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Are You Experienced? By William Sutcliffe,

  • Title: Are You Experienced?
  • Author: William Sutcliffe
  • ISBN: 9780140283587
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback
  • A hilarious novel of a young man s misadventures in India from a fresh new voiceLiz travels to India because she wants to find herself Dave travels to India because he wants to get Liz into bed.Liz loves India, hugs the beggars, and is well on her way to finding her tantric center Dave, however, realizes he hates Liz, and has bad karma toward his fellow travelers JeremyA hilarious novel of a young man s misadventures in India from a fresh new voiceLiz travels to India because she wants to find herself Dave travels to India because he wants to get Liz into bed.Liz loves India, hugs the beggars, and is well on her way to finding her tantric center Dave, however, realizes he hates Liz, and has bad karma toward his fellow travelers Jeremy, whose spiritual journey is aided by checks from Dad Jonah, who hasn t worn shoes for a decade and Fee and Caz, fresh from leper washing in Udaipur With refreshing honesty and a healthy dose of cynicism, William Sutcliffe offers a transatlantic, nineties version of On the Road that all readers will enjoy.
    Are You Experienced A hilarious novel of a young man s misadventures in India from a fresh new voiceLiz travels to India because she wants to find herself Dave travels to India because he wants to get Liz into bed Liz lo

    One thought on “Are You Experienced?”

    1. Fucking Hilarious.As a british private school educated prick myself I felt compelled to read this book from the moment I read the blurb And I wasn t dissappointed one bit.The book is centered around a cynical, horny and sometimes downright hilarious teenage boy on his gap year called Dave Dave and his best friend s girlfriend are left in London whilst Dave goes off travelling Dave ends up infatuated with her and so when she starts talkign about plans of the two of them travelling to India togeth [...]

    2. I read this years ago in Udaipur and kept it with me as a souvenir of travelling and travellers Yesterday I saw it on the shelf, took it down and read it or less in one go, finishing late last night Although it s rickety in places, this is a funny, entertaining, TRUE book about that whole backpacking, gap year scene, which will tickle anyone who has travelled through India, or indeed, Asia or Africa It hits most of the targets it aims at and makes some telling points in amongst the pisstaking a [...]

    3. Nothing special, but nothing awful, either Justaverage.God, I wish I hadn t bought this I could have done a lot with those pounds Yes, I am a self confessed stingy bitch when it comes to cash.But hey it got a few laughs out of me, so that s definitely a plus But anything else I m afraid not I didn t care about ANY of the characters except maybe Ranj Liz was a bitch Dave was a self obsessed twit And the description of India was pretty basic, too I could have produced the same book or even a bette [...]

    4. Travel is a journey of self discovery Dave travels to India to be with Liz He discovers that he hates Liz only a bit than he hates India Actually, Dave doesn t hate everything about India the dope is cheap and plentiful Still, he has to put up with his fellow travellers, who overuse the word amazing and go on about Mother India but tend to hate actual Indians.William Sutcliffe s book sends up all of those well off Westerners who go to India or any other part of the non Western world , copies of [...]

    5. Are you experienced is the ultimate backpacker s novel Set in India, it deals with all the cliches, bull crap and annoyances of backpacking The story is told by Dave, a nineteen year old, who is as cynical as he is socially unsure and sexually insecure He teams with his only friend s girlfriend to go on a three month trip to India, which they both experience very differently Everyone who has traveled himself outside the Western world will recognize Dave s experiences and frustrations.Sutcliffe s [...]

    6. It was completely dull It had some funny moments, yeah, but they were few And there was no character development at all Stupid required reading.

    7. Supposedly a satire of backpacking, this extremely short book instead reads like a whiny, self absorbed travelogue where the main character learns nothing and changes not at all while trying to navigate the subcontinent There are occasional dead on points, especially when skewering young backpackers tendency to travel the world just to get stoned with other young backpackers It s funny, I said What You know how Manali just feels right Yeah How you can travel through all the stress and the money [...]

    8. Another smart, funny critique of backpacking culture, this time written by a Brit Unfortunately, I believe it s out of print, as I had difficulty ordering it from for my cousin, but I found my copy at the good, old fashioned library This is a good book to read alongside The Beach by Alex Garland But this one is a little positive it takes a humorous route, whereas The Beach takes a dystopic route.

    9. Tepid, as with all Sutcliffe s books like an anaemic Waugh set loose on the same turf as Alex Garland Gap year backpacking students are a deeply irritating breed no satire dealing with them should want for material This does.

    10. Disclaimer I received this for free in exchange for an honest review from Penguin Going into this I thought I wouldn t like it because of the sexual content, particularly from a male perspective but I actually really enjoyed this reading experience.This is effectively a satire about the theme of travelling on a gap year, and it is a coming of age story of the male protagonist Though reading from the male perspective was a little strange at times, I found the characters to be realistic, having kn [...]

    11. The book is quite a funny book, especially if you have backpacked before in Asia You can see how many of the characters are real common characters in real life and start thinking that you did meet someone like Jeremy, or Fee I think the book is overemphasizing a bit the effect of traveling After all Dave moved from a whining lousy person, to a pretentious lousy person in my opinion Dave the traveller is not better or worse than Dave.I thought the book is a light funny read Happy that I picked it [...]

    12. A book about how to pick your travelling companions Haha It is really funny and at the same time, actually made me discovered India through its pages All the girls in this book are unbearable but the narrator is not really better Still, you start liking this Dave and in the end, I was really into the book and finished it in a few hours The perfect satyre of the backpacking trend industry It also make you think about your behaviour when visiting a different country, are you the tourist, the trave [...]

    13. I picked up this book as soon as it came to my attention because there was a time in my life when traveling was my favorite thing, and how I spent every spare penny I could squirrel away India was always on the wish list, but never came to pass On average, I tend to enjoy most travel memoirs or stories written by people who have really had the experience of traveling.The author, William Sutcliffe, did in fact spend about 3 months traveling in India during his gap year, just as the protagonist in [...]

    14. I had to read this book for a Youth culture seminar, and seeing the book s cover and title made me want to puke at the idea of reading it I thought it was going to be one of those cheap hippie narrations, where traveling would change the protagonist s life And even tough, traveling did do exactly that to him, the book retains a constant cynic funny perspective of the hippie side of traveling and disappointed my expectations positively I had a good laugh, and that isn t a common thing for me to e [...]

    15. A witty take on the gap year phenomenon as seen through the eyes of a sceptical 19 year old lad This book didn t set my world on fire but it was a light, entertaining read My only real criticism is that the protagonist was portrayed as being pretty socially inept, which is not unbelievable for a 19 year old boy lacking in life experience, but it seemed to jar a bit with his well developed sense of cynicism.

    16. Gosto de viajar e s vezes procuro informa es e dicas sobre pa ses, a ideia era encontrar algum chamamento para visitar a India, pensei que ia descobrir algo neste livro, masUm mo o de 19 anos, quer dar duas com a namorada de um amigo combinam ir para a India.Poupem o vosso dinheiro, n o vale a pena.

    17. another of my original top 5 s read it twice as well entertaining, funny, page turner british humor read it in india the 2nd time around as it takes place there.

    18. Brilliant This was the second time I read it, the first time was when I was a teenager and had never travelled before, and now that I am experienced in travel, it was a great book to go back to.

    19. A hilarious take on India by a British teenager that agrees for a journey in the country with his mate s girl, with whom he plans to have a pleasure able time, but instead ends up becoming lonely, and desolate I always used to wonder, what do travellers do in India, and this book probably answers it with the very western view of things.What makes it funny is that he wasn t really prepared to travel in India, and stepping into an oven is something he has never done before He looks at things from [...]

    20. Plenty of privileged middle class kids travel in their gap year before university This novel rather marvellously parodies the worst of those the ones who travel east to see the real India or wherever , which apparently entails following the same traveller trail as everyone other privileged middle class kid, hanging out in hostels with them getting stoned and talking nonsense dressed up as philosophy and rarely if ever interacting with anyone local.I had a lot of sympathy for Dave, he never reall [...]

    21. I ve heard it said before that traveller s fall into two categories those who have been to India and those who haven t Whilst I believe that to be a load of pretentious shite, when it comes to travel writing I ve always thought that there are two categories of travel book readers those who ve read Are You Experienced and those who haven t This novel follows Dave who decides to travel to India, primarily to bed his best mate s girlfriend and his subsequent disillusionment with India itself and g [...]

    22. 3.7 Not a book to engage in if you feel you must like the characters, but a truly humorous tongue in cheek look at the less glamorous details of travel and a satirical approach to wealthy empire youth trying to justify their entitlement Liz and Dave set out on a journey together with some questionable motivation, she is trying to get back at her boyfriend for proceeding on his gap year travel without her while Dave believes he has a relationship with Liz that she blithely disregards I related Da [...]

    23. Any book that can accurately depict the life of a backpacker, especially in a place like India, and can bring me back to when I was there is a friend of mine Add in a conversational writing style and you have a book that should be required reading for anyone boarding a plane with passport in hand without any place to stay beforehand

    24. This was a great read I read this book while on holiday in Sri Lanka and would definitely have read it in one sitting if that would have been possible with my itinerary It wasn t so I finished it in two sittings The books is really humorous and a very quick and light read, while it also gives some food for thought.

    25. It passed the time, but writing a satire on gap year travelers to India is pretty much like shooting fish in a barrel.

    26. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of this book as many of Dave s thoughts rang true of my experiences in Australia However, I found the middle a little muddled and found my concentration waning.

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