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The Cold Commands By Richard K. Morgan,

  • Title: The Cold Commands
  • Author: Richard K. Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780575077935
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The otherworldly Kiriath once used their advanced technology to save the world from the dark magic of the Aldrain, only to depart as mysteriously as they arrived Now one of the Kiriath s uncanny machines has fallen from orbit, with a message that humanity once faces a grave danger the Ilwrack Changeling, a boy raised to manhood in the ghostly realm of the Gray PlaceThe otherworldly Kiriath once used their advanced technology to save the world from the dark magic of the Aldrain, only to depart as mysteriously as they arrived Now one of the Kiriath s uncanny machines has fallen from orbit, with a message that humanity once faces a grave danger the Ilwrack Changeling, a boy raised to manhood in the ghostly realm of the Gray Places Wrapped in sorcerous slumber on an island that drifts between this world and the Gray Places, the Ilwrack Changeling is stirring When he wakes, the Aldrain will rally to him and return in force But with the Kiriath long gone, humankind s fate now depends on warrior Ringil Eskiath and his few, trusted allies Undertaking a perilous journey to strike first against the Ilwrack Changeling, each of them seeks to outrun a haunted past and find redemption in the future But redemption won t come cheap Nor, for that matter, will survival.
    The Cold Commands The otherworldly Kiriath once used their advanced technology to save the world from the dark magic of the Aldrain only to depart as mysteriously as they arrived Now one of the Kiriath s uncanny machi

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    1. So besides screaming YOU MUST READ can I best entice you to sample Richard Morgan s excellent, highly original, fantasy science fiction genre busting series Well, since name dropping never hurts Start with prose that is dramatic, philosophically inclined and ornately descriptive, in the spirit of Dunejuxtapose it with the crisp, trope thrashing subversion of Joe Abercrombie inject enough graphic depictions of violence and sex to give even George R R Martin pause and submerge it all into one of t [...]

    2. The world opens up and swallows you down This is not new You ve spent the last decade of your life at least, wondering how it ll burn down in the end Before that, of course, you were too young and alive to really believe in your own death, but the war took all that away So That looks like it s taken out of a goddamn Siken poem, and isn t that just fitting and heartbreaking all in one This book was one hell of a ride and I find it hard to believe I ever doubted whether or not I wanted to continue [...]

    3. I recently finished The Cold Commands by Richard K Morgan I ve been a fan of his since the first page of Altered Carbon, so I was really interested to see where he took things in a fantasy milieu The first book in the series, The Steel Remains, wasn t quite as well received as his science fiction, but I enjoyed it, and thought The Cold Commands was even better The second book feels confident and poised, less like he was out to prove something and just focused on storytelling The Kovacs books a [...]

    4. 3.5 stars rounded up While the story structure is the same as in The Cold Commands, I liked this middle book better because the conflict offers depthscope, there is a powerful ending and the character building shines unbound.At first I didn t know what to expect about the plot direction there is a sense of impending doom and uncertainty as the protagonists go about their business in the aftermath of the events described in the first book, but again, no answers Then it decidedly took off.There i [...]

    5. Do not despite the beggar, grizzled and crippled at the corner For who can tell what households or kingdoms he may once have called his own Life is a long dream whose end we cannot see and he is perhaps but a premonition, a lucky warning you may yet take.I can t say that I enjoyed this as much as the first Although the first was also slow going at the start, the world building and action quickly pulled me in That epic opening line helped as well.Leaving a few months gap between reading these boo [...]

    6. rantingdragon the coldThis review contains minor spoilers for The Steel Remains.The Cold Commands is the much anticipated sequel to The Steel Remains, the 2008 fantasy debut of now acclaimed science fiction author Richard Morgan After a three year hiatus, the second installment of A Land Fit for Heroes has finally arrived and it will not disappoint No holds are barred in this fast paced genre shake up, its pages veritably bursting with passion, action, intelligence, and pathos.Set approximately [...]

    7. 5 StarsI am not really bright I was mad at myself for waiting so long to read Richard Morgan s first book in this A Land Fit for Heroes series The Steel Remains Well, here I am again way too late to this amazing party Morgan continues this series in such an amazing dirty fashion that I know that I will need to read it again This is the antihero fantasy series that you were looking for.My friend Kristine here at writes an amazing review that I totally agree with and think that you should read too [...]

    8. This is a difficult book to review because like the first book, The Steel Remains, the pace was really slow for a large part of the book and I wasn t invested in the characters or the story I wanted time spent with Ringil and Egar, rather than Archeth, who I am still not sure if I like or not There is also not really much plot development in this book but it does set everything up nicely for the final book The Dark Defiles.

    9. So, this is a book I guess Honestly, I was underwhelmed by The Steel Remains, and the Cold Commands isn t that fantastic either It has vague glimpses of interesting stuff going on, but nothing that really comes together Mostly it s just a bunch of dicks running around being dicks, laced with extra Grimdark for no particular reason, and it all feels kind of random Some guy is faffing around and then gets teleoported to where the plot needs him Large amounts of sex is had a lot of which is gay, wh [...]

    10. After just about three years Richard Morgan s The Cold Commands has been released Picking up or less where The Steel Remains leaves this dark fantasy I almost want to say science fantasy novel is a bit slower than the previous volume, forgoing major strides in plot advancement in favor of maneuvering characters and events so as they are positioned for further adventures, and likely action, in the next volume s While this makes for a intense study of our three main leads Ringil, Arceth, and Eg [...]

    11. I am left vacant as a weed covered gravel pad I ve watched the downfall of a friend in a moment that seems heroic on its face but is the birth of his own terrible fate, and there is nothing I can do because my friend is a character on a page All I can do is wait for his final descent and watch as he falls Richard K Morgan is special When I read these stories of Ringil, Archeth and Egar, I am captivated in a way I haven t felt since Lord of the Rings in my teens He s speaking to me now, me and al [...]

    12. Review from Tenacious Reader tenaciousreader 2014 0What I can t get over with this book is just how beautifully written eviscerations can be done Seriously, Morgan s prose is just wonderfully written with a beautiful and poetic feel This carries through for every part of his book, including the dark and gritty, violent sections like when the prose is describing disembowelment Yes, this book, like the first one has graphic sex and violence This series is not for the faint of heart And just like I [...]

    13. Although this is a fantasy book, it s really the far, far future Earth after cataclysmic events have set civilzation back to the horse and sword era For those of you who have read Morgan s Takeshi Kovacs books Altered Carbon, Broken Angels and Woken Furies you ll see this IS the Takeshi Kovacs Universe and he is a participant one of the dark gods, sky dweller Takavach What the people living on earth think is magic is alien tech, but we see everything from their pov, so it s ambiguous Very clever [...]

    14. The worst part about this book was the inside cover copy That blurb was misleading and is going to piss people off with its bait and switch tactics I loved the book but fair warning, the inside cover of the hard cover or back cover of what I m assuming will also be the soft cover was poorly chosen.That said, its nice to see Gil, Egar and Archeth back in action Once again, it took too damned long for them all to get into the same place but I enjoyed the journey there so much that I won t kvetch a [...]

    15. Set sometime after The Steel Remains, a book that basically blew my mind with how unflinching and hurtful it could be, while delivering in characters, plot, dialog and worldbuilding than most fantasy series do So the sequel had a lot to live up to, and mostly, it does In the first book, a kidnappd relative roused Ringil Eskiath, former noble scion and now cynical war veteran, from his drunken stupor and into battle No one likes him much for one, he s a spiteful bastard, and for two, he s gay in [...]

    16. 3.5 stars I m one of the biggest Richard K Morgan fans ever, so having to knock this down a little in my rating is painful, but I had to do it I still love the style and the characters, but for the vast majority of the book nothing really happens If it was a 1000 page Brandon Sanderson book, that would be cool, because it s pretty much all fun to read, but when nothing has happened yet by page 400 and then the book is suddenly over after one big action scene at the end, then it s a bit disappoin [...]

    17. The Cold Commands contin a la historia iniciada por The Steel Remains Si te gust el primero te gustar el segundo porque tiene m s de lo mismo En el buen y en el mal sentido M s carisma y grandes di logos de los personajes protagonistas, m s trasfondo interesante, m s oscuridad y medias verdades en un mundo que no es justo pero es el que les ha tocado vivir.Mientras que el primer libro era m s o menos una historia cerrada el segundo es, como suele pasar en estos casos, un calentamiento para el gr [...]

    18. Second novels are tough, but Richard K Morgan definitely improves on The Steel Remains.The writing was already good, but it only gets better in the sequel Not just the craft itself, but the themes and ideas it explores.There s that pervasive and foreboding sense of loss and grief throughout which I weirdly enjoy in my novels A world weariness that makes you feel decades older just for having read it.Fans of Steven Erikson, try this out for a similar style if not scope.Now, a few complaints that [...]

    19. So it s weird, but I don t really get fantasy scifi I like fantasy, and I like scifi, and I love cool genre bendy remixy mashuppy things So you d think putting scifi in my fantasy would be like putting peanut butter in my chocolate, but it s actually like putting cottage cheese in my chocolate Just because someone on Top Chef thinks it s a good idea doesn t mean we plebes actually want to eat it, amiright I dunno, I ve also seen this as a bit of a personal failing, a weakness of imagination, ma [...]

    20. Usually I read genre fiction as an escape I go into it, fully expecting to apply half my brain one eye on the story and one elsewhere, as it were This was different This time, I was so absorbed, so engaged in the periods of suspense, and edge of your seat action that I lost track of what else I was doing Very effective escapism, this In fact, I was so transported that I don t think I can articulate a decent review or an objective discussion of Morgan s skills with plot and characters Instead, se [...]

    21. Esta segunda entrega de Tierra de H roes est ambientada un tiempo despu s de los sucesos de S lo el acero del que tambi n pod is leer mi rese a , y todos los personajes de la trilog a de Richard Morgan ahora tienen que hacer frente al precio de sus decisiones Aunque la victoria contra los dwenda parece haber detenido moment neamente sus planes de invasi n, en El G lido Mando el coraz n del Imperio de Yhelteth sigue siendo un lugar altamente convulso, donde los creyentes m s radicales de la Revel [...]

    22. 8.5 10The Cold Commands, the second installment of A Land Fit for Heroes, returns to the adventures of the three heroes who managed to stand out in the first book with their own, particularly unique personalities, with Richard Morgan starting a new story, putting us even deeply in the secrets and its ancient, dark beings of this world s past a story that brings us through his very bold and explicit writing into an adventure full of unceasing action and unexpected twist and turns, plots and betr [...]

    23. Monate sind vergangen, seit Ringil Eskiath, Egar Dragonbane und Archeth den Angriff der Aldrain zur ckschlugen Sie glaubten, die Gefahr w re gebannt Doch als ein mechanischer kiriathischer Steuermann vom Himmel f llt und vor einer Legende warnt, die allzu bald Wirklichkeit werden k nnte, m ssen sie erneut ihre Kr fte vereinen, um ihre Welt zu sch tzen Der Steuermann berichtet vom Ilwrack Wechselbalg, einem menschlichen Kind, das von den Aldrain in den Grauen Landen als einer der ihren gro gezoge [...]

    24. The funny thing about this series is that in both books I found myself rather frustrated at points There were times I skimmed nearly entire chapters just to get to the next part, which is probably largely because of the three main character povs I want to like Archeth for several reasons she s part of a dark skinned race species I m still not clear on this known as the Kiriath, who live centuries if not millenia, and came from another place They brought with them technology that aided the humans [...]

    25. I wanted to love this book Like The Steel Remains, it s really well written but as book 2 of a trilogy, this one suffers big time from middle book syndrome.The opening chapter is fucking great, and what it seems to set up, which was a big side theme in the first book made me practically punch the air in anticipation of how awesome it promised to be But then in the next chapter he just kind of goes Na, I m not doing that any And instead he spends about 50 fucking pages in some nether realm which [...]

    26. I really enjoyed the last book, and was very much looking forward to this one However, it fell short The pacing is very slow, and the real plot doesn t coalesce and move forward until about five or six chapters from the end The rest of the book is spent s l o w l y gathering the main characters towards each other, which shouldn t have been so damn hard considering two of them were living together in the beginning Still, I really enjoyed the characters, and was happy Archeth finally view spoiler [...]

    27. I enjoyed the first book of the series, but this one takes a dive for the worst The plot seems to not be sure as to where it s going, the main character literally magically escapes all problems and never really feels challenged and there are not any characters that I liked.

    28. Great Not quite as great as the first book, and it meanders quite a bit in the middle third, but still great There may be a longer review ish thing coming soon, or maybe I ll just write something about the whole trilogy once I get to book 3.

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