canny observer and all around murderEdgar Award winner Sharyn McCrumb brings you her sixth Elizabeh MacPherson mystery novel.The unsinkable Elizabeth is on tour of England s most famous murder sites, when Rowan Rover, the group leader, is quietly asked to commit murder He does, of course, but not without misgivings not the least of which is having Elizabeth MacPherson, canny observer and all around murder spoiler, on his tail Sharyn McCrunb is definitely a rising star in the New Golden Age of mystery fiction I look forward to reading her for a long time to come Elizabeth PetersFrom the Paperback edition.
    Missing Susan Edgar Award winner Sharyn McCrumb brings you her sixth Elizabeh MacPherson mystery novel The unsinkable Elizabeth is on tour of England s most famous murder sites when Rowan Rover the group leader

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    1. This was given by a friend who knows I like murder mysteries It was all about a group of travelers on a bus in England It was pretty realistic and it often reminded me of my recent bus trip to Branson, Mo The book tour had a travel guide, Rowan, who was a bit of an authority on the history of murders and locations He was hired to kill a passenger, whom everyone hated during their trip because she was so annoying and talkative I found the story interesting and amusing There was a lot to learn abo [...]

    2. I read this book because the characters embark on a mystery tour of many of England s historical sights If you re looking for directions to the aforementioned sights, this book gives you all the roads taken to reach them Although there is a murder for hire story line, the plot is silly and almost non existent I ve read and enjoyed many of Ms McCrumb s books, especially the ones set in Appalachia, but I won t be reading the next in this series.

    3. I laughed out loud reading this funny yet deadly serious mystery set in the English countryside I also loved the Jack the Ripper tour woven into the plot since English mysteries are my favorite genre It was the first book I read by Sharyn McCrumb and now having read all her novels except the race car ones I still remember how engaging this one was.

    4. I liked some parts of it, specifically all the references to British geography and history, true crime, and crime fiction However, the plot was rather dumb, reminding me of a Hallmark Mystery Channel movie I much prefer her Appalachian mysteries.

    5. Very wittyI very much enjoyed this latest book from Sharyn Mccrumb There were twists and turns and a lot of humor.

    6. Mildly entertaining I like her Ballad series books, but I won t be reading another of the Elizabeth McPherson series.

    7. Elizabeth MacPherson Dawson cozies confound because they are a little off kilter Not quite mysteries, generally speaking, although there usually is a murder, not quite always solved , although sometimes someone does solve it never Elizabeth herself but the murder is never the focus, and while there is a lot of action, it primarily is through insult or satiric conversation, diary entries or letters, despite the dialogue occurring in interesting settings through which the multiple characters walk [...]

    8. The unsinkable Elizabeth MacPherson is on tour, traveling with a charmingly gruesome caravan of Americans visiting England s most famous murder sites The cantankerous and condescending guide, Rowan Rover, thinks he s shockproof until a mild mannered American businessman on his Jack the Ripper walk asks a small favor since Rowan knows so much about murder, would he mind committing one, for a nice, fat fee Surprised at himself, Rowan agrees to eliminate the unsuspecting Susan It s not that he does [...]

    9. Missing Susan is not a conventional murder mystery, in which the investigator tries to nab the killer.Rather, in a refreshing turnabout, the reader follows London crime expert and tour guide Rowan Rover, the most unlikely killer for hire imaginable Rowan s preparing to lead a group of bibliophiles on a tour of sites connected with English mystery novels and crime scenes, when an American businessman approaches him with an offer he can t refuse All he has to do is find a way to kill the American [...]

    10. Sharon McCrumb s series of mysteries featuring Elizabeth MacPherson is one of the best I ve read for pure entertainment value On a par with the Amelia Peabody mysteries by Elizabeth Peters, the stories are laced with accurate historical information and a healthy dose of humor despite the subject matter.In this twisty tale of an amateur s attempt at murder for hire, we are taken on a tour of mystery sites throughout the UK Being a bit of a history buff and a fan of both true crime and murder myst [...]

    11. Sharyn McCrumb is good Rowan Rover runs tours of Jack the Ripper s murders and other famous murderer s, too He is offered a very tempting opportunity to make lots of money, but it would involved killing one of the persons on his tour Susan Cohen, self involved, tiresome, opinionated, an easy person to dislike Elizabeth McPherson is also on this tour, a young woman whom it is easy to like Rowan is a dweeb and a bit of a loser, a wonderful protagonist McCrumb s touch is just right McPherson has he [...]

    12. I first read this book nearly twenty years ago when I borrowed it from a friend, and liked it a lot It reminded me of The Trouble with Harry, only Susan wasn t a corpse Happily, re reading it again now proved that I enjoyed it as much a second time around There is no mystery here, it s just a book about murder, with bountiful references to mystery fiction and real murders of the past By coincidence, I had just finished reading The Suspicions of Mr Whicher about the murder that the protagonist of [...]

    13. Bungling crime tour director, Rowan Rover, has become an unlikely would be assassin An American business man has hired him to kill his niece, Susan, and I don t think it s giving away too much of the plot to say he keeps missing Susan.This was a re read for me I went back to it because I enjoyed its humor and all the odd bits about British crime in history The case of Constance Kent was especially interesting I must have read this the first time before any of my kids migrated to Minneapolis beca [...]

    14. My favorite Sharyn McCrumb novel In this book, a British tour guide is hired to kill an annoying heiress named Susan Reluctantly, he accepts the assignment, even though super sleuth Elizabeth MacPherson is also a member of the tour group Rowan tries to carry out his mission as the group travels around England but he keeps missing Susan I loved it Lots of laughs, and the setting was so real I felt like I d toured England myself.

    15. This book speaks to everyone who has ever taken a multiple day organized bus tour There is always that one passenger who causes havoc In this book, it is Susan of the title who manages to set everyone s teeth on edge without even trying This sets up something of a Wiley E Coyote vs Road Runner series of events between Susan and the tour manager guide Funny and full of twists as well as set in wonderfully described England.

    16. I was disappointed in the previous Elizabeth MacPherson book by the almost complete lack of mystery To be honest there isn t a great deal of mystery about this one either but I found it pretty enjoyable A tour guide accepts a contract to kill one of his tour members the intended victim turns out to be a worthy contender for world s most annoying woman and you end up wondering how anyone could avoid killing her

    17. Wonderful book I have ready many Sharon McCrumb mysteries but that my first of the Elizabeth McPherson series Because it takes place on a true crime tour with a wacky but knowlegable tour guide, it gives the reader a vicarious tour of various sites in southern England and Wales where crimes murders had occured centuries before or recently I am now on a mission to read the rest of this series.

    18. I read the Elizabeth MacPherson series a long time ago, I was sorry when Sharyn McCrumb stopped writing them as I ve never really taken to her later books I had saved this one because it was my favorite I used to always give mysteries away because I assumed, erroneously, that I would never forget the plot and could never re read one Ha So I re read this, and it was fun Mildly black humor And quite accurate in it s portrayal of a guided tour, yes, tour guides hate shopping

    19. This book title is a multiple play on words about an attempted murder that lasts throughout the book It centers on a murder tour of England by an avid group of mystery readers I particularly enjoyed the book because Andy and I traveled to most of the places mentioned when we went to England in 2009 Bath, Oxford, Salisbury, Cornwall, St Ives, St Michael s Mount, Penzance and London Not a serious mystery but an entertaining romp through wonderful country.

    20. Edgar Award winner Sharyn McCrumb brings you her sixth Elizabeth MacPherson mystery novel The unsinkable Elizabeth is on tour of England s most famous murder sites, when Rowan Rover, the group leader, is quietly asked to commit murder He does, of course, but not without misgivings not the Shelfari If you love England you will love this travel log However, the plot is a bit weak.

    21. Listened to this book which had a great reader Engaging story within a story, had so many times of humor and plot twists Have enjoyed this author whose mysteries are complex and characters well developed I am always looking for non graphic complex mysteries so am so glad to have found another author to enjoy.

    22. I have been reading some of the Sharyn McCrumb books I have missed She is a North Carolina author who sets her stories in the mountains of Tennessee North Carolina I enjoy her mentions of UT, Johnson City and places around Knoxville I have read most of her books but thought I would post this one since I just read it.

    23. This is sort of the mystery affectionado s mystery story It s told from the slightly skewed points of view of the sleuth and the trying to be killer, and it is steeped in numerous other references of both true and fictional crime Set against the backdrop of a group of fans on a bus mystery tour across England, it is quite amusing, and a bit quirky.

    24. I enjoy reading mystery series and had high hopes for this series The earlier books were okay, but this particular book was pretty silly, without even a real mystery Also I find the romantic relationship that has been central to the series very odd I don t quite get what they see in each other.

    25. 3.5 starsI went on a Jack the Ripper tour 10 years ago, so I enjoyed this book for sentimental reasons It was a cute cozy mystery and probably the best one in the Elizabeth McPherson series It was an amusing read and the characterization of Susan was believable.

    26. I love the Elizabeth McPherson series She was the original forensic anthropologist and all the novels have humorous insight into human foibles This is one of the funniest, some have a serious undertone but all are good.

    27. I figured out the ending early on, and I think maybe I liked Susan than the author intended There were some funny bits, but I didn t like this book as well as most of the others I ve read by this author.

    28. Yuck Weak plot Not nearly as engaging as her previous book in this series that I had read Perhaps interesting as a travelogue but mystery it certainly was not Might have to try a different series.

    29. Another of the Sharyn McCrumb Elizabeth MacPherson mystery series This is a tour of England s most notorious murders, while someone in the tour group is marked for murder Clever and funny, as usual.

    30. First that I have read by this author, but not first in her series This one had a little of everything, humor, history, mystery, plot twist, I thought it was very enjoyable Will look for by her.

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