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Windows on the World Complete Wine Course By Kevin Zraly,

  • Title: Windows on the World Complete Wine Course
  • Author: Kevin Zraly
  • ISBN: 9781402751417
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is simply the bestselling wine book in North America it s a classic The 2007 edition alone has sold over 100,000 copies and reorders continue to pour in Along with the expanded text that has made last year s update so successful, the 2008 revision will include a special 16 page supplement on How to Taste Wine, taken directly frWindows on the World Complete Wine Course is simply the bestselling wine book in North America it s a classic The 2007 edition alone has sold over 100,000 copies and reorders continue to pour in Along with the expanded text that has made last year s update so successful, the 2008 revision will include a special 16 page supplement on How to Taste Wine, taken directly from Kevin s world famous class This new material will include than 100 wines that Zraly selects for his students to taste, along with the tasting sheet they use for their evaluations Organized by region, from simple to complex, his list begins with white wines from France, the U.S and Germany moves on to the red wines of Burgundy and the Rh ne, Bordeaux, the U.S Italy, Australia, Argentina, and Chile and concludes with champagnes and ports By following Kevin s order, readers will experience the best wines and the wide diversity of taste, style, region, and country It s not only a comprehensive and bargain priced hands on wine education, but a superb catalog from which to start a wine cellar or find a bottle appropriate to any occasion In addition, the label for each of the 101 wines is shown, along with commentary on how to read it, suggestions for alternative wines, and specific instructions on how to set up a tasting using Kevin s techniques This is the first time Kevin s actual list has ever been offered in book form and it alone is worth the cover price of Windows on the World Complete Wine Course.Of course, as always, this unequaled volume retains all the invaluable information, fabulous illustrations, and gorgeous styling of the previous editions all presented in Zraly s inimitable, irreverent style This is the wine guide against which all others are judged.
    Windows on the World Complete Wine Course Windows on the World Complete Wine Course is simply the bestselling wine book in North America it s a classic The edition alone has sold over copies and reorders continue to pour in Along

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    1. I haven t yet made my way through this book entirely, but my impressions at my current stopping point have me favoring the other wine books I have over this one, which is why I m putting it down for now I m enjoying The Wine Bible by Karen MacNeil much For a book to help guide and inform you through your own tastings and wine in general that I really love is Andrea Robinson s Great Wine Made Simple I m sure ill pick this one up again in the future, it s just that I m not that excited to do so I [...]

    2. You could learn a lot from this book if you really used it as a coursebook I just did some skimming and still picked up a few things Relevant to me a big Riesling fan is some info on German wines Tafelwein table wine , lowest designation of German wineQualitatswein quality wine can be QbA from one of the 13 regions or Praedikatswein quality wine with distinction, the good stuff, no sugar added Praedikatswein breaks down further Kabinett light semi dry winesSpatlese late picking medium style bod [...]

    3. My first foray into wine education, this is an attempt to do justice to the necessary complexity of wine while still being a relatively simple wine book I ve been advised that this is roughly the minimum amount I need to know about wine to be able survive, and after reading it, it s demystified a great deal for me.Unfortunately, to properly internalize the information, another pass, much note taking, and the consumption of several hundred bottles of wine are in order And this is a simple wine bo [...]

    4. This is the text for the Windows on the World Wine School Started as a club activity for a private lunch club at the Windows on the World restaurant atop the World Trade Center The response was so great, they opened their first class for consumers in 1980 Apparently, than 18,000 people have taken this course.Gives a brief overview of winemaking It even has a chapter on sensation and wine tasting It goes through wines of France, US, Germany, Spain, Italy and even brief mentions of Australia, Chi [...]

    5. Purely bought for research Had a hard time getting through the chapters on wine areas, although I love the little trivia about wine I understand about it now, such as how it s made, where it s made, which countries produce wine the most, flavor and scents, how to taste wine, and what a sommelier does also get to look at different wine labels, and skim through useful FAQs.Wine lovers will definitely enjoy this book, put it in their library or coffee tables.

    6. A bit on the basic side, but a useful quick dirty overview of the world of wine The paragraph headings are topical and relevant to the industry of the moment, but if keeping up with trends and changes appeals, it would make sense to invest in a good monthly wine rag and build a library of classic wine reference materials.

    7. This book is a great primer on wines of the world that I picked up shortly after completing my first certification in wine and spirits It definitely helped that I had a base level of knowledge, but found that this booked continued to add to my understanding I really have enjoyed reading this and referring back to it as I open new bottles The content is well organized and easy to follow I don t necessarily think you can get specific bottle recommendations from reading this, but will help you und [...]

    8. This book is an essential if you want to learn the basics about wine and all the important wine regions of the world In particular, I love how the author breaks down how to taste wine and what to look for in a simple way Anyone can do it and will enjoy drinking wine even

    9. This book was recommended to me by my favorite person in the world the wine lady at Wegman s, who knows so much about everything important wine It does not disappoint You ll feel like some kind of an expert after savoring this book.

    10. A fine introduction to wine Though much was missing, yet much remained, which was chiefly the credit of the subject itself Still, it got me started, though I think I was already started before reading it.Enthusiastic.

    11. A thorough, detailed book on everything wine, perfect for someone at the 101 level who really wants to dig into the subject but not be overwhelmed.

    12. I recently took a wine course as a part of my current curriculum My teacher Mr Ragouzeos a well known NC teacher connoisseur rocked His knowledge coupled with this book made the class a tipsy pleasure smile Although I do not drink and plugged my nose to swallow most of the wines during the tastings , I left with a grand appreciation for not only the art of wine, wine making, the appellations, food pairing, but for this history as well as biblical knowledge drawn from it Who knew This book was we [...]

    13. Readability 8 Rating 7 Author unknown this is my best guess Pages estimated So much for borrowing books Given that I couldn t find a book called The Wine Book which is what I thought it was called I am opting to use this one I certainly recognize this cover, although I may be conflating two separate books Borrowed from Brett Bogan I thought this might be a cheesy how to book, but I actually found it to be extremely well done A wealth of knowledge, well organized, and without the pretension that [...]

    14. If you enjoy wine and have not read a copy of this book since it s first publication way back in the 70s, go find a copy now Kevin takes you through all the areas of the wine world, covers reds whites Roses Ports Sparklers Desserts, covers info on food pairings, and gives you the opportunity with no small investment to reproduce his wine course yourself The book closes with a history of the restaurant Windows on the World, which sadly, is no longer around as well as some of her staff who perishe [...]

    15. A great book that gives you just enough about each region of wine to want I found the multiple types of information Food pairing suggestions by well known wine producers, various facts littering the sides of pages, etc to be extremely delightful and most of all informative and useful The suggested further reading that closes each chapter class is also extremely useful and practically just exhorts you to extend your wine knowledge It is lacking in depth in some places, i found the italy and spai [...]

    16. This is a great resource for anyone wanting an overview on wine As a wine student, I liked having it as a resource and study aide, but it was also a really enjoyable read I liked the little tips sprinkled throughout and that the writing wasn t overly technical This is especially great for beginners I checked out some of the videos that you can click on via QR codes and URLS throughout the book, but I didn t find them overwhelmingly helpful I didn t watch them all, though, so it may have just bee [...]

    17. Don t go for this one if you are a beginner, it s a bit confusing I found the style inaccessible outside of the classroom setting This book might work well for a group of people who used it as a text book for their own wine course, but as an at home read I found it difficult to follow I also found Zraly s style to be a bit stuffy, especially in comparison to Oz Clarke who writes about wine with an understanding that different people experience wines differently He gives you context Zraly seems t [...]

    18. Informative book Purchased the newest edition to have information on Oregon and Washington wines There was very little information on the white wines of both states and absolutely none on the reds With Oregon producing world class Pinot noir, this is an extreme oversight I had a previous edition of this book and do not feel the update was worth the purchase That being said, overall the book is an excellent tool Had he even included the pacific north west wines in the reds section, I would have r [...]

    19. This was an absolute encylopedia There is so much information in here on the different regions, different varieties etc It s definitely on of those books you need to keep on hand to go back and refer to when needed If there s something you want to know about wine, I m sure it s in here and if not I m sure you will find it in the list of recommended further reading on each topic that the author gives.

    20. A comprehensive book that walks you through various wine making areas in eight classes The back of the book includes the listing of wines that the author actually uses in his classes, as well as additional information A great overview with references to additional books for many types of wine if you want in depth knowledge.The author was the head sommelier at Windows on the World, the restaurant at the top of the WTC.

    21. So, I took a wine course and this was the book.It s a fine book, well organized and packed with information.I dunno, I still think wine s mostly bullshit and hype but if you re into maps and lists and trivia about your beverage, this book has all that and .Recommended to industry types, I guess

    22. Excellent guide to wines from around the world Great for beginners just getting into wine Doesn t really tell you much about what to expect flavor taste wise from the different wines, but great for learning to recognize the different levels of quality as well as the geography of where they come from.

    23. A quick and easy read that provides a lot of interesting and helpful information on wine for someone such as me who is little than a beginner on the subject It describes the various types, where they are grown, how to understand the differences in quality, how to select which to buy, etc I was fully satified with it

    24. A very large book about wine, very informative and a good read It mixes litlle blurbs of interest in the margins that add to an overall enjoyment of the book It is not nearly complete however but instead looks at major wine producing areas of the world This is most understandable because it would take several volumes and than one auther to cover such a vast subject.

    25. As a wine diva, my official title I must be able to discuss el vino intelligently and at length, especially when I m pouring for a wine tasting Zraly keeps it interesting there s geography, history,his recommended food pairings, and much It s utterly unpretentious for a wine guide and I m quite pleased I was able to learn so much for the low cost of 7.99 thanks, Frugal Muse

    26. Make no mistake, this is a textbook There are no protagonists, antagonists, plots or sub plots Just the grapes and the land That being said, it was a good resource to really learn about wine My knowledge was a mix of hearsay so this book was a welcome guide The author s background story is really interesting On the whole, not bad for a Barnes Noble bargain book

    27. A classic Updated every year as a tribute to the author s colleagues who tragically died in the Windows on the World restaurant at New York s World trade Center on 9 11.Excellent graphic presentation facilitates learning Open a bottle of your new favorite, sit back with this book, and enjoy

    28. short but densely informative read i feel as this is the only book on wine that i will ever have to read and yet it makes me want to learn about wine as well.i read an older edition of this book the German section only has a map of West Germany i thought that was funny i also thought the little sidebar section about champagne pet peeves was both funny informative.

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