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Wild at Heart By Patricia Gaffney,

  • Title: Wild at Heart
  • Author: Patricia Gaffney
  • ISBN: 9780451205988
  • Page: 303
  • Format: Paperback
  • They called him the lost man Raised in the wood, without speech, without civilization, he was beautifully, wonderfully wild And when he was captured and locked away to be studied by scientists, he was treated like an animal than a human being.Only Sydney, daughter of a renowned anthropologist, looked beyond the wildness to see the man Something in his fierce loneThey called him the lost man Raised in the wood, without speech, without civilization, he was beautifully, wonderfully wild And when he was captured and locked away to be studied by scientists, he was treated like an animal than a human being.Only Sydney, daughter of a renowned anthropologist, looked beyond the wildness to see the man Something in his fierce loneliness called to her, imploring her to help him, to save him, to make him her friend But the world was not nearly so understanding And soon, still haunted by the mysterious tragedy of his past, he wanted from her than friendship He wanted all of her her love, her heart, and her soul
    Wild at Heart They called him the lost man Raised in the wood without speech without civilization he was beautifully wonderfully wild And when he was captured and locked away to be studied by scientists he was

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    1. I was hoping for wild man than we got here, since I am always on the lookout for Tarzan Jungle Book Raised by Wolves Unused to Society types of stories.The first part of Wild at Heart sort of touched on Michael s transition from the wild, but it was less about Michael and about how everyone else reacted to him I would have liked to delved further into Michael s head for this very brief amount of time when he was not quite yet civilized But then, it was over way too soon and the story moved on [...]

    2. Overall rating 4 stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler no hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler no hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler no hide spoiler HEA yes, but an epilogue would have been nice My review Sydney has been a widow for about a year in a half now She recently has moved back home after the tragic death of her husband and is trying to get her social life back on track Her father, a scientist, has a new project that he is working on along with his assistant, Charles, who is act [...]

    3. Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 stars Wild at Heart is a beautiful and unique book, perhaps not to literature in general, since it s overarching plot of a lost man being found in the wilderness apparently unable to speak is reminiscent of stories such as Tarzan or The Jungle Book However, for the romance genre, it is definitely an unusual tale Patricia Gaffney certainly appears to have done her homework, giving the reader authentic historical and scientific tidbits throughout the novel The heroine [...]

    4. Spoilers 4.5 starsThe book starts off a little slow, and it took me a little while to get used to the authors writing style, but hang in there it gets good.I wont re tell the story since the summary does a pretty good job, so I will stick to only important things.I found this to really got my emotions going, especially the beginning The first half of the book I found myself so sympathetic to the hero I hated that they were using him as an experiment But what I hated most of all was how spineless [...]

    5. I loved this book Absolutely loved it I stayed up way too late reading it and was tired at work today, but it was worth it The premise is pretty out there but it was executed and written really well and you just go with it.Michael is one of my favorite romantic heroes now He was lost in the Canadian wilderness as a child and raised at first by Indians for a year and he lived among wolves All this happens before the book starts.He is found in his 20 s and taken for some sociological experiments o [...]

    6. 3 All for Michael StarsI loved the hero Michael He was the best part of this book For 75% of the book I wanting to throat punch the heroine Sydney I felt she was spineless and cowardly She let everyone walk on her and bully her into doing what they wanted like a doormat She almost said yes to West s marriage proposal just because she was sick of him asking over and over She didn t stand up for the hero when her aunt would treat him like shit I felt she didn t deserve Michael Towards the end she [...]

    7. I thought this story was darned near as good as it gets It s very touching and funny, and has a unique storyline my 1 criteria for an exceptional romance The secondary characters were very lively and well written, the story vivid and highly evocative Michael is the quintessential perfect hero I loved everything about him, and will probably always regard him as one of my favorite romance heroes of all time He s a man of strong character, convictions courage, and even though he is considered wild [...]

    8. I really loved this The characters are wonderful, especially the kind, lovely heroine and the sweetheart of a hero I feel like one could nitpick the likelihood of the premise and of the story s resolution in particular, but I don t feel like it The book was heartwarming and hopeful, and I want to hug almost everyone in it Or roll around on the floor with them, like they were part of my wolf pack Patricia Gaffney s writing is so much my cup of tea, it s like she wrote her novels just for me 4.5 s [...]

    9. This is one of my most comforting of comfort reads I adore this story of Michael MacNeil and his poignant return to civilization I love the slow realization that Michael is an intelligent young man who was just lost in the wilderness for years The growing love between Michael and the young widow Sydney Barrow is tender, funny, touching and all things that are good I want to cry every time I read about Michael s loneliness This book is easily one of my top 10 of all time reading I wish they had 6 [...]

    10. 1.5 stars I m going to keep this review short because this book was a complete let down This book was actually REALLY boring You would think that a story about a man found in the woods who tried to fit back into society would be super interesting but it was not The only exciting thing was when his family showed up but I had to read over 250 pages of nonsense before I got to that point My main problem with the book was Sydney s character Wow, she had no redeeming qualities whatsoever Oh Charles , [...]

    11. The only thing I could possibly complain about is that it wasn t available as an e book and I had to go hunt down a physical copy found one on a used book website That I even went through the effort to get a physical copy, tells you just how much I wanted to read it It didn t disappoint.

    12. Wild at Heart by Patricia Gaffney was an enjoyable read for me It moved along at a steady pace and kept me interested in the characters and the outcome pretty much the whole way through The majority of the characters were weaved into the storyline perfectly I cared for the outcome of Sydney and Michael and was hoping they would achieve a happy ending What made this story so enjoyable for me was the main character Michael MacNeil He was so sensitive and true to his feelings and emotions, that you [...]

    13. It is entirely the fault of the fine ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books that I picked up an ebook copy of Patricia Gaffney s Wild at Heart, which showed up on Smart Bitch Candy s list of books with Schlocky Premises But Good Executions And let s face it, folks, boy raised by wolves is a pretty schlocky premise to start with But yeah, Smart Bitch Candy is right Gaffney pulled off a surprisingly charming little novel here.It s 1893, and Sydney Darrow, after the death of her young husband, has co [...]

    14. Beautiful and an innocent love story Standalone Cliffhanger Standalone M F M M M M F etc M FHEA HFN etc Ending HEAContains Cheating NoMulti Luv n NoContains Children NoContains Flashbacks NoJealy Possy OTT Rating 3 Not the kind in the books shown these days.But nevertheless sweet.What i mean by sweet is that, the H view spoiler does not understand that what he feels is jealousy.He just knows that he does not like charles touching the h and goes and shows it hide spoiler Angst Level Rating 3Feel [...]

    15. Uma vers o entre o menino Mogli e Tarzan, recontado de uma forma que apreciei muito.Um homem encontrado na selva e trazido para a Universidade para ser objeto de estudos como as pesquisas nesta n o deram certo, o pai de Sydney, a mocinha, o leva pra casa para fazer um experimento com ele Michel, o mocinho que vigiado porque eles temem suas rea es violentas.Mas, como Michael, n o fala, pouco se sabe sobre ele Aos poucos, ocorre uma aproxima o entre o garotinho Sam, o irm o mais novo dela e Sydney [...]

    16. Belo e originalEstou feliz por come ar o ano com leituras t o maravilhosas Wild at Heart um livro muito lindo e carregado de significados O her i Michael passou quase duas d cadas da sua jovem exist ncia longe da civiliza o, vivendo em territ rio remoto e selvagem do Canad Ele tinha apenas seis anos de idade quando um acidente ocasionou esse ponto divisor em sua vida Ele se tornou o lost man Ele foi capturado, preso como um animal, e posteriormente objeto de estudo de um antrop logo, Dr Winter, [...]

    17. In which Sydney s anthropologist father finds a wild man in the woods, and Sydney and the dude raised by wolves fall in looooooove, and then Wolf Man turns out to actually be a lost Scottish Lord, making his union with Sydney socially acceptable for the 19th century Yay Here s what I like about Patricia Gaffney she s infinitely readable than pretty much any other romance novelist I ve discovered She s willing to tackle wonderfully crackish plots I mean, this one is practically a het d up due So [...]

    18. Caspar Hauser Thema Die Geschichte ist eine Mischung aus Tarzan und Mogli Michael wird in den kanadischen W ldern gefunden und landet bei Prof Winter, der erforschen will, was angeboren und was anerzogen wurde bzgl Menschlichen Altruismus Es stellt sich jedoch heraus, dass er einmal zivilisiert war und nur verloren gegangen ist Demzufolge lernt er schnell wieder sprechen und vieles andere, was ihm die Kinder des Professors die gerade verwitwete Sydney, der sechj hrige Sam und der Lebemann Philip [...]

    19. Can you imagine what would happen if you were a child and civilization was lost to you No one to take care of you Teach you Love you WILD AT HEART is the story of a young boy who lost his parents Add to his confusion and grief the fact that he now lives in a unknown land and comes upon both unsavory and well meaning characters in the form of humans and animals And for years, this is his life.Time continues on until one day he is caught Believed to be the lost man he is poked and prodded, caged a [...]

    20. I was really ambivalent about this I really liked Michael, the Hero, as we see him learn to fit into the larger, real world and he learns that humans are not always so honest He isn t as wild as everyone thinks, he s very intelligent and he feels deeply And he falls for Sydney, the oldest daughter of the family that has taken him in to study him Sydney is not my favorite character She s spoiled and vain, but I know she was like that to contrast Michael and so her growth is rather obvious I was s [...]

    21. Meh I started it, but really struggled with the dull language, wooden characterizations, and too much telling and not enough showing It was also really hard to pinpoint exactly WHEN the story was taking place There were moments when the characters referenced taking the train from the suburbs into downtown Chicago, but then other times when the behaviors and s seemed early Victorian I wasn t ever able to get an actual year and that bothered me I think this is because as a reader of historical rom [...]

    22. Entirely lovely.The storyline is one that Candy on the Smart Bitches, Trashy Books blog would call schlocky In 1893, a man who was left in the wild as a boy, presumed dead and grew up on his own with only animals for companions is found and being studied by heroine s professor father.This is sort of Tarzan and Jane storyline Sydney, the heroine, takes the hero Michael under her wing to introduce him to the human world and human way of doing things There s such a sweetness and innocence about thi [...]

    23. I found out about this little gem on Nalini Singh s blog love her writing BTW.The storyline is a little different take on the usual family taking in a stranger theme I found it interesting the evolution of Michael as a civilized individual He really is the heart of this story and I was always delighted by his thoughts and actions Sydney was a bit passive as a heroine, but an interesting contrast to Michael s passion and joie de vivre I didn t really care for Sydney s family, with the exception o [...]

    24. I am honestly really tempted to give this one five stars I thought it was lovely, charming, and moving The emphasis on animals throughout really worked for me I don t think I can quite do it, though Basically, I m torn between ranking it 5 stars as the best romance novel I ve read so far and therefore at the top of its class and ranking it 4 stars because it doesn t match up to my all time favorite novels in general I just don t know If the book sticks with me I might come back and re star it.

    25. A slow moving story, told in small details The hero is the brave innocent, a Galahad from out of time and society, who sees people s intentions without regard to their social context or niceties The heroine of course found his interest unsettling but is full of compassion for the beautiful man raised by apes The first half of the book is very sweet.The story then decends into the banal as spoiler he is found, fortuitously, to be the long lost son of an aristocrat, and is therefore a than eligib [...]

    26. I went and bought an actual in hand copy with real pages of this book because I couldn t buy it on Kindle.And I did not like it.Maybe my palate for enjoying these kinds of books has changed, because this was such a depressing story.The only thing I did like about this book was hero Michael MacNeil His sweetness and innocence was wonderful But the rest Depressing.I wanted to love it I really did But I can t even finish it I got to the point where they found out where he came from and who he was, [...]

    27. This turned out pretty good I liked the plot although I had wondered earlier where the story was going after they discovered he wasn t really feral but could talk and read etc A nice little book not deep but well written Enough that I could give this author another try She might never be a favorite but not one I never want to see again The historical aspect seemed well done and there were no blatant anachronisms.

    28. This was lovely Just a very nice feel good story I read it to get in the mood for the story I m writing now about a werewolf who can t remember how to be a man, and I think it influenced me well in that regard But beyond that, it was quite touching and nice I really liked it.

    29. Cute Michael is such a lovable character specially in the beginning But I couldn t read this book till the end It really bored me and I expected to see a little wildness in Michael which I did not But still it was enjoyable.

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